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“I expect you to be at my house around 9:30 tonight then,” shouted Jason as I half walked half jogged to my truck. Seeing that it was already 6:54 I had hustle. My job as a construction site foreman was taking me out of town again. This time Jason, the owner, Richard, head foreman, Mike, the warehouse manager and myself were all going to take this trip. I decided to sleep over at Jason’s and ride with him rather than make the four and a half hour round trip by myself. Richard has family in the town where we were going so, he was going to stay since tomorrow was Friday. Since we were going to build a four story building and be there for almost eighteen months; Mike said he wanted to get to know the town; translation he wanted to find out where all the strip joints and dive bars are. I’ve been a site supervisor for two years and I enjoy my job. Mainly because it allowed me to travel to big cities and small towns. I’m a people person so, I enjoy meeting new people when we were in a new place. Yes, I’ve had my share of women as well. In the big cities it wasn’t such a big deal but, in the small towns it was. The small town gossip got around and once you hooked up with one female you were pretty much stuck with her for the duration of the job. Don’t get me wrong some of the best sex I’ve escort ever had was from some nice thick country girls black and white. In the big cities it was easier to fuck a different female every night but, most times I’d just stick with one or two. I arrived at Jason’s house at 9:21. He must have heard me in the driveway because the front porch light came on as soon as I got out of my truck. I grabbed my overnight bag and made my way to the front door. “Come on in Tyler, we’ve been expecting you,” said Jason’s wife Sylvia. “Thanks, for allowing me to sleep over again, Sylvia.” “No, problem and you know you are welcomed here anytime, let me take your coat,” she said. “Is Jason here,” I asked. “No,” Sylvia, said. “He had to go to the warehouse, he said something about forgetting the plans and he darted out the door.” Sylvia either running or by taking an exercise class. For a woman that has had three children her breasts are very perky. My guess is that she is in the C cup class or maybe low D. Her legs are firm and very toned (I’ve seen her in shorts). Her hair is a reddish brown color although sometimes it looks as if its auburn. She’s an attractive lady. “Do you want a drink?” Sylvia asked me. “Sure, I’ll take a beer, thanks.” Sylvia got me escort bayan a cold one from fridge and offered me the remote control and told me to make myself comfortable. I knew a baseball game was on but, if I wanted to get up at the crack of dawn I knew that I’d better get some shut eye. Sylvia and I chatted for almost an hour before my eyes started getting heavy. I hadn’t even finished a third of my beer, I guess I was really tired. “Are you done with that beer?” Sylvia asked me. “Oh, yeah I’m done,” I replied. She took the almost full beer and poured it down the sink and turned out the kitchen light. “Well, have a good night and sleep tight Tyler,” said Sylvia. “Goodnight Sylvia,” I replied. I drifted off for what seemed like hours but, in reality only twenty minutes had gone by since Sylvia and I bid each other goodnight; it was 10:51. I got up stretched and went to the bathroom to drain the main vein. I sat on the couch and took off my shoes and shirt. I heard some bumping around upstairs and figured Jason and Sylvia were up getting him ready for the trip tomorrow. I wanted to listen to some music but, I’d left my phone in the truck. I went outside to retrieve it. On my way back in I saw Sylvia coming down the stairs. “Oh my goodness, bayan escort you scared me half to death,” said Sylvia. “I apologize, I had to go out to my truck and get my phone,” I explained. “I thought someone was breaking into the house,” she said. Sylvia must have just darted down the stairs without realizing what she was wearing. She had on a very short pair of sleeping shorts (they looked more like a pair of panties) and a see through shirt that barely contained her ample breasts. I think she realized what she was wearing because she got flustered and started blushing. I tried to be a gentleman and started looking down at my phone so, as not to cause her further embarrassment. “I better get back upstairs,” she said sheepishly. “Okay, goodnight,” I said. As she went up the stairs my eyes followed her as she went up the stairs. She had a nice tight white ass that looked as if were begging for a good fucking. I snapped myself out of fantasy land and wondered what was I thinking. I’m in my bosses house and I’m lusting after his wife. This is crazy. I lay on the couch, and of course Sylvia was on my mind. I’ve always heard of people fucking the bosses wife but, never had I thought about it.I left the television on and drifted off to sleep. I was awoken by a hand on my foot; I thought I was dreaming. It was Sylvia. “What are you doing?” I asked her. “I thought you might need some company,” she replied. “Where’s Jason?” “He decided to stay at the shop, he said he’d be by in the morning to pick you up.” “Okay,” I said. “Tyler, I saw the way you looked at me earlier.

“I expect you to be at my house around 9:30 tonight then,” shouted Jason as I half walked half jogged to my truck. Seeing that it was already 6:54 I had hustle. My job as a construction site foreman was taking me out of town again. This time Jason, the owner, Richard, head foreman, Mike,…

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