The Ultimate Bed and Breakfast Ch. 02


This is part two of a series where Simon finds being away from home brings some real pleasure. Read the first instalment before reading part two to get a feel for his experiences so far.

Coming in from the cold, I closed the front door of the guesthouse behind us as I followed on up the stairs. My eyes were on the magnificent arse of the owner’s daughter, Jessica, whom I had just screwed outside in the garden.

Even though my room was on the ground floor I followed Jessica up the stairs to her room on the pretence that I was going to have a look at fixing her mobile phone and solving a computer problem she’d got.

Her parents had an annexe/TV room downstairs that they used in between working and waiting to check in new guests. I could hear the television still on so they must have been waiting for a late arrival. This was a good guesthouse and I hoped I was about to experience some more of the extra special service I had just enjoyed outside.

I had originally felt awkward at fucking the owners’ thirty something daughter right under their roof. Any guilt was now starting to fade, fast being replaced by lust and excitement. As I followed Jessica I could see the evidence of our last encounter soaking through the Lycra skirt she was wearing. I had just basted her sexy arse with my cum so for now I would be either playing with her body or actually fixing her technology problems…

At the top of the stairs Jessica stopped at her door whilst I went in to the bathroom for a slash. As I turned to dry my hands Jessica was stood right next to me.

“I hope you haven’t put it away. I’ve got plans for your cock.”

I grinned as she pulled my limp cock back out of my trousers and led me over to the sink. She ran a bowl of warm water and being very careful not to splash my jeans, bathed my cock before very lovingly drying it off.

“I want it to taste good later on.” She whispered, the smell of alcohol just discernible on her breath.

I kissed her, she turned around and I followed her out onto the landing.

“Jessica? Is that you? Are you back? Is someone with you?” The voice of her father drifted up from downstairs.

Jessica motioned for me to stay quiet and leaned over the balustrade.

“Yes it’s me dad,” she replied, “Simon is just in my room trying to sort out my mobile phone and recover my assignment document. He offered to help as I’m going to work on my assignment.”

I brushed up behind her and forced her to widen her legs. Still out of sight of her dad I knelt down behind her and pulled up her skirt to expose her arse. I gently breathed on to her butt cheeks (still wet and shiny with my cum). I felt her shudder and I took time to examine this gorgeous arse in the light.

When I’d fucked her outside it had been dark so I only got a vague (but still impressive) view of her assets. Now I’d get to see everything my hands had ravaged. This woman’s body was every bit as beautiful to look at as it was to feel.

Pulling her arse back towards me I started to run my tongue all the way down her crack to her cunt. The angle of my neck was awkward and uncomfortable as the tip of my tongue started to flick over her delicate cunt lips. Jessica pushed back to increase the pressure. She was enjoying being played with in such a risky situation and probably anticipating what was to come. Whilst she was conversing with her father she couldn’t exactly resist what I was doing to her. I had her trapped so it was now open season for using my imagination on her gorgeous body. Jessica’s arse was going to get banged – I was sure of that as I offered up a silent prayer of thanks for what I was about to receive.

The view I had was of an almost perfect triangle. From her high heals, up her slim, stocking clad legs (no garter belt but they still packaged her in a stylish, slutty sort of way) to the firm globes of her arse Jessica was built for sex. She caught her breath as she felt my rigid tongue rimming her rosette. I slowly traced my tongue to her pussy and started to tease her cunt lips. Jessica tasted of sex.

With my tongue stimulating her sacred place she struggled to close the conversation with her father who was shouting up to her from the foot of the stairs. I upped the tempo by touching her clit and replacing my tongue in her cunt with a finger. Jessica tensed up and I sensed some frustration. The conversation drifted to the pub and why we were back so early. With my tongue tickling her pussy I traced my fingers up and down the backs of her legs over her nylon stockings, twanging the hold-up elastic at the top. Jessica shuddered as I hit the backs of her knees. This conversation wasn’t going to be over as quickly as I had originally thought so I decided to up the stakes and push Jessica whilst she couldn’t resist. I pulled back from the musky taste of her cunt and with a hand on each gorgeous globe of her arse eased her open to reveal her glistening, red rosebud.

“Will you be able to help me with the breakfasts tomorrow morning then love?” Her father shouted.

I Maltepe Escort blew gently on to her pucker, making her quickly gasp, before pushing my tongue all the way in. My tongue met some resistance but it was slick and wet enough to slide as far as it could go.

“No prob..lem” she replied. My tongue had hit her pucker as she’d said problem. The pause was obvious.

“Are you alright love?” Jessica’s father asked.

“Oh yes fine,” she gasped back as my tongue snaked around in her arse as I pulled and kneaded her gorgeous butt cheeks, stretching her rosebud, “I’d better go and check on Simon. How much longer have you got to wait?”

I could feel her arse relaxing as she pushed back onto my tongue. I re-introduced a finger straight up into her cunt whilst not relenting in tongue fucking her gorgeous arse. She balanced nicely on her heels as she pushed back and down to enjoy me violating her.

“Your mother and I are going to stay down here and watch this film – it’s on for another three quarters of an hour at least.”

Jessica’s legs were starting to tremble so I let her sit back onto my face.

“O..Kay Dad,” she paused in replying. I could feel her cunt starting to tighten, I had two fingers firmly wedged in her pussy playing the piano on her soft, spongy g-spot, “I’ll say goodnight then.”

Jessica was coming. I could feel the spasms.

“Goodnight love. See you in the morning.”

I heard the door close downstairs and Jessica’s knees buckled as she collapsed back onto my face. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and caught her. I slowly pulled my tongue out of her arse and stood up. We bolted in to her room and Jessica closed the door behind us. Her skirt was still up over her arse as she lunged forward and kissed me long, deep and hard. My hands went straight for her rear. With a hand on each globe I parted her arse cheeks, pushed my left index finger over the entrance to her arse and started to ease it into her. I had no difficulty getting it partly in as my tongue had loosened her up. Jessica moaned into my mouth and pushed her cute rear end back against my finger. She liked this arse action.

“I can taste me on your tongue. I’ve never had that done to me before. It was new and amazing. I like what you’re doing to me.” She wiggled suggestively. “How’s your cock doing?”

My cock had started to stir but would need some encouragement. To show Jessica this I pulled my jeans down as well as my boxer shorts. I sat on the end of her bed.

“I might need some help” I grinned.

She looked down at my semi-flaccid cock and smiled.

“You heard my dad, I reckon we’ve got a good half hour before things start to look suspicious. I’m not sure how he’d approve of the goings on so far. I don’t often let the guests have their wicked way!” She laughed.

I looked across and saw her mobile phone on the dressing table.

“Is that your mobile? Pass it to me and I’ll have a look.”

Jessica turned round and retrieved the mobile from her dressing table.

“It won’t find the network when I turn it on.”

Her arse was at my face level. I kissed her naked, left butt cheek.

“Nice arse by the way. Have I not mentioned that?”

“Why thank you kind sir. I had noticed you appreciated it.” She chuckled and passed me the phone.

Now facing me she slowly lowered herself to her knees. My jeans and shorts were round my knees so she knelt in front of me pushing them down to my ankles. I kicked off my right shoe and pulled my right foot out of my jeans and shorts leaving them wrapped round my left leg. As she leaned forward I felt the softness of her big tits on my knees. I put the mobile down beside me on the bed and felt the weight or her tits in my hands, kneading them through the fabric and feeling her nipples harden in my palms.

“Hmmmmmmm, you like my tits too eh? Can you fix my telephone though?”

I let go of her tits and picked the mobile up to examine it. It was surreal having her kneeling in front of me with her skirt pulled up over waist showing off the, neatly trimmed triangle of her bush. Trying to focus, I powered up the handset and read the message on the screen. It looked like a SIM card problem – easy enough to fix. I decided to use this to my advantage.

“I should be able to fix it tonight but it will be costly for you.”

Kneeling in front of me, she looked up into my eyes. A big smile crept onto her face.

“How much will it cost me? I don’t have a lot of money. You see I’m a poor student,” she was nicely in character, “is there any other way I can pay you besides money?”

“Well,” I said, keeping a serious face, “how about you make yourself available to me for the next two nights? This is very technically demanding work so you will have to pay me well for this.” I couldn’t stop my self from laughing.

“Does this mean I’ll have to perform sexual favours for you – like a whore or a mistress?” Jessica kept a very straight face. She was good.

“Yes it does – I will need Anadolu Yakası Escort some kind of deposit as well before I fix your phone.”

“No problem – I will give you that now. Really it’ll be me getting a deposit from you.”

With my cock inches from her face Jessica reached down and took me into her mouth. She still had some traces of lipstick on her lips from earlier. There was a welcoming warmth in her mouth that took my breath away. In one sexy manoeuvre she wrapped her left hand around my cock and with her other hand she flicked her sexy, short black hair behind her right ear.

Working my cock with her hand she kept her head still and let my manhood grow into her warm, willing mouth. I was getting long & hard so she took her mouth from my cock and pulled my foreskin back, exposing the bell end.

Jessica leaned forward again and kissed me down to root of my cock – all the time her hand gripping and moving up and down my shaft.

“Get your tits out as well if you want me to fix this now.” I put on a voice of mock authority.

Not wanting to disappoint Jessica opened her mouth again and closed her lips around the end. She started to suck lightly and slowly move her face in small circles. This swirling sensation and the occasional feel of her teeth on my glans can only be described as expert technique.

“My god! How often do you need your technology problems fixing?” I gasped.

She swirled my cock again and pulled her head back, to look up at me.

“I’ve never paid anyone like this before. You say you want my tits too?”

Once again she closed her mouth around my cock and reached her hands behind her neck to undo the clasp that held the top of her dress up. With her head held still and my cock between her expert lips, she slowly lowered the front of her dress rubbing the material over her chest. The tops of her breasts started to show as she rubbed her nipples through the fabric. I felt the wonderful vibration of her mouth on my cock as she moaned from the depths of her throat.

Her hands pulled the top down to her waist revealing the outstanding tits that I had ravaged, in the dark of the garden, earlier. They were large for her frame but firm, with big, round, dark and slightly dimpled areolae. They were truly beautiful and I immediately took each of her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. Squeezing her hardened nipples I bounced her tits up and down and round in circles. Once again she let out a moan that would put the highest paid hooker to shame.

Jessica was picking up the pace with her mouth on my cock. On each stroke she took me deeper, my hands pulling her onto me using her nipples. Her skirt was now bunched up in her midriff and I had an excellent view of her arse and high heals sticking out from underneath her. The speed at which her head was bobbing backwards and forwards was getting close to blowing speed.

I let the palms of my hands cup the full weight of her gorgeous gravitating breasts. As Jessica’s head moved lower, my cock going deeper into mouth, her sexy tit flesh squashed against my hands. I wanted something more.

Taking a firm hold of each of her nipples I pulled the gorgeous Jessica up by her tits so that my cock slowly eased out of her mouth. With her eyes looking down at my fully erect cock between her tits I pulled her nipples towards each other. Her gorgeous tits closed around my rod, the head peaking out. Jessica lowered her chin to her chest and moved her hands up to the sides of her tits. Then, using a sensuous combination of rhythm and dexterity started to fuck my cock with her tits and mouth.

I was now experiencing the ultimate blow job. Two gorgeous tits encased my cock and a warm, skilful mouth was closed around the tip of it.

“Good girl. Fuck my cock with your beautiful tits. You horny little student.” I babbled, the pressure starting to build in my balls.

In between feeling my cock end being stimulated I managed to peak over Jessica’s head down at her arse. This was to come later. I was determined to come inside her. Jessica released her tits from around my cock and let her mouth slide down until she gagged. She quickly brought her head back just keeping the tip of my cock between her lips. She twisted her head around the end. I could feel her nipples catching my legs. The site of her gorgeous arse globes was starting to get very inviting. Not wanting to come too soon, I pulled her head off my cock and pulled her up to her feet, kissing her mouth and savouring where my cock had just been so deeply pleasured.

“Hope you don’t mind too much but now I really do want to shove my cock right up you and make you squeal.”

“Be my guest mister computer man. Let’s see if you make me squeal.” Jessica replied.

I sat back down onto the edge of the bed and pulled Jessica forward so she was straddling my legs. Her tits were inches from my face and her dress a scrunched up mess around her waist.

“If you want me to fix your technology problems then you’d İstanbul Escort better lower yourself onto my cock and ride me like a space-hopper.” I commanded.

We stared into each other’s eyes as I held my cock ready in my left hand. My right hand grabbed her dress tightly. I slowly eased her pussy onto my cock. I briefly felt her neatly trimmed pubes rub against my dick end as her pussy opened up and welcomed my cock inside her. Jessica’s hands rested on my shoulders and I slowly slid into her, a sigh escaping her lips and her eyes fluttering.

“All the way in sexy. Slide down my cock until you feel my balls against your gorgeous arse.”

Jessica obliged as I felt her full weight on my legs and delicious tightness around the end of my cock. I was all the way in. Jessica was breathing fast and started to ease up my length. There was a real, red hot feeling of raw sex between us.

“Don’t move gorgeous. Keep me all the way in.” I moved my hands round to her arse and grabbed a buttock in each hand. I kneaded the flesh mercilessly and started to move her round in a circle on my cock. Her clit was nicely swollen and rubbing against my pubic hair. I couldn’t have got any deeper into Jessica. Her full weight was forcing her to impale herself onto my rock hard cock.

“Oh God, that’s good,” she whispered, “rub me. Eat my tits.”

With her arms still wrapped over my shoulders she pulled my head into her rack. I closed my mouth around her left nipple and teased it with my teeth. Jessica sucked in a long, deep breath as I continued to work her hips round in a circle forcing more pressure on her clit. Jessica was loving this as much as I was. I wanted to fuck this gorgeous student into tomorrow.

“That’s it,” Jessica moaned “keep going. Fill me with your cock. Use me. Oh God yes!. Drill me… I’m paying you with my pussy mister computer man.”

My hands pulled her arse cheeks apart and I slid my right index finger into the opening of her arsehole.

‘AAhhhh… Almost made me squeal… Push it in. Put it in my arse.”

I upped the tempo of my grip on her arse. Each time I pushed her back my cock hurt as I forced it to almost bend with the pressure I was forcing on the front of her pussy. Her legs were wide open making her clit more exposed to my pubic hair. On each front stroke she stifled her cries to just above a whisper.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! So good! I’m comminnng.”

The beautiful Jessica was being stimulated everywhere. My mouth bobbed between each of her hard nipples, my teeth starting to work on her delicious mams as I sucked each of them in. My cock was buried to the hilt in her pussy and my finger was now up to the knuckle in her inviting backdoor. I used my hands on her arse cheeks to pick up the speed. She was giving herself to me and enjoying the double penetration.

“I’m going to come inside you Jessica. Deep inside you.” I hissed, her tits rubbing against the stubble on my face.

Her head was back. Her mouth wide open and her eyes tightly shut. There was a delayed reaction.

“Not in my pussy! No you can’t!”

Her face became serious but her body continued to take my double invasion.

“I want to come inside you gorgeous. One way or another.”

To try and change the subject I let go of her arse and slid my arms under her legs almost forcing her back. She had her arms around my neck and stopped herself from overbalancing.

I swivelled her round, my cock still deeply buried in her pussy, until she was sat on my legs, facing away from me. I could still feel my rod deep inside her and started the rocking motion again from my hips. I reached around and felt for her clit with my left index finger. I found her swollen love button and started to strum it. This immediately got Jessica’s attention.

“You’ve got a big juicy clit Jess, I’m going to rub it and make you come with my cock deep inside you.” I hissed in to her ear.

“Make me come Simon. Diddle my clit,” she whispered frantically. “Make me come mister computer man.”

I brought my right hand round and made a vee shape over her clit exposing it to the busy fingers of my left hand. It was slick with her juices that were now leaking from her pussy and coating my balls.

“Oh Yes! Oh Yes! Oh Yeeeesss! Gonna come! Gonna come!”

There was a real thrill in screwing this beautiful woman whilst her parents were downstairs and could walk in at any minute. I slowed the pace and moved both my hands off her clit.

“No!” She snapped. “Keep going. Why have you stopped?”

I let me hands slide up her body to cradle her beautiful tits. The nipples were hard in my palms. As I kneaded her hanging breasts I whispered into her ear.

“You really want me to make you come?”

“Yes. Keep that up and you will,” she moaned, “keep playing with my tits and I will come.”

Jessica wiggled her arse making my cock lurch inside her.

‘MMmmmmmm. Your cock feels so good” she purred in a low voice, “play with my clit again or I’ll have to do it myself.”

“Oh really lady? I think not!” I let go of her tits and held her by the elbows letting her weight draw her forward. I then eased her forward until her breasts brushed against my kneecaps. I looked down to see her arse crack. My cock was still hard and happily sunk to the balls inside her.

This is part two of a series where Simon finds being away from home brings some real pleasure. Read the first instalment before reading part two to get a feel for his experiences so far. Coming in from the cold, I closed the front door of the guesthouse behind us as I followed on up…

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