The Trip Ch. 02


Because Barry had three weeks, he was not going to stay just on the interstates, but was going to go whichever way the cars took him. After a few rides on I-10, a new Thunderbird slowed, then pulled onto the shoulder. Barry hurried to the car, tossing his backpack into the back seat. It wasn’t until he was getting into the car that he noticed the driver. She was several years older than he, maybe in her late 20’s or early 30’s. She smiled as Barry got into the car.

“I don’t usually pick up hitch-hikers but you just looked different, safe,” she said, smiling. Barry thanked her, trying not to be too obvious in his glances. “Where are go going…uummm….”

“Barry, I’m Barry. I’m going to San Francisco. I start classes in 3 weeks,” Barry replied.

“I’m Marisa,” she smiled, her fingers playing with the gearshift knob. They chatted for the next several miles. Marisa was wearing a short, tight skirt that came just to the top of her thighs. Several times she let her hand slide onto her bare thigh, letting her fingers slip along her inner thigh. She was also wearing a silk blouse that did little to hide her ample breasts. When the light hit her just right, which wasn’t often enough for Barry, he could see through her blouse, seeing not only her bra but her breasts, too. After a while, Marisa told Barry that she was turning off Maltepe Escort the interstate and heading northwest on a highway, and offered to let him out.

“A long as I am going in the right general directions, I don’t care what road I take,” Barry said. Marisa smiled, and continued north. While on a back road, something caught under the wheels and began making a noise. Barry offered to check it, so Marisa pulled off to the side.

Barry slid under the car, looking for some branches that may have caught in the wheel well. Looking out from under the car, he saw Marisa’s long, shapely legs standing next to him. He tried to control himself, but he felt his cock become hard, imagining what his ride would be like in bed. He closed his eyes, trying to concentrate when he felt a pair of hands at his waist. Barry glanced down, along his chest, to see Marisa kneeling on the ground, straddling his hips, her fingers pulling at his belt and jeans.

“You just lie there, Barry,” Marisa said sultrily, pulling his jeans down to his ankles. His cock sprung straight up. “Ooohhh my, so nice and hard.” Marisa’s fingers stroked his cock, feeling it become harder. She tossed her hair back then dropped her head down, engulfing his thick cock in one gulp. She bobbed her head up and down his long rod, feeling the head rubbing against Anadolu Yakası Escort the back of her throat. Barry wanted to touch her, to feel her tits, but he was stuck under he car. He watcheye her mouth take his hard cock all the way down to his pubic bone.

Marisa unbuttoned her blouse, rubbing his cock over her large, firm tits. She guided the head into her cleavage, sliding it in and out. Barry moaned, his cock throbbing in her fingers. He wanted to hold her, to feel her body against his, but he was trapped. All he could do was watch and enjoy. Marisa stood up then lowered herself over his cock. He watched as her neatly trimmed pussy hovered over him. Marisa grabbed his cock, rubbing the head over her lips, moaning with glee. Barry watched as she lowered herself more, watching the head split her lips, entering her pussy. He almost came as he watched his cock disappear into her, then reappear a she fucked him, rising and falling on him. He grabbed at the car as his orgasm built inside him. He thrust his hips up, plunging his cock even deeper into her wet cunt. Marisa moaned as she rode his cock, groping at her tits, sending bolts of electricity throughout her body. She rocked her hips back and forth, faster and faster, feeling his cock filling her cunt.

“Oooohhh gggdddddd, IIIII’mmmmmmm cuuummmminnngggg,” İstanbul Escort she screamed as she rocked hard against him, bracing herself on the car. Her tits swayed back and forth from her, rocking, beating against her chest.

Barry gasped as he came hard, filling her cunt with his hot juices, his cock throbbing again and again inside her. Marisa’s cunt grabbed at Barry’s cock, holding it inside her as she came, her juices mixing with Barry’s, flooding out of her and onto his hips.

Barry felt her collapse on him, her weight full on his hips, his cock still deep inside her, throbbing against her walls. He could hear her panting, trying to catch her breath. After a few moments, she climbed off of him then lowered her head and began licking and sucking him clean. Marisa took his cum covered cock back into her mouth, sucking it, licking her and his cum from him. Barry almost came again from this woman’s mouth. Once she cleaned him, Marisa stepped aside, letting Barry emerge from under the car. She was smiling, her hand gently caressing one of her breasts.

“Did you find the problem, Barry?” she asked.

“Oh yes, and taken care of, I hope,” Barry answered, smiling. They got back into the car and drove several more miles before Marisa turned to go in a different direction. She let Barry out and a major intersection.

“Thank you for the ride,” Barry said, almost laughing.

“Oh, thank you for the ride, Barry,” Marisa said, winking. She then sped away, leaving Barry at the crossroads. He still had a few hours before dark. Maybe he could find some place cheap to stay for the night.

Because Barry had three weeks, he was not going to stay just on the interstates, but was going to go whichever way the cars took him. After a few rides on I-10, a new Thunderbird slowed, then pulled onto the shoulder. Barry hurried to the car, tossing his backpack into the back seat. It wasn’t…

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