A dog barked somewhere and someone called to it. Jake put his fingers in his mouth and whistled. Kelly laughed and told him to stop and Mark smiled as he lay on his back.

He heard Jake move down beside Kelly. She said something too softly for Mark to hear and then they were quiet and he knew they were kissing.

It was late evening and the air was still and warm. Mark wasn’t thinking very much about anything. He liked it there in the quiet in the gathering dusk under the trees at the edge of the park.

The dog barked again some minutes later. It sounded further away. Mark turned his head to the side and saw a couple walking slowly in the distance. The man’s white T-shirt glowing faintly in the shade under the trees on that side.

Kelly and Jake were now talking in whispers nearby. Jake laughed quietly. Kelly said something and he answered.

Mark didn’t even try to hear what they were saying. Sometimes they talked about him. Sometimes, Jake especially, made fun of him. Mark didn’t mind; they let him tag along. They were twenty two and twenty three to Mark’s youthful and naïve eighteen but sometimes Jake treated him as an equal and Kelly favoured him with a stunning smile. It was okay. Better than being alone.

When their voices stopped he knew they were kissing again.

The trees had lost their colour but the sky was still blue. The twilight had foreshortened the perspective at ground level and it was difficult to make out the trunks of individual trees. The swings and climbing frame had already blended back into the shadows.

“-I think he’s asleep.”

Mark opened his eyes when he heard Jake’s voice.

“Don’t you dare say anything,” Kelly warned him in a whisper.

Mark lay still. He didn’t know what they were talking about. It didn’t matter. Jake was probably going to make fun of him again. He didn’t mind. Jake made him laugh.

“Hey Mark, wake up. Kelly wants to ask you something.”

“-I do not,” Kelly insisted.

Jake shook his foot. “She does. She wants to ask you something.”

Mark sat up and smiled at them both ready to hear what Jake had to say.

“-Don’t listen to him Mark,” Kelly told him. She looked at Jake reproachfully. “He’s just being nasty.”

The shadows had drawn closer around them. The air felt a little cooler. He could see yellow streetlights far away through the trees.

The whites of Kelly’s eyes were very white in the gloom when she turned his way. Her pale vest top seemed to glow softly. She was wearing a very short summer skirt.

“-Don’t listen to him,” she repeated as Jake grinned beside her.

“Kelly wants to know if she can sit on your face,” he suddenly said.

“-Mark, I didn’t say that. Don’t believe him.”

“We were talking about it,” Jake insisted, turning to look at her.

And then it began.

“But I didn’t say it like that,” Kelly came back.

“But we were talking about it,” he repeated.

Mark listened as the two of them began to argue. He knew that it wasn’t a real argument. It was just in fun between lovers.

He looked from one to the other and smiled gently and patiently at them both. Jake laughed and Kelly smiled as they exchanged words.

“-Don’t take any notice of him Mark,” Kelly said turning to face him. “You know what he’s like.” She gave Jake a gentle push. “Just ignore him.”

“No, but she really wants to do it,” Jake insisted. “She Kadıköy Grup Escort just told me she really wants to sit on your face.”

Mark expected Kelly to deny it again, for their playful disagreement to continue indefinitely, but as his eyes met hers she quickly looked away.

Jake lowered his voice and leaned a little closer. “Seriously,” he said. “The thought of it really turns her on, you know? She wants to sit on your face to see what its like.”

Mark was aware of the darkening expanse of the park at his back, of the silence there and everywhere else. By contrast the place where they sat at the edge under the trees suddenly seemed private, the silence somehow more intense. The soft shadows that surrounded them now seemed to have gathered there for a specific reason.

Jake’s eyes were bright and serious. Kelly moved her legs under her.

Mark didn’t know what to say or if he was supposed to say anything and he simply smiled at them.

In the silence that followed he waited to see what came next. He thought Jake wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face much longer, that he’d laugh suddenly and then Kelly would join in and it would all turn out to be a big joke. Then he’d laugh as well; that’s how it worked, even if he didn’t always understand, he always laughed. It was better to laugh with them than sit in silence and be laughed at.

But Jake didn’t laugh and when Mark cautiously turned his gaze to Kelly he began to understand that it wasn’t a joke at all.

Kelly was looking at him but she wasn’t smiling. She looked more attractive than ever in the half light. She looked different. There was something very intense, very deep, in her expression, something he’d never seen before.

Jake began to speak softly and insistently. Kelly really wanted to do it, he said. She wanted to do it right now. It was getting dark and no one would see them. She wanted to sit on his face to see what it was like and he, Jake, wanted to watch.

Mark thought he could hear Kelly breathing. He felt a change in the atmosphere between them there under the trees.

They were both waiting. The evening seemed to be waiting.

A little more light had gone from the sky, the blue was fading. The black trees towered above him.

Mark didn’t get it. He didn’t get it but he didn’t mind. He lay on his back where they told him. At first he put his hands behind his head but Jake looked at him and said they’d be in the way so he moved them.

Kelly appeared above him and he smiled at her but she didn’t return it. She looked preoccupied. She stood beside him and he realised he could see under her skirt and quickly looked away.

“There’s no one in sight,” Jake whispered, and he and Kelly both looked around the deserted park.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

They both sounded different, excited.

Mark was lying on something hard. He felt for it and it felt like a pine cone and he tossed it aside and lay down again.

“Yeah, it’s all clear,” Jake said. “Go for it.”

Kelly’s feet whispered in the grass and Mark was close enough to hear her sandals creak as she loomed tall and shapely above him. She held her shoulder length hair back from her face as she looked down and carefully placed one foot either side of his head.

Mark looked up into the shadows beneath her skirt as Kelly stood poised above him and facing his outstretched legs. Kadıköy Manken Escort He could see the white glimmer of her panties but there was nowhere else to look. He could see the curve of her bottom below her panties. Deeper between her legs he could see the shape of her pussy through her panties and he began to get hard.

“-Okay?” she whispered, and Mark understood she was asking Jake and not himself.

He didn’t hear his reply but he saw Kelly begin to lower herself slowly towards him.

Mark stared, fascinated by what was happening to him as Kelly’s ass came closer. She bent her legs as she adopted a squat then he felt her hands on his chest as she supported herself. He could feel his heart suddenly beating harder. Her short skirt brushed his forehead and then he was under it. He felt her weight on his chest and all he could see was her ass in her tight, white panties, coming down, closer and closer.

Mark realised that he could smell her pussy and then her ass found his face. Kelly seemed to hesitate. She raised her ass a little and her pussy brushed his nose. She lowered herself again very carefully, very slowly. To Mark it seemed that she wanted to feel his face beneath her in just the right place. Then she lowered herself again.

He couldn’t hear and he couldn’t see, all he could feel was Kelly’s cheeks against his face. He could feel the heat between her legs and her panties were wet. His nose was between the cheeks of her ass, pressed deep into the material of her panties, and then she moved a little and he understood that she was rubbing her pussy against his nose, over his mouth and chin, and he pushed his face upwards in an effort to please her

She was heavy and she was using him, he was only able to snatch an occasional breath of air, but Mark didn’t mind. He put his hands on Kelly’s legs and she didn’t stop him. Jake didn’t stop him. His face was buried deep in the suddenly exciting darkness between her legs. Kelly was moving on his face. He thought she might even orgasm. His cock strained and he increased his efforts to work his nose into her pussy where she seemed to want it and to thrust out his chin when she moved there.

It was difficult to breath but he didn’t mind. It didn’t seem to matter. Kelly began to move more urgently above him and it became contagious and Mark also began to move his head, trying to push his face deeper between her legs than it already was.

Suddenly she was gone; she was moving, raising herself. The evening air was suddenly cool and refreshing on his face. Kelly’s heat and smell were gone. He watched her awkwardly get to her feet. Her hands pressed heavily briefly on his chest as she supported herself and then she was stepping over him. She seemed to be in a hurry to do something.

Jake said something to her, asked a question, but Mark didn’t catch it. He was panting and out of breath. He was sweating. His hard cock strained inside his clothes.

Kelly answered Jake in a breathless whisper. He could hear her moving, he didn’t know if he should stand himself.

Far above him he saw the alternating white and red flashing lights of an aircraft moving with surprising speed against the darkening sky and then Kelly’s figure abruptly obscured the view.

“-Fuck, I’ve gotta see this,” Jake said from somewhere nearby.

Kelly loomed over Mark and he understood she was going to do it again. She Kadıköy Masöz Escort got into position more quickly this time and immediately began to lower herself towards him.

She said something, to him or Jake? It didn’t seem to matter.

He felt her hands on his chest again. She was lowering herself, squatting over him, lowering her self even more. The shadows seemed darker beneath her skirt, her smell was stronger, and Mark realised she’d taken off her panties. The hem of her skirt brushed his forehead again and he couldn’t see anything and then he felt her bare ass and her wet, naked pussy searching his face.

There was darkness and there was no sound. Mark couldn’t see and he couldn’t hear.

Kelly’s smell engulfed him. He was overwhelmed by it. He was breathing her pussy smell, her ass smell, the secret mingled aromas deep between her legs. His nose was briefly between her cheeks and he instinctively put out his tongue but Kelly was moving constantly. She was writhing her hips, working her pussy and ass all over his face, sliding in her own juices as she smeared them all over him.

Mark frantically jabbed with his tongue and tried to push his face harder between her legs and Kelly momentarily paused above him then began to inch herself slowly forward. His hands found her hips and he pulled her down onto his face but she was still moving slowly and deliberately forward.

He jabbed his tongue between her legs, flicking it, licking everywhere he touched. It plunged briefly into her pussy, she moved again, and he put his tongue out again and as Kelly’s weight settled above him Mark realised he’d found her ass hole.

He licked it and Kelly squirmed. He moved his hands under her skirt and found her buttocks and squeezed them firmly. He jabbed with his tongue and felt her shudder and then he used his hands to open her cheeks and he began to lick hungrily at her exposed ass hole. As he pressed the tip of his tongue against it Kelly began to literally bounce on his face. He pressed his tongue deeper and her movements became even more frantic and uncontrolled and then again, abruptly, she was getting up, and lifting herself off him. He tried to hold her there but then he saw Jake silhouetted against the sky urging her to one side and he understood and let her go.

Too much had happened to take anything in properly. He reached instinctively for his aching cock only to climax the moment he touched it through his jeans. It spasmed and jerked pumping semen into his underwear, again and again, so much of it. Mark raised his knees his hands still clutching his cock. He lowered them slowly as his climax subsided. It was all over in seconds.

Jake was fucking Kelly nearby. Mark realised he could hear them. When he raised his head he saw the pale blur of Jake’s naked ass moving between Kelly’s raised legs. Kelly was moaning, Jake was gasping.

Mark walked away and left them there. He was still sweating. He used his T-shirt to clean his face. He looked back when he had walked a little way but it was fully dark by then and he couldn’t see them. It didn’t matter.

He’d ejaculated but his cock was still hard. It was wet in his underwear. There’d been a lot of semen. He was glad it was dark.

The swings and climbing frame appeared out of the dark as he approached them. He sat on a swing and let the chains take his weight. Through the trees he could see street lights and the arrangements of the lights of tall buildings. A thin mist was rising over the open ground before him.

He thought about what had just happened under the trees. He thought about Jake and Kelly for a while and then he simply sat there swinging gently and not thinking very much about anything.

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