Two Thighs Ch. 10

Big Dick

Chapter 10 Frisky Al Fresco

Two weeks had passed since Nora and Ryan had become the fourth couple in their swinging group.

“I got an email from John,” Aiko announced. “You know, the same John who invited us to a sex party about five years ago.”

“And now he’s contacting you? Why?” Gerald inquired.

Once Aiko mentioned that party, he remembered it clearly because that was the first and only time that Aiko had agreed to play the role of a submissive even though it was out of character for her.

“You remember I agreed to be a sex toy. Right?” she answered with another question.

“Of course, I do. How can I possible forget,” he answered with a rhetorical question. “John invited us, really you, to attend a sex party after we encountered him and his wife at a swingers’ masquerade ball. After all this time, I’m surprised to hear from him again.”

“Me too,” she confirmed. “I’m as surprised as you are.”

“You must have made quite the impression then, if they’re still thinking about you!” He smiled. “But then again, I shouldn’t be surprised. You are one hell of a hot wife!”

Gerald remembered that Bill had passed an invitation from a much larger swingers’ group to participate at a masquerade ball. He and Wei-ling could not attend and arranged for Aiko and Gerald to take their place.

On the day after the masquerade ball, Aiko discovered a letter in her purse. It came from the man who had been her arbitrarily assigned to her as her first lover. He had gone under the name ‘John.’ His letter asked her to become a sex toy at a sex party sponsored by his swingers’ group.

John’s letter went on to explain that they never had any Asians, let alone one as exotically attractive as Aiko, participate in their group’s activities. He guaranteed that she would receive a great deal of attention. They saw her enthusiasm for sex at the masquerade ball and thought that she would be a good choice for them. They were right. Gerald had been invited as well to ally Aiko’s concern for her safety.

At the party itself, Aiko was auctioned off to the highest bidder as a sex doll. That was also the night when Aiko had her first fleeting lesbian experience.

Aiko intruded on Gerald’s thoughts. “Daydreaming?” she half-observed, half-questioned.

“No, not really,” he replied. “I was just thinking about that sex party. It triggered a series of new adventures for us, but especially for you.”

“Well, he has invited us to attend again and he also asked me to be a sex toy again.”


“And he asked if we knew anyone else who could be recruited to be a second sex toy.”

“That’s interesting,” Gerald said.

“Why do you say that?” Aiko asked.

“Well, for one, you obviously didn’t say no. If you weren’t interested, you would have told him so. Knowing you, my ‘and’ would have been followed by the phrase ‘I said no’.” Instead, you’re talking about a recruiting a second person. I have a suspicion that your wicked little mind has already zeroed on someone too.”

“Actually, it has to be a couple. I was thinking Nora and Ryan,” she replied.

“I knew it!” Gerald cried.

“The event is about two months away,” she continued.” If we are going to broach the subject with the subject, we should do it soon to give them a chance to think about it, assuming of course that they don’t dismiss the idea out of hand.”

“And the opportune time,” Gerald added, “is next weekend when the four of us go to the cottage again. Have I got that right?”


“Then we need a plan. I think we need to talk to them separately first,” Gerald suggested, “just to get a sense of where they might stand before we bring them together to talk about it.”

“I’m a little worried about that,” Aiko admitted. Gerald raised an eyebrow as she continued. “As you know, I think Ryan has a voyeuristic streak while Nora has an exhibitionist streak. They have always swung in the same room. While these are normally complementary characteristics in a couple, I don’t know how they might react if they lost sight of each other even for a few minutes or even separated. It does happen. There were times when we were separated but I never really worried about because I knew you would be nearby checking on me to make sure I was okay.”

“Well,” Gerald drawled out, “it’s true they’ve swung only in each other’s presence but that doesn’t mean that they can’t swing separately, or out of sight of each other. The only way to be sure is to separate them. After we separate them, we can each gauge their attitudes towards having Nora play the role of a sex toy at a sex party.”

Aiko paused in thought and then replied. “You’ve got a good point, Gerald, and I’ve got an idea to test your supposition.”

“And what’s that, dear?”

“We’ve already made plans with them to go back the cottage. I think we should suggest switching partners for the entire weekend, including the sleeping arrangements. You pair off with Nora and I’ll pair off with Ryan. We should antep escort organize separate outings too so that we have a chance to sound out our partners.”

* * *

Later that evening, Aiko walked over to Nora’s house to talk to her about the weekend at the cottage.

When she returned home, she announced to Gerald that they had agreed to an arrangement in which they would exchange partners for the entire weekend. The permanent spouse of one would become the temporary weekend spouse of the other. Aiko and Ryan would share one room and bed while Gerald and Nora would share other room. It would be a new experience for Nora and Ryan in the sense that they were about to share their bed for the two nights with a person who they were not married to. They would ‘sleep’ with their temporary partner in both senses of the word.

“You see?” Gerald chortled. “That arrangement shows that she doesn’t always want to show off herself having sex in front of her husband. She might be just as happy if performed in front of strangers! Who knows? We don’t, at least not yet. And did Ryan agree to the arrangement?” he finally asked.

“Yes,” she conceded, “maybe I read more into them than was actually there.”

“You see? That also shows that Ryan doesn’t always have to be physically watching his wife.”

In fact, the two neighbouring couples had decided to rent the same private, remotely located cottage that they had rented a few months earlier. They would take just one car, load up the trunk and pile additional supplies into an overhead bin.

They would stay two nights but leave no later than around noon on Sunday because Nora and Ryan had to pick up their kids at Ryan’s parents’ house. They knew that their boys’ paternal grandparents would insist that they stay for dinner before returning home.

* * *

They arrived at the cottage just before dark. Using the waning evening light, the first order of business was to carry the supplies into the cottage before it became completely dark. They acted hurriedly because they could already hear the buzzing of hungry mosquitoes.

Once inside, the two couples made sure that all windows and doors were closed to prevent the entry of mosquitoes and other unwanted forest creatures. They checked the screen of each cottage windows to make sure that there were no gaps that might allow the pesky little bloodsuckers to enter the cottage and feast on its careless visiting city slickers.

Aiko checked around the various rooms a second time. She stood silently for a few long moments, carefully focussing her ears and eyes on the sounds and sight of mosquitoes. There were two of them which she eliminated with quick claps of her hands.

She came back to the main room. “I think I got them all,” she announced.

Then she took off her clothes.

While they knew they would probably largely stay nude for the weekend, Nora and Ryan had not expected Aiko to put herself in a state of undress so quickly. Gerald, of course knew his wife better than they did and was not surprised. Aiko was quite capable of taking the initiative just as she was capable of letting others to take command too. For Gerald, it was one of his wife’s endearing characteristics.

Aiko saw the expressions on her friends’ faces. “Well, it’s not as if we’ve never seen each other naked before!” she said, defending herself.

They laughed because what she said was true, So, the other three stripped down too.

There knew there would times when they would have to wear clothes. If they wanted to go out in the late evening or at night, or if they wanted to take a hike around the surrounding area, they would have to protect themselves from mosquitos or from scratches while walking through the brush, they would have to wear long pants, long-sleeved shirts and caps with nets to cover their necks and faces. Whatever skin was exposed would have to be sprayed with insect repellant.

In real terms, though, nudity was only actually practical when they were inside the cottage, and in areas, such as along the lakeshore or clearings where bright hot sunshine and sparse vegetation discouraged biting bugs from making their appearance.

By the time, they had everything unpacked and set up, and did their duties in the bathroom, there was only one thing left to do. Aiko and Gerald took the hands of their temporary partners, and led them went to the bedrooms. Both Aiko and Gerald made a point of closing the bedroom doors. It was the first test.

After a while, sounds female cooing and male grunting, of men and women groaning and moaning, of beds thumping, and of mattress coils squeaking, plainly made to all concerned that their first night back at the cottage would end in the satisfaction of their lustful desires with the person who they were not married to. And neither Nora nor Ryan had objected to the closed bedroom doors. They had passed the first test.

Before they dropped off to sleep, Aiko and Gerald antep escort bayan kissed their lovers. Both were determined to initiate a talk with them about the sex party in the coming day.

* * *

When Aiko and Ryan woke up the following morning, they discovered that their legal mates had already woken up and were preparing breakfast for the four of them. After exchanging pleasantries, the two switched couples ate their food.

Gerald looked at the window and, as had been predicted, he saw that weather forecast appeared to be accurate. It had been warm but comfortable nighttime and now it was very sunny and it would be a very hot day.

“Nora,” Gerald said, “how would you like to go on a boat ride on the lake? There’s waterfall at the other end of the lake about a mile from here? It’s a lot of rowing. So, I suggest we take it easy at the waterfall and bring food with us. We’ll have a picnic. To be safe,” he added, “we’ll have to wear the minimally acceptable amount of clothes just in case we come across other boaters, although I don’t expect any.”

Nora looked toward Ryan as if she was seeking his permission.

“Go ahead, sweetheart,” he grinned. “I’ll keep Aiko company. Isn’t that the point this weekend?”

“Don’t worry about your husband,” Aiko chimed in. “He’s not getting off that easy. We’re going on a hike. Right, Ryan?”

He evaded an answer by asking a question of his own. “Why can’t we all go on the boat?”

“The row boat is too small to hold four people comfortably,” Gerald explained. “We can’t change places while we’re on the boat, which means that one person has to all the rowing for four people. Whoever gets that rowing duty will find himself exhausted and with very sore arms by the time we get to the waterfalls. It would also take longer to get there.”

Caught off-guard, Ryan felt he had no choice but to agree. Being a city boy, he had not been on a row boat since he attended summer camp as a kid. He realized that the task would have to fall to his more experienced friend. It wouldn’t be fair to Gerald and unsafe too to have four people in the boat. So, it made sense to him that Nora should be Gerald’s sole passenger.

“Okay, I’ll hike with Aiko,” Ryan said. “I need the exercise. I’d rather have sore legs then sore arms.”

Neither Nora not Ryan had expected that a row boat and a hike were a part of their friends’ plans for them, but, since they were in cottage country, and they could not suggest ant alternatives, they decided they might as well go along with their friends’ suggestions and treat the excursions as bonus adventures.

So, the ladies prepared the picnics. Gerald fetched the oars, two life-jackets and two towels. Nora packed a bikini but failed to notice that Gerald had left his swimsuit behind. Ryan put four bottles of water and the picnic into his backpack. Aiko put a pair of binoculars around her neck.

What Nora and Ryan did not realize was that Aiko and Gerald had also planned a little surprise for them.

* * *

Nora put on a pair of shorts and loose blouse to keep cool. She did not bother with a bra. Gerald wore shorts and T-shirt. His plan was to follow the shoreline to the other end of the lake to give Nora an opportunity to see some the lake’s natural beauty and maybe some wildlife. At the same time, he wanted to row in a relatively straight line to minimize the number of strokes it would take for him to reach the waterfall. Every ten minutes or so, he had to take a little break to let his arms rest. It had been a while since he had rowed. He was very glad that he wasn’t rowing for four people.

It took about an hour. As they turned around a rightward bend in the lakeshore, the waterfall came into view. It was at far end of a small cove. Gerald rowed toward the shoreline, leapt out of the boat, followed by Nora. He then pulled the boat out of the water and tied the rope attached to the stern to a nearby tree. They walked the last few steps toward the waterfall.

The waterfall was only about was about two meters (six feet) tall. It was just barely wide enough to douse only one person. The amount of water pouring from the overhead cliff was not much more than an industrial shower. It was not spectacular but for city people, it was something unique and unusual.

The unobstructed part of the pool in front of the waterfall was about five meters (15 feet) across. The pool was surrounded by rocks of various sizes although there was one area with several flat rocks.

“The water is deepest near the falls,” Gerald informed Nora when he saw her scan the falls and the pool.

“How deep is it?” she asked.

“Except for the area directly under the falls, it’s actually fairly shallow. Most of it is about waist-deep. So, it’s pretty safe. You can stand up or swim, but it would be unwise to dive into it because of the rocks beneath the surface.”

Gerald led Nora to the area with the flat rocks.

“This is the best place escort antep to get in and out of the pool,” he advised.

Nora looked around again and saw that the area with the flat rocks. She could not see the lake from where she was standing because a number of larger rocks obstruct the view. It meant that anyone on the lake would not be able see them unless they deliberately entered the cove.

Nora noticed that there was also a bluff that overlooked the waterfalls and its pool. But she had not seen any one besides the four of them. So, she decided, it was unlikely there would be anyone around to watch them swim and enjoy their picnic from above.

“Very private here,” Gerald observed.

“I’ll have to go back to the boat and get my bikini,” she said.

“Not necessary,” Gerald said as he pushed her into the pool.

Nora shrieked, partly because she was caught by surprise, and partly because the water was colder than she had expected. She got used to it, though. The coolness felt good given how hot and humid the weather was and how sweaty she had become just by sitting in the rowboat.

“I’ll be back in a minute,” Gerald announced. “I’ll get the towels and bring the picnic basket.”

Gerald came back in a few minutes. By this time, Nora was enjoying herself in the water. She swam to the waterfall and let it splash over while she was treading water. When she saw Gerald, she realized that he had stripped off his clothes and was completely naked.

Nora looked at him, guessing that he was up to something. By the glint in his eyes, she thought it would involve outdoor sex. ‘Why not?’ she thought. ‘Isn’t it the main objective of switching partners for the weekend? I’ve never done sex under the sun. At least he picked a spot that’s both beautiful and private.’

“Nora,” Gerald suggested, “why don’t you take your clothes off. Hand them to me. I’ll put them on the sunny side of the rocks so that they’ll be dry by the time we have to go back.”

Then he jumped in. He winced because the water was colder than he had remembered it to be. He could feel his balls shrink and go into hiding. He ignored his initial discomfort. He helped Nora remove her clothing, copping a few feels in the process.

Having got used to the cool water too, he didn’t really want to get out again, but he had promised to lay her clothes out in the sun to dry them. So, he did that quickly, and jumped back into the water again.

For about 20 minutes, he let Nora have her fun in the pool. At times they splashed each other. Of course, he wasn’t shy about taking a few opportunities to stroke various parts of her body, squeeze her tits, or brushing her vulva with his hand. She would giggle and try to dodge him, but her attempts were half-hearted at best.

She returned the favour by grasping his cock but was disappointed to find that his cock didn’t stiffen.

“The water’s too cold,” Gerald explained.

He felt her handle his balls, which were now tight against his body. “Ah, those poor things,” she commiserated. “Do you think they’ll recover from the shock?” she asked in a mocking tone.

“Only if you bring them back to life by resuscitating them,” he answered

Gerald kissed her passionately. He liked spunky women. Nora was now turning out to be just as spunky as Aiko or Emma. Wei-ling was clearly the most reserved of the four women in their swinging group but she was still no shrinking violet either.

While they were kissing, Gerald used his body to gently push her back toward the shore line with flat rocks. Realizing that she was being herded out of the pool, Nora climbed out the water with Gerald right behind her, intently watching the swaying of her sexy ass and hips. He saw her shiver and realized that she was co-operating because she had enough of the chilly water too.

Gerald grabbed the towels. He draped one around his shoulders and used the other towel to dry off Nora. He led to a sunny spot which would help make her feel warmer. Nora leaned against one of the larger rocks and let him do it. She was bent over enough for him get a glimpse of her beautiful pussy. The idea of putting his cold cock into that woman’s hot pussy was enough for cock to begin to stiffen. He massaged her breasts.

Nora reached behind to find his cock. It was half-erect.

“Oh,” Nora cried, “I guess I don’t have to give you mouth to cock resuscitation!”

“Oh yes, you do,” Gerald replied turning her around to face him.

Nora got down on her knees and took him in her mouth.

He gasped as she moved up and down with her mouth. His cock stiffened quickly from the heat of her mouth. His balls dropped down to their normal position.

“I’ve got a better idea,” he said turning her to face the rock again. He had her move over a little further to the right of her initial position. “Lean over more,” he ordered.

She obeyed, knowing that she was fully exposing her vaginal lips to his view. She knew his main interest was to pass her womanly gates and her main interest was to invite him in.

Gerald wanted to return the favour first. He licked her vaginal lips and tongued her clitoris. After a few minutes the taste of her grew stronger in his mouth. She was getting wetter and wetter. He believed she was ready for him and, he bet, she was more than willing.

Chapter 10 Frisky Al Fresco Two weeks had passed since Nora and Ryan had become the fourth couple in their swinging group. “I got an email from John,” Aiko announced. “You know, the same John who invited us to a sex party about five years ago.” “And now he’s contacting you? Why?” Gerald inquired. Once…

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