Truth or Fantasy 08: Golfing Gurl

Truth or Fantasy 08: Golfing Gurl

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We were on the 12th fairway and again, I had out driven my playing companions by about 15 yards.

We were playing from the same tees. I was, for the first time ever, playing golf as a woman. Wearing a short black skirt and wind jacket. The morning clouds finally broke and the sun decided to stay out. The sun was warm. I took off my wind jacket to reveal by yellow sleeveless golf shirt. I had worn it over by padded bra, in which I had insert my DD breast enhancers. I had slipped into the restroom on the 9th hole to slip off my panties. I was feeling very free.

The bright sun reflected off the stiff stainless steel shafts of my Taylor made clubs [did you say stiff shaft?]. The morning sun created wonderful shadow lines of my breasts under the yellow top. The top two buttons were undone, exposing my single strand pearl necklace. My pink lipstick contrasted nicely with the color of my top. While my sun glasses obscured my eye shadow, my recently penciled eyebrows looked great.

The course is an urban 9-hole course that you play twice, each time from a different set of tees. Build on a hillside, it features a lot of elevation change and wild cross slopes. Set adjacent to a low-income housing project, it was poorly kept. The allure was the difficulty. Because it also featured small greens, urban myth was that Lee Trevino played there and shot an 84.

I was standing to on the left edge of the fairway and one of my playing partners was in the middle when the marshal drove up to him. They obviously knew each and were kibitzing, when I heard the marshal say…”did she out drive you?”

He replied something to the effect that I was technically not really a she and therefore he was not embarrassed about being out driven.

“Well, it is San Francisco after all!” the marshal replied before he drove over to check me out.

“How’s it going?” he asked as he overtly eyed me up and down.

“Great day, great foursome [did you say foursome?]” I replied as I slowly pulled out an 8 iron.

“Have fun M’am, come back soon” he said as he watched vbet me assume the set-up position and hit the ball up on the green before he drove away.

The rest of round went quickly. Me and my three playing partners who I had been put together with by the starter, took off our hats [my visor] and shook hands.

“We are going in for a beer. Care to join us?” one of asked.

I had never been in the bar before. It was very much a blue collar course and from what I had seen about the dingy interior, the bar was even more down market. Run by the members it served hard liquor and beer out of an ice chest.

“Sure, why not.” I ventured.

We all locked away our clubs in our cars and made our way back through the parking lot. Entering the cool, dimly lit interior two of us ordered beers- don’t think wine was on the menu, other two – bourbons.

We found an empty table, the legs were akilter and it was a bit wobbly but we made it work. We added up our scores, lied about how well we played and generally had a cordial time. By the time for the second round, we had quite a conversation going. In fact, maybe it was the liquor, but I felt that Bob, one of the other three, was flirting with me. It could have been my imagination but I definitely felt he was way more personal with me that with the others. He frequently made eye contact, left words dangling and waited for my responses. The three confirmed they would do it again next Saturday.

“Guys – two’s my limit, if I’m driving, so I am going to have to call it a day. Just gotta a stop for a pee, then I’m outta here. It’s been fun.” I offered as I stood up.

“Me, too!” Bob hastily said as he pushed back his chair. “Good idea.”

I made my way down the dark cluttered hall that led to the restrooms.

“Which one do you use?” I heard a deep voice ask, realizing quickly that it was Bob, who must have followed me.

“Ladies.” I replied.

“Probably a good idea. Hardly any ladies play here. They probably feel unsafe. Likely cleaner too. Much more private vbet giriş I would guess.”

Reaching the door, I went to open it when I felt Bob extend his arm past my shoulder, put his hand on top of mine and push.

“Do you think there is room for two?”

A bit stunned by the question and the action, I was taken aback and hesitated.

“I think we had a connection in the bar. Did you think so as well?”

“I did, but…” I stammered as he pressed himself into my back and placed his other hand on my hip.

“I’m hoping you suck cock, because I have been distracted by your long legs all day and I am horny as hell.”

“Let’s find out shall we?” I retorted obscenely. We both looked around to see if anyone was watching, then we hastily entered the ladies restroom. I guess I was hoping for better but there was a small vanity area, and a couple of stalls. Not Swiss-German clean, but reasonable. The dim lighting and the strong smell of Pine Sol masked any real unpleasantness.

He grabbed me and gently but forcefully pushed me into the vanity. Facing the mirror, I watched as he reached around to grab my tits. His hard cock was pressed between my ass cheeks. We both looked at the action in the mirror. I could see the determination on his face and I am sure he could see the willingness on mine. He squeezed and groped me, his fingers pinched and tugged as he tried to find my nipples. He was dry humping me as I pushed my ass back into him. He was struggling getting under my falsies but eventually got his hands on my tits.

“This way darling'” he directed as he turned me sideways to the mirror and put his hands on my shoulders. “I want to watch you in the mirror.”

I gave in immediately and slowly lowered myself down as he undid his belt and opened is pants. By the time my knees hit the cool tile floor, I was staring the head of a hard cock, tenting out the waist band of his white briefs. I reached up to the waistband and pulled it away. Out fell an average sized cock that looked like it needed relief. It vbettr was swollen, its veins extended, its dark red color – all sure signs of wanting release. It had the masculine musk from a sweaty 18 holes.

I took the semi-hard penis in my hand and pulled it completely free. I pushed the waistband down until it was tucked under his balls. I gave it a few strokes as he moved his hands to my head.

“That’s it. Work it.” he ordered.

Using both hands I tugged his briefs down to mid-thigh, just above his pants which had gotten stuck around his knees. I ran my palms up and down the hardening member. I leaned it and gave it a lick, then a kiss on the wide head. I could taste the pre-cum that had bubbled up through the pee hole.

“mmmmm” I moaned as I took the head into my mouth. “mmmmm” he moaned as I took the head into my mouth.

“That’s what I am talking about. Suck that cock.” he groaned as he pulled my mouth further onto his cock. He thrust his hips forward and jammed himself as deep as he could. His pubic hair was scratching my nose as he pulsed quickly – short quick bursts – each time -his cockhead hitting the back of my throat.

“Oh yeah. You fucking cock sucker. Here it comes.” he roared silently as he forced me onto his cock. He had his hands in my hair. He had handfuls of my hair tightly in his grasp which he tugged hard while he unloaded his semen. I felt his cock twitch and spasm in my mouth as spurt after spurt erupted from his balls. His hot gooey cum flooded my mouth and I was made to swallow.

I would have swallowed anyway but his insistence and his strength heightened the experience for me. I loved it. I wanted it not to stop. I wanted him to keep feeding me. But he pulled away, wiped his cock across my face.

“You are quite a cum slut.” he said as he pulled up his underwear and reached down to grab his pants. I continued to kneel and watched longingly as he put his cock away.

“You want more don’t you? Should I tell the boys you will join us again next Saturday?” he asked but he already knew the answer.

“Yes.” I replied weakly as I heard the restroom room door close while I was trying to stand up. My legs were trembling from the excitement as I looked in the mirror and tried to correct my smeared lipstick.

Time to get home to my wife.

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