Unexpected Pleasures


Patricia lay in the darkness staring up at the small patch of light on the ceiling. She had been trying to sleep for some time now, but sleep just wouldn’t come to her. She was frustrated, tired and above all, horny as hell. Why couldn’t he understand? It seemed so simple to her, but he just didn’t seem to get it.

The day had started out well enough. For the first time in months, they had the house to themselves. The kids were off visiting their grandmother and she had been looking forward to some quiet time alone at home with Michael. She had awakened to the smell of coffee, hot and fresh, by her bedside. The rich aroma, and luxurious feeling of peace, had made her feel so relaxed and comfortable.

She was in such a good mood that she even thought of offering him a quick roll in the sheets. He had been so sweet, bringing her coffee and all. But their love life had been so predictable lately and she just really didn’t feel in the mood for the same old routine. A quick flush of guilt washed over her as she thought how long it had been, but she shoved it aside and jumped into the shower. Today would be their day! A quiet day at home, and a chance to finally relax.

It seemed that things started going wrong almost immediately. There was the call from his office and a quick trip to fix the “little problem”, which turned out to be a three-hour disaster. By the time he got home, it was almost lunchtime, and to make matters worse, he brought Brian home with him.

Brian was an intern from Michael’s office and a friend. He had been to the house several times, had dinner with them, and was a pretty nice guy. In fact, Patricia thought, he was really quite attractive. He was tall, muscular, and had an erotic air about him that made her sometimes shiver with suppressed excitement. But DAMNIT, this was supposed to be their day, and here he was, hanging out by the pool and generally interrupting her plan for a quiet day.

She tried to be polite and she fixed an elaborate lunch for them. After lunch, she thought, “he will leave and we can FINALLY relax”. Unfortunately, that was NOT the way things turned out. Michael invited him to take a dip in the pool, and of course he accepted. They spent the entire afternoon swimming and talking and drinking beer.

Patricia swam with them for a while. She really wished he would leave, but at the same time, she was really enjoying discretely watching Brian. His well-defined muscles and smooth black skin glistened in the sun. Several times she caught herself thinking about how it would feel to touch him, to feel his hard body next to hers, but she stifled those thoughts also. After all, she was anal yapan gaziantep escort a married woman in her forties, and he was only twenty-three. But she couldn’t deny that she felt a bit of a twinge every time she looked at him. When he climbed out of the pool and his wet trunks clung to him like that, she couldn’t resist staring. But DAMNIT, he was interrupting her day.

Brian spent the entire day with them, and had dinner with them. Then, as the ultimate insult, Michael said that he had obviously had too much to drink and would have to stay the night. Brian protested, but Michael would not hear it. “Can’t have a friend of mine drink and drive, it just wouldn’t be right” Michael said.

So, she tried to make the best of it. She made up a bed for him on the couch and they told him goodnight. Michael immediately fell asleep as soon as they got into the bed. And now, here she was, frustrated and praying for sleep that seemed to elude her completely. All she could think about was how her entire day was ruined because Michael just didn’t understand her need for quiet time. Still, the day wasn’t a total loss. She had enjoyed watching Brian, and after four or five beers, he had been quite flirtatious with her. It made her feel excited and rather mixed up all at the same time. She felt sure that he really had no interest in her. She was old enough to be his mother. But it had given her some rather interesting thoughts.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she dozed off. Her mind still full of her irritation (and images of water droplets sliding down smooth black skin).

She slept fitfully for several hours, and then drifted into a dream of warm bodies, soft touches and male voices whispering her name. She could feel soft kisses on her neck and breasts. Hands seemed to be touching her everywhere. She drifted through the dream, luxuriating in the warm sensuous feelings.

Slowly, she began to realize that she was not dreaming. She lay very still for a moment trying to understand what was happening. She could feel Michael there beside her, his hands moving across her skin with that soft touch of his. His lips kissing the small of her neck. But how was it that he was also touching her “down there”. How was he kissing her neck and her breasts at the same time?

Suddenly, she was fully awake. Michael was there, kissing her and touching her, and Brian was in the bed behind her. She could feel his hands moving across her naked flesh and his cock, hard and (OH MY GOD) huge, presses against her ass. As he touched her, she could feel the tip of it sliding anal yapan gaziantep escort bayan between her cheeks. Gentle, but insistent.

She had a fleeting thought of screaming and being outraged, but this felt so good. It had been so long since she had experienced any real excitement and this was definitely exciting. Not completely sure whether she was awake or still dreaming, she decided to just relax and see how things went. She could always be outraged later.

The feeling was indescribable. She had occasionally fantasized about having 2 men at once, and she had occasionally had thoughts about Brian, but never in her wildest dreams had she ever imagined this. Her breath quickened and her heart began to pound with excitement as her body, almost against her will, began to move slowly, rhythmically. She closed her eyes and sank slowly into the delicious sensation. She was surprised at how different, and yet perfectly in sync, the touches were. Michael was soft and almost tickling as it moved smoothly over her. Brian, on the other hand, was firmer and stronger, without being overpowering. The two, together, were a perfect combination. Like dark rich coffee and sweet vanilla cream.

As she lay there, Brian began to kiss the back of her neck, then the place between her shoulders, and then slowly began to run his tongue down her back and over her hips. Without even thinking about it, she rolled over onto her back so that he could reach the place where she really wanted to feel his tongue. Brian quickly turned around in the bed and obliged her. His tongue was warm and moist as it began to slowly but firmly move around her lips and clit. She could feel his head between her thighs, his hair softly brushing the skin as he worked the most amazing magic on her.

Michael was kissing her and moving his hands across her breasts, gently pinching them as they rose to attention. Her arousal was quickly rising as she lost herself in the sensations. She turned her head and saw Brian’s cock there before her. She leaned over and began to slowly take it into her mouth. She thought that he had been quite large before, but he seemed to grow even more as she ran her tongue up and down the shaft. Michael was now sucking her nipples and rubbing her ass and hips. She tried to relax, and slow down her arousal, but it was no use. She wanted this to last forever!!

Suddenly, as if by unspoken agreement, Michael and Brian stopped. Brian sat up and instructed her to turn over. Patricia hesitated at first. She thought of how large he was and it made her a little uneasy, but Brian escort gaziantep anal yapan repeated his demand while lifting her hips and turning her. She let herself be lifted until she was on her knees and Brian moved behind her. She could feel the wetness of her pussy as he began to probe her with his cock. She felt the tip of it moving over her lips and slowly beginning to push into her. Suddenly, with one smooth thrust, he was inside her. She was surprised at the swiftness of it. Her arousal was so great, and she was so wet, that he entered her with no effort whatsoever. She gasped at the size of him. He filled her so completely that she thought she might explode. She could feel herself clenching around him as he began to slowly and firmly thrust into her. Each thrust generated a wave of intense pleasure inside her. She was panting and gasping, and she heard herself begging him to fuck her harder and faster. Michael’s hands were massaging her breasts as he moved up and placed his cock in her mouth. She felt as if she was completely and totally filled.

Brian’s thrusting brought her quickly to the edge. She could barely breathe for the pounding in her chest. The feeling of him thrusting into her was beyond belief. Almost without warning, she felt waves of sheer ecstasy washing over her. Her body writhed and bucked under him as he drove even deeper into her and released himself with such power that it completely took her breath away. At almost the same instant, Michael groaned and she felt a flood of warmness wash over her tongue and down her throat as she tried desperately to catch every precious drop. She shook and moaned as the feeling continued washing over her in wave after wave after wave. She felt that she must surely be on the verge of dying from the sheer pleasure of it all.

Slowly, and with great care, Brian lowered her to the bed. She could feel him slowly withdrawing from her as she collapsed into a quivering heap. In the darkness she lay there trying to catch her breath and still trying to understand if she was dreaming or awake. How could this possibly be happening? Brian cuddled up to her back and Michael to her front. Both kissed her softly and continued to caress her as she drifted off into a deep dreamless sleep.

Patricia awoke with a start. The sun was shining brightly through the window, flooding the room with light. Michael was there, snoring softly. She lay there in the bed as a flood of memories overwhelmed her. Did that really happen? Was it a dream? She wasn’t really sure. She got out of the bed and went downstairs to make the coffee. Brian was there sleeping soundly on the couch. The blanket was kicked back slightly and she could see that he slept in the nude. His firm young body looked so inviting. As she passed through the room he stirred and opened his eyes. The way his eyes roamed over her body in the silk robe she was wearing…and the knowing smile…told her that it was not a dream. Suddenly she realized that she wished Michael would hurry up and wake up, She was already having thoughts of what else she would like to try!!

Patricia lay in the darkness staring up at the small patch of light on the ceiling. She had been trying to sleep for some time now, but sleep just wouldn’t come to her. She was frustrated, tired and above all, horny as hell. Why couldn’t he understand? It seemed so simple to her, but he…

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