Tutoring from My Favorite Professor

Tutoring from My Favorite Professor


Note: This story is about fictional characters who are older than 18.

As rehearsal came to an end, I could feel butterflies rising in my stomach.

I couldn’t concentrate on what was happening on stage. I was thankful that no one needed line prompts because I didn’t even know what page we were on. The only thing I could think about was the amazing woman sitting beside me, and how thoroughly I had messed things up with her.

Liz was my favorite professor and the director of the play I was stage managing. She was 5′ 2″ and seemed to be quite fit, from what I could judge through the sweats she always wore to rehearsal. I didn’t know anyone could look sexy in sweats, but man, she sure did.

On Saturday night, after having a bit too much to drink, I had emailed her and told her how perfect I thought she was, and that I was confused because I had never felt this way about another woman. She had written back, saying she wanted to talk about it Monday, after rehearsal. I didn’t think I could get kicked out of school for this, but I was sure I had messed up all future opportunities in the theatre.

When rehearsal was over, I walked the actors out. When I closed the door, Liz called out to lock it. Um, OK. I was hoping this talk was just going to be a short reprimand, but it seemed like she had something else in mind. I locked the door. I sure didn’t want anyone walking in while I was getting chewed out. I walked back to the front of the theater, saying, “Look, um, I was drunk, and…”

“So, you only think I’m hot when you’re drunk?’, she interrupted.

“Uh, no… you’re beautiful. I just shouldn’t have said anything about it. I mean, you’re a professor, and…” I trailed off before adding, “there’s no way you would be interested in me.”

I sat down on the edge of the stage and stared at the floor.

“And you don’t think sexuality is something I could teach you?”


I looked up at her, stunned. She was smiling playfully, and the look in her eyes sent chills down my spine.

“You said you were confused about your sexuality. I thought I could help you figure it out.”


She stood up and walked over to me. “There is one surefire way to tell if you like women,” she said, standing a bit too close and staring into my eyes.

My heart was racing, and I could barely ask, “And that is?”


She leaned forward and kissed me, slowly and softly. I couldn’t believe it.

She pulled back, “So, are you into girls?”

Suddenly, those butterflies in my stomach were lower and more pleasant. I couldn’t speak, so I leaned forward to kiss her again.

This time the kiss was deeper, and I felt her tongue part my lips. Her mouth was soft and warm, much nicer than the boys I had ümraniye escort kissed before.

She gently pulled away, then smiled and winked, “I guess you have your answer.”

Then, she turned around, and innocently started to gather her stuff to leave.

I was shocked and amazed. Had she really just kissed me? Had I kissed her? I sat there staring at her for a moment, watching her pack up.

I was so stunned that I almost let her walk away, but I had to see how this could play out.

Shaking with both fear and anticipation, I walked up behind her and pushed her hair to one side. Wow, her hair smelled amazing, warm, and spicy. I took a trembling breath before leaning forward to brush my lips against her neck, gently. Then, whispered in her ear, “Is that all you wanted to teach me tonight?”

I felt her laugh. Then, she turned around, smiled wickedly, and said, “I guess I’m up for a longer tutoring session.”

She leaned forward for another kiss, this time standing on tiptoe, as I was half a foot taller than her when we were both standing. Her reach just meant that I could feel more of her body leaning into me, her tight, perfect little body. She sunk her fingers into my hair and kissed me more fervently as if my mouth was the only thing that could quench her need. Her tongue explored every crevice of my mouth, and I was momentarily distracted by the sweet taste of the jellybeans she had been eating.

She snapped my mind into focus again by moving to my neck, which she kissed and bit playfully. She worked her way up to my ear, which she sucked on for a moment. I felt her hot breath caress me, as she whispered, “There’s nothing like a bit of hands-on education is there?” before pulling away. I whimpered, afraid this was all over, but she merely needed space to take off her sweatshirt.

Wow, her body was even better than I imagined, with toned arms, and a perfectly flat stomach. Of course, it was her boobs that I couldn’t take my eyes off of. She was a perfect B cup, round and perky. Her bra was crimson satin, with a little hint of lace around the top of the cups. I bit my lip and took a deep breath. Her eyes sparkled, as she gave me a wicked smile.

“I take it you like what you see.”

I nodded, unable to believe this was happening.

She laughed, enjoying my shock, “It’s okay to touch, you know.”

I reached out a trembling hand and traced along the lace edging with one finger.

She took a deep breath, pushing the satin covered mound into my cupped palm.

This sent chills up my arm and ramped up the delicious tension in my abdomen. I leaned in and kissed her again, wrapping my arms around her to pull her in close. The skin on her back was silky and soft. I couldn’t get enough of this woman, but pendik escort this was all so new, and I was afraid I would mess up somehow.

Sensing my tension, she pulled back a bit to look into my eyes. “Just do to me what you like boys to do to you,” she said gently.

“I… uh… I’ve never… done more than kiss.”

“Oh, well then, this session should be a hands-on demonstration. Just relax. You’re going to enjoy this.”

With that, I felt her hands on my waist. She grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt and pulled it over my head. I turned beet red, remembering that I was wearing a cotton bra that was quite broken in. It was comfortable, but not sexy. My heart raced as I considered that she might also see the matching white cotton panties, and it skipped a beat as I wondered if her panties also matched her bra.

She pulled back a little, and I tensed, suddenly remembering that she was my professor.

This was amazing, but I didn’t want to push my luck. I was still reeling from the fact that she made a pass instead of yelling at me.

She placed a hand flat on the center of my chest and gave me a little push. I immediately stepped backward, putting my hands in the air, but she just laughed and playfully pushed a little harder. I took a couple more steps backward and felt the edge of the stage against the back of my calves. She angled the pressure on my chest, and I sat down on the stage, hard.

She stepped between my legs and gave me another deep kiss, her tongue once again exploring my mouth, before kissing down my neck again. Her tongue felt great and I wondered if she could feel my heart pounding through the blood vessels in my neck. She kissed down to the edge of my collarbone, then licked along its length, sending chills down my spine. When she reached the other side, she kissed down my bra strap and licked along the top of the cup. “I love the innocence of your simple bra,” she murmured against my skin, causing me to blush again, and wonder if she was planning on seeing the panties too. Her soft hands made quick work of the clasp, and I felt my bra fall forward. My nipples were hard with anticipation, as she slid the straps down my arms, dropping my bra to the floor.

I automatically reached up to cover my bare chest. Liz took a hold of my hands, gently pulling them away, saying, “Your breasts are beautiful. You have nothing to hide.”

I dropped my hands, amazed by the look of lust that added to the playfulness in her eyes. She softly and slowly traced across my chest with one delicate finger, taking time to circle around and over my nipples, before tracing the same line with her tongue.

I had never been so turned on.

She kissed and nibbled down my stomach, and ran her tongue under the edge of my waistband. bostancı escort Then she put a firm hand on the center of my chest, pushing me onto my back while smiling devilishly. She slid her hands down my sides until she could tuck her thumbs into my waistband.

I lifted my hips and helped her pull my pants down to my knees.

“Your panties are even more delightful than your bra,” she giggled as I blushed.

“They are perfect. You are perfect”.

She knelt and pulled my shoes off, tossing them aside, before completely removing my pants. She started kissing and licking up the inside of my right leg, driving me crazy with anticipation as I wondered what was going to happen when she reached the top.

She took extra time nibbling on my thigh muttering things like “beautiful, amazing, perfect”.

When I thought I might break from the anticipation, she pressed her nose against those white cotton panties that I was once embarrassed about and inhaled. She placed a few kisses along my cotton-covered pussy, and I let out a moan, reaching to pull her head in closer.

She wasn’t done with the teasing though. She gave a wicked little laugh as she pulled away to kiss the inside of my left ankle. I whimpered, and she laughed again, saying that it would be worth the wait. God, I loved the sound of her laugh, and her sexy southern accent and the way her lips felt against my skin. I was once again taken aback by the fact that this incredible woman was doing this with me, to me.

She kissed up the inside of my left leg, moving achingly slow, and I shocked myself by getting even wetter. As she approached my panties for the second time, I could feel my pulse pounding in my pussy.

Finally, all of that exquisite wait was over. She pushed her lips tight against my panties, giving my lips a firm kiss before exhaling warmly as if fogging up a mirror. I didn’t know anything could feel so good. I lifted my hips to help her slide my soaked cotton panties off.

Then, she stared straight into my eyes as she plunged her tongue into my slit. I buried my fingers in her hair as she darted her tongue over my hole, before sliding it in circles around my clit.

I shoved my pussy against her face, desperate for release. She kissed along the inside of my lips, sucking up my juices and making some humming noises. The sound reverberated through me, and I moaned again.

She wrapped her lips around my clit, sucking on it while flicking the end with her tongue. I came with a scream and a rush of liquid, pulling her head in tight against my pussy. She licked and sucked up the gush of liquid, seeming to relish in the taste.

I collapsed in exhaustion. She sighed and gave me a gentle but deep kiss, allowing me to taste myself on her lips. The sensation was new and pleasant.

She stood up, giving me that beautiful smile again. “Get some rest. Next time, I’ll see how much you learned.” She pulled her shirt on and left the theater, calling out, “Remember to lock up!” I was so excited for next time.

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