The Tub


Author’s note: Credit for this story idea needs to be given to a dear friend who has unwittingly provided the fodder for many fantasies and whom, I hope, will continue to do so for a long time.

* * * * *

For quite some time, Richard had interspersed our conversations with dreams of his ideal house. The verbal pictures he painted were quite vivid and contained the slightest details. One of these ideas involved a bathtub. Richard maintained that tubs were never designed for comfort of or the size of a modern man.

Our friendly discussions sometimes included sexual fantasies or experiences. One of my most favorite involves sex in water: a lake, a pool, a shower, and even a large tub. Naturally, Richard maintained sex in the tub was a ludicrous idea, because tubs were just too small. He described his perfect tub; a large, old, metal, fee-standing tub and I joked I would get one for his birthday.

As luck you have it, a friend purchased an old house, badly in need of renovation. One of the items to be removed was just the tub Richard had described, cast iron and weighing what seemed to be a ton. Donnie wasn’t sure how he was going to dispose of the old monstrosity, but with a little convincing on my part, including begging the use of his truck, I had acquired the tub.

The morning of Richard’s birthday, I cleaned the tub up. Donnie and I loaded it in his truck with a dolly and some wooden planks. I added a large red florist’s bow and took a box that contained a Looney Tune character towel and washcloth, a loofah sponge, a bottle of bubble bath, a rubber ducky, and soap on a rope in the shape of female breasts. I also packed a birthday cake and headed over to Richard’s.

I thought nothing could beat the look on Richard’s face Anadolu Yakası Escort as I dragged him from the house to see his present. His expression was a mixture of shocked surprise and outright laughter. He removed his car from the garage and I backed the truck up. With some difficulty, we unloaded the tub and it came to rest in the center of his garage. We were too hot and sweaty to move it much farther. He ooo’d and aww’d as he examined the antique. I placed the box of bath stuff in the tub and handed him the cake.

“Happy Birthday,” I wished him. “I have to get Donnie’s truck back to him, though.”

“Come back and we can have cake,” Richard insisted.

“Will be back in half an hour,” I promised.

“Oh good!’ he said sarcastically. “You get me hot and sweaty and then leave me. What am I supposed to do now?” he laughed.

“Take a bath!” I shot back, as I climbed in the truck.

The day was hot and muggy and I was relieved to trade Donnie’s old truck for my car with air conditioning. My shirt was sticking to me and I felt like I needed a shower. Describing Richard’s reaction to Donnie delayed me a bit and it was closer to an hour before I pulled into his driveway and parked behind his car. The garage door was still open, but I couldn’t see in with the glare of the sun. I yelled and Richard’s voice boomed from the garage “In here.”

I entered the garage and as my eyes adjusted to the dimness, I saw Richard sitting in the tub, with water up to his armpits. The yellow rubber duck was bobbing among bubbles! And the soap on the rope dangled from Richard’s neck. I started laughing so hard, the tears were rolling down my face and I couldn’t talk.

“Aren’t you going to scrub my back?” Richard asked impishly, offering Kurtköy Escort me the sponge.

Grabbing the sponge with one hand, I dabbed bubbles on his nose with the other. Richard leaned forward and I moved to the end of the tub, giving his shoulders a few light rubs with the sponge. I was still laughing.

“Quit laughing and scrub!” Richard demanded. I scrubbed harder and worked my way down his back. My arm was immersed until the hem of the short sleeve was wet.

“All squeaky clean,” I announced, moving back to the side of the tub.

“Now the front?” he asked, showing off his booby soap.

“I can’t believe you filled it with water!” I exclaimed. Richard playfully splashed some of the water in my face. “Stop!” I giggled, even though the cool water felt wonderful. Richard splashed me again, with enough water to wet my hair and the front of my shirt. I splashed him back.

Richard grabbed my arm and pulled me to him, kissing me. We had been good friends for some time, but never had he kissed me with more than a peck on the cheek. He broke the kiss to look at me and I did nothing to discourage him. He kissed me again, pulling me closer to him until I was leaning into the tub, bubbles tickling my arms and my shirt becoming soaked. The cool water felt good on my hot, sticky skin.

“Come here,” he murmured, pulling me into the tub. As the water sloshed over the top, I slid groaning in the tub, fully dressed, with my sneakers on. Richard’s hand quickly slid the shirt over my head. My hand, still holding the sponge, traveled from his broad shoulders to his muscular chest covered by the water. I straddled him, with water almost up to my neck and scrubbed his chest, his hands on my ribs. Neither of us said anything for what Pendik Escort seemed like hours.

“Your turn,” Richard mumbled, taking the sponge from me. I looked into his warm, brown eyes, as he unclasped my bra and slid it off me. The water covered my breasts but I knew the coolness had aroused my nipples. He lightly stroked my tits with the sponge. Then he stroked one breast with his free hand, teasing and gently pinching the nipple until I moaned quietly. I could feel his hard erection beneath me.

“Squeaky clean,” he mimicked. His hands on my waist, he raised me until my nipple was even with his mouth and licked the bubbles from me. Devouring my breast, I had to balance myself with my hands on his shoulders.

“The shoes have got to go,” he teased, pulling the sneakers from my feet and tossing them with a wet slap on the concrete floor. I took a deep breath and submerged to find his cock at attention. Quickly surrounding it with my lips, I blew a mouthful of air bubbles out. I felt Richard jump and his hands pulled me to the surface.

“Just trying to blow out the birthday candle,” I teased coyishly. His arms wrapped around me, we kissed again. Jointly we removed my shorts and panties. Richard’s fingers gently explored me, eliciting gasps as he rubbed my clit or slid his finger inside of me. I had my hands wrapped around his cock, stroking it slowly, feeling it pulse. The closer I came to orgasm, the more I wanted to feel him inside of me. Unable to wait any longer, I positioned myself over his cock and slid him inside of me. Rocking slowly on him, I built up a rhythm as his breathing increased. I felt myself start to come and grabbed his shoulders tightly. His hands were on my hips, pistoning me until I exploded around him. I could tell the spasms around his cock had him close to coming too. He shoved himself harder and deeper inside of me, until he stiffened and I felt him explode with hot gushes.

“Happy Birthday,” I whispered, cuddled on his shoulder as we recovered.

Author’s note: Credit for this story idea needs to be given to a dear friend who has unwittingly provided the fodder for many fantasies and whom, I hope, will continue to do so for a long time. * * * * * For quite some time, Richard had interspersed our conversations with dreams of his…

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