The Train


Day four of their journey through Europe continues as the previous three days; an almost overabundance of visual, textural, cultural and erotic explosion of the senses. Mike and Sarah have traveled by train from Amsterdam, through Brussels and are now traversing the Rhineland of Germany. Being the peak of fall, the colors of the changing foliage paints a palette of colors outside of the picture window of their sleeper car. The air outside is cool but the day is bright. The sun streams through the window, casting both shadows and vivid streaks of light in a staccato yet chaotic rhythm as the train soars along the tracks. The Rhine River below reflects the sunlight and the changing leaves; throwing life back at the long dead castles dispersed along the shore and on islands within the river.

Mike is reading while Sarah impassively stares outside of their car at the scenery below. Their car is warm; not uncomfortably warm yet enough so that the cabin length sliding door has been left open to provide some air circulation. The couple opposite has obviously felt the same need for air and openness as there is now a direct view between the two temporary homes. They are either French or are doing a fine portrayal of the culture and the language. The woman, raven haired with porcelain skin and a seemingly fragile waif like figure, is speaking to her companion. Although neither Mike nor Sarah have a firm grasp of the French language, the tone and body language perceived peripherally indicates a conversation of boredom.

“Voulez-vous jouer des cartes?” the woman asks.

“Non.” Her dark haired and complected companion replies.

“Pouvons-nous faire quelque chose seulement assied autrement qu’et boit ici le vin?” Asks the woman, her tone showing early signs of impatience.

Mike chuckles quietly, prompting Sarah to ask what is so funny. Mike tells Sarah that he doesn’t know exactly what the conversation opposite is about but it has something to do with her wanting to play cards or something other than just sitting around drinking wine. Sarah laughs, saying that at least they have a head start with the wine. With that, Mike stands up and retrieves a bottle of Zinfandel, uncorking and pouring a glass for each of them. The late afternoon sun continues to dance through the window, now having deep burgundy liquid to filter through with their glasses on the console next to the view outside. Mike looks up from his book, remarking to Sarah that the light reflected on her yellow cotton shirtdress look like rubies flickering on her breasts.

Mike continues reading until he notices some unusual movement above the pages. He looks up and sees that Sarah is unbuttoning her shirtdress from the top down, slowly. Mike continues to watch as Sarah releases the button just above her navel and slides the fabric across her chest, exposing her beautiful breasts. Now the light through the wine alights on her nipples, making them appear to be the actual jewels that Mike imagines them to be when they’re in his mouth.

Sarah, not looking at Mike, begins to softly trace circles around her breasts with both hands; sliding her fingertips along the underside of her breasts, in long arcs up to the top and then back down again; moving in a slow spiral until she reaches her nipples. She lightly traces her nipples, then pulls each between her thumb Anadolu Yakası Escort and index finger, feeling them harden beneath her touch.

Mike watches wordlessly, feeling his own parts hardening in response to the sensual display before him. Sarah continues to caress her breasts, leaning back now with her eyes closed, alternately lightly touching with her fingertips then cupping fully with her hands, tugging on her nipples as her palms pull tension into her breasts. Mike puts the book down next to him. Sarah bends her head down and pulls her breast to her mouth, running her tongue around her nipple.

From across the aisle, voices are heard.

“Regardez-vous ceci?” (Are you watching this?) the raven haired woman opposite asks her companion.

“Oui elle est stupéfiante.” (Yes, she’s breathtaking) he replies.

“Devons-nous fermer la porte et leur donnons l’intimité? (Should we close the door and give them privacy?) she asks.

“Non, ils sont l’une avec l’ouverture de porte.” (No, they’re the ones with the door open) he replies.

Mike continues to watch Sarah as one of her hands moves below her stomach to unbutton the remainder of her dress. Mike watches Sarah caress her stomach, sliding her dress off to the side so it appears that she is reclining on a yellow blanket spread beneath her. She adjusts her posture, leaning towards the window and spreading her legs with one foot placed on the sofa bed, exposing her smooth thighs and inner folds. Mike finally speaks.

“Do you realize that you’re being watched by the couple next door? He asks.

Sarah replies as she looks directly at him, “It doesn’t matter, I was getting bored and hot. And the wine was making me feel, well, a little naughty.” Sarah continues to touch herself as she talks.

“Would you like some help with that?” Mike asks as he watches her.

“Not yet, I’ll let you know when I need you.”

Sarah continues to explore herself, sliding the dress completely off of her shoulders, throwing it away from her. Dual gasps from across the aisle are heard as the large swath of yellow cotton finds the floor. Sarah’s hands slide south as her legs widen. Her hands slide down along her abdomen, past her hips and continue along her legs. Sarah slides up alongside her thighs, finally finding her wetness. She presses one hand against her pubic bone as the fingers of the opposite hand slide along her slick lips, lightly tracing the contours up to her clitoris. She runs her finger in circles around her clit, wetting it with her juices, then sliding a finger deep inside of herself.

Mike peers across the aisle, making eye contact with the couple who are now caressing each other through their clothes as they watch Sarah’s seductive display. Mike is interrupted by the sound of Sarah’s voice.

“I need you to take your clothes off now.”

Mike does as she asks, pulling his shirt off, then taking down his pants and boxers in one fluid motion. Sarah watches Mike disrobe while continuing to pleasure herself.

With Mike now naked, Sarah looks up at his eyes then down at his hardness and says “I want your cock in my mouth.”

Mike complies, moving towards Sarah. He places a knee on the sofa bed, moving his pelvis within reach. Sarah leans forward with her mouth open, engulfing the head of his cock in Avrupa Yakası Escort her mouth while continuing with her personal exploration. She takes him deeply inside of her and Mike feels her lips at the base of his cock, her tongue pressing against the underside of him, her throat gripping the head. She withdrawals her mouth almost completely and then plunges down again. She continues her rhythm, occasionally interrupting the cycle to run her tongue around the head and tease the underside of his hard penis. Sarah pulls her finger from within her pussy and slides the wetness along Mike’s cock, then replaces her finger with her mouth, savoring the concoction made between the two of them. Mike almost explodes but stops.

Mike kneels before Sarah, taking her head into his hands and kissing her deeply on the mouth. His lips touch hers, his tongue probing inside of her mouth, finding her tongue. Their tongues mate together, sliding against each other, alternately sucking the other’s into their mouths. Mike sucks her lower lip into his mouth as his hand cups the back of her head. He continues to kiss her softly, sensually, with increased periods of urgency as his hands move along her back and the top of her ass. His mouth moves across her face, kissing her eyes, nose, and face before progressing to her ear and neck. Mike’s mouth and tongue plays with Sarah’s ear, pulling the lobe into his mouth, tracing his tongue along the contours. His mouth continues to move lower as Sarah leans back further.

The couple opposite having been forgotten for some time now enters Sarah’s field of vision. She looks over and sees that they are continuing to watch and caress each other, although with far less clothes than earlier.

Mike takes Sarah’s breast into his mouth. His hands are cupping both breasts softly while his tongue and lips move from one breast to the other, wetting her nipples with his mouth then sucking the moisture off of each. He is driven now, not able to take in enough of her sweet texture, she feels like a drug. His mouth moves along the underside of her breasts, his tongue finding purchase and paradise with the silky smoothness of her flesh. Mike inhales her as his tongue glides along her abdomen, tasting the unique flavor of Sarah’s skin past her belly button.

He pauses before her spread legs, taking in the beauty of all that is her. He looks up at her, taking in the depth of her green eyes, his gaze following the contours of her body both softened and enhanced by the light dancing through the window until his vision rests between her legs. Taking in the lovely folds and contours of her smooth pussy, Mike moves his mouth to taste her. His tongue finds its sensation, sliding along the wet lips, his mouth on her fully. Sarah spreads and raises her legs to give him access to her jewel and Mike melts into her. His tongue and mouth is a puppet, an extension of Sarah’s desires and needs, sensing and feeling where she wants it to go next. Her clitoris is sucking into Mike’s mouth, while his hands move underneath her to hold her against him. Her wonderful ass cupped within his palms, Mike tastes, feels and smells every part of Sarah. His tongue travels the length of her sex. His tongue teases and probes her clit, sucks in her lips, finds the depth of her vagina and wets her ass. Mike’s mouth begins İstanbul Escort to focus on her clit and vagina, sliding deep inside of Sarah only to return to trace and caress her clit. While his tongue moves along these spots, Mike’s fingers slide into her. A finger softly but firmly enters Sarah’s pussy, sliding up to apply pressure along the upper wall with his mouth tasting her clit. A moistened finger also slides into Sarah’s ass, prompting her to begin to press her hips against Mike’s mouth, urging him to provide more pleasure.

Mike and Sarah are now oblivious to anything other than what is happening between the two of them. Sarah pulls Mike up to her, kissing him on the mouth, tasting herself on his lips. She stands, holding his hard cock in her hands. She leads him onto the sofa bed opposite hers and hovers above him. Sarah straddles his hips, placing her pussy above his cock as she kisses him. She reaches down to guide him into her, placing the tip of his cock along her lips. Only then does she glance over across the aisle.

The French (or seemingly so) couple have removed their clothes and remain transfixed by the display before them. Sarah reaches up and turns Mike’s head towards them. He sees the raven haired woman taking her companion’s cock into her mouth, while they both look across the way towards Mike and Sarah.

Sarah slowly lowers herself onto Mike as he thrusts his hips upward to meet his destination. Sarah enjoys the fullness of him as Mike feels himself being wrapped within her heaven. Mike and Sarah begin a steady cooperative thrusting, his cock being bathed in her juices while the French couple opposite begins their own exercise in physics.

The French man is now fucking the woman from behind, thrusting into her while she reaches between her legs to touch herself, all so they can both continue to watch Mike and Sarah.

Sarah is enraptured by her own sensations and by the vision of the couple next to her and Mike making love. She moves opposite of Mike, taking him inside of her facing away from him. Her pussy slides up and down his cock while Mike’s fingers glide over her breasts, stomach, legs, pussy and clitoris. Mike rubs Sarah’s clit while he thrusts deep inside of her, her eyes holding steadily on the couple across the aisle. The rhythm between Mike and Sarah and the other couple becomes synchronized, both cocks sliding into both pussies in coordination. Sarah is close to cumming, her breath coming in ragged gasps, her hands not knowing exactly where they should be, Mike’s cock fucking her harder, his hands on her breasts and clit, his breath warm on her neck.

Sarah crosses the threshold, with Mike’s hand rubbing her clit, his cock sliding in and out of her pussy, her hands on her knees, taking control and moving at her pace. She cries out, cumming loudly while watching the French couple fuck. She’s thrusting hard now, taking Mike as deeply into her as she can while watching the Frenchman thrust into the raven haired woman, not so fragile now when seeing her orgasm face as she gets fucked.

Mike cries that he’s going to cum and Sarah pulls off of him, turning to take him into her mouth. She sucks him into her, feeling his cum inside of her mouth, against her tongue, while watching the Frenchman cum into the mouth of the raven haired woman.

Mike and Sarah, along with the couple across the way, lean back; spent. Mike and Sarah hold each other, occasionally looking across the aisle at the other couple until someone speaks.

The raven haired woman says “Now that we’ve become almost as intimate as possible, would you two care to join us for dinner?”

Day four of their journey through Europe continues as the previous three days; an almost overabundance of visual, textural, cultural and erotic explosion of the senses. Mike and Sarah have traveled by train from Amsterdam, through Brussels and are now traversing the Rhineland of Germany. Being the peak of fall, the colors of the changing…

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