Thoughts on Orgasms from Oral Sex

Thoughts on Orgasms from Oral Sex


Up to my late thirties, my history of orgasms fell into two categories: from intercourse and from masturbation. In the latter category, I mean by my own hand; I have never came from a girl giving me a handjob. In fact, I’ve found handjobs from women to be tolerable at best, more often painful and uncomfortable.

In the former category, there is room to split hairs. I have pulled out when hoping to avoid pregnancy and came on a woman rather than inside of her. Also, there have been those women who wanted me to come on their tits or on their face because they find that erotic. I’ve never had a problem obliging that. My first ex-wife and I explored anal sex together and I enjoyed coming in her ass more than a few times. My point is that I had never come in a woman’s mouth.

Oral sex has been pleasurable for me. I’ve enjoyed it as foreplay but it had never got me there in terms of orgasm. I wonder if maybe I’ve just been too harsh to myself in my solo play; making myself less sensitive. It’s never been a thing where I’ve had to hold back as in intercourse, where sometimes I have to think about nonsexual things to prolong the act. Whenever I’ve laid back to let a woman blow me there’s been no danger of me coming prematurely in her mouth; if anything I might get bored and space out if she does it too long. This has been the source of some embarrassment for me in the past. After all, we all like to think we’re the hottest thing our partner has ever had. If we can’t please them we feel bad; as if we’ve failed. I’ve told women that I can’t come from a blowjob, and the most common response to that is some variation of “Well you haven’t had one from me!” Inevitably they’ve been disappointed when they couldn’t get me there.

I think the act of coming in a woman’s mouth is very erotic. In porn, it’s something I have always enjoyed seeing. Early in my sexual history (and unhappy first marriage), porn was something I used quite a bit. One video that struck a chord early on with me featured King Paul, a performer in the late 70s and early 80s. I don’t feel like “Pornstar” is the term best applied to him because he goes back before gümüşhane escort the days of the legal porn industry, starring in loops that used to play in peepshows to corny music. He had the sleazy look and manner of a pimp.

In the video in question, Ol’ King Paul was putting it to this naive looking young woman wearing a wig. In my mind, the wig was to disguise her since she was probably a bored housewife from the valley; I’m given to understand that actually happened during that era. If she was acting, she deserves an academy award, because she seemed to be really enjoying the king working her all over the living room and kitchen, fucking her in a variety of positions with his big cock. The finish of the video was what stayed with me. She kneeled before him in the kitchen, sucking his dick, until he shot what looked like a pint of thick goo in her mouth. The camera drew back and she let that big load dribble down her chin, with a satisfied (almost worn out) look on her face.

Porn browsing has changed. Now we have the anonymity of the internet; When I was watching you had to order tapes at outrageous rates from the back of magazines, or rent from that curtained room at your local video store. I was always on the lookout for new tapes to copy. I discovered one called “Monster Facials” and brought it home. It starred a guy I know only as Mr. 18, and it didn’t disappoint.

Mr 18 is this really tall, goofy looking black guy with…you guessed it…an 18-inch cock. The video featured him sticking that freakishly huge tool into a bunch of women’s mouths, almost exclusively white women. There was no sex; that was all edited out in this compilation. It was just him getting blown. In many of the scenes, the way he had to yank on his big dick gave me the impression he had trouble coming from oral like I did. Still, in a few scenes, he managed to deliver, including one where he nearly drowned a cute brunette. He flooded her mouth to the point she began to spit it back up, unable to swallow it all, as he said an array of nasty things to her. It was erotic.

For many years I thought I just couldn’t gumushaneescortiste.com finish that way. After the end of that unhappy ten-year first marriage, and following a brief period of being single, I found myself married again to a woman I desired nonstop. There was great sexual chemistry and she was very adventurous, much more so than me. One night was having sex, a long and intense session, the kind that was so good you wanted it to never end. We rolled around the bed changing positions, the passion building like lava rising to the top of a volcano, and then me forcing it back down before the eruption, I just wanted it to go on and on.

She had recently got a tongue stud and I found that rumors of the enhancement that provided fellatio were not exaggerated at all. In the throes of our sex I got it in my mind this could be the night. It was a sudden inspiration. I knew she would be into it because she liked when I was vocal and when I took charge. I stood by the bed and pulled her to me, told her to suck it for me. She was eager, sitting on the bed she took me deep into her mouth and began sucking it hard. I was right on the edge, shocked that it was really about to happen. I took a handful of her long, curly hair and moved her head up and down on my rock hard shaft, feeling the back of her throat. Every muscle in me tensed, and I commanded her not to stop.

If as a man you’ve never felt this, you really need to. There are different orgasms for men, they are all good but some are better than others. But coming in a woman’s mouth, feeling her literally suck the cum out of you, there’s nothing like that. She swallowed it and smiled at me, proud that she had been the first who made me do it.

Intense passionate relationships are often a little unstable, and my second marriage was a good example of that. It did not work in the end, and long story short I was out on my own again. As a single guy, I continued to meet women, and I enjoyed coming in a few new mouths. The circumstances were similar; in the heat of passionate sex when I was close I would lay back and let them finish me that way.

Recently I met a girl who wanted to get next to me. I wasn’t really excited about her and I told her upfront I don’t want a girlfriend, but I did offer to cuddle with her. I made a kind of a joke about it; said I cuddled professionally and would give her a coupon. She went for it and invited me to her house.

I would have been fine just cuddling, but she wanted me to get undressed. I obliged. She ran her hands all over me and I her, and before long I got an erection. She began to rub it and asked if she could put it in her mouth. I told her yes.

I was hypnotized the way she used her mouth and tongue. I found myself extremely turned on, in a way that was almost scary to me. She was so slow and deliberate in her movements, it was like she knew exactly what did it for me. I felt the tingling sensation of approaching orgasm in the head of my cock, and the bottom of my balls.

I was suddenly like a deer in the headlights. I’d never felt this way just laying there on my back, getting blown. I was about to cum. Should I hold back? Should I warn her? And then it happened, my semen shot into her mouth. All I could manage was a groan. It was one of the most intense orgasms I had ever felt, but immediately after it was over my face turned bright red. I was mortified she was going to be mad or grossed out, but she swallowed it and made cooing noises.

“I could do that all night” she whispered, looking up at me.

“Yeah but you don’t need to,” I said sheepishly. Thankfully she laughed.

The etiquette of the moment was lost on me. We laid together and I wondered if I should offer to go down on her. She pulled up her shirt, exposing her pierced nipples. She began to pinch and rub them. I reached out and took over for her, feeling them hard in between my fingers. She reached down and began to rub her clit, moaning. I continued to rub the nipples. I felt intensely awkward but relieved she didn’t expect oral in return. It felt like a long time before she stimulated herself to orgasm, but I believe that was mostly me feeling uncomfortable. In reality, it was fairly quick.

Reflecting on this, it’s been a strange journey through sexuality. Often I find the theme that things I thought I would never do, could never do; in time I have. Sometimes for the better sometimes for the worse. I wonder what could be next…

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