Treason Ch. 03-04


This story, if you read it, should be read with chapters 1-2. It may not make sense other wise. I may write some stories that stand alone, but this one, my first, isn’t one of them. Anyway, hope you like, hope you vote.


I ignored the phone. I didn’t hear the machine pick up the message. I didn’t care, because I had more important things to do. A dam had broken and I was being washed away on a tide of great sex. It wasn’t love- my relationship with my live-in boyfriend was going down the tubes and I hadn’t felt love in a long while- but this was warmth and acceptance and I was ready for all I could get.

Gary was laying back against the headboard with a dazed, but happy look on his face. He had just watched his girlfriend, Melanie, lick his juices off my breasts and I did the same to her. Their other guest, Sydney, started giving mouth to cock resuscitation after his second orgasm of the night.

The look on his face was something. I could relate to what he was thinking. This was also my first time having group sex, and it was a mind-blower!

Mel and I finished cleaning each other up, and after kissing me deeply on the mouth, she lay back and smiled, tired and contented. I leaned over and kissed her, too, but I wasn’t tired. I felt like I had just got started.

She scootched over and covered herself in a blanket at the foot of the bed to watch. I crawled over to watch Syd blowing Gary. She seemed to enjoy giving head as much as I did. I rubbed her freckled backside and she looked up and smiled at me. I leaned down to kiss her too, and she lifted off his cock long enough to kiss me gently and ask how I was doing. I said I was doing just fine. She motioned down to Gary’s cock and I figured why not, and leaned down and took the tip in my mouth. I ran my tongue around the head a few times, then opened up and dropped down over it, swallowing as much as I could. (I got nearly all the way down…) I went up and down a few times, and Gary hissed and arched his back, so I lifted off. He simmered back down and we all had a laugh over his reaction.

I smiled and dragged my tits up along his body as Syd took over on his cock again. I fell into his arms and we wrapped around each other and kissed. His hand came up to caress my breasts and our tongues danced like Fred and Ginger. He held a nipple and twisted it gently, so I rubbed his pecs and did the same to him. That, combined with Syd’s ministrations had him heading over the edge.

Syd took her lips off his cock and moved to the side, stroking him slowly. She looked at me and ran her tongue over her lips. Then she looked at Gary and said, “So… are you going to fuck her, or what, Gary?” I looked at both of them, unsure. “You guys should do it,” she said. “I want to watch you guys, and I want to see those tits bounce when you fuck…” I looked at Mel, wrapped in a blanket at the foot of the bed. Syd gave Mel a little shake and Mel groaned, but roused herself to a sitting position. “Whatcha say, little Mel? You wanna see that?”

Mel shed the blanket and crawled up between us. She leaned in and kissed him. “Why not,” said Mel, looking over at me. “It’s all he talks about… when we talk about that…”

“Are you sure?” I asked. Was I? I was about to take a huge step. I had just set myself up to fuck my boyfriend’s friend, with his girl watching. It would alter Steve and Gary’s friendship forever. It would alter our relationship as roommates, if it already hadn’t. I had just sucked his cock and necked with him. But I was mad at Steve, and he had been a huge jerk lately. I had already made up my mind that we were through, so…

“Yeah. Go for it,” Mel said. She kissed me, then got Gary to get up, so I could lay in his place. He got between my legs and I spread them wider. He lowered himself onto me, and while Sydney leaned down to suck on one of my nipples, Mel grasped his cock and directed in to my sopping pussy. I groaned out loud as she rubbed it up and down, getting it wet, hitting my clit wonderfully. She said, “Do it, Gary fuck her…” and I lifted up my pelvis and he sank down into me. I wrapped my legs around his back, and felt, for the first time in ages, a different cock fill me up. I felt so slutty and I was loving it. Mel hunched beside us, encouraging us, and Syd rubbed Gary’s back with one hand, while plumbing the depths of her womanhood with her other.

I was on some kind of auto-pilot and I just gave myself up to a great fucking. Sydney was right; he was good- lots of variety in his stroke, both depth and speed. He grabbed my ass and lifted me up so Mel could slide a pillow under me. He was arching his back and aiming up into my g-spot. I spread my legs even wider for him and told him that it was so good; so good to have him fuck me. If either of us had any misgivings, they were gone.

I looked up at Syd; she was smiling. She brought the hand she had been masturbating with, up to my face. My tongue instinctively poked out and I licked her fingers… my first taste of pussy, save my own. It was absolutely intoxicating! I can’t think of Escort Çankaya any way to describe it, other than saying it was like a fine liqueur; aromatic, and slippery like syrup.

I licked all of her essence off her fingers; all that was left was a coat of my saliva when she withdrew them. She smiled at me and trailed her wet digits down Gary’s back. Was she going to-?

She was! She parted his ass cheeks and started circling his back door. With Mel’s encouragement, she slipped her moistened middle finger into his ass, right up to the second knuckle. Far from fighting it, Gary started moaning and pumping harder into me. He was hitting all the right spots and I was seeing stars and I was close to cumming when Syd smiled evilly and drove her finger all the way in, right up to the prostate. Him thrashing into me started a huge orgasm, which was topped by the feeling of Gary pumping a sparse, yet enjoyable load into my pussy. The room was alive with moans and cries, as two of us hit our peaks, and the other two helped us on our way with hands, lips and lots of dirty talk…

As he came down, he leaned in and kissed me, looking satisfied and ready for more, all at once. He withdrew his dripping cock and announced that after all that, it was time for a beer. No kidding… He was done like dinner after three orgasms. His cock looked red and sore and it was a miracle that he could walk.

Gary went to pee and get beer, and Syd went with him to wash her hands. Mel and I just lay there, exhausted. She curled up beside me and gave me a hug. She asked how I was doing, and I said I hadn’t felt as good for a long time. I did tell her that I was feeling kind of guilty and she asked why, for heaven’s sake. After all, she knew as well as anyone that Steve was being a jerk lately. I told her that I was kind of uncomfortable after the fact, so she sat up cross-legged (what a view!) and told me how it all happened for them, as if it would ease my mind… (While she told the story she absently ran her hand over my slit, searching out the cum that Gary had deposited, rubbing it gently into my pubes and thighs and belly, and licking the odd drop off her fingers.)

She said that Gary and her had advanced fairly quickly after meeting, to having sex. They realized they really liked each other and decided to be totally open with each other about their sexual histories. (Hers was really wild, but that’s another story for a different day…) They wanted to experience as much as they could together.

Gary had told her about his wild night with Sydney after the ball team party, and how Syd had talked about seeing me naked after she came back from the bathroom. (Me!) She said how hot it would be if they had a threesome, and Gary went wild, because he always thought I was really sexy. They even went so far as to see if my door was open, but I had closed it. (Too bad in hindsight, but for all my fantasizing, I probably would have freaked out at that point in my life…)

Mel kind of blushed and said that all the talk about a possible threesome between me, Gary and Sydney had turned her on. Gary and Mel talked about having one with them and me, but since we were roommates, it was vetoed. Besides, there was Steve to think about. They started renting movies with threesomes. Mel pointed to Gary’s portable TV and VCR, and sure enough, there was a pile of black rental boxes beside it.

So anyway, said Mel, this afternoon after work, they had gone out and had a few drinks. That always got her horny, said Mel. She asked again about a threesome with me (Me!) but Gary said no. They batted around different ideas, until they hit on asking Sydney. The relationship between Gary and Sydney had overlapped their own, said Mel, and the two women even vaguely knew each other. Gary said fine- that would be wonderful- and went to call her to see if she was interested.

Well, she was interested- and here we were! Guilt and all!

Mel gave me a gentle kiss and said that everything was fine. She had had lots of sexual escapades in her life. She confessed to being a bit of a “wild child”, in her younger years. But all in all, this experience was right up there. So, I should just relax and enjoy it as much as they were, and forget the guilt.

Then she leaned in, smiled and said, “Too bad that Steve’s such a stick in the mud.” I must have looked puzzled. “Sure,” she said. “Not only would I like to jump his bones, but…” (she leaned in and whispered) “I really want to see Gary go down on another guy. And he wants to do it, too. Probably won’t be Steve, but some guy… some day.”

It was a damned good thing that I was lying down, because I would have been flat on my butt after hearing that.

Chapter 04

I needed to get out of there. Part of me immediately pictured Gary sucking Steve’s cock while I watched and cheered him on, and part of me was just appalled. But, it sure made me think! Weren’t threesomes was always MFF?- never MFM… I had to get out of there!

I sat on the edge of the bed, looking for my things, but then Gary and Ankara Escort Syd came in, carrying refreshments for everybody. Gary had a totally strange look on his face when he looked at me. I took a beer from him, and he said that there was a message on the answering machine for me. (Apparently we didn’t hear the second time the phone rang. No wonder.) I didn’t say anything, and Gary said it was from Steve. I sighed and excused myself. Syd said to come back soon. I went to my room and got my robe and went down to hear what the asshole had to say.

It was nothing special. He said he’d be home by 11 o’clock (it was ten to ten at that point) and he apologized, if you can believe it, for being an asshole, earlier! Well, that wasn’t going to change the fact that had just had a great roll in the hay with his friend, his friend’s girlfriend, and a gorgeous stray red-head. But, I knew my night was done.

I told the others that my boyfriend was coming home, and that I should clean myself up and get ready for his return. They said that that was too bad. I thanked them for the lovely time and asked that they not say anything to Steve about… well, anything. They looked as sad as I felt, and they waved goodbye as I closed the door.

I turned on the shower and tested the water. I climbed in and began washing all the wonderful scents and textures off of me. Gary’s dried cum, Syd’s pussy juice and Mel’s kisses- all went down the drain, to my dismay.

I was right under the shower-head, washing my hair and I didn’t even feel the shower curtain open. I did feel a pair of hands on my lower back, and jumped with the shock of it. “Relax,” said Syd. “It’s alright.” I did relax and her hands came around to cup my breasts. I brought my arms down from where they were, and trapped her hands, caressing my tits lovingly.

“I have a plan,” she said.


It was a good plan. She played Steve like a largemouth bass. She led him by his little dinky like he was a pull-toy. I could go on but you get the picture.

We quickly washed up, with hardly any groping and kissing. Well, some… but not as much as I wanted! I went to my room and got dressed in another sort of sexy nightie, curled up on the bed and waited for Steve to come home.

I heard how it all happened, later from Marc and Sydney.

(Who is Marc? Well he was the wild card, When he tagged along with Steve that night, it could have ruined everything, but he turned out to be the totally unexpected icing on the cake. Here’s what happened…)

When Sydney heard the door unlock, she was ready. She heard footsteps in the living room and she came down the stairs dressed in Gary’s robe carrying a couple empties. When she saw Steve, she feigned surprise. She didn’t have to feign surprise when Marc stepped out from behind him. But she recovered quick enough and introduced herself as a friend of Gary and Melanie’s. Then she offered to go get them both a beer, leaving them to wonder why a “friend” would be dressed in a robe, apparently with not a hell of a lot else under it. She saw the guys look at each other and knew that their minds must have been whirling.

She came back, and they were still standing where she had left them. She handed over the beers like a good little hostess, and sat down in the recliner. Acting like robots, they joined her and sat on the sofa. (I can imagine what they were thinking. Syd, in that powder blue robe, with her long, straight red hair in a pony-tail… oh, my!)

Steve noticed his stash of pot sitting on the coffee table, and Syd immediately apologized, saying it was her fault- that she had coerced me into rolling a joint to take to “the party.” She made the same quotation mark signs around her head. She said she hoped Steve didn’t mind and he just shrugged and rolled two more. One, the new guy, Marc, took and put in his coat pocket, and the other one, they lit up and passed around. Steve asked where I was, and Syd said that I had had a few drinks after dinner and had gone to bed. She also told him that I was pissed off.

They talked for a little while about work and all that and after the beer was done and the joint was trashed, she smiled and stretched languidly and said that she had better get back up to “the party.”

Later, Marc told me that when she got up, her robe parted and he saw Syd’s shaved pussy and thought he was going to die. There was no doubt what kind of “party” was going on. He said Syd stopped to think for a moment, then looked back and asked if they like to join them. They both stared at her as if she had two heads.

Syd said that she asked again, and Marc, who hadn’t said much all night, said sure, if it was alright with everyone else. He didn’t even look at Steve, he just got up and started walking to where Syd was.

Steve just sat there looking stupid. All he could say was, “But-…”

Syd looked back at him and said “Well, are you coming?” and he just said “But-…” again. Sydney thought it was almost the funniest thing she had ever heard, but she dared not laugh. She Sincan Escort came back to him and sat beside him and asked what his problem was.

“Well… I uh, what about Kit?”

“Well, why don’t you ask her?”

“Ask her? If she wants to go to an orgy?”

“Why not? She could only say no.”

“And if she does? Say no, I mean. Can I still join you?”

“Well, sorry Steve, that would mean an odd number.” She counted on her fingers. “There’s Mel and Gary, and me and Marc over there.” (She didn’t bother to mention that their night had started out as a threesome, it probably would have confused him too much.)

“If you can convince her to join us, we’ll see you in Gary’s room. If not, well, I guess we’ll see you in the morning!”


The key was Marc, and the fact that he didn’t look like an ax murderer. (He was another waiter from Steve’s restaurant, who just wanted to buy some pot.) Syd hadn’t expected anyone but Steve to come in, so Marc was a complete surprise. She wouldn’t have known what to do, had he looked like a drug-crazed biker, or obese computer geek. But he was eager enough, and looked clean and respectable. She took him in arm and led him upstairs. She quickly stripped herself and stripped him as Gary and Mel watched. Then she got down on her knees and sucked his cock right into her mouth.


I heard the door to Gary’s room open and close. A few minutes later, right on schedule, Steve opened our door and walked in. Now, you have to understand that I knew what he was going to ask me. That made all the difference. It was so hard not to laugh as he said hello… and…

…asked me how I was doing… apologized for being an asshole… said he was sorry that I was pissed off at him, though, he said, I had every right to be…

I lay there facing the wall, making monosyllabic replies to keep from going into convulsions. He was hesitant and acting like a man walking through a minefield. He sat down on the edge of the bed and I rolled over and looked at him. There was just the bedside lamp on, but I could see his cock straining to get out of his nice black work pants. He had his shirt off, and yeah, he had a nice bod. His pecs were defined, and he wasn’t too hairy. He was handsome, I had to give him that. When I looked at his face it was so earnest a big-eyed puppy would have looked pale in comparison.

He noticed that I was dressed in a slinky teddy and his eyes passed over my body, looking at my breasts and licking his lips slightly when he did so. I told him that his apology was accepted, and that he was forgiven, though next time I would kick his ass if he treated me so shitty. He smiled and looked like a little boy. His hands started at my thigh and slid slowly up to my hip, then across my stomach. He kissed me and smiled. Then his face got serious.

“Katy,” he said, “Gary and Mel, well they have this, well, there’s a friend of theirs and they’re, well… they asked if, uh, we wanted to…”

“Wanted to what?” I asked.

A long, deep breath. “Sex.” It was almost inaudible.


“Sex… they’re over there… and they asked us…”

“What are you talking about?”

“They asked… uh, if we would like to uh, join them, and uh… have sex.” He shrugged.

I made my eyes get really wide. “They asked us… if we wanted to, to join them? Having sex?”

He shrugged again as if to say he couldn’t believe it either.

“Do you want to?” I asked. He shrugged yet again.

I told him that I had to go to the bathroom and left him sitting there.


I turned on the taps and just about fell over laughing- quietly, but oh, how I laughed. It took a while to get myself under control, but I did, and when I walked back into the room, Steve was sitting in the same place. He looked at me and I nodded and said, “Yeah… why not?” He jumped up and kissed me.

He didn’t ask if I was alright with this; if I thought our relationship could handle it or anything, he just jumped at the chance to sink his weasely dink into something strange.

If I hadn’t already known, that’s when I knew it was really over. To continue with the largemouth bass metaphor, Syd had hooked him and played him. I was supposed to land him. But instead, the stupid fish had jumped right into the boat.


We opened the door and walked in. The air was thick with pot smoke, beer fumes and high levels of arousal. I thought Steve’s eyes would fall out of his head. I had to act shocked too, at first, to keep the charade going. Everyone was naked, for starters. Sydney was on all fours at the foot of the bed. A stranger was standing behind her, fucking her pussy while holding her hips tightly. (I didn’t know who this new guy was but he looked nice, and cute, though a bit young. Whatever, the more the merrier! Syd sure looked like she didn’t mind…)

While she was being fucked, Syd had her mouth clamped on one of Mel’s little titties, moaning and sucking. Gary was watching intently, stroking his half-hard cock. Nobody stopped what they were doing, but all eyes swung toward us for a moment, nodded a greeting, and then went back to what they were doing. After a second, Mel disengaged herself and came around the bed and walked right up to us. She ignored me. She went right for Steve.

This story, if you read it, should be read with chapters 1-2. It may not make sense other wise. I may write some stories that stand alone, but this one, my first, isn’t one of them. Anyway, hope you like, hope you vote. —– I ignored the phone. I didn’t hear the machine pick up…

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