The Teacher’s Hot Wrestler Pt. 03

The Teacher’s Hot Wrestler Pt. 03


It’s Wednesday evening inside the university gymnasium. Wrestling practice is over and all of the athlete’s go toward the locker room. Mrs. Keller (28 yrs.) is a hot divorcee (36-24-32) who is a high school English teacher. She’s been standing near the gym doors watching the practice. She is wearing tight jeans and a white dress shirt with a pink bustier underneath. Her long brown hair reaches her buttocks.

She has been watching Vicente (19 yrs.) who is a top Spanish athlete with golden-brown skin. He has a boyish face who stands at 5’9″ and weighs 157 lbs. One year ago. She was a substitute for a semester while another teacher was on leave. Vicente had a hard time in the class who had a heavy Spanish accent. She worked with him one-on-one so that he could get a passing grade. She’s glad he made it to the university level.

Mrs. Keller screams, “Hey Vicente. Over here!”

Vicente stops and turns around. He smiles because she looks familiar and jogs toward her. She leans against the wall and waits for him. He gets to her and stops. His sweat has soaked his black hair and also his college shirt. His hand wipes his forehead.

He says, “Hello, how are you?”

She replies, “Vicente, you lost your Spanish accent.”

His eyes look over her body. He smiles, “I still speak my language. Do I know you?”

She Bayan Eskort laughs, “Oh, how easily they forget their teachers. It’s me, Mrs. Keller.”

He looks hard at her and finally remembers. He smiles and nods his head, “Oh yeah, you were my English teacher. What are you doing here?”

She slyly smiles, “I follow you. You’re a champion wrestler.”

He replies naïvely, “Oh yeah? You’re a fan of wrestling?”

His hand wipes away more sweat from his forehead. She looks him over and pokes his tight abdominals with her finger. He flinches and then smiles.

She says, “You gained some muscle since high school.”

He replies, “I moved up to compete at another weight. A few pounds.”

She smiles, “Well, it shows. You look hot.”

Her hand reaches inside of her jeans pocket and pulls out a “hotel” key-card. She gives it to him and he takes it.

She quickly French kisses him deeply. She walks away and he stands there with his mouth open.

In the hotel room that night. The lights above shine down over the bed. Mrs. Keller and Vicente are both naked who are in the “doggy-style” position. She is on her hands and knees as her long hair falls over the face. He is kneeling behind her while his own hair falls over his eyes.

Vicente’s brown hands are wrapped around her beautiful white Anadolu Yakası Escort hips. His 7-inch cock is buried inside of her thick-wet-hairy-pussy. Both of his hands pull back on those hips, while thrusting his shaft inside.

She responds, “Uh-Vicente.. Uh-Unnhh.. I-I… Saw your.. Hard-cock… In my class.!!”

He looks down at his shaft as it pushes in and pulls out. He groans, “Ah, Si.? (oh yeah).. Ah, Si.?.. Mrs. Keller.”

She replies, “Vicente.. I wanted to.. Unnh.. Unnhh.. Touch your body… S-So bad.”

He whispers, “Ohhh.. Mrs. Keller… Deberías haber (you should have).”

He begins to thrust fast and hard. She responds, “Uh-Unh..Unnh..Vi-Cente..Unnhh..Unhh..My-Vicente.!!”

His eyes concentrate on his thrusting shaft.

He grunts, “Mrs. Keller.. Caliente (hot).. Caliente.. Joder (fuck).!! Joder.!!”

Vicente raises his head, closes his eyes and drops his mouth open. He thrusts in a few more times and then explodes, “Ah-Aaaaaaaaahh.!!”

He pulls out his cock and leans over her body. He whispers, “Caliente (hot). Mrs. Keller. Caliente.”

20 minutes later. The naked bodies of Mrs. Keller and Vicente are on top of the bed. She is laying on her back. His elbows rest above her head and his chest crush’s her tits. Her arms are wrapped around his upper back Pendik Escort and her legs grip his lower back.

His cock is buried inside of her thick-hairy-pussy. He is thrusting in and out so hard that her buttocks bounce off of the bed. Their hot bodies grind together.

He whispers, “Si (yes).. Si.. Si.. Mrs. Keller.. Si..!!”

She holds him tight, “Unh.. Unnnh.. Unnhh.. Yes.. Unnh.. My.. S-Student.!!”

His firm brown buttocks bounce up and down in the air.

Vicente groans, “El amor (love).. El amor.. Tu (your).. Cuerpo (body).”

She grips her legs tighter around his lower back. Her butt-cheeks keep bouncing off of the bed.

Mrs. Keller grunts, “Gawd.. Gu-Unnnh.. Fuckk.. Me… Vicente.. Unnnhh.. I’m cumming.. Uuuunhh.!! Uuuunnhh.!! Gu-Gawd.!!”

Vicente suddenly stops and Mrs. Keller breathes hard. She asks, “Why..? W-Why did you stop..? Vicente.. That was fucking good.!!”

He answers, “Caliente (hot)… Joder (fuck).!!”

Vicente begins thrusting hard and fast again. His cock pushes inside as deep as he can. Her buttocks bounce off of the bed.

She replies, “Unnh..Unnhh..Gawd..Gawd..Right..T-There..Unnh.!!”

He thrusts inside of her one more time and holds it. Vicente explodes, “Gu-Aaaaaaaaahh.!!”

Their bodies still hold each other. He begins to pull out his cock, but she grips him even tighter. She says, “No.. Vicente.. Stay inside me… A little bit longer.”

He whispers, “Okay… Mrs. Keller… My teacher.”

They keep holding each other. She then, drops both of her legs and arms. They kiss passionately as he pulls out his cock.

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