The Takeover Ch. 02


About a week after Jan returned from her business trip and my orgasm filled three days with her husband came to an end, she invited me out to dinner and then drinks at a new nightclub. It would only be her and her husband, but she insisted wear something cool and sexy to help me attract a new man. Since I was divorced and single, she didn’t feel it was healthy for me to be alone all the time. Little did she know I had all the male attention I could handle from her husband. Naturally, as I had just experienced the best sex of my life with her husband a few days prior, I was taken aback by her invitation. My guilty conscience weighed heavily on me, but I reluctantly agreed.

My lover called to see if I was going to go along. He told me not to be too naughty as it was hard enough being in my presence with his wife around. I assured him that it was just as hard on me, but, since his wife still doesn’t suspect a thing, I would do my best to please him without drawing any attention.

The day came and I hurried home from work to get ready for our night out. I selected a purple, form-fitting dress which hit just above the knee and a short slits up my thighs exposing my nude fishnets beneath, and a pair of my highest heels. I turned my backside to the mirror; panties were out of the question. Soon, thoughts of little act of mischief sprang to mind and my pussy dampened. I checked my watch and still had plenty of time to get over to their house as they lived across the street. I laid down on the floor in front of the mirror and played with my pussy through the fishnet pantyhose until I came, and then finished getting ready.

My lover answered the door when I arrived at their house. By the look on his face I could tell my outfit was driving him crazy. He invited me inside and said Jan was still upstairs getting ready . I pulled him in for a long nasty kiss, and lifted my dress, took his hand, and showed him how much he turned me on. He rubbed his fingers and his palm against the fishnet İstanbul Escort material covering my wet pussy. I pulled away from him when Jan yelled that she would be right down. I took a seat on their couch and waited while her husband went to wash his hands in the kitchen and returned with drinks.

Jan came down the stairs wearing a tight black physique flaunting mini-dress with very high heels. Admittedly, being an ex fitness model, she was more physically attractive than me. I began doubting myself and wondered why her husband would risk his marriage to her with some old divorced woman like myself. Jan was eager to start the night so we quickly finished our drinks and left.

Being a gentleman, my lover opened the passenger side door for Jan and closed it then quickly came around to the back to open my door for me as well. As he did, he put his hand under my dress and grabbed a handful of my ass, gave it a good squeeze while running his middle finger right over my pussy lips. We smiled at one another as I climbed inside their SUV, giving him a nice view of my already wet pussy pressed against my fishnets.

As her husband drove, Jan jabbered away about finding me a nice guy tonight, while her husband had slipped his left hand behind his seat and stroked my fishnet covered foot and calf. She looked back at me now and then; I had to maintain my composure although her husband’s touch had awakened my entire body; my pussy was instantly wet again, and my nipples hardened. He stroked until we arrived at the restaurant. I was so worried that my pussy juice had leaked through my skirt and onto the backseat. Luckily, it hadn’t.

Sitting across from him, our little charade continued through dinner as I placed my foot close to, then directly on his crotch – getting even for his antics during the car ride. He was hard the entire dinner with no relief in sight. I thought a few times he was going to explode right there at the table. The entire time, Jan sat there clueless Escort Bayan to our little games.

At the end of the dinner, he paid me back in spades when out of nowhere he took Jan’s hand, looked in her in the eye, and said, “You look beautiful tonight.”

He gave her a long kiss while looking right at me. After their kiss she just looked at him like a sad lovesick teenager. I was crushed by his comment and his actions for a moment. It disgusted me so much at that moment, I wanted to reach across and slap her in the face and tell her right there that her husband has been fucking me for the last 2 months! Part of me felt bad for her as well, since I, as a woman who has been cheated on before know how stupid and worthless you feel after finding out. The other part of me didn’t care at all and wanted to take her husband from her permanently.

By the time we left the restaurant for the nightclub, I was ready for a few drinks. Seeing their interaction was unsettling; all the while Jan had a great time, and kept pointing out different guys at the nightclub for me to approach and flirt with but after a few drinks, she excused herself and went to the lady’s room. I had noticed the line was long on our way in and knew she would be gone for quite some time. Once she was out of sight, I quickly mounted her husband and gave him a much needed kiss and ground my dripping pussy on his hard cock. We made out for five minutes and I begged him to stop teasing me because it wasn’t fair and Jan was reaping the rewards and would certainly be getting fucked by him that night.

To my pleasure, he assured me that he would to be inside of me that night no matter what, and all I had to do was be patient. I leaned in for a long nasty kiss on his reassurance, and sat back in my seat. Jan returned to the table and pulled her husband out on the dance floor. I ordered a round of shots for the three of us from a passing waitress. When they returned we all drank the round and much to Eskort my surprise Jan told her husband to go dance with me. On the dance floor, we realized the last round of drinks had taken its toll on Jan so we began to be a little more carefree in our dancing and touching. It was getting so hot that we decided to get Jan home. She was too drunk to protest our decision to take her home.

Outside, he laid her in the backseat. Moments into the drive, she passed out completely and I sucked her husband’s cock rest of the trip to their house. He parked and we quickly got Jan into the house and onto the sofa where she remained asleep.

We then headed straight for their bedroom, kissing on the stairs along the way. My pussy was so ready for him. By the time we got their bedroom, he ripped a hole in my fishnets, threw me on their bed, and fucked me with my clothes still on. After quickly getting the orgasm that we both needed, I stripped out of my clothes and went into her closet and picked out another sexy piece of unworn lingerie. It was a long black sheer night gown. He was naked when I came back into their bedroom but with a raging hard on so I mounted myself right on him. We fucked for hours but it seemed to go by so fast and I wasn’t ready for it to end just yet.

In a spiteful, irrational way, I wanted to fall asleep with him so that she would find us in her bed, with me wearing her clothes, and cuddling with her husband. Since that wasn’t an option I offered him my asshole hoping she would taste my ass if she woke up and wanted sex from him. He wasted no time and started to fuck me in the ass for another twenty minutes.

Afterward, for his sake and sanity getting hold of me again, I quickly put on my own dress back on and walked home after helping him carry her up to their bedroom. I woke up the next day, laying alone in bed, feeling sorry for myself until Jan called to apologize for getting drunk and thanked me for getting her home safely. She said that she had a great time and wanted to do it again soon. I told her that I had fun as well, but had to go because I was working on a leak in the bathroom (my pussy). She told me that she would send her husband over right away to help me with it.

Her call just made my day.

About a week after Jan returned from her business trip and my orgasm filled three days with her husband came to an end, she invited me out to dinner and then drinks at a new nightclub. It would only be her and her husband, but she insisted wear something cool and sexy to help me…

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