Three’s Company


She knew he would be the one to break their streak the moment he walked in the door. He smiled benignly at her and passed her a science fiction book to peruse while he played games with her partner, completely oblivious to her excitement.

He was perfect. Recently single and in need of a pick-me-up, laid-back, and pretty damn cute. Especially when he bent over.

They enjoyed a nice evening together of games and television, and as the night wore on the spare bed was unfolded. She climbed under the covers she had provided for him and delivered the hugs he had been promised as her partner dozed off on the spare couch. One hug led to another and soon they were lying side by side, watching mindless drivel and enjoying the comfortable conversation.

She lay in his warm embrace, idly scratching his head as the television flickered, and wondered how to proceed. He answered by squeezing her tightly, his smile brimming with affection as he let his hands wander the length of her side. She giggled as he brushed the underside of her arm. His eyes lit up. She pinned her arm down, determined not to be tickled. He ran his fingers along her sides, pretending to search for another weak spot. As the hands travelled lower the touches softened until he was caressing the warm flesh of her waist and thighs. Emboldened by the way she relaxed into his touch, he started tracing patterns across her stomach and breathing into her ear in a way that made her tummy flutter. She encouraged him by caressing his free arm, her fingers still playing with his brown hair.

“How about we move to the bedroom?” she whispered in his ear.

He paused, look over at her partner dozing on the couch. “Does your partner let you…?” he asked quietly, his blue eyes earnest.

She gave him a thumbs-up, her smile growing wider now that everything was out in the open.

He followed her obediently into the bedroom, the soft red light of the lamp already waiting to greet them. She gestured to the packet of condoms on the table before crawling under the covers clad in only a shirt and panties.

He lay down beside her, wriggling under the covers until he could wrap his arms around her. They lay there for a bit, just enjoying each other’s warmth and the sweet kiss of skin on skin.

The covers stirred behind her and the bulk of her partner pressed against her back, soft and comforting.

“I thought you were asleep.” She whispered over her shoulder.

“And miss out on all the fun?” he replied, stroking her thigh Ankara Escort reassuringly.

The men shared a look before their guest turned his attention back to her, his hand snaking into her hair. Long nails scratched her head, sending tingles down her spine. At her partner’s suggestion he grabbed a fistful of her hair and dragged her head back, lighting a fire inside her. She groaned appreciatively, already tingling as he took charge. He dragged his teeth across her exposed neck, never loosening his grip on her hair. His tight trousers pressed against her cotton panties, a testament to his desire.

His mouth opened, offering her his bottom lip. She took it gratefully, sucking and nipping at it while his hand travelled lower. She gasped as his hand ghosted across her freshly waxed lips, a thousand nerves jolted to life with one touch. Her tongue darted out to meet his, tentative but eager to feel more of him as her hips rolled of their own accord. Skilled fingers trailed over her most sensitive of spots, sending sparks running up her spine. She threw her head back as the fingers zeroed in on her red-hot nub, working it in made her lose her mind, one touch at a time. Her fingers curled into claws, digging into his back and pressing him into her as she savaged his mouth, desperate for more.

She cried out as he complied, her world exploded in pleasure. Under his touch, the man expertly led her from one climax to the next, his fingers dancing across her skin as her whole body spasmed with pleasure. The fire burning inside her grew with each new release until she was aching for him to bury his fingers deep inside her. As if reading her mind, his fingers trailed lower to trace the soft ring that grew steadily wetter with each taunting touch. Maddeningly, he didn’t delve in, instead teasingly tracing a line between the two hotspots until she was growling with lust. Unable to control herself, she sunk her teeth into his shoulder, eliciting an appreciative moan. As a reward, he pressed his digits deep inside her, filling her with ease and dragging his knuckles against her sweet spot. She keened and purred as she felt him stretch her gently. Guttural moans replaced purrs as he tracked down the place that made her eyes roll back, working her mercilessly.

She was so rocked by the intense waves of pleasure that she barely heard her partner ask the man to take her first. The hand disappeared, leaving her hanging on the edge of another climax. Through immense willpower she managed to open her eyes Çankaya Escort and see the man kneel between her legs, gently stroking himself as he drank in her half-lidded gaze and uncontrollably bucking hips.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” he asked, already knowing the answer.

“Yes.” she gasped, barely able to form the syllable through the rising haze of unbridled lust. Her inner fire exploded from the sight of the man kneeling between her legs, coyly asking permission.

No longer playing, he gripped her legs firmly and hoisted her onto his hips, sliding into her with ease. Her hands twisted in the bedsheets as he found his rhythm, thrusting harder and harder until he was pounding into her with reckless abandon. Not satisfied, he lifted her legs until they graced his shoulders and pressed down into her sweet spot. Her eyes rolled back in her head as every muscle in her body tensed, the pressure building until she couldn’t even scream.

“P-p-p-please…” she mouthed, shuddering uncontrollably as he obliged and pushed her over the edge. She groaned as she tumbled down into the dark waters of sweet release, her whole body pulsing gently as she watched him slide out, confused.

She gasped as he tossed his mane back and ducked his head between her legs, devouring her like a wild animal. Teeth scraped deliciously over burning flesh as he pressed her hips into the mattress. Unable to buck, she buried her hands in his long hair. She gripped the silky strands tangled around her fingers tightly as his tongue slid over her aching nub, pushing her towards sweet release. She shuddered, fire raging wherever his mouth roamed until she was shrieking his name and begging for him to enter her once more.

“Fu- fuck me, please… -FUCK!” she screamed as another climax rolled through her, leaving her limp and gasping for breath.

The man let her catch her breath before pulling her to her knees and facing her towards her partner. He was watching her every move, thoroughly enthralled. A rush of love filled her as she saw the look on his face, and before the man behind had even entered her she had already wrapped her mouth around her partner. The man’s hips slapped into her backside, firm and determined as she sucked her partner greedily. With each stroke she would moan around her partner’s girth until she was gasping for breath, pushed to the edge of climax once more. As the waves of pleasure rippled down her body she darted her tongue down the length of her partner’s rod, unable to Etlik Escort get enough of him.

The man gave one final thrust and withdrew, spent. Her partner rolled her onto her back as the man, breathing heavily, lay down beside her. Her man’s copper curls spilled over his shoulders to brush her face as he leant over her, ready for his turn.

“I love you.” she whispered as he filled her, his green eyes dark with desire. Her teeth clenched as his thick rod slowly stretched her to the edge of her breaking point. She breathed a sigh of relief as he carefully started thrusting, her body relaxing to let him in deeper. Her legs clenched painfully against his hips as he hit deep inside, sending sparks flying. Groaning appreciatively, he grinded into her, reveling the way she clenched with each spark. She panted, already feeling pressed to her limit until her partner leant in, his soft lips brushing hers sweetly. At that moment she felt the world shift from mild discomfort into one of pure pleasure. She bucked against his mighty bulk, urging him on as they fell into their own private rhythm.

It was incredible, but it still wasn’t enough. Her tongue moved of its own accord, flicking against her teeth restlessly. She looked over to see their guest rhythmically tending to himself and found herself licking her swollen lips longingly. Gripping his hip, she brought him forward until the man towered over her, his thin triangular frame thrown into sharp relief beside her own man’s broad-shouldered bulk. She took the man into her mouth, hungrily sucking on his half-hard member until it swelled to its full glory again. His brunette hair fell over his face as he reached down to grip her hair. Dark eyes watched her through long lashes as she looked up, sucking eagerly. When their eyes met he gripped her hair and thrust into her mouth eagerly, sliding over her tongue to touch the back of her throat. Tears sprung to her eyes but she ignored it, desperate to get as much of the man inside her as possible.

“Come on her chest…” her partner begged, his creamy skin flushed with excitement as he thrust into her. She moaned as she took the man into her throat once more, determinedly sucking him to the edge. Her partner gasped as she tightened around him at the idea of his warm cream spreading over her skin. The man pushed her down just in time to spill his warm seed across her chest, much to her partner’s pleasure. He redoubled his efforts, pounding into her until he was on the verge of climax himself. Sliding out just in time, he spilled his own seed across her stomach to mingle with the other man’s.

She purred, covered in the warmth of two men, and smiled as they high-fived one another.

Just as she suspected, the man had broken their bad threesome streak.

She knew he would be the one to break their streak the moment he walked in the door. He smiled benignly at her and passed her a science fiction book to peruse while he played games with her partner, completely oblivious to her excitement. He was perfect. Recently single and in need of a pick-me-up,…

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