The Widow Next Door

The Widow Next Door


This story is about the event that took place with the widow next door and that were completely unexpected by both of us but occurred and was fantastic.

Let’s start by explaining that the widow next door (Lynn) has been our neighbor for at least 8 years. She lost her husband in the first year after they had moved next door and she never remarried. She has 3 adult children (2 Girls and a boy) and a few Grandchildren. She always said that she was too old to re-marry or start a new life.

Since these unfortunate events we have been helping her for a few harder tasks that requires muscle. Although at mid-sixties she is in top shape. She takes her daily walk, she swims almost every day in her inground pool, she eats healthy and always on the go. I can see when she swims that her body is still very fit. I can’t see any sagging of skin, she does not look like 30 years old, but she does not look like an old lady either.

I caught myself on occasion fantasizing about her after seen her get out of the pool. Her swag is always very sexy and natural. She must have been such a knockout when she was younger. I have to say I am not a young buck either in my early fifties and having a wife with some medical issue that took away her libido, makes it hard on me. So, I like to look and play with myself to satisfy my urges.

I always help Lynn with her computer issue has she lacks in that field and we have a lot of fun talking. She is so relaxed to be around and so classy. Many times, it is just a cleanup and updates that are required. The other day on the other end, she asked me if I could help move a dresser in her bedroom, as it was too heavy for her and she had drop some paperwork behind it. Of course, I agreed and went with her.

When I got into the bedroom, I saw the dresser and it was a men dresser, very high with two front door and 3 drawers. It was massive wood and I understood why she could not move it. I started to move the dresser and one of the front doors opened. Of course, I look and saw sex toys, oil, lubricants etc… all in a wooden box bigger than a shoe box. I closed the door and she looked at me turning bright red. I faked that I did not see anything.

Once the dresser was pulled, I went behind and grab the papers that were there, I also found a nice pair of red lacy see through panties. So, I gave it to her and then I saw something a bit further under the dresser. I pulled it out and it was a butt plug with some crystal flower at the end. To say I was surprised would be an understatement, I never thought of older people in a sexual way, nevertheless with toys like this. Then I must wake up and realized that they were in their twenties in 1960 with the peace and love era…

I looked at her and said I also found this and gave her the butt plug. She immediately took it and tried to hide it as if I would not know what it was. She was bright red in the face and kept looking away. I could sense how uncomfortable she was, so I decided to lighten up the atmosphere.

“Don’t worry Lynn, No one will know about what I saw, and it is ok to have toys.”

“Lucas, I am so sorry you saw this, what you must think about this old lady, probably thinking that I am a perv!”

“Why would I even think this, really. I wish they would be some good toys for guys as well. I could use one!”

“Hummmm Why? You are married to a beautiful wife.”

“Yes, I am but she has develop some medical issue and lost her libido!”

“Hoooo I am so sorry!”

Then I pushed the dresser back in place and again the door swung open, this time I did not try to hide the fact that I saw her collection. In facts I joked about it.

“I see that you must be still active to have such collection!”

“Stop it! You realized that many ladies when they grow old don’t lose their libido, well it is like that for me!”

“How come you don’t get a friend with benefits, you are good looking, in top shape, I bet you would have no problem finding one.”

“I am not interested has I have my 3 kids and grandchildren to keep me busy and do not want a guy in the picture with his family. xhamster porno It would be too much for me to handle.”

“I get it!”

During the conversation I was starting to get a hard on because she smelled so goods, looking so sexy in that sundress she was wearing, the sex talk and seen these toys was all that was required for my male brain to fantasize, especially knowing that I had been masturbating to her in Bikini for a while now. I had found new brain teaser for me. Of course, it was showing in my jeans that I was getting hard and I saw her look down.

I have a regular type body with a small belly, I am no athlete but not a big guy either. I was blessed with a nice 8″ dick with a large girt. The problem is when I get hard it shows right away. So, when I saw she kept looking at my hard on, I said, “Sorry! All this talk and the lack of sex for me got my man brain to take over. I should go now!”

“Lucas, no worry, I was just a bit surprise that an older lady could have an effect like this on man still. It is comforting!”

“Lynn, maybe you are an older lady, but you are a sexy lady. Of course, you have that effect on guys!”

“Thank you for the comforting words. Would you like tea before you go.”

“Ok but let’s change subject, because it won’t go down if we don’t!”

“Lucas, I don’t mind what I see, it will feed myyyyyyy fantasy later, if you see what I mean!”

“Lynn it is already feeding mine!”

“What you mean, you think of me sexually. This is flattering!”

“May I be honest, but don’t get angry with me?”

“Go ahead. promise!”

“I sometime play with myself after I see you come out of the pool! You are sexy!”

“Thank you again it is flattering!”

“Why don’t you go to the kitchen, I will be right up!”

I left for the kitchen and felt a bit uneasy. I was hoping she would not get mad with me. She always been a great neighbor and surely do not want to lose that. I got to the kitchen and sat at the counter. She has a serving counter with highchair. I few minutes later she came in and I immediately notice that she had freshen up her makeup and her blouse was unbutton to just below her breast. That means two buttons more undone to what it was when I first came in the house. I was fine with that has I was using my voyeur fun to record memory for later.

While she made tea, we discussed of a few things and she kept coming back with apologies about what I found. She wanted us to go back to the subject and I decided to ask her, “Can I asked you something?”

“Of course!”

“The toys, oil, lubricants you own, do you go get it yourself or you had them before your husband died!”

“First the toys I had, before my husband died, are so old and not fun anymore, therefore I had to refresh my collection. My younger daughter helps me to get more actual in my toys.”

“She knows about your…..let’s say….butt plug???????”

“Nooooo! That I bought myself at the sex shop she introduces me too! I since went alone a couple time. She goes and get me the oil and the lubricants and help me find a great dildo, that is more natural. She is like mother with an extremely high libido and we have always been very open since her young age.”

“Haaaaaa, I see it is easier like this!”

“Yes! She did try to get me hooked up a couple time and I said no, she wish I had a real man to take care of my needs!”

“Lynn! I wish I had a woman to take care of mine! Hahahahahahah!”

“I understand!”

“Now that we are really into personal discussion, how often do you need it. I am simply curious to see if mine will ever go down as I grow older!”

“Lucas, let’s say I needed a toy with rechargeable battery to save on cost, hahahahahah!”

“REALLY! Wow, I don’t know what to say!”

“Lucas, you could say how many times you masturbate thinking of me. It is only fair, considering how personal our conversation got!”

“Hummmmm, at least a couple time a week, sometimes more!”

All that conversation was happening while she made tea and served it. Then she got up, went to erotik porno the fridge, and came back with muffins. The issue here is when she came back her blouse was now unbutton to her belly button and I could see her see through bra and these perfect round breast. They were not big, probably 32A or close too, but still stood straight. Her nipples on the other end, were long and standing out by now. I was unable to take my eyes off her breast and she made no effort to hide.

“Lucas! Tell me do my breast excite you enough to keep that hard on of yours, because it does not seem to go away and frankly, I am getting very wet now!”

“Lynn! I can’t apologize has I love your breast and your blouse opening like that is just way too sexy!”

“You want to know what else is way too sexy!”

“Yes of course!”

“The butt plug I am wearing right now! That is sexy as fuck and I am so turned on! Would you like to see it!”

I was just amazed on how open, sexy, and now how dirty she was becoming. Then she moved around the counter, turned around, bent over, and raised her sundress to show me her butt plug. This one had a burgundy rock on it. Can I say I was just caught off guard!

“how does it look!” She asked

I did not answer, I couldn’t hold it back any further. I got up, grab her waist, pulled her to me and moved my hard on back and forth around her butt. She straightens up a bit turn her head and said, “Now fuck this lady, I so badly need it right now!”

I grab her tits from behind and because they were small, they were still firm not like thirty years old, but they were not saggy either. Her nipples were so hard, and I pinched them. She just yelps and breathed heavily. I was kissing her neck slowly, biting it and nibbling on her earlobe when her hand found my dick in my pants and she was rubbing it like crazy. She turned around and she French kissed me. As she was kissing me, she undid my pants button and zipper. She slowly went down pulling my pants down and got my cock out. She was now on her knees and she looked at me and put my cock right inside her wet mouth. She went so deep that I flinch, I was not used to it going that deep in a mouth, my wife couldn’t.

She grabbed my balls with one hand and held my cock with the other. All that, while looking at me in the eyes. She had beautiful green eyes; they were in an almonds shape. The woman looking at me now was not the same I knew. She knows what she wants and will not waste time getting it.

As she was sucking my cock, I could feel it pulsating in her mouth. She had this trick with her tongue that was driving me crazy. She got my cock out and said, “Don’t cum yet in my mouth! Let me know when you are close, I want to make it last!”

Then she engulfs it again. This time both her hands were undoing her sundress buttons and she dropped it on the floor. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up to deep kiss her. As we were kissing, I undid her lacy bra and it drop on the ground. All that time my cock was moving up and down the outside of her pussy lips. She was reacting very positively to my grabbing her hair and taking over. I pulled her hair back to tilt her head back and looked at her body and said, “This body will be sucked, bit and fucked like crazy!”

At the same time, I grabbed her, pulled her up and sat her on the counter. I spread her legs and went down on her to taste that pussy juice. She was soooooooo wet. Her pussy was like a butterfly and her clitoris was big. I slowly licked her pussy without touching her clitoris and then went down to lick around her butt plug. Her pussy was dripping so much, I was surprise and she tasted so sweet. I slowly went back up her pussy lips sucking, nibbling, and licking it. Then I swiveled around her clitoris and boom I sucked on it hard, then released it and slowly lick it.

She was holding my head to her pussy and was shaking. Then she pushed me away saying, “I don’t want to cum just yet please stop!”

She got down the counter grab my hand and brought me to her bedroom. When we arrived I could see she had some plan, milf porno because lubricant was out, toys were out, bed was unmade and she looked at me and said, “You will fuck my pussy, then my ass and I want you to cum in my mouth and face!”

I gently pushed her on the bed and spread her legs. I slowly pushed my cock into her beautiful pussy, and she was breathing heavy. As I was fucking her, she was moving her pelvis slowly and it had this effect on my cock. It was too much so I had to pull out.

When I pulled out, she raised her legs high and spread them. Then she reached and gently pulled the butt plug out. She put it aside, turned on her hands and knees and gave me the lubricant.

“NOW! Fuck my butt and put a lot of lubricant has I want to feel it going in and out.”

As I got into position and put lubricant on my cock and her butt, I saw her take the dildo and insert it inside of her. She turned it on, and I pushed inside her butt. She pushed back on my cock and was breathing heavy. I was feeling the vibration inside her butt from the dildo it was crazy and then she started to yell, “HO YEAH! FUCK ME HARD. PLEASE I NEED IT BAD. THAT’S IT LIKE THAT KEEP GOING I WILL CUM! YES! YES! YES! JUST LIKE THAT! I AM CUMMING! FUCK ME HARD!”

Her body was shaking uncontrollably, and I was so close to cum. I pulled out, turned her around and fucked her mouth. It took me no more than 3 seconds after this move and I was cumming inside her mouth and she pulled my cock out and sprayed her face with my cum, then cleaned me and licked her face and swallowed it all.

“Lucas! That was good, it has been so long since I had a real man in bed. I must tell my daughter how good it was!”

“Hummmmmm, you will tell your daughter?”

“Of course! Maybe after she will leave me alone with the nagging for a partner!”

“You are not going to say it is me!”

“Don’t worry she is never going to tell and knowing her she will want all the juicy details!”

“But, but, but what if she tells my wife!”

“she won’t cause she know that would mean divorce and you would move, and I would lose my human sex toys, if you are ok to stay as a human sex toy, of course!”

“I am! but next time I see her I will be so shy!”

“Don’t worry! The worse that is going to happen is she will look at you lick her lips, because she is a bit of a nympho! It is in the family; I am just lucky my urges went down a bit as I grew older!”

“Lucas! You know maybe you could fuck her too, has her husband has a small dick and is not good in bed. If you do, I will watch and she won’t know it, then I will lick her pussy juice off your cock has I am curious how she tastes!”

“Lynn! You’re asking too much here, you’re a bit fast and I am not certain if I am into all of this?”

“Lucas! Don’t play shy, I am an older lady, I know what I want and needs. No time to waste and I can assure you it will be fun!”

“How do you know she will be willing? How will we approach her with that idea? How do you know she is a Nympho?”

“Ok! Let’s answer the main one, she told me she is a nympho many moons ago as she did not understand why she kept needing sex. I also know she will be willing cause she cheats all the time to satisfy her needs and I will be the one approaching her with the idea.”

“Now enough talk and fuck me one more time before you go!”

She moves toward my cock and started to suck on it again and trust me no man can stay limp with such an expert mouth. I moved slowly into a sixty-nine with her and she just grinded her pussy in my face. While she sucked my dick, I felt a finger pushing into my asshole and that was a first for me. She had already put lube on her finger, so it went in and my dick got hard instantly. I was surprise how good it felt. I did the same to her and finger fuck her ass.

She stops and push me to the bed. She sat on my dick and rocked her pelvis back and forth while playing with her clitoris. I kept pinching her beautiful nipple and she almost came instantly. Then she went faster and faster and I also came inside of her. She collapsed on me and said thank you.

We cuddle a bit, kissed a bit and then I got dressed and before I left, she reminded me that we were just fuck buddy and not lover.

This experience got me hooked on older lady as they are still active and know exactly what they want and like. No bullshit.

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