Time Never Waits Pt. 05


I woke early, showered. Met Sabrina out at the pool. Told her to get settled and hook up with Margie to get caught up on my land purchases. Then to hang out until I got back. Angela came out, so we headed to the doctor’s office. We arrived early, so we sat and talked about the future. The office opened at eight.

She broke the silence. “They seemed pretty impressed with your plans last night.”

I nodded. “Yeah, it seemed that way. I’m not sure I trust that engineer, though.”

“I know. That head guy seemed to depend on him quite a bit, so I thought that was to your benefit.”

” I’m just afraid he’s too impulsive.”

She guffawed at that. “Oh, and you’re not?”

“Not when it comes to business, I’m not. Sex? Well, I don’t hear too many complaints. I don’t even use my power of suggestion anymore. I did at first. But it bothered me. Using people like that. I swore to myself I would only use it to further my business interests. Then only as far as required. I won’t take a penny that I can’t, or won’t, pay back ten fold.”

She nodded, looking at me with warmth in her eyes.

“Well, I am going to use it on my grandma Pat. My father’s mother. I seriously want to grudge fuck her. I need to get another bank on line. My investments will put too much of a strain on Dave’s pretty quick. Maybe some outside investments, as well.”

I picked up my phone and called the ranch. “Get my mother.”

A bit later. She picked up.

“Mom, get grandma Pat out to the ranch.”


“I want to fuck her.”

“Ok. What about your aunts. Her daughters?”

“Shit, you know they are hooked to her at the hip.”

She chuckled, “Yep. Look, you’re not moving them out here are you? You know I don’t like her. Please tell me this is just a fantasy fuck then send her ass home.”

“That’s the plan.”

“Good. You know I’ll go along with whatever you want, but I don’t gotta like it.”

“I know, mom. Don’t worry. In fact, if you’re a good girl, I may have her eat your pussy while I ass fuck her.”

“Now THAT sounds like an interesting proposal. I’ll be a good little girl for mommy’s little boy. How do I get her out here?”

“Tell her you have money for dad. You know she could never turn down money.”

“Ok, I’ll get it done.”

“Hey, you seen Marci?”

“Yeah, she’s back with Margie working. I believe Margie has her in her spare bedroom. With all the shit you got Margie doing, she needed her back in the office. Have you considered taking them on full time? Margie, Marci and I were talking about it a couple days ago. It’s what they want, but she didn’t want to bother you with it.”

“Yeah, that would be ideal. I gotta go. Love you.”

I dialed Margie’s number. Marci answered.

“Marci, where’s Margie?”

“In her office closing a sale on a ranch for you.”

“Ok, y’all come to the house this evening.”

“Will do. Hey, I miss you. I need another round of that Trouser Monster of yours. I’m tired of rubbing it out all the time.”

“Ok, I got you covered. Bye.”

We saw office staff heading in, so we went in. I filled out the ‘Have You Ever Had’ paper and she took us straight back.

The nurse checked my vitals, wrote it all down, the left. About ten minutes later, the doctor came in. Somewhere in the neighborhood of early 30’s. About 5’7″. 130 very fit pounds. A pair of nice perky, maybe C cup tits. Shoulder length brunette, leaning toward tawny hair. Her eyes a piercing blue with a lazy sparkle that seemed to just take everything around her in at a glance.

“I’m doctor Stevens.”

“Travis Miller. I guess you know my wife already.”

“Wife? I didn’t know y’all were married.”

“We’re not according to the court clerk. But I never really cared much about whst the government thought about my personal business.”

“Isn’t that the truth.” She muttered under her breath. Taking another look at me. She glanced at my chart. “You’re 18?”

“That’s the popular opinion.”

“Ok, so, according to Angela, you have some concerns about sex during her pregnancy due to the size of your penis. Is that correct?”

“Yes m’am.”

“Well, Mr Miller, it’s been my experience that it’s never as big as one might think.”

“Doctor, I’m not prone to exaggeration.”

“Ok, then, let’s have a look at it, then go from there, shall we?”

I stood up and stripped my jeans off, standing here with my cock swinging halfway down my thighs, as big around as her wrist.

She stared at it wide eyed. Shocked. “How big is it erect?”

“Pretty big.”

Angela took that as her que. She pushed me back into a chair, got on her knees, and started a world class blow job. The doctor staring at her, the shock running even deeper. My cock swelled up to full mast. Almost 11 inches long and if you wrapped a tape measure around the shaft, it would read 12 inches in circumference. My heavy balls the size of a pair of ripe plums. Topped with a mushroom head bigger around than the shaft.

When Angela released me, it stood high and hard. Jerking. A long line of precum dripping from my piss hole.

The doctor looked at my face, then back to my jerking cock. “Sweet Jesus. You weren’t exaggerating. That thing is huge. I, uh.”

The sahibe escort stream of precum dropped to the floor, only to be replaced by another.

“What’s wrong doctor?”

“Uh, nothing. I just, uh…”

“You want to take it for a spin?”

“What? Do I what?”

“Do you want it inside you? You’re looking at it like it’s a creamy ice cream cone.”

“No! I couldn’t! That would be inappropriate, and I’m married!”

She looked at Angela who just smiled evilly at her. “Go ahead, doc, give it a whirl.”

She looked around trying to keep from looking at my cock.

I put my jeans back on. “So, doctor, what do you think? Is it safe to have sex?”

She fixed her eyes on mine, fighting whatever urges or thoughts that were coursing through her brain. I knew she was also dealing with whatever part of my brain that influenced people to be attracted to me when they were sexually aroused, as well.

“Yes, just nothing rough. You can hurt a woman with that thing. I need to leave the room.”

“Ok, doctor. Say, we’re having a BBQ at the ranch soon. You and your husband are officially invited.”

She just looked at me, then down to my crotch. Her face was flushed. Her breathing rapid and coarse. She was turned on big time. She hurried out of the room.

We went to the desk and paid out. Then headed home. Arriving, I found Sabrina on the phone and a wierd looking little man sitting im my chair. I walk up to him.

“Get out of my chair.”

He just smiled arrogantly and remained seated.

“You must be Travis Miller.”

“Well, ain’t you the intuitive little creature. Who are you? Why are you here? And why the fuck are you still sitting in my chair?”

“I’m Anthony Depew. I’m with the environmental permitting board. I’m here to inform you that the permit applications for that thing you’re wanting to build can’t be approved under the present conditions. As to why I’m sitting in ‘your’ seat? It’s no longer yours. As of right this moment it now belongs to me, as does everything else in your life”

He was looking at Angela when he said the last part. A strange look in his eyes. A small stream of drool running from the corner of his mouth. Turning his focus back to me, he continued.

“When your foreman filed, he forgot to pay he appropriate processing fees. Unfortunately, that will delay the approval process indefinitely.”

“How much are the fees?”

“Oh, I’m afraid it’s not that simple. These important matters require a great deal of… Well, let’s just say, I could be pursuaded to move your file into the expedited process,” He looked at Angela again, “for the right incentive.”

I nodded. “Just give me a number. Then get the fuck out of my chair, you pathetic little parasite. I won’t tell you again.”

“Oh, save it Mr Miller. We both know you are powerless here. Either I get what I want, or…” He crossed his arms, the arrogant smirk back in full force.

“Ok, have it your way, you little shit stain. I tried to be reasonable.”

I zapped his brain hard. Making sure it stuck.

“Go step into the pool.”

“I’ll do no such thing!”

He made a decent sized splash for such a little turd.

“Now, last chance. Approve my permits by noon tomorrow, or book a flight to Mexico City. When you arrive, you will find yourself with an insatiable taste for sperm, and an overwhelming desire to be ass fucked. Now get the fuck out of my home before I send you out to the barn to suck horse cock, you fucking little ameoba.”

He whined pathetically as he trudged out of the pool and scurried of sloshing water.

“Fuck, now I’m gonna have to disinfect my chair then drain and sterilize the pool.”

Sabrina was staring at me in total disbelief.

“What the fuck just happened?”

I looked at her, “Let’s just say I have highly evolved powers of persuasion and leave it at that.”

“Oh, hell no. I want to know to know what just happened.”

“I told you, I taught an insignificant little single cell organism a very valuable lesson.”

“A lesson? What lesson?”

“That it’s a very bad idea to fuck with me. Even worse to get in the way of my progress. He could have walked away from here with a lot of untaxable cash this morning. Instead, he chose to think he could play in the big boy’s sand box. I just showed him he wasn’t invited to it.”

“Ok, but how? How did you do it?”

“Be careful Sabrina. You would be well advised to tread lightly on that subject. Tell me, am I not good to you? Do I not pay you well? Is there something in your present situation that you find lacking or unacceptable?”

“No, I just thought…”

“Stop right there. You get paid to think for me in your assigned duties. Not to think about me. If that is unacceptable, I will pay you a year’s salary in severance, and you can move on to other endeavors.”

“Of course, you’re right. I want to stay employed. I won’t make the mistake of questioning you again. I do have one question, however.”


“Have you ever used that shit on me?”


“Well, how do I know that?”

I sent her a tickle. “There would be no doubt if I did. And that was two questions. sahibe escort bayan Put your tits away, Sabrina.”

She looked down and saw she had raised her shirt up, exposing her bra clad tits. She jerked her shirt down.

“Very funny, ass hole. Really fucking funny.”

“Juany! Bring us some drinks, please. Beam and Coke for me.” I looked at Sabrina, she nodded. “Make that two.”

“Come sit with me.”

“Boss man, don’t ever do that shit to me again. I’m in this with you for the long run. You can depend on me. I know what you can do now. Let’s leave it at that. Oh, and thanks for letting me keep the bra on. I mean, I’m not ashamed of my tits.”

She looked around, then lifted shirt and bfa, sjowing me her bare tits. Then shoved it all back down.

“But, when I do, I want it to be my choice.”

” I agree. Wholeheartedly. I hired you for your brain and skill sets. Not for your tits. Which are rather quite nice, if I say so myself.”

“Why thank you, kind sir.” She giggled. “I will admit, it was funny watching that little troll jump in the pool and then scurrying of like a doused cockroach. I’ve had to deal with the little jizz stain before. I always feel violated and possess the urge to get a penicillin shot after he leaves.”

I held my hand out. “My word that you will remain free from mind fucking while in my employee.”

She took it.

“Now, go change uniforms. A bikini will suffice. That way I can dredge up your memory later and touch myself in naughty ways. No, seriously, get comfortable. Then come back. I need to go over some business with you.”

Juany brought over our drinks.”Thank you.”

She smiled and went back. I heard the pitter patter of little feet behind me. Followed by a tiny hand tapping my arm. I turned and was confronted with Alicia. She was naked, holding what appeared to be a swim suit. Which she extended to me. I took it she needed help putting it on.


She ran over, saw the situation and took charge. She squatted down and had her appropriately attired in short order.

“Remind me to ask the boss to give you a raise.”

“But, sir, you are the boss.”

“Do I have to be?”

“I’m afraid so, sir.”

“Why is this child out here naked?”

“I’m guessing she wants to play in the pool.”

“Ok, you’re assigned to Romper Room duty today. I’ll hire a full time nanny for her tomorrow.”

“I know someone looking for just such a position, sir.”

“Of course you do. All you Mexican women know each other. What’s that about anyway? Do you have some sort of Hispanic Policy Manual where that’s required?”

“Not that I’m aware of, sir.”

“You stand good for her? If she fucks up, I’ll sell you both to the circus.”

” Yes. She’s a good woman. I guarantee it.”

“Ok, send her over.”

She nodded, then took Alicia by the hand. “Come, little niño.” Then headed to the pool.

Sharon came rushing out “Alicia!”

I turned to her. “I sold her into bondage to a travelling fertilizer salesman.” Pointing at the pool. “Come here a minute.”

She came over and sat down. “First, explain to her not to be running around naked. She just accosted me like that with swim suit in hand. Not that I would allow anything to happen to her. She should know that she can always come to me for anything. Any time, day or night. Anybody even looks sideways at her, I’ll nail his ass to the barn and leave him. I’m building a protective ring around this place. Next, Juany is sending a full time nanny tomorrow. If you like her, she’s in.”

“I can’t afford that,I…”

“I got it. Don’t worry about it. Just get with Juany. How’s the new boyfriend working out?”

“I don’t know. I told him to apply with you for a job of some sort. He say’s he doesn’t want to work for some kid like you. His primary problem is the bank just repo’d his truck.”

“That could be a problem. His attiude definitely is a problem. Anyway, how you doing? Got everything you need?”

“Oh, yeah. I couldn’t be happier. I’m ready to open shop any time you are.”

“Ok. Start making calls and telling everybody you’re the gate keeper from now on.”

She nodded. “Is she ok to be out here?”

“Of course. Just not when there’s a bunch of people around, strangers, and the like. I’ll set up a play room for her. Whatever you want in it.”

“Travis, you are too much. Thank you for everything. I mean it.”

“Not a problem.”

She went to Juany and they sat down to talk. Sabrina had been hanging back while I talked to Sharon. I waved her over. She sat down and saw her ice had melted. I got up and went to the bar and mixed us fresh ones.

I sat down, sipping my drink. You just can’t beat good Kentucky bourbon or Tennessee whiskey.

“You said you wanted to talk?”

I nodded. “Yes. Do you have a significant other, girl friend, wife, whatever?


“Well feel free to have her over anytime. I’ll make sure she’s accommodated.”

“Thanks, boss, I wasn’t entirely sure how you felt about that.”

“I’m good. Whatever trips your trigger works for me. I do respectfully request that you refrain from PDA’s around the children. While I personally escort sahibe don’t have any problem whatsoever with it, I can’t speak for the parents and I don’t need them busting my balls because two women are kissing in view of their child. We all live here, and I just ask for help keeping my balls unbusted.”

She laughed, “Fair enough.”

“Another cardinal rule that applies to everybody. No nudity or cursing in front of the kids, either. I need you to make sure everybody understands that. I have a zero tolerance policy where children are concerned.”

I drained my drink, and saw Juany free again. I held up my glass. She came and got both of ours and took off. I sat staring into nothing, thinking, until she got back.

“Thank you Juany. Oh, by the way, why are you working days?”

“Sara needed off for something. I’m covering for her.”

“Ah.Well, go get Consuela for me, please.”

She hurried off and returned with her in tow. She sat down, Juany brought her a root beer.

“Consuela, you’ve met Sabrina?”

She nodded.

“Sabrina is my second in command. If she say’s it, it’s the same as if it came from me.”

“Bueno. I’ll make sure everybody knows.”

Juany is bringing out a gal to be a nanny tomorrow. You know her?”

“Yes, she is my…”

“I know, your primo, your cousin. I should have known.”

“Si, she is very good with children.”

“How’d that thing with Mateo work out?”

“Oh, not like I hoped. He’s too much like Luis. No staying power. Get in, get off quick, leave me hanging. Now all he wants to do is have me suck him off. What fun is that for me? I liked it better before you became so self righteous and would fuck my insides out. You really need to get back to that point. I overheard the others talking about it, to.”

“What others?”

“Your mama, grandma, and Ruth. They feel like you’re not interested in them anymore. Even Sara. After you broke her down the other day, that’s all she talks about now. Travis this, Travis that. When will he take me again. Do us all a favor. Fuck us. We are here for you. Luis told me about the little chat you two had. He was happy you were doing me.I left him alone about it. Now he just fucks me sometimes. Like Mateo. No pleasure for me. Stick it in. Cum too quick. Roll over. Just this morning, I was just waking up. I go to the kitchen. Mateo, he comes in, takes me from behind, five or six strokes and he cums. Now when I cum, I have to play with myself. Now, I have to work like this all day.”

“Ok, let me think about it.”

She rolled her eyes. “Think quickly.” Then left.

Sabrina was staring at me again. “What the forever is she talking about?”


“Yeaj, I gathered that. So you were fucking her?”


“So, who are Luis and Mateo?”

“Luis is her husband, my foreman. Mateo is her youngest son. Just turned 18 I think.”

“He’s fucking his mother?”

“It appears so.”

“Now, she mentioned your mother, grandmother, and Ruth. What about them?”

“What about them?”

“Why would she say you’re not interested in them anymore?”

“Because I’m not fucking them like I was.”

“You were fucking them?”

I nodded.

“What the hell. That’s fucking twisted.”

“Oh, now you judge me? The lesbian wanting acceptance and respect. Which I give freely. This is what I get in return? The whole goddamned world is twisted. Look at the shit people do to each other. Everybody is fucking nuts. People do shit the know is fucked up, yet they keep doing it. The find any reason they can wrap their grubby little paws around to justify it. Then try to validate their own bullshit by judging somebody else. Like that makes what they do somehow less fucked up. Our society, our government, creates all these rules and laws. Then look for any possible loophole to get around them. Like that little permit fucktard earlier. I despise arrogance.”

“So, I’m fucking my mother, my grandmother, my grade school teacher. So what? Hell, I’m about to fuck my father’s mother. Why? Because I want to and I can. Because older women turn me the fuck on. At first, I used this mind control shit. But that lost its luster real quick. I’m not above using it if I really want to fuck somebody and they’re not interested. I do have this latent thing going on that effects women just by being around me. They start finding themselves attracted to me. Not because I make them. It just happens.”

“You said it, too. That you got all wet and shit around me. But, not to get any ideas because you bat for the other team. I respected that. Even though I could bend you over this table and fuck you raw anytime I feel like it. Load your little cunt up with high test sperm. And there’s nothing you can do about it. I don’t because I respect you as a person. Not only that, but you’re valuable to me and my plans.”

“I just want to be left the fuck alone to build something, and have some fun along the way. Who I fuck is my business. The entire world should be fucking happy I exercise restraint. Imagine some total lunatic with my abilities. The thought of that scares the fuck out of me. You know, I could have just killed that little cock gobblin earlier, and not a damned thing would be done about it. Hell, I could walk into the White House and take over. Just like that. I could turn the congressional meetings into one big fuck fest, or have them kill eachother. But I choose not to. So, there’s that I suppose. So, don’t judge me for the shit I do, and be thankful I don’t do all the shit I can do.”

I woke early, showered. Met Sabrina out at the pool. Told her to get settled and hook up with Margie to get caught up on my land purchases. Then to hang out until I got back. Angela came out, so we headed to the doctor’s office. We arrived early, so we sat and talked about…

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