Two Women and the Glory Holes

Two Women and the Glory Holes


Rachel and I had been best friends since we were eight years old. We were always there for each other, through good times and bad. We had even been each other’s maids of honor when we got each got married. While we were alike in many ways, we did have some personality differences. She tended to be a little more conservative and reserved than I was. I was always up for adventure and risk while she stuck to the straight and narrow path, always doing what was “right” and always maintaining order. For her, everything had to be in its place – she tended to be a bit anal when it came to putting things back where they belonged or turning off the light when leaving a room. Yet, I still loved her like a sister.

Her sense of an “ordered life” hit a brick wall about seven months ago when she walked in on her husband (of ten years) having sex with his receptionist/nurse in their bed. Rachel was shocked as her husband, Charlie, told her that he was leaving her for this woman. The betrayal cut her deeply, since Rachel had put her life and career plans on hold and worked support them while he was in medical school and starting his practice. She filed for divorce and was now awaiting the final hearing.

In the meantime, I have done my best to be there for her. Which is why I drove over to her place the night she called me in hysterics. The sound of desperation in her voice told me that something must have happened to set her off.

When I arrived, I could see that Rachel’s eyes were a little puffy from crying. I gave her a hug and asked her, “Okay Rach, so what’s going on? What did the son of a bitch do now?”

“I can’t stand how he constantly flaunts the fact that he is screwing around with that bleached blonde with a boob job, Jenny! I was at the mall and saw them walking toward me. When Charlie saw me, he reached his arm around her and gave her a squeeze while looking me dead in the eye!” Rachel shouted. It was clear that her sorrow had begun to turn into rage. “I am going out of my mind…the only sex I have had in the last seven months is with a vibrator…and that isn’t cutting it anymore…I need a real cock…one that throbs…one that doesn’t take batteries!”

“Then Rachel, why not go to a bar, scope out the hottest guy there, take him to a motel, and get yourself laid?” I asked. “You are beautiful and have a hot body…it should be no trouble at all picking up any guy of your choice.”

It was true; Rachel has always been very attractive and incredibly sexy. When we were in college and I was satisfying my curiosity about what it would be like to have sex with a woman, I had actually attempted to seduce her. We talked about exploring each other sexually and even kissed to see what it was like. Initially, Rachel seemed like she might have gone the distance as we began to feel each other’s breasts. Hers were small, but very firm and had deliciously pert nipples. When I tried to take it a little further by reaching my hand down her pants to rub her mound through her panties, she pulled back and said that it wasn’t right. I could tell by her wetness that she was holding back though.

“You don’t understand Jenny,” Rachel began to explain, “my lawyer told me to lay low and not to do anything that would jeopardize our case. Right now, Charlie is the adulterer and I am the faithful wife who put her life on hold while putting her scumbag husband through med school. I am going to take the bastard for all I can. She told me that if I have any relations prior to the divorce, Charlie’s attorney could use it against me.”

I could see the frustration and desperation in her face. Rachel slumped down on the sofa and hung her head. I sat down next to her and began to rub her back.

“Rach…” I hesitantly started, “we have been friends forever and you know that I would do anything in the world for you. You know that don’t you?” She nodded and I continued, “If I could suddenly grow a penis, I would. If it is a real live person you need who can offer you sexual fulfillment in other ways, I am here for you. I know it is not exactly what you need, but it might help you to ease your frustrations. Charlie and his lawyer would never know about it.

Rachel looked up at me. I could tell that the suggestion made her feel a little uncomfortable. Then she did smile a little as she pushed her shoulder into mine, nearly knocking me over. “Aww, Jen…all these years and you are still trying to get into my pants, aren’t you? Seriously, I do appreciate the offer. However, what I need right now is a real, live, flesh and blood cock. I want to feel it grow and throb. It has been so long since I have touched one…since I have seen one cum. I don’t even want to see his face…just his cock.”

I thought for a few moments. I was not sure how she would respond to my next idea. I worried that she might think less of me for even suggesting it…but I was out of solutions and this idea seemed to be my friend’s only hope.

Hesitantly, I asked, “Rach,…have you ever heard the term ‘glory hole?'” Rachel looked perplexed and shook her head. I Kadıköy Anal Escort took a deep breath and continued, “a glory hole is a hole in a wall where a man can stick his cock through. Then, a person on the other side of the wall can do whatever they wish with the cock. Neither person can see the other.” I exhaled sharply in disbelief that I had just told her that.

Rachel’s wide-eyed, look of shock made me re-think my suggestion. “How do you know about these things Jenny?! Have you been to one? Where are they?” The first two questions were asked in disbelief, the third out of tentative curiosity.

“NO!” I quickly denied. “I have never seen one…I overheard a couple of women at the gym talking about this adult bookshop downtown which has a room with a bunch of glory holes. It sounded a little gross at first, but the more they talked about it, the more it sounded like something you need. You can go in, get your cock-fix and leave. Charlie will be none the wiser.”

I could tell that Rachel was actually considering this idea. She kept shifting her position on the sofa and it appeared that her nipples were hardening underneath her sweater. I had to admit that this line of conversation was having an arousing effect on me too. I could feel the heat building between my legs and I could feel a few drops of wetness forming.

Then Rachel began to shake her head. “No, I can’t do that…what if someone saw me go into that place. If Charlie or his lawyer found out, it would be the end for me!”

I placed my hand on her shoulder and reassured her, “The women at the gym talked about that too…apparently, the adult book store backs up to another building on the block behind it. There is a bar in that building. The bookshop owner owns both. The guys enter a back room in the bookstore, while the person on the other side enters a room in the back of the bar. It would look like you were just going to the bar for a drink or something to eat.”

“I don’t know…” Rachel nervously whispered. “It seems so…dirty…so elicit.”

“Honey, who knows how much longer this divorce is gonna take,” I reminded her. “Either you have to do something like this, or just go back to your vibrator.”

Rachel took a deep breath and sat up straight. “I’ll do it! But under one condition…I do not want to go to that place by myself, I want you to come with me.”

Those words sent a tingling sensation straight down to my pussy as thoughts of watching my best friend having her way with a stranger’s cock entered my mind. “I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else…what are friends for? When do you want to go?” I inquired, trying to contain my horny anticipation.

“I am afraid that if we don’t go now, I will lose my nerve.”

“I’ll drive!” I offered while jumping up and pulling on my coat.

Neither of us spoke much during the drive downtown. I could tell that Rachel was feeling a little nervous, yet out of the corner of my eye, I could see her lightly massaging the top of her crotch. My nipples began to tighten.

We found a parking space across the street from the bar and quickly crossed and entered the dimly lit place. The bar had a pleasant and discreet atmosphere. I noticed Rachel’s hand tremble a little as she removed her coat so I suggested that we sit down for a drink first. Rachel ordered a double vodka martini while I ordered a gin and tonic. The bartender had no sooner set our glasses down when Rachel snatched hers up and quickly began to slurp it down. I had taken two sips of my drink when she put the empty glass down on the bar.

“Let’s go,” she said with a nervous but determined look on her face. “Where is this back room?”

I motioned toward a hallway near the restrooms and we casually walked toward it. At the end of the hall was a door marked “Maintenance.” I turned the knob while checking to see if anyone was watching. We quickly entered and shut the door behind us. The room filled with cleaning supplies and other items. Rachel seemed very nervous, so I led the way past the shelves toward the back of the room where we saw a blank wall with about a half dozen holes drilled through. The holes were all at about waist-level and varied in diameter. The largest looked to be about 3 or 4 inches! There were a couple of chairs and a few rolls of paper towels on the floor.

I wondered if Rachel’s heart was beating as fast as my own. We both stood there, as if mesmerized in a trance, just looking at the wall and the holes.

Rachel broke the silence by nervously saying, “I..I dunno Jen…maybe this is a BAAAD idea. I mean…how do we know if anyone is on the other side? How do they know anyone is in this room? Hell, if I were a guy on the other side, I wouldn’t stick anything through a hole not knowing if someone was in here for this purpose or not!”

I laughed and told her, “Actually, the woman at the gym said there was a little light switch at the right end of the wall. It turns on a light on the other side of the wall so the guys know it is okay. Here,” I declared, walking over toward Kadıköy Yaşlı Escort a switch, “let’s see what happens.” With that I flicked the switch on.

We then waited, staring at the darkened holes as if we were a couple of cats waiting for our prey to emerge from its hiding place. It did not take long before we heard a little noise coming from the other side of the wall. Then I saw a little movement through some of the holes, followed by an eye looking through. Rachel grabbed my arm and had a panicked look in her eyes. I reassured her and we looked back at the holes.

Very slowly, the head of a penis began to emerge. Then it kind of flopped into the room and hung against the wall. Rachel gasped. “Not very hard!” she whispered in my ear. Then giggled nervously. She took a deep breath and walked over to it.

“Go on! I know you want to Rach!” I whispered in encouragement.

Rachel tentatively reached her hand over and touched the top of the cock with her fingertips, causing it to twitch a little. She looked back at me and gave a grimacing smile, then shrugged her shoulders before wrapping her hand around the shaft and giving it a few pulls. I had to laugh out loud when we heard a voice yell to her, “Not so hard!”

Rachel watched in awe as the cock began to grow in her hand while she stroked it. She spit on it in order to give it a little more lubrication. I reached into my purse and produced a small bottle of personal lubricant and handed it to her. Her jaw dropped as she gave me a look that said, ‘you carry that around with you?’

After squeezing a little lube onto the shaft, she spread it up and down until the entire cock glistened. Rachel then began to smile as he started to stroke it until it was fully erect. I could see it start to throb in her hand as she began to stroke it faster — every so often, looking at me, as if in disbelief that she was actually doing this.

We could hear some heavy moaning coming from the other side of the wall. Judging from those sounds and from how fast a furiously Rachel was sliding her hand up and down the cock, I knew he was close. I then heard a single loud yell and watched as it erupted. Rachel quickly jumped to the side, avoiding the arcing stream of semen that kept pumping into the air and then falling onto the tile cement floor. Rachel wiped her and off with a paper towel as she witnessed the final spurts shoot from this pulsing pole. Then it began to droop and quickly disappeared back into the hole.

“Wow!” Rachel exclaimed. “That was unbelievable…it felt so…dirty…but good! It was hot Jen…you have no idea how turned on I am right now, I want another one!”

I had an idea of how turned on she was, because watching my best friend give a hand job to a mystery cock had gotten my own juices flowing. The crotch of my panties was more than just damp now and my nipples were beginning to harden.

We did not have to wait long before another penis popped through one of the other holes. I pulled up one of the chairs and sat down a few feet from it as Rachel began to go to work again. “Figured I would just sit back and enjoy the show,” I whispered.

Rachel nodded approvingly and licked her lips. She ran a fingertip around the head, tracing every line and catching a little slick drop that began to ooze out of its hole. She spread the slippery drop all around the helmet as her other fingers wrapped around the shaft and began to gently stroke. This was too much for me to watch as I began to rub my breasts through my blouse with my left hand and my right hand slipped under my skirt to massage the wet part of my panties.

Rachel noticed this and began to stroke the cock a little more intently. I could see the profile of her nipples pushing through her sweater. “Jenny, I want to watch you touch yourself while I play with this thing…pull up your skirt…I want to see everything.” She whispered.

I smiled and happily hiked my skirt up to my waist. I wondered if she could see how soaked my panties were. I sat back and continued to rub my panty-covered mound. Rachel gasped at the sight and began to lick the side of her new cock while keeping her eyes fixed on my crotch. My fingers unbuttoned my blouse so that I could slide my hand inside and under by bra, sending a shiver down my spine as my fingers reached my hard and sensitive nipple. I began to squirm and moan. The sight of her licking and playing with that cock while she watched me masturbate made me even wetter. I could feel my labia begin to swell and my clit was pulsing.

Then to our surprise, a second cock appeared through a hole about two feet to the left of the cock she was licking. Rachel squealed and grabbed it with her left hand. “OHHH!” I moaned as I watched her with TWO cocks. I pulled my panties off and ran my fingers through my pussy’s slippery folds while I began to gyrate my hips. My fingers found my clit and began to rub it furiously.

Rachel stopped what she was doing for a moment to peel off her sweater and unhook her bra, revealing her very perky Kadıköy Zenci Escort breasts and extremely hard nipples. She looked at me and lifted each breast while pulling a bit on her nipples. She then took the first cock and wrapped her breasts around it. I heard a whimpering moan from the other side as I began to cum. Rachel then ran her right nipple along the cock’s tip. I could see another drop of pre-cum as she caught it on her nipple and spread it over her areola. She then looked at me while lifting her tit toward her chin. Her tongue snaked out and licked the pre-cum from her nipple. This sent me over the edge as I felt myself shake — the electricity running through my body.

She turned her attention back to the two cocks, slowly sucking the first one into her mouth while stroking the second one with her hand. Her right hand was busy too. It began by rubbing her breasts and then moved down to under her own skirt. I could tell that she was rubbing her pussy…her moans began to intensify around the cock, now making its way down her throat.

I was thinking, that Rachel should be satisfied now…it cannot get any better than this…boy was I wrong. Within seconds, a third cock appeared to the right of the first one! Rachel must have been shocked because she nearly gagged on the one in her mouth. “Mmmmmmm!” Rachel’s right hand immediately left her pussy and took hold of the third cock, spreading her pussy’s wetness all over it. This one instantly came to attention and Rachel began to stroke both cocks in unison while fucking the other one with her mouth. It was then that I think Rachel realized her dilemma. By the movement of her hips, I could tell that her pussy was in dire need of attention while both of Rachel’s hands were otherwise occupied.

Her eyes turned toward me, they looked pitiful. “Looks like I have a friend in need,” I laughed as I left my chair and got on my knees behind her. I pulled her skirt up to expose her shapely ass and reached my hand underneath, delighting in the feel of her wet panties. Rachel began to push her crotch into my hand. I had always wanted to touch her pussy and finally had my chance.

“Let’s slip these off Rach,” I coaxed her while sliding her panties over her hips and down her legs. She shifted a bit so as to allow me to pull them over her calves and feet. I then began to explore her swollen wet lips. I could hear her moans and whimpers, as my fingers got closer to her clit. She let out a gasp when I found it and began to massage all around.

I looked up and watched Rachel’s head bobbing up and down on the first cock while her fists were nearly ripping the other two off. She kept moaning a high-pitched noise. Her clit was so hard and she was moving herself back and forth in rhythm with my strokes. I could not resist myself as I plunged a finger deep inside of her. I felt her pussy muscles tighten and grip it as they began to contract. Rachel was moving like a woman possessed. Her moans were beginning to be drowned out by the three moans coming from the other side.

Rachel began to buck wildly against my hands as I heard some wild noises on the other side. She quickly pulled her mouth off the cock as it erupted, spewing cum all over her milky white breasts. I felt her begin to shutter and my finger inside her began to go numb from how tightly her pussy was gripping it. Just then, cock number two fired its load into the room…quickly followed by cock number three. Rachel collapsed back onto me as she reached her hand down to join my fingers in finishing her off, while watching the three cocks disappear.

She lay back against me while her breathing returned. While she cleaned herself up a bit, looked at me with a lustful grin. “Jenny, I never knew it would be like this! But there is one more thing that I want…I need to do. I am going to fuck the next cock that appears, no matter what it looks like!”

I was a little shocked to hear her say that, but also began to feel aroused at the thought of it.

We waited about four or five minutes and then heard something. I scanned the holes wondering which one would be chosen by this next penis…little did its owner know the treat it was in for. Rachel grabbed my hand and pointed. I looked in the direction she was indicating and realized that some dark skin was beginning to emerge from the largest hole. Soon, we both stood in awe. Hanging against the wall had to have been the largest cock either of us had laid our eyes on.

“Holy Shit Jenny!” She exclaimed in a hush. “Who let a horse into that room…and what IS that on the end?”

I chuckled when it occurred to me that Rachel had never seen an uncircumcised penis before. “He just never was snipped,” I answered her. “The head appears when he gets hard. Listen Rach, I won’t hold you to your vow…I mean, it is huge…you do not have to if you think it is too big.”

“It IS big, but I really want to try…” she said with a determined and horny look.

Rachel walked over to it, and crouched to examine it up close. She tentatively ran a finger down the top of the limp shaft until she came to the foreskin. Her left palm cupped the underside of the end while her right index finger began to probe into the small opening at the tip of the foreskin. I could see that this slightest stimulation was having an effect, as the cock began to rise to life.

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