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Another boring weekend I thought to myself as I sat in the cab of my truck at the truck stop.

I had missed my delivery appointment by 5 lousy minutes because some idiot in a white Blazer leading the cops in a slow speed chase, shutting down the freeway for over 4 hours. Now, I’m stuck here until Monday morning, with nothing to do, or so I thought.

The hiss of air brakes broke my reverie. Glancing to my left, my heart almost stopped. Two of the most GORGEOUS redheads I had ever seen were parking right next to me!

I waved hi and the one in the passenger seat smiled and waved back at me. She turned to her partner, said something and her partner leaned forward, looked at me, smiled and waved.

“Wow,” I thought, “Twins.” The one on the right hand side rolled her window down and looked over at me. I rolled my window down and said “Hi.”

“Hi yourself driver,” was her response in a very throaty voice. “Where’s the action at around here?” she asked.

“You’re lookin at it hun,” I said with a chuckle.

“Looks good to us,” she said. “Let us go grab a shower, you grab some beers and we’ll get this weekend started off with a bang, OK?”

All I could say was, “Cool, sounds good to me.”

I climbed down from my cab as they waited in front of my truck. Dressed in white short shorts and crop tops, I thought to myself, ” These two are HOT!” The passenger introduced herself to me as Bobbi and her sister’s name was Randi.

Bobbi was about 5′ 6″ tall, weighed about 110 pounds and had what looked to be 36 C’s perched on her chest, with legs from her ankles to heaven, red hair and green eyes. Randi was just a little taller, similarly built but with a voice that was a bit throatier than I would have imagined from her.

By the way, my name is Joe. I’m 5’10” tall weigh about 225 pounds, slightly balding, not what you would call model material in any case, but yet, here were these two total knockout Kadıköy escort bayan babes checking me out.

I offered them my arms and we walked to the main building arm in arm. I was walking on a cloud between these two angels.

As they got their shower assignments, Randi whispered in my ear, “Go get us some beer, Bobbi likes wine coolers. We’ll meet you right here in about an hour.” As both of them kissed me on the cheek, Randi pinched me on the ass and said, “Don’t be late, stud.” With that, they pranced off, whispering and giggling together as women will do. I practically flew to the “C” store across the street for a case of beer and the wine coolers. I hustled back and threw them in the fridge in my truck and went back in to wait for the ladies. My timing was perfect, as they were just coming down the hall from the showers.

Randi was in skin tight jeans and a killer western shirt and Bobbi was still wearing shorts, but they were some sort of velvety material with a matching halter top. They both hugged me and said, “Lets go PARTY!”

Back on my cloud I went as we walked out through the parking lot to where the trucks were parked. Randi asked where the beers were and I told her they were in the fridge in my truck. “Well, grab them and come on over to our truck’, she said.

It was then that I noticed the HUGE studio sleeper they had on their truck.

I grabbed the goodies and climbed up into their rig. The inside of their rig was almost as gorgeous as they were. Red velour everywhere, even on their bed. I set the beers and coolers on the table and handed Randi a beer and Bobbi a wine cooler. Bobbi sat hers down and threw her arms around me, saying, “Thanks for the drinks.” And then she kissed me long, hard and deep.

As I kissed her back, my hands went to her ass. Then I felt Randi get into the act as well. she hugged me from behind, her hands going straight to the bulge Escort Kadıköy in my jeans. My hands went to the tie on Bobbi’s halter and untie it. She pulled back enough to let me pull it off, exposing her gorgeous tits. Snowy white mountains, capped by glorious dark cherry sized nipples. Randi, in the meantime is unzipping my jeans and is taking my hard cock out of them, stroking it in her soft hands.

I work Bobbi’s shorts down, exposing her nicely trimmed fiery red bush, dewy with moisture. I push her gently down on the bed and kiss my way down to her sweet pussy. Licking her sweet snatch, I feel Randi spreading my legs apart so she can lick my cock and balls.

I raise Bobbi’s legs up onto my shoulders, giving me better access to be able to lick her slit from her hard clit to her sweet little anal pucker. As my tongue slithers across her pucker, she moans, ” Randi, this dude likes anal play.” With that, Randi’s mouth pulls off of my cock and then right back on. I feel a finger touching my own pucker. Then, I have to moan as her finger enters my asshole.

Bobbi pulls me up across her, moaning, ” Get those clothes off and fuck me stud.” Randi yanks my pants on down the rest of the way as I rip my shirt open.( Thank god for snaps)

As I position myself between Bobbi’s thighs, I hear the Randi’s zipper go down and the rustle of her clothing as it came off as well.

I begin a slow leisurely fucking of Bobbi’s hot tight pussy as I feel Randi’s face go between my ass cheeks, her hot tongue darting across and then in and out of my pucker.

As Bobbi moans loudly, I feel Randi insert her finger into my asshole as she sucks and licks at my balls. First one, then two fingers bury themselves in my ass. The pressure is intense, but pleasurable. ” I think he’s ready Sis,” Randi says. Bobbi wraps her arms around my chest and her legs around my waist, clutching me tightly. I can feel Randi behind me, Kadıköy Rus Escort then a hard object presses against my asshole as Randi spreads my asscheeks apart. The pain is intense at first as Randi presses the object into my asshole. I figure she’s going to use a dildo on my ass, or a strap on. I feel the head pop in past my sphincter and I let out a groan, “it hurts.” Randi pays me no attention though and continues pressing forward until I feel her thighs against the back of my thighs. Whatever she is using, feels warm and sort of soft, unlike the hard cold dildo that an ex-girlfriend had tried to stick in my ass one time. Must be one of the Cyber-skin ones I’ve seen in the adult bookstores before. The pain is intense, but easing as my ass stretches to accommodate the intruder. “Damn Sis, he took all 8 inches on the first try” Randi says. The pain in my ass is replaced by pleasure as Randi starts to slowly rock back and forth in my ass.

I start thrusting into Bobbi again, getting into a rhythm with Randi filling my asshole on the backstroke from Bobbi’s grasping cunt. I’m doing all the work as I thrust in and out of Bobbi, my ass clenching at the intruder as I thrust forward.

The rhythm established, I begin humping back and forth faster and faster. I can feel my climax fast approaching from the dual stimulation. Bobbi is clawing at my back as she screams that she is cumming. Randi grabs my hips and screams she is cumming too. I feel the hot cum jet out of my cock into Bobbi’s grasping cunt and yell, “I’m cumming too.” That’s when I notice something just isn’t right as I feel a hot burning in my ass, like someone was shooting…”OH MY GOD” I thought.

“What the fuck is going on?” I yell, trying to turn and see what is going on, but Bobbi has me tight in her clutching arms and legs. Between her and Randi, I am trapped and can’t move.

Our orgasms subside and I feel Randi pull out of my ass and jump up on the bed and offer her sister an EIGHT inch cock to lick clean for her. My eyes open wide in surprise and Bobbi says’ “Oh, by the way, we sort of forgot to tell you that Randi is actually my brother, Randall.”

She then swallowed Randi’s cock, leaving the rest of the story for later!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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