The Swing Man Cometh Again Pt. 01

The Swing Man Cometh Again Pt. 01


This story is a sequel to my previous story, “The Swing Man” and was written way back in 1997. It would be helpful to read it’s predecessor but not mandatory. I did not complete this story but now that I have found this excellent site, I am going to have take the pen back up. Poor Svetlana and Rico have been yearning for years to get busy. . .

Chapter One

Jonas Elliot walked out of the gleaming office building in downtown Los Angeles, whistling as he put on his sunglasses. It was late in August; temperature was high in the 80s and a day of Santa Ana winds had blown away all the smog, revealing the majestic mountains that occasionally made an appearance.

The beauty of the day was not what had him in such a good mood. He had just wrapped up his divorce and, while the settlement had been a great deal of money, he’d gotten what he’d wanted for the most part.

He had gotten the beach house in Malibu, the Lexus, and, most importantly, the freedom to enjoy himself with any woman that met his fancy.

At the moment, the women on his mind was his daughter, Nikki. His petite, sensuous daughter had certainly taken the sting out of his failed marriage by fucking him regularly over the last three months. Just thinking about her made him long to be with her again, as soon as possible.

He activated his hands-off car phone with a touch of his thumb and hit the pre-programmed number to call Nikki’s condo. The phone rang several times and then made a clicking sound as the call was forwarded to his daughter’s cellular phone. After another two rings, Nikki answered. “Hello.”

“Nikki, honey, it’s your father.”

“Well, hello,” Nikki purred. “Is it all over?”

“Yeah, I’m heading back to the beach now. Everything went very smooth.”

“You’re lucky Mother isn’t the vindictive type. But it is good to know that she’s out of the way now. . . .all the sneaking around is tiresome.”

Of course, it was perfectly natural for him to see his daughter, even for her to stay over some nights at the beach house. But it was also possible that his wife might have tried to gather more dirt on him before the divorce settlement. She had used a private investigator in the past to follow him, to take pictures. So, Nikki and he had been very careful indeed.

“Where are you?” he asked, thinking how good it would be to see her that afternoon.

“I’m at the pool. I brought the phone down here in case you called.”

“How ’bout I swing by there right now?” he asked hopefully. He didn’t tell her all the things he wanted to do when he got there. It was implied which was the only sane thing to do over a cellular connection.

“Mmmm, that sounds good. Come get me….I’ll be by the pool.”

“I’m heading right over there…not going to stop at the beach house. Say, in about thirty or forty minutes.”

“See you then, Daddy.”

* * * * *

Nikki, with a smile on her face, thumbed the POWER button off on the cellular and placed it back down on the small wood slat table by her poolside lounge chair.

The two guys across the pool, mid-to-late thirties with beer guts already developing, were still ogling her bikini-clad form. She was wearing a slender pair of mirrorized designer sunglasses so the two didn’t know she was onto them.

Feeling particularly powerful, she went through the motions of pulling and rearranging her skimpy top to drive them nuts and was rewarded with another flurry of comments between the two gawkers.

‘It’s almost too easy,’ she thought as she picked up the tanning oil from the table.

She knew she had always gotten away with murder because of her looks and she planned to keep doing it as long as possible. Daddy had gotten her the really nice condo, all furnished just the way she wanted, and she’d never have to worry about money with him sniffing around for some naughty sex.

And the kicker was that she loved fucking him! Her father was pretty studly for a guy his age. With his gray-tinged hair and mustache and a tall, swimmer-like body. She’d always thought he looked like how cowboys in the Old West had looked. And, oh, how her cowboy loved to ride

As she thought about some of the hot times she and her father had had, she rubbed the oil on her hard calves and soft thighs, up over her flat stomach, on the hard sternum bone between her splayed, apple-sized breasts, and over her narrow, delicate shoulders. By the time she was done, her body was getting aroused.

“Hurry, Daddy,” she whispered as she pushed her dark brown hair off her shoulders and leaned back in the chair, turning her face up at the hot California sun.

She played the scene through her mind of the first time that she and Tori had been in bed with her father down at the beach house. Daddy had just gotten done fucking Tori….shooting his load all over Tori’s big tits…..when Daddy’s brother had walked in on them.

Nikki liked Lance’s body a lot; he was younger than Dad and he was hunky with his longish hair and motorcycle. It wasn’t like fucking her Dad because she hadn’t grown up with gaziantep escort telefonları Lance around but he was the kind of man she would have gone after anyway. And he was her uncle….

Nikki had known that Lance wouldn’t have caused her father any problems after discovering their incest; Lance had been the one that had been trying to get her father into swinging. She’d wanted to bring Lance into their naughty games but hadn’t thought it would have happened that day. But her father had pretty much given her to Lance right on the spot. Dad was so cool!

Leaving her father with her best friend, she’d taken Lance to the guest bedroom. She could remember very detail like it had been yesterday….

“So, you seduced your own father?” Lance had said, as he stripped out of his clothes, his eyes sweeping up and down her reclining body.

“I don’t think you’re the one to lay a guilt trip on me,” Nikki had teased back.

“You’ll get no shit from me about that, Kiddo,” Lance had said, as he unzipped his jeans and slid them down his legs. He’d gone commando that day, opting to not wear any underwear, and his fine half-hard erection had bobbed up in her direction. “I’m gonna fuck you just as hard as your Dad.”

“Even though I’m your niece,” Nikki had said with a sly smile as he came to the bed.

“Kiddo, that’s all I’m going to be thinking about….as I fuck my little niece,” Lance had said hotly as he’d crawled over her.

His mouth all over her tits…..then down between her legs…his tongue working on her clit and pussyhole until she’d been ready to climb the walls….then he’d roughly thrust his cock up her cunt as she’d brought her knees back along his flanks….he’d pounded her pussy just the way she liked it, bringing her to orgasm twice before pulling out….the way he’d kept repeating, “Kiddo. . .Kiddo. . . Kiddo . . .” as she sucked him off. . .

Nikki squirmed in the hot sun as she remembered the way Lance had taken her that afternoon….losing track of time until suddenly a shadow fell across her face.

“Hi, there,” she said to her father, sitting up on the chair. Her body felt all flushed from the sun and the memories she had been going over. “That was quick.”

“Traffic wasn’t too bad,” he said, looking around the pool area. “But it’s been about 30 minutes.”

“Well, I’m sure glad you came,” Nikki said, standing up and stepping into her toe-less heeled pool clogs. Her pussy was wet from her daydream and she couldn’t wait to get Dad up into her condo.

“I’ve got a class around 3 but I think I could miss it if you want to stay longer,” Nikki said hopefully. She had enrolled at Pepperdine as an excuse to live near her father more than for actually trying to get a degree. It was a perfect arrangement – Mom was happy that she was back in school and she kept her father happy in other ways.

“I think you can count on missing that class,” he promised as she picked up her phone and lotion.

They began walking around the pool heading for the gate and Nikki sneaked a quick peek at the two guys that had been ogling her before. They were still at it, watching her partially covered asscheeks jiggling as she walked in the heeled shoes.

What must those guys think right about now? Nikki thought. Do they think that this is my father or some rich man that pays my bills and fucks me in return? Wouldn’t they be surprised to know they were right on both counts?!

* * * * *

Jonas turned the deadbolt on the door to the upper level condo and began to take off his suit jacket as Nikki walked across the living room area to pull the blinds closed on the glass doors that went out to the patio. He took off his suit jacket and draped it over the back of one of chairs around the dining room table that was just inside the door.

Man, she’s got a great body, he thought again. Otter-sleek, hard in all the right places and soft in all the right places at the same time. Thin, tapered legs, heart-shaped ass, very slender waist, lovely high-riding titties….

His heart was beating faster, knowing that he would soon be laying with his daughter once again and the increased blood flow began to do its work – he felt his dick begin to burgeon in his slacks. The thrill of screwing his daughter was like what cheating on his ex-wife had been, only magnified about a hundred times.

“You really keep this place neat,” he said.

“Well, this is my place,” Nikki said, coming back to him. “I know my room was always a mess but it’s different when you get a place of your own. How about something to drink? I guess its a celebration, right?”

“That sounds good. Got any vodka?” he asked as he sat down on one of the armless dining table chairs.

“A martini?” Nikki asked with a smile. She slid into the kitchen and took down some bottles out of the cabinets. “I don’t know how you drink these things….they’re so strong. This glass is going to have to do,” she said, showing him a wine glass.

“That’ll do,” he said. escort gaziantep telefonları “Not too much vermouth.”

“I know, I know. Just wave it over the glass, right?” she said, rolling her eyes. “So how does it feel to be a free man again?”

“Well, I don’t know…it’s not like I’m going to be lonely with you ready to take your mother’s place.” Jonas didn’t mean it to sound the way that it came out of his mouth. The fact that his daughter desired to be in his bed was just fine with him. Nikki, however, took it the wrong way.

“I’m not mom, Dad. She couldn’t take your fooling around but I’m cool with all that stuff. I mean, we’re not a couple.”

“Nikki, I didn’t mean that. I just meant that I don’t have to go looking for someone new to, ah, share some good times with. In fact, Lance called and he has invited us out to Palm Springs next weekend.” Jonas saw his daughter’s demeanor soften as she realized what that meant. “He says there are some places we could go.”

“That sounds like great,” Nikki said. “It’s my birthday, you know?”

“Yes, the big 21. It promises to be very memorable. I reminded Lance and I think he’ll plan something for you.”

“Well, now I’m all intrigued. I was wondering if I’d get invited out to the Springs. I wasn’t sure you’d want me out there.”

“Nikki, don’t be ridiculous.”

“I don’t think I’m being ridiculous, Dad. I mean, how are you going to react when you see me with someone else? Have you thought about that? Lance’s parties….you told me what he said about them.”

“Honey, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. But this could cut both ways, am I right?”

“Dad, I watched you screw that Carmen chick. And enjoyed it,” she said naughtily as she twisted the top back onto the vermouth bottle.

“Yes but that was before you and I became an item. I have noticed that you’ve not been going out on many dates the last few months.”

“True,” Nikki said, “but I’m just not tired of you yet.”

Both of them laughed at her needling joke as she put the bottles back up in the cabinet.

“Nikki, you’re going to get it for that,” he said.

“That’s why you came over wasn’t it?” she giggled as she turned, opened the refrigerator and bent over to look for something, giving him a nice look at her thong bikini riding up between her sweet cheeks. She came out holding a jar of olives, obviously proud that she could complete the drink in the classic way.

“One or two?” she said as she opened the jar.

“One will be just fine.”

She dropped an olive into the glass from about six inches high, making a “bloop” sound as some of the martini splashed out on the counter.

“Maybe you ought to get a job bartending?” he joked as she walked to him with the drink in hand.

“Oh, Daddy! If I worked, I wouldn’t get to spend so much time with you…. and I know you wouldn’t want that.”

As Nikki said this, she pulled the drink away from his extended hand and then moved over his sitting form, making him move his knees closer together. She slowly lowered herself down on his lap, all the while smiling devilishly at him.

His hands went to the outside of her thighs to keep her steady. Her skin was damp from sweat and sunbathing oil and was oh so smooth and soft. He began to swirl his fingers and thumbs on her thighs, letting his eyes sweep down the front of her toned body.

“Here, Daddy,” Nikki said and he looked up to find her bringing the glass to his lips. She tilted it up and poured a very healthy sip of the strong drink into his mouth, only stopping when his eyes got wide. Giggling, she took the glass away and watched as he swallowed the liquid.

“Mmmmm…you’re a good little martini maker,” he complimented her, as his hands slid around the sides of her bottom, stroking the area where thighs turned into asscheeks.

“Thank you. Now tell me what else I am,” Nikki said, taking a sip of the martini herself. “And your answer is very important…. I’m a good little….?”

Jonas could hear the pitch of her voice change and the gleam in her eye flash as she put on her seductive charm. He loved that she liked to instigate the sex between them. It wasn’t a case of him pursuing her all the time and she eventually giving in. She had been the seducer on their first night together and if she hadn’t, he never would have even considered fucking her, no matter how much swinging he eventually got into with Lance. Incest was the forbidden fruit and Nikki kept offering that juicy temptation whenever she could.

“Let’s see,” he said out loud as he thought of an appropriate response. “You’re a good little…hmmmm…you’re a good little lover.”

“Ahhhhh, that’s so sweet,” Nikki said and leaned toward him, bringing her lips to his own. Her kiss was quick but she gave him just a hint of tongue. As she leaned away from him, she held the drink toward him and he took it with his left hand. His right hand continued to stroke her flank as she went to work on his tie, her gaziantep escort bayan telefonları fingers undoing the knot. “I thought you were going to be more graphic than that,” Nikki said as she pulled the tie through his collar and deposited it on the table.

“You want me to rephrase myself?” Jonas said after taking another sip of his martini. Nikki had begun to unbutton his dress shirt, her slender fingers adroitly slipping the buttons through the shirt slits, exposing his hairy upper chest.

“Yeah. Make it fucking dirty!” Nikki said, her eyes flashing as she threw in the obscene language.

“Where did I go wrong raising you, Nikki?” he said, picking up the verbal football at the beginning of their illicit lovemaking. His right hand moved off her hip and he began to massage her belly, his wrist breaking back toward him as his fingers pressed into her tanned skin. “Would you like it better if I called you my good little cocksucker?”

“Mmmm, that’s better,” Nikki cooed as her hands went into his open shirt. “Am I your good little fuck-baby, Daddy?”

Her nails dug into his pectorals for a second and then her palms began rubbing his chest, her thumbs finding his nipples, teasing them. Jonas’s slacks were suddenly way to confining as his erection began to grow like an uncoiling python.

“Shit yes! Unzip me, honey,” he said excitedly, moving his hand up to squeeze her left tit through her bikini top. “You’re getting your old man as hard as a rock.”

Jonas put his drink down on the table, afraid that he would spill it at any moment as Nikki pulled his shirt from his pants and began to undo the last three buttons, her head down watching her fingers work. He grabbed her ass with his freed right hand as he shifted her somewhat to allow him to start kicking off his shoes.

Nikki threw open his unbuttoned shirt and trailed her hands over his stomach as she moved them down to his slacks. Jonas did not suck in the little gut that that he had, knowing that his daughter did not care that he wasn’t perfect in every detail; he knew that that her turn-on was in his pants. Her own father’s cock – her flesh and blood – was what got her off. He didn’t think she would ever get tired of that. He knew he wouldn’t get tired of her either. His daughter was bred for the bed.

“Are you getting all hard for me?” Nikki whispered, looking up at his face as she unhooked his belt and went to work on his fly.

“You better believe it, baby. It’s been a whole week almost,” he answered as he reached both hands around her top, going for the knot on the back of her bikini top. “Oh, Jesus, that feels good!”

Nikki’s fingers had pulled his underwear down off his rising rod and now her hand was on it, pulling it upright between their bodies. She stroked it up and down slowly, coaxing it to more tumescence.

Jonas had untied her bikini top in back and behind her neck and he pulled the flimsy garment off and threw it on the floor beside them. Her frequent sunning sessions had bronzed her body everywhere except where her bikini had covered her skin and the contrast of the triangular patches of untanned skin that surrounded her naturally brown areoles had never been greater.

“I love your tanlines….and your tits,” he added as his hands went to his baby’s proud pair. He pushed her sloping chest mounds toward each other, loving the feel of her sun-heated titflesh under his hands. He could just get her tits to touch, forming a narrow cleavage that he had actually fucked once. With her palms holding her tits together and her fingers forming an arch over his thrusting shaft, he had been able to get off fairly quickly, more for the stimulating things she had said up at him in their bed at the beach house than for the sensations from his organ.

“Suck them then,” Nikki said seductively as she leaned into him.

He dipped his face and began by kissing each nipple tenderly, still holding her breasts together so his mouth did not have to move far between them. Her areoles were about the size of half-dollar pieces and they felt even smoother than her skin, like Jello that could retain its consistency while very hot. His kisses melted into sucking as he felt her hard nipples demand attention.

“Mmmmmm,” Nikki sighed as he pursed his lips around one of her jutting titstalks.

Her nipples were probably an inch long when fully aroused, about the thickness of a ballpoint pen. And they had a natural uptilt that looked so hot, that just screamed youth. He began sucking on them, going back and forth, like a baby seeking some sustenance. He felt her left hand curl around his head, her nails digging themselves into his scalp near his left ear as her right hand had continued milking his petrified pecker.

“Ooooh, Dad!….I love that….mmmmhhmmm….”

His daughter began to really heat up after a few moments of his oral duties. She was sighing faster and faster, kissing the top of his head, tugging on his cock so strongly that he was afraid he would have to put a stop to things before he came all over her belly.

Maybe she could feel the same thing because her hand released his erection and went to his shoulder. He slid his hands under her armpits, letting her tits fall back into their natural splayed position as he began nibbling up her sternum toward her neck. Her mouth came around to his left ear and her tongue and hot breath both tickled and felt so erotic that he pulled his head back after a few seconds, swinging his mouth to hers.

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