The Total Stranger

Anal Hardcore

Brianna crossed the road to her parent’s rental house. They were on a cruise and the house had recently become vacant. It was rented out for most of the summer, but summer had been over for almost a month. She had come home from college on a Tuesday evening to relax.

She unlocked the front door and was stepping into the cozy interior, furnished in a beach style by her mother, when she felt her phone buzz in the back pocket of her tight jeans.

Brianna read the text from her friend Brandon, and sighed. “Running late, give me 30,” he said.

She thought that she heard something from the far end of the house, but decided it was probably just the walls settling as the sun went down. The house was old and very creaky.

She turned on the light in the nearest bedroom and lay down on the bed. She had only been there a minute or two when she heard footsteps coming down the hall. She sat up, putting her back against the headboard.

A muscular young man with an olive complexion opened the door. He was shirtless, wearing only tight spandex shorts. She gasped in shock, seeing his six-pack abs, wide chest and shoulders, and strong chiseled arms glistening with sweat.

“Who are you?” he asked sternly.

“Uh, Brianna,” she said, sitting up straighter. “Who… who are you?”

“Marlon. Mr. Clarke asked me to clean the pool and water the plants while he was out. What are you doin’ here, girl?”

“I’m… this is my house. Our summer house. Mr. Clarke is my dad,” she said, stumbling over her own words in front of this unexpected, but very attractive man.

“You thought I broke in?” he frowned.

“No, I just, um…”

“It’s alright,” he said with a quick smile.

“How do you know my dad?” she asked.

“He’s my boss at the clothing store.”

“Oh,” she said. “I guess that explains it.”

“What are you doin’ here?” he asked again, leaning casually against the dresser.

“Oh, I…” she began, but was at a loss for words when her eyes were drawn to the huge bulge running down the right leg of his tight blue spandex shorts. She looked back up to see him smirking. Her face turned red. “I, I was going to meet my friend here to swim.”

“I see,” he said, rubbing the soul patch below his thick lower lip. “Where is she?”

She shrugged. “Why are you covered in sweat?”

“I just finished working out. Don’t tell your dad, ok?”

“Alright,” she said with a smile.

The house had a small gym, which evidently her father didn’t want Marlon using.

“Funny you mention swimming; that’s exactly what I was going to do before heading home,” he said, pointing with a thumb towards the backyard.

“Oh, ok.”

“Why don’t you join me?” he asked.

“Um, I… I’m waiting for my friend Brandon. He’s doing me a favor by picking up my new swimsuit.”

“Ok, I just gotta get a towel I left here,” he said, moving towards the dresser, Brianna stared at his v-shaped torso flex and bulge as he picked a up a towel and then left the room. After a few minutes she could hear the shower go on. She lay back down and looked at the time on her phone. Almost seven at night.

She closed the door and sat on the bed, texting her friend. She heard the shower turn off and Marlon walk towards her room. He stopped just outside and then knocked. She nervously opened it just as he had pushed it slightly.

“Oh, hey,” she said, looking down to see a towel wrapped around his waist, a trail of black hair from his navel leading down under the towel.

“Hey girl, you sure you don’t want to take a swim? I just turned on the heater; nice and warm.”

“Oh, um no. No thank you. Brandon said he’s about 10 minutes away with my swimsuit.”

“Ok,” he shrugged.

After he left, she closed the door again and then laid down. She started to think of how attractive Marlon was. She had never been with anyone Mexican before. At least that’s what she thought he was or maybe Persian. And he had bigger muscles than any of her previous boyfriends. She was very nervous around him and a bit giddy. But her friend would be coming soon. Just then she got another text.

Sorry Bri, something just came up with my parents. My aunt in Whale Beach had a stroke so we need to go see her.

She texted back her condolences.

She sighed, she laid back. Poor Brandon, she thought. That was the Aunt he had never really liked, but still, family comes first.

She kept thinking about Marlon’s muscular body outside, swimming. She thought it best to tell him goodbye before she left. Or maybe she could hang out for a little while, she wasn’t sure.

She got up and walked into the hall and then outside towards the pool. When she peered through the sliding glass door she saw he was swimming laps.

She walked to the edge of the water and sat down on the side. Marlon had gone under when she had approached. Suddenly she felt him grab her leg and then he popped out, spraying water up onto her.

She screamed, but mostly in surprise, not because she was actually scared.

“Shit,” she said pulling back her legs.

“Hey, Escort İstanbul so you finally decided to come in?” Marlon asked.

“No. I was just going to say goodbye. My friend’s not coming. He had a family emergency.”

Brianna noticed a quick frown from Marlon.

“That’s too bad. The water’s great,” he said splashing up a little on her.

“Stop,” she wined, turning away.

“Its only water. Why won’t you come in?”

“I’ll dip my feet in,” she said, and then did just that.

“Here,” Marlon said, putting his hand to the cuff of her pants.

“What are you doing?”

He rolled up her pants above her knees and then put her legs back in the pool.

“Thanks,” she said sheepishly, putting her hair behind her ear and then folding her arms.

“No problem. You got great legs,” he said touching them gently.

She blushed profusely. She could tell by only talking to him for a few minutes that there was something very attractive about him, even beyond his obvious good looks. She felt immensely drawn to him.

“Hey so why’s aren’t you out having fun tonight?” he asked.

“On a Tuesday? My friend and I usually just hang out at the pool late at night, because it’s heated. And no one is usually renting on Monday through Thursday, especially during the fall.”

“That’s cool.”

“How about you? Do you go to a lot of parties?” she asked, crossing her arms. It was a bit cold in the evening as the sun fell below the horizon.

“I did last year,” Marlon admitted. “But now I need to bring up my grades and since I’m working at the clothing store I don’t have as much time to go out,” he lamented. “Hey how come your dad didn’t ask you to house sit?”

“He wants me focusing on school.”

“I see. So why don’t you get in, aren’t you cold?”

“I’m OK,” she said unfolding her arms.

“You’re not. You got goose bumps. Get in here,” he said pulling her legs.

“No, I don’t have a bathing suit,” she complained.

“Jump in with your underwear.”



“I’m not wearing any,” she said shyly.

“Nice. I won’t look,” he said.

“I don’t think so,” she laughed nervously. “Even if I was to get in, you’d have to… take off yours too.” she said, her voice raising an octave as if she was asking a question.

“I don’t have anything on,” he smiled.

“Really?” she said.

“Yeah I didn’t bring any,” he said, putting his hands back behind his head. Brianna looked down at the water but in the darkness she couldn’t see much of anything.

“I was just kidding,” she said with a giggle.

“Come on girl you’re freezing,” he said.

“No I’m ok.”

“It’s no big deal.”


“Comeon girl,” Marlon said with a sexy smile.

“Alright, turn around,” she said as she began to undress.

“If you say so,” he smirked.

“No peeking,” she said.

“Of course.”

She unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them down her long silky legs to her ankles, revealing her well-groomed pussy and round apple bottom.

Without pause she began taking off her top, quickly undoing all the buttons and then setting it onto the chair. Her breasts were average size, about big B or small C size, and were perky on her small frame. The air was obviously cold, as her nipples were hard and goose bumps covered her skin as Marlon had noticed earlier. She moved towards the pool slowly and as she lowered herself into the warm water, Marlon turned around.

“Hey!” she said with a nervous giggle, covering her breasts with one arm. Then she submerged completely, just her head showing.

Marlon gave a big grin.

“Sorry, I thought you were in already,” he explained.

“Right,” she laughed.

He swam right next to her, and stood up. The water, beaded on his light brown pectorals.

“Nice huh?”

“Uh… yeah, do you work out a lot?” she asked. Marlon smirked.

“No I meant the heated pool,” he laughed.

“Oh, yeah,” Brianna replied, instantly turning red.

“Fuck, you have pretty eyes,” Marlon said, staring at her face. She felt his hand against her hip.

Brianna backed up. She had known he was going to try something, but her brain was still resisting on some level, despite the fact she desperately wanted to fuck this total stranger. It had been almost three months since she had gotten laid. In college, that was like an eternity.

“Thank you,” she said, looking down quickly and clearing her throat.

“You’re not shy are you?” Marlon asked with a smile.


“So you go out a lot? Partying? Clubs?” Marlon asked, drawing a hand over his short buzzed hair.

“I used to. I don’t know, I guess since my friend Brandon graduated and started working, we don’t really go out much,” she said trying to focus on Marlon’s face and not look down to his crotch beneath the water.

“Yeah I’m not really into clubs, but I gotta get out to a party on the weekends otherwise I feel like I haven’t much of done anything. It makes the whole week at school worth it when you get a chance to party,” he said.

“Sometimes İstanbul Escort Bayan I miss it,” Brianna admitted.

“Why don’t you go out then?”

“Well Brandon…”

“What about you?” he said quickly.


“Let’s just talk about you,” he said, in explanation.

“Uh… ok,” Brianna agreed with a little shrug.

“When’s the last time you went out?”

“Uh..,” she stopped for a second thinking.

“Damn girl,” he chuckled.

“No, it wasn’t…”

“That’s was way too long a pause.”

“It wasn’t that long ago, it was just like 3 weeks ago.”

“But when’s the last time you had fun?” he splashed.

“Stop,” she said splashing back.

“How bout now?” he asked.

“Um, what do you mean,” she replied, her face still red. He gave a big grin before disappearing below the water line. “What are you- Aghaa!” she cried as she felt herself hoisted up and flew forward into the deep end. She sputtered as she came up, “Oh you’re so dead…” As Marlon backed up and turned, she jumped up on his back with a yell.

Marlon laughed and then taking a deep breath, collapsed into the deep end of the water, Brianna went with him and then let go as her head was about to sink below the surface. She tread water and swam backward. She could barely see under the water in the dim light. There were no lights on outside, just the residual light from the stars and the neighboring houses. With shock she felt his hands grab her hips. She squealed as his head pushed between her legs and pressed against her crotch. Roughly his hands pushed her legs around his head as he stood up. She teetered on his shoulders for a moment and screamed.

“Oh my god!”

“Settle down girl you’re going to fall.”

“Let me down.”

“Now isn’t this more fun than sitting in your room?”

After almost falling back she leaned forward and pressed against the top of his chest.

“Don’t drop me,” she laughed nervously.

“I won’t,” he promised. “Now loosen your legs.”

With a twist he rotated her around his head, so that he was facing her naked pussy.

“Wait, what are you doing?” After a brief smile Marlon pressed his mouth between Brianna’s legs, pressing firmly at the small of her back to hold her up. “Oh!” she squealed. “I…”

“Calm down.”

“But…,” she said.

“Relax… girl,” he said between licks.

“Oh… oh yes,” Brianna moaned as she tilted her back a bit to give him better access to her engorged clit.

Marlon was apparently quite skilled at cunnilingus, as his lips and tongue played across her pussy like a trained pianist pressing ivories.

“Oh shit, oh my god,” she cried, her fingers pressed against the back of his buzzed hair.

“You like that girl?”

“Don’t stop,” she pleaded.

“Hold on babe.”

While Marlon’s muscular arms held her steady, he walked through the water to the side of the pool, laying her back against the concrete as he reached the edge.

“Ah, Cold!” she exclaimed as she lifted her knees and set her feet on the edge of the pool. She leaned her head forward and caressed the back of his head as he resumed his expert carpet munching. Brianna’s legs trembled as she cried out in absolute pleasure.

“Oh my god…”

Marlon lifted himself up onto the edge of the pool next to Brianna. Then hefting her up by the waist, he positioned her spread legs against his hips.

As her eyes fluttered open she ran them over his chiseled wet abs, where her eyes suddenly went wide and she blinked in astonishment.

Sticking up from between his legs, and illuminated in the moonlight, was the biggest cock she had ever seen. It wasn’t just that Marlon was long (it looked like it was almost a foot), but it was the girth that really surprised her. She was certain he was thicker than her wrist. As he pressed his dick against her wet pussy lips she stuttered nervously.

“W-wait I don’t think… ” she muttered, still recovering from the orgasm, even as his dick strained to gain entrance to her interior, inching forward slowly. “Ugh… there’s no way that will… Oww… Aah.. fuck, its too big,” she swore.

“Tight,” Marlon muttered, “But it’ll fit,” he said, holding his dick steady and continuing to force the tip deeper.

“Owww… Oh my God,” she moaned, as his fat dick entered her slick tunnel, and spread it open. “Owwie… Oh my God… ooh,” she echoed again as she held her pussy lips apart, feeling stretched wide. Brianna moaned as she felt his slowly plunge into her depths.

“Fuck this pussy is nice,” he said with a grin.

“Uh!” she cried with his next thrust. “Ow… oh fuck you’re so big,” she moaned.

As the speed of his hips against hers increased, her face felt flush. His cock was like a jackhammer.

The feeling of his dick inside her transitioned almost immediately from what could have been earlier described as uncomfortable and slightly painful to pure white hot pleasure.

“Oh God!” she moaned. She started squealing and then began to gyrate. Marlon slowed as she finished Anadolu Yakası Escort her second orgasm. She panted as her ecstasy waned and her lucidity returned. “Jesus,” she exclaimed.

“That good, huh babe?”

“Oh my God, I’ve never cum like that before.”

Marlon’s chode slipped free from Brianna as he pulled his hips back and got to his feet. He grabbed her hand and helped her onto her feet. “Hop up,” he said, as he placed his arm around her waist and pulled her up above his rock-hard member. With his other hand he positioned the tip of his thick dick against her pussy lips and lowered her onto it.

“Uh!” she cried.

“Hold on tight babe.”

Marlon walked towards the house, while holding Brianna tightly against him with his muscular arms. She could feel his dick edge deeper and deeper with every step. When she sank to the base of his dick Marlon thrust his pelvis up, causing her body to rise until he caught her again, holding her tightly against his torso.

“Owww!” she cried. “Not so hard.”

She heard the glass door open, and they passed over the threshold. He let her fall slowly into his dick as he slid the door closed and then thrust into her wet love canal, causing her to rise up his torso again.

“Oh God!” she shouted in pleasure.

She could feel him hug her tightly, walking down the hall to the bedroom where she had first saw him. When they reached the bed he let her go, gently allowing her to fall against the bed as his arm supported her head. His dick sprang back against his stomach with a wet slapping sound.

Brianna felt as if her pussy had been stretched wide open and the sudden absence of his big dick made her want it even more.

“Scoot back babe,” he said. As she moved towards the headboard he followed, pressing his face into her chest as his hips pushed slowly forward, moving the head of his huge cock against her wet vulva. Her pussy lips spread as his dick burrowed into her hot pussy and he licked her breasts around her sensitive nipples.

“Oh fuck!” she cried. His hard cock sunk deeper until it was almost entirely inside. She felt it slowly press against her back wall.

“Oh shit too deep,” she exclaimed, pushing against his loins.

“No hands,” he said, grabbing her wrists and holding them up against the headboard. As his dick rubbed up against her g-spot rhythmically, she began to spread thick white cream over his dick and moan loudly. It was only a minute or so before she cried out.

“Oh my god!” she said, as she shook in ecstasy again. Her third orgasm lasted almost an entire minute.

“Roll over babe,” Marlon said as her climax was still fading. He pulled out as she began to roll over onto her front, and he caught her shoulder as she went onto her side. “Right there,” he said.

She felt his wet tip, tap the small of her back as he lift her leg up. She breathed heavily as he pushed his cockhead to the entrance of her cunt with his other hand.

“Oh!” she cried out as his pole pushed into her slippery slit. “Shit,” she cried. She could feel his hard cock head thrusting against her back wall. It made her feel weak, as her leg slumped back down, squeezing his dick tightly.

“Keep that leg up,” he said, holding her knee. She heard the sound of his balls slapping against her clit as he fucked her.

“Oh fuck!” she cried.

“Yeah babe, take all my fuckin’ dick.”

“Shit, you’re huge,” she said.

“Oh yeah,” she heard him moan as he put one of his hands to her butt. “Damn you’ve got a nice ass.”

She felt a wet spot growing at her hip, as her pussy dripped juice all over the bedsheets. His pelvis moved faster, and his dick squeezed back and forth into her tight snatch.

“Oh yes… oh right there,” she said with a moan. She could feel her cunt pulsing over the thick rod of flesh between her legs.

“Fuck babe, squeeze that dick, here it comes!” he cried. She felt his huge dick pulled free from her tightness and spewed into her face, startling her. The first spurt sprayed against her cheek. She closed her mouth just as the second blast hit her lips. She leaned back as he pumped the rest of his white spunk out onto the top of the duvet cover.

When she opened her mouth to wipe off the cum from her lips a bit dripped on to her tongue. She wiped the rest of his cum into her mouth and licked it off of her lips as Marlon collapsed on his back behind her.

Brianna rolled over to face him. “Mmm,” she said, before laying her head down on his chest, “Your cum is sweet.”

“I should house sit for your dad more often,” Marlon said. Brianna’s lips curled into a wan smile as Marlon folded his arms behind his head.

“You were so good,” Brianna smiled.


They lay silently for a minute while Brianna ran her hand down Marlon’s flat stomach.

“Do you go to school at UCU or WBS?” she asked.

“UCU,” Marlon said.

“Have you worked for my dad for long?” her index finger twirled an invisible line around one of his well-defined abdominals.

“Only a few months.”

“Hmmm-” She pushed the tip of his flacid cock into her mouth. “Mmm,” she hummed.

“Can you fit the whole thing in your mouth?” he asked with a smirk. He pulled his cock from her lips.

“Well Brandon is always saying I have a big mouth,” she said with a smile. “But I don’t know…”

Brianna crossed the road to her parent’s rental house. They were on a cruise and the house had recently become vacant. It was rented out for most of the summer, but summer had been over for almost a month. She had come home from college on a Tuesday evening to relax. She unlocked the front…

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