Three Men In The (H)air

Three Men In The (H)air


My husband left me for another woman. I was devastated and when I saw him the other evening with another woman I was jealous as hell. I wanted to be fucked and fucked badly preferably by more than one man. I was pained at the sight of my husband with that bitch, as I had hoped he would come back but now that he was having fun I decided to have some of my own. I put on my favorite floral dress. It was sleeveless and my cleavage showed favorably and I hopped across to the neighborhood pub. I have not shaved my armpits and since I am very hairy my armpits were a dense jungle of matted hair and when I entered the pub I saw a couple of men turn towards me.

I moved to the bar and ordered a stiff drink but I knew I wanted something else which was also stiff. I looked around and found three hunks huddled together one of whom was staring at me. I smiled to him and raised my drink as his gaze lowered to my bushy armpits. He motioned to me and I walked across to their table. Soon things got a little rough and I invited them back to my flat for what I wanted to turn out to be an orgy. They knew what I was wanting as my eyes were clearly conveying that I wanted to be fucked. Jeff, Carlos and Pete the three young men were also raring to go and I saw that my hairiness was turning them on. Pete especially kept staring at the luxuriant growth in my bushy underarms.

We were soon in my flat and I was completely naked as were the three young men, all with hard looking bodies and even harder looking pricks! One was kneeling between my legs with his tongue firmly attached to my hairy clit, while the other two were kissing and licking my large firm breasts and fingering the immense growth in my unshaven pits.

Pete looked at me with lust and his cock looked huge, at least ten inches of solid meat that twitched in his hand as he rubbed his long foreskin up and down his shaft briefly. I moaned and closed my eyes cursing my husband as the young man began to ease his pole between my bushy cunt lips and he began to slowly fuck my wet hairy pussy. I saw the other two men move towards waving their monster dicks. Jeff was rubbing it against my bushy right armpit. Suddenly Carlos grabbed my face in his hands and ordered me to open my mouth. I obeyed, instantly opening my mouth and allowing his thick penis to enter my mouth and I started to fellate him. He pushed his engorged prick into my mouth while Jeff continued to push his wet dick into my sweaty underarms. “Hhmmmmmmmmm” Jeff groaned as his prick was plastered against the coarse and matted hair in my bushy armpits “I have never rubbed my dick in a woman’s hairy underarms how nice it feels” he groaned as his dick caressed the masses of jet-black hair in my bushy underarms. I was sweating profusely and my armpits were wet coupled with the pre cum which was oozing from Jeff’s Bostancı Türbanlı Escort monster dick.

Pete took out his prick from my pussy and turned me around. He knelt behind me and used his hands to open my buttocks. As his fingers spread the fleshy globes, he could see the crinkly hair which grew quite thick in my anus Carlos continued to drill my mouth with his massive dick as it went right in till all I could feel was his balls brushing my face. Jeff took out his dong from my bushy underarms and straddled my upper body and placed his rigid member between the warm globes. I scooped my tits into my hands, pressing them around his cock as he began to furiously fuck into my cleavage.

I still had Carlos’s hard meat in my mouth as I sucked on the huge prick Jeff took out his prick from between my breasts and tried putting his cock in my pussy even while Pete was pushing his dick into my anus. Only a few minutes had passed but it seemed like hours and I was enjoying being fucked by three men; one in my mouth the other in my hairy ass and the third pushing into my pussy. Could I have two men in my pussy and anus at the same time as Jeff pushed his cock in. I cried out both in pain and pleasure as I rode the two big cocks not for a moment releasing the big dick thrusting in my mouth. Inch by inch Pete pushed his massive pole into my hairy ass while I rode up and down on Jeff’s cock.

Eventually both men were in their respective holes to the hilt and began to fuck me in tandem. I was pushed one way then the other while I was not being spared by Carlos who was stuffing his cock deep into my mouth.

“OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHAAAHHHHHHH” I screamed as the three of them fucked me in unison. I thrust my arms out sweat pouring out of my hairy underarms. My bushy armpits were glistening from the sweat and the matted coarse hair was plastered against the skin. They thrust into my willing body alternately, ensuring that I was always full of cock. My body started trembling as I started the first of my multiple orgasms. Both Pete and Jeff couldn’t last forever as they pumped away at my holes as they gasped through clenched teeth. Carlos was more relaxed as he stroked his dick into my mouth and feeling the damp sweaty matted hair in my dense armpit forests.

I knew they were going to cum as both Jeff and Pete took out their massive pricks and shoved their throbbing poles into my armpits. I clamped down and their dicks disappeared into my massive armpit fur as they slid their pricks out of my profusely hairy armpits. I was emitting copious amount of fluids from under my arms and it was falling to the floor as they pushed their pricks into my armpit bushes. Jeff came first “aaaahhhhhhhh” he screamed “I want to splash my cum in your hairy armpits” he screamed as he let out huge globs Bostancı Otele Gelen Escort of cum only just before Pete who roared “Baby I am going to flood your bushy armpits with my white cum so that the jet-black hair in your bushy armpits turns white” He came soon but his cum disappeared into the matted air in my dense forests and though he shot ads of cum the thick jet-black hair in my bushy armpits proudly glistened as it mingled in my armpit forest still looking like “the black forest”. I received a complete whitewash when Carlos deposited his seed in my mouth as it spilled out from the side of mouth.

I was exhausted as Il ay down but I wasn’t finished yet. I wanted more but where these young virile men upto it. I needed to coax them for more action.

“Come on then,” I shouted waving my arms as I raised it showing my wet and bushy armpits “I am going to revive those big, juicy prick’s of yours!”

Since Carlos had monopolized my mouth I drew Pete straight into my mouth and immediately began a deep sucking motion, bobbing my head up and down on his turgid meat. The other two were stroking their cocks in unison, but Carlos was obviously keen to get in on a little pussy action.

Kneeling at my feet he roughly yanked my legs apart and positioned his cock at the entrance to my wet hole. He whispered “my you are very hairy down here too. Do you have Italian blood I have never seen such a hirsute woman. Have you ever shaved your bushy pubes” I knew he didn’t want a reply and with one thrust he was buried inside my hot tunnel and, as he began to furiously fuck me. Pete’s cock began push his whole length straight into her face as did Jeff who pushed his throbbing weapon towards my mouth. Could I take both these throbbing pricks in my mouth? I had to stretch her mouth wide to satisfy Pete’s thick weapon, but now, even though Jeff was not as thick around, he was longer and I could feel his glans pressing urgently at the back of her throat.

Though I love giving head and am a good cocksucker and loved to feel a man’s cock in my mouth it was difficult to accommodate two throbbing pricks as Pete directed his prick deep into my throat. I breathed through my nose and I began to slide up and down on the large cock, pulling him nearly all the way out and then alternately going back down to the root as Jeff jammed away trying to find his way in. His hands were of course firmly entrenched in the dense forest in my underarms though it was raining sweat, which were falling into the floor.

Carlos continued to slide in and out of my gushing pussy as he powerfully stroked deep into my hairy pussy. I knew I was going to die as they continued to impale with their powerful weapons as I shuddered into another orgasm. Carlos moaned and pulled out his cock out of my Bostancı Ucuz Escort soaking pussy. His cock convulsed several times and he unleashed a torrent of cum over my bushy pubic mound as his seed disappeared into the wild tangle of pubic hair onto my hairy inner thighs.

My skin was slick with sweat as were my bushy armpits as Jeff being obstructed by Pete from entering my full mouth stuffed with meat rubbed his hard meat around my lips and nose and finally my sweaty armpits. The glistening hair in my jet-black bushy armpits was profusely sweating as he could hold out no longer and with a groan of satisfaction he spewed the contents of his balls over armpit hair letting it mingle with the other fluid that had already been deposited there. He was so turned on that his cock just kept on convulsing, sending stream after stream of cum on to my bushy armpits as the sticky fluid stuck to the enormous hair growth in my unshaven armpits. He squeezed the tip of his cock to ensure that every last drop was out and delivered in her hairy armpits.

I still had Pete driving his cock in my mouth though Jeff and Carlos had fallen by the wayside. He groaned as I took out his cock and flicked my tongue around the sensitive head. I once again managed to work the whole of the wide, shiny glans into my mouth as my cheeks puffed out and then contracted with the effort of sucking his monster dick. Pete’s eyes were closed and his head back as he began to thrust his huge cock in and out of my mouth. Inch by inch the length disappeared between my lips and I finally managed to take all ten inches of him, my hands went to his buttocks and began kneading and massaging the flesh as he pumped my throat. The air was full of noise and Pete was groaning with ecstasy. It was the blowjob of a lifetime and I saw that both Jeff and Carlos were looking in interest their hands roaming in my sweaty sticky bushy underarms. I was gurgling with pleasure as his powerful engine drove in and out of my aching mouth. Pete was grunting deeply and almost ramming his cock in and out of my mouth. I could obviously sense that he was getting close to Cumming. “Aaaahhhhhhhhh’ he screamed as I felt Jeff pushing his nose into my sweaty hairy underarms.

I gasped. As he continued to lunge in and out of my mouth but I was having a feast as he fucked my mouth fast and furiously, ignoring my moans. My whole body trembled and shook as his climax approached. Before he knew what was happening his balls were contracting wildly. His cock jerked with a mind of its own as his cum spurted in a smooth series of jets as Pete’s cum once again filled my mouth and streaks of the sticky liquid were trickling down my chin. “Aaahhhhhhhhh” I yelled licking a stray rivulet of semen from the corner of my mouth,

It was time for them to leave but I wanted them back. They glance at my ravaged body. I had sucked them all and fucked them all and they had all come in my bushy armpits. They bent down and licked the dense armpit forest glistening with sweat. I told them I wanted to be fucked more I had become the hairiest and horniest woman in the world. I wanted more men next time.

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