Timmy’s Talented Tongue Ch. 02

Timmy’s Talented Tongue Ch. 02


It was a most unusual night, to say the least. I’d just entertained friends at my annual Fourth of July party at my home near the beach, where fireworks would soon be fired off, and had the orgasm of my life at the end of Timmy’s quite talented tongue.

The curly-haired blonde 18-year-old was helping me clean up after the party, and we’d found ourselves in my pantry, where after he’d licked some icing off his arm with the longest tongue I’d ever seen, I’d taken him prisoner of my lusty old thighs, clamping his face to my hairy pussy where that immensely talented tongue cruised its way to a pounding, mouth-flooding orgasm, the best I’d ever had in my 59 years on earth.

The boy was a dear, so eager to please, and as I looked at that impossibly sexy bulge in his shorts, the slender hardness running down the baggy leg of it, his eyes imploring me for release, I smiled.

“Our guests will soon be heading to the beach, Timmy,” I’d said, pulling him to me for a scorching kiss with that long tongue, his cock grinding into the front of my short summery dress. “I suggest you and I hang back and watch from my upstairs deck. I promise, it’ll be the best seat in the house.”

Teasingly, I lifted my skirt to flash him my creamy smooth ass in my thong as I left the pantry and the hard-cocked boy watching it.

I mingled with the guests as they left for the beach, knowing Timmy was struggling in the pantry to reduce that throbbing boner before he could come out. My good friend Linda, a well-built fleshy grandmother herself at 62, came up to me, drink in hand, smiling mischievously.

“Where have you been, hon?” she grinned, well into her cups and swaying side to side, her gray-blonde hair pulled into a ponytail. “I thought you’d disappeared.”

“Oh, no, just tidying up the pantry, that’s all,” I sighed, my pussy tingling at the memory of just how tidy I’d gotten in there.

As if on cue, the pantry door cracked open and out stepped a sheepish Timmy, looking left and right and not seeing Linda and I standing in the kitchen, coming out, adjusting his shorts and heading for the bathroom. Linda turned to me, that smile on her face.

“Uh-huh,” she said, wiggling her drink in her hand before slugging it down with a wink. “My, my, my, Veronica Leonard, you are so full of naughty surprises.”

I just smiled as she sauntered away to the bathroom, rapping it with her knuckles.

“Timmy, don’t be long,” she said, looking at me with that smile. “Other people gotta go, too, you know…”

I’d assumed Timmy had gone in there to relieve himself, in more ways than one, and had been cut short by the knocking. I mouthed a quick “thank you” to Linda with a wink, and she roared, stepping aside when the flustered Timmy walked out seconds later, hustling by her.

“Sorry, Mrs. Schuster, sorry,” he mumbled.

He walked up to me, looking around, all the other guests gone to the beach, where the setting sun would give way to glorious fireworks. I wrapped my arms around him and scooted back on the counter, taking him in my thighs, wrapping them around him and sucking that tongue into my mouth.

“Mrs. Leonard!” görükle escort he cried softly, trying to pull my insistent legs from his ribs, his cock growing anew in his shorts. “She’s..Mrs…she’s in there…”

“Not for long, young man,” I hissed, squeezing my scissoring thighs harder on him, making him groan, his hands pawing the tight, silky tanned flesh.

The door opened and I released Timmy from my grip, and he stumbled back, facing away as I greeted Linda, who helped herself to another drink.

“See you two at the beach?” she asked with a wink.

“Sure will, hon,” I winked back.

She left and I turned Timmy around, taking his hand, leading him upstairs, his gaze behind me fixed to the twitching muscles of my calves as I walked slowly.

“To the balcony, boy,” I growled. “As promised.”

My balcony off the landing at the top of the stairs faced the beach about 300 yards away, secluded by low trees that afforded a great view. As we stood leaning on the railing, kissing like schoolchildren, I palmed Timmy’s tight young ass and slipped my hands inside, feeling the hard, sexy flesh. He groaned, just about suffocating me with his long, talented tongue.

“Let the fireworks begin,” I hissed, suddenly pulling his shorts down as the fireworks indeed started on the beach, exploding in the dark sky, lighting the area up, including us.

They’d last a good 20 minutes. As Timmy kissed me, I lifted my skirt and spread my thighs, capturing his long, slender cock inside, squeezing it and making him moan as his kisses spread to my puckered cheeks and down my wrinkled neck, suckling the delicate folds of flesh. He humped my thighs, his trembling hands cupping my sagging ass, kneading the soft flesh as the top of his cock thrust against my hairy pussy, tickling the clit.

I broke away, pushing back, smiling at him as the skies continued to light up around us. Kneeling, I was face to face with the most beautiful young cock I’d ever seen, a solid 8 or so inches, and not terribly thick, dripping with pre-cum.

“One good tongue deserves another, stud,” I groaned, looking up at him as I pulled down my dress, my sexy old boobs bouncing free.

He moaned loudly as I tickled the head of his beautiful dick with my tongue, tracing a circle around it, tasting that sexy pre-cum, and then down the back of it. I lifted his dick in my hand, running my tongue over his huge, cum-filled nutsack and up again, looking up at him the whole time, his body twitching in anticipation. The kid was on edge, so ready to blow, so I slurped the head into my sucking mouth and started a slowly building stroking with one hand, corkscrewing the meat into my lips, and with the other, kneaded those big balls, feeling their heat.

“Oh, shit, Mrs. Leonard…oh..oh…shit!!!!!”

Within 30 seconds of starting my blowjob, Timmy exploded, his nuts throbbing in my mauling hand, my mouth filling with his sweet seed as I stroked it from top to bottom, sucking that thick tip. I swallowed down most, saved some in my moaning mouth, a thin trickle of his cream running out of the corners of my mouth, tracing down bursa escort bayan the flesh of my neck and some dripping to the quivering meat of my boobs. I popped the head free, smiling up at him, his jism glistening in the flash of the fireworks as I stood.

I framed his shy, astonished face in my hands, pulling him to me, parting his reluctant lips with my tongue and kissing him deeply, shooting the rest of his cum into his mouth where his tongue tongue swished it around and back into my mouth, a frenzied snowball sharing that took both of us by surprise. We stayed like that for a long moment, locked at the lips, kissing long, deep and wet, before I pulled back, a bridge of cum between our lips that I gobbled up to his, kissing him again, making him taste himself. His eyes were wide open, locked onto mine in disbelief.

“Be a dear,” I growled, breaking the kiss and directing his eager face to the cream on my neck. “And get that mess…”

He lapped at the cum in the soft flesh of my neck and throat like a kitten with milk, that long tongue devouring everything in its path, suckling the meat, cleaning it, and working his way down to my sagging boobs, thick and creamy white, offset by the deep tan above. He held them in his hands, extending that long, delicious tongue, flickering it over my thick brown nipples, snatching up gobs of his sperm and devouring them.

I pulled him back up, slowly turning around and slithering out of my thong, holding the railing and quivering the sexy, slightly wrinkled flesh of my ass at him, spreading the meat, the hairy lips smacking in the flashing light, taking his wide-eyed stare. I looked back over my shoulder, reaching for his cock, fisting it and pulling him to me, fitting the head to my pussy.

“Fuck me,” I growled insistently. “Fuck me…”

His cock never flagged from the scorching blowjob I’d given him a moment ago, the young ones are so reliable that way, and now he held my hips in his long, strong fingers, and pushed forward, his mounting groans almost louder than the constant popping of fireworks in the skies above. He went balls deep and I came instantly, feeling the tip of that gorgeous cock thrust into my womb, my pussy gushing around it. We soon locked into the perfect rhythm of fucking, he pulling out and pounding forward, me meeting each eager thrust, over and over, his hips banging into me, his big, young balls slapping flesh, the long, trembling cock filling me so very nicely.

I held onto the railing, arching my back, feeling my ass flesh quiver and quake with each harder pumping of the stud behind me, the cool night air on my hot tits that swayed under me. I could feel him looking down at me, at the long swell of my back to those jiggling asscheeks he was driving into, and felt his cock throb and pulsate so deep inside my aching cunt.

The fireworks continued, mounting in perfect cadence to our own increasing tempo, Timmy slamming harder and harder into me, my pussy gushing an endless stream of my cream around his beautiful cock as the sky exploded toward its gathering conclusion. As the grand finale crackled above, showering us bursa escort with its strobe light, Timmy bent over me, his slim torso cupped snug to my back, his arms around me, licking madly at my neck, probing my ear, lapping to the front and stabbing my puckered mouth, his hands at my tits, pulling the nipples, kneading the swinging flesh.

“Cum, baby, cum, fill me up, fuck me hard, cum, cum,” I groaned, sucking his tongue as I twisted my head to the side to find it.

The grand finale hits its peak just as we did, and I felt Timmy’s first blast of boy cream flood my womb, followed by jet after jet after jet, each pulsating rope of spunk triggering my own orgasm, both of us screaming in pleasure, holding tight, me to the railing, him to my body, arms around me as he held himself deep inside, finishing his cum, the waning jets hot and filling. As the fireworks ended, we heard the crowd roar its approval, applause filling the now-dark air.

We held still for a moment, sweet and long, Timmy’s deflating cock slipping from my pussy, a trail of cum escaping and running in a steaming trickle down the backs of my muscular old thighs.

I turned, smiling, kissing his face gently, his wet cock brushing my trembling thighs as we held each other and I felt his hot seed within me.

“Wow,” he said, disbelieving what had just happened.

“Quite the show, wasn’t it?” I smiled, nodding toward the sky.

“Sure was,” we heard someone say.

We turned, looking down to my lawn. Linda, drink in hand, smiled up at us.

“Nothing like fireworks, huh?” she laughed, drinking, looking up through sultry half-lidded eyes. “And the ones at the beach, too….”

Timmy looked down, ashamed, stunned, his face going beet red. I smiled at him, holding my finger to his lips that were trying to stammer out an apology.

“Shhh, shhh, boy, shhhh,” I hushed, then looking down at Linda and saying, “she’s an old dear friend….”

“And friends share, don’t they hon?” Linda giggled, walking slowly toward my front door.

Timmy looked at her, then me, not knowing what to think. I smiled, took his hand and led him inside where Linda was coming up the stairs toward us, that mischievous grin on her pretty, wrinkled face.

“Ready for more fireworks, Timmy?” she growled, holding her drink with one hand as she reached the top stair, face to face with Timmy’s wet, drooping dick.

“Oh, he’s ready, hon, he’s ready,” I laughed, pulling Timmy aside and letting the cocky Linda swagger into the bedroom, dropping her dress to the floor as she did, her meaty GILF body gleaming white in the dim moonlight streaming through the window.

She sat back on the bed, her fleshy thighs spread, hairy pussy on full display as Timmy and I walked in.

“Show her,” I said, nudging the boy. “Show her that tongue…”

Timmy blinked and slowly opened his mouth, extending his amazing tongue until it stood its full, wet length. Linda’s eyes bulged and she put her drink on the headboard without taking her eyes off that tongue.

“Now, show me, boy,” she growled, curling a finger at Timmy who shuffled forward, gulping nervously, kneeling before her as Linda lifted her legs, hooking her thick calves to his neck and reeling him forward, his face at her hairy sexy. “Show me…”

I laughed as Linda groaned and closed her strong thighs around Timmy’s face. The second round of fireworks had begun…

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