The Submissive Secretary

The Submissive Secretary


This story is based on my real fantasy. Although I was never involved in a D/S relationship, I fantasize about it a lot.

I was flirting with someone over the text and half-joking that if he gave me a topic I would turn it into erotica story. He chose “secretary”, and hence this story.

English is not my first language. I apologize for all the grammar mistakes. I’m still learning but would also like to share this story as raw.

Chapter 1 The girl in the bar

It was Mark’s birthday night. He was sitting in an Irish bar having a drink, not in a big party mood. Tonight he just wanted to have a good time, with a beautiful lady maybe, if he was lucky.

He had a few rounds of flirting with girls in the bar, but none of them interested him that much. Just as he was about to give up and go home, he spotted a girl sitting quietly on the other end of the bar.

She had black eyes and black curly hair, a long black silky dress all the way to her ankles. Her curvy figure was barely visible underneath it but it was not hard to imagine. The long golden earrings she was wearing were shining through her fluffy hair. A beautiful silhouette at first sight. But when she turned over, he saw her eyes, they were dark and shining like black diamonds, reflecting a mixture of lust and innocence, passion, and apathy.

Mark was immediately drowned into the eyes of this mysterious creature.

He walked over:

“Can I buy you a drink? ”

She glanced at him and rejected him distantly.


“Why not? It’s Friday night.” Mark kept smiling.

“Why don’t you buy a drink for that blonde girl you were talking with?” Her voice still sounded icy cold.

“She’s not half as interesting as you are.” Mark answered.

“Too bad. I’m not half interested in you as she is.”

Before Mark making another try, the lady stood up and disappeared into the crowd.

Mark was chagrined at this failure. For the whole night he had been thinking about this lady and couldn’t pick up anyone else anymore.

Chapter 2 Interview

Monday was the busiest day of the week for Mark. He was a senior partner in a VC firm. His secretary went on maternity leave. Today he needed to interview for the replacement, in addition to all the bullshit he had to deal with. The HR manager Betty had narrowed the candidates to the final three, all were qualified and highly competent according to her. He just had to meet them and pick one.

“Come in.”

Mark was a little mind-absent when he called in the first candidate. His mind was still in their last meeting when the other senior partner was trying to throw him under the bus for losing a client. He was not in his best mood.

He glanced at the resume in front of him.


That was not a very common name, sounding a little bit … oriental….

The image of the lady in the bar suddenly flashed through his mind.

“I wonder what her name would be.”

Mark’s mind was drifting away. He still couldn’t get over her.

The door opened, the first candidate walked in.

“Good morning. Mr. Bay.” A soft voice echoed in the room.

Mark lifted his head to look at the coming person, and he was stunned.

The candidate was a lady in a professional suit: white shirt and light grey pencil dress, just a little over her knees, flesh-colored stocking and high heels. The suit was seeming a bit overly tight, so her curve was nicely shown. She buttoned all the way up showing no cleavage at all, but nevertheless her breasts stood out. She was not wearing any jewelry, had her hair up all the way, neat and tight. There was no sign of that curly wavey waterfall he saw two nights before, but Mark recognized her immediately.

Though Mark could hardly believe it was the same person. She looked completely different today. If she was a black diamond the other night in the bar, then today she was a white pearl.

Suppressed his excitement, Mark cleared his throat and asked:

“Are you interested today?”

Jade got startled upon hearing Mark’s voice. She looked at him quickly, and then immediately lowered her head and flushed.

“I mean, about the job.”

“Mr. Bay….. I… I am so sorry. I didn’t know …… I didn’t mean to …” Jade could barely have a complete sentence. Obviously this was out of her expectation.

“Well, tell me why you want this job?”

“I… hmmm, I’ve always wanted to work….. for you, your company I mean. This position is a hmmm…perfect fit for …my background.”

“Are you a hard worker?”

“Yeah……Yes. Mr. Bay. Absolutely!”

“I might need you to work on some night shifts, outside of office hours. Are you Ok with that?”

Jade hesitated a little bit, was trying to figure out if there was any implication with the words “night shifts”. But just for a few seconds, she answered quickly:

“Yes…… yes. Of Maltepe Yabancı Escort course.”

“Sounds good. Ok. You may leave now.”

Jade looked a bit disappointed, she tried to explain ” I didn’t mean to hesitate, Mr. Bay. Of course, I will work whenever you need me to.”


“Should we continue the interview?” Jade asked carefully.

“There is no need. Betty will notice you when I make the decision.”

Jade looked like she wanted to say something more but didn’t, she quietly walked out, but couldn’t hide the disappointment on her face. She thought she was not going to get the job.

Mark called Betty immediately after Jade walked out and canceled all the other interviewers.

Suddenly the day wasn’t so bad. He poured himself a glass of Whisky and closed his eyes.

Jade was the perfect secretary and he had a full plan with her.

Chapter 3 Home office

Jade had been working for Mark for two weeks now. She was competent at work, but she stayed a distance from Mark as if she feared him. Mark had been keeping things professional with her too. It was not an easy task, he couldn’t help fantasizing about her.

It’s a Friday afternoon at 5 pm, the office was almost empty. Most people already went home. Jade was getting ready to leave too when Mark rushed out from his office with a file folder.

He threw it on Jade’s desk without looking at her:

“Get those reports ready, I’ll have a meeting with clients tomorrow morning at 8.”

“Tomorrow morning?”

It was already 5 o’clock, which meant she had to work tonight to get it done.

“Yes. Get it done by 10 tonight and bring it over to my home.”

Mark headed out quickly before Jade had the chance to ask any more questions.

Jade didn’t mind working overtime but she was never requested to go to Mark’s home before. She felt a bit uncomfortable.

“It’s just for business.” She convinced herself.

At 10 sharp, Jade stood in front of Mark’s house, nervously. She rang the bell, the door opened by itself and Mark’s voice coming from the intercom:

“Come in.”

“Mr. Bay. The report is done. Can I leave it here by the door?”

“No. We have to review it together to make sure they’re accurate. Come into my office upstairs.”

Jade had no choice but to walk into the house.

Mark’s home office is a huge room with a huge oak desk in the middle, behind which Mark was sitting and working on something. He was wearing just a blue silky robe, barely covered his chest and abs. It looked as if he just came out of a shower. A glass of Whiskey was by his hand.

Jade felt like her mouth was dry and her heart thudded hard in her chest.

“Hand it to me.”

Mark said with an emotionless voice.

She carefully put the file on the desk, backed up a few steps, and looked away immediately.

In a few minutes, Mark started frowning.

“Where did you get those numbers?”

His voice suddenly sounded serious.

“From the accounting department.” Jade suddenly sensed anger from his voice.

“Have you validated them? They don’t look right.”

“No, but I thought …… It’s Friday, everyone went home already.” Jade was trying to explain.

“Well, I’m having a meeting tomorrow morning, do you want me to go with invalid numbers?”

“No….. But ……”

“No excuse! It’s a million-dollar deal. Do you know how much you’ll cost us?”

“I’m … sorry. Mr.Bay.” Jade felt very hard done by but couldn’t defend herself properly. It wasn’t her fault if the accounting department couldn’t get the numbers right.

“I will redo the numbers.”

“…….” silence.

“I will go get the accounting person right now.”

“……” more silence.

Just as Jade was at a complete loss of what to do. Mark spoke again:

“That’s some serious mistake. Now I have to punish you.”

“Go bend over on the desk.” Mark commanded.

Jade felt all the blood flushed into her brain and she couldn’t think straight. She wanted to run away but she couldn’t feel her legs. There was certain strength and magnetic force in Mark’s voice, it almost felt like she had no choice but to obey him.

After mind blank for a few minutes, she eventually moved and bent over on the desk as instructed.

Mark stood up, now she could see that he wasn’t wearing anything underneath his robe. Mark had a very fit body, strong muscle and six-pack. She could see the hair on his chest, abs, and all the way down…… She closed her eyes when her sight reached his crotch. Her heart was jumping out of her chest.

“Now lift your skirt up to your waist.” Mark ordered again.

Feeling completely powerless and surrendered, Jade slowly rolled up her skirt. Her legs were trembling as she was doing so, she almost couldn’t hold herself up in those high heels. Upon the lift of her skirt, the peachy shape Maltepe Yeni Escort of her ivory cheeks with blue cotton panties showed up in front of Mark.

Mark took a belt off from the wall and whipped it on her.

A strip of a red mark immediately bruised on her soft skin. She yelped loudly and then started whimpering.

“Now count.” Mark’s cold voice echoed in the room again.

Jade burst into tears but she started to count as told.


“Count to ten.” as Mark started to whip with the belt again.

Each stroke bruised the soft skin on her buttocks a bit more. After ten strokes, Jade’s butt cheeks turned all red. Her initial painful screaming gradually turned into a moaning, which you couldn’t tell it was from pain or pleasure.

Mark was satisfied. He walked over behind Jade, leaned down to kiss on the back of her neck gently. And then he tore her shirt off, grabbed hold of her stiff nipples and pinched them softly.

He pulled off the hairband that was holding her hairdo up. Her hair fell down immediately like a waterfall. He grasped them in his hand and pulled her head up.

He then whispered into her ears, “Good girl.”

With his chest pushing against her naked upper body, he started caressing her bruised plump buttocks and slowly moved his hand between her legs, with his leg forcing her two legs spread wider.

When his hand reached into her pussy, It was already dripping wet down there. Her clit stood up so hard even the most gentle touch could make her body tremble again. Mark rammed two fingers inside her warm pussy. The warmth and moistness immediately surrounded his fingers and it even squeezed and sucked them in. He started moving his fingers inside and out, each time Jade moaned louder and more eagerly. Before she realized it, she was moving her hip with him to meet his moves.

“You like this too, right? You little slut.”

Mark got so excited and could hardly hide his hardness. He flipped Jade over now she was on her back. He looked at her pretty face and perky tits covered by her fluffy hair. He saw lust in her eyes too. Finally, the conservative and shy secretary girl was gone, now he saw the desire in the eyes of the black panther he met in the bar for the first night.

“Now here’s your reward.”

Mark growled and wrapped his hand around Jake’s throat, grabbing the back of her knee with the other hand, and thrust his dick deep inside her warm pussy. Each stroke made her cunt throb. He could feel the heat rising from inside her core. It was enough to make her melt. Her moaning now was full of hunger and desire.


Jade gasped out some words as she was close to climax.

But just at then Mark pulled this dick out of her and said ruthlessly

“You don’t get to cum until I say so.”

“We’ve just started the game.”

Chapter 4 Conference room

Jade developed a mixed feeling towards Mark after the night she delivered the reports. On the one hand, she feared him. The way he whipped his belt sank deep into her memory. On the other hand, she secretly desired him. He gave her the biggest orgasm in her life that night. The thought of him thrusting inside her made her wet already.

Mark went on a business trip for a week after that night and she had not seen him ever since. She was expecting at the same time fearing of him coming back.

But today just as she walked into the door, he called her into his office.

He was back.

She inhaled deeply and walked in. He seemed to be in a very good mood.

“Nailed a client. Sweet deal.” He poured some whiskey into a glass and handed it over to her.

“Congratulations, Mr.Bay. But I can’t drink. I have to work.” Jade rejected politely.

He took a big sip himself. Then suddenly he dragged her by her wrist and pulled her inside his strong arms, then started kissing her. He fed whiskey into her mouth through his tongue and forced her to swallow it.

Even without the Whiskey, his kiss already made her dizzy. Her heart was thudding hard in her chest. She could feel his heat seeping into her. At first, Jade tried to push him away but his arms were iron-strong, eventually she melted into the kiss with a whimpering moan.

After a long kiss, Mark finally let go of her lips.

“I have a gift for you.” He sounded excited.

He took out a pink box and opened it. It was a round-shaped pink vibrating egg with remote control.

“Best kind out there. I visited 5 stores in Paris just to get you this.” His smile was so innocent as if it was a piece of fine jewelry.

Jade felt a fire rising inside her body upon seeing the gift, and her mouth went dry. She tried to flee away but Mark grabbed her and made her sit on his knees. He then started kissing her again while hiking up her skirt and pulling off her panties. He took it off from her and stuffed it into his drawer.

And then Maltepe Masaj Salonu Mark picked up the egg, slid it under her skirt, and tried to jam it into her opening. She tried to fight as she realized what he was trying to do. Mark’s hand landed with a stinging slap on her ass.

“Stop moving around! Now relax while I get this in place.”

Jade bit off a cry and stayed still while her legs were being parted and the egg being pushed inside.

It wasn’t hard as her pussy was already super slippery. It took the egg right in and sucked it deep inside.

“I know you want this, your little slut.” Mark grinned at her.

After that, he helped her straighten her clothes and dismissed her.

“You may leave now.”

Jade was feeling super aroused and deeply embarrassed at the same time. She asked Mark to give her panties back.

“No. You’re not wearing it for the rest of the day. And you have to keep the egg inside you for a whole day. Come back in here before you leave tonight. If I find out you took it out, I WILL punish you.” Mark made his order again.

Jade walked out of Mark’s office shivering. The cold air down made her feel completely exposed, like everyone knew about the egg inside her and that she didn’t have her panties on. She rushed to her seats and hid behind the computer.

But Mark wouldn’t give her a break. In a few minutes, he called her from his office:

“Jade, bring me a cup of coffee.”

Jade had no choice but to stand up and get coffee for him. As she was walking over to the coffee room, she suddenly felt the egg inside her vibrating. She came up on her toes with a loud yelp of surprise. She immediately covered her mouth when she realized there were other people around her. She had to tighten her legs in case the egg fell out, but it also made it impossible for her to walk this way.

She looked back at Mark in his office, begged with her eyes. But he had no mercy for her.

It was a long way to the coffee room and back, with the egg vibrating inside her on and off. She could feel her pussy twitching and itchy. She almost came for a few times. But each time just as she was about to get over the edge, the egg would stop. And as she just caught a break and cooled down a bit, it would start moving again. The torture had her on a boil.

After a seemingly life long 10 minutes, Jade finally got the coffee into Mark’s office.

“Please, Mr. Bay. Take it out. I can’t take this anymore.” Jade was almost in tears.

“The slave girl doesn’t get to request things.” Mark slapped her on her ass and pushed her out.

Jade went back to her seat with no panties and the egg still inside her. But luckily it had not been moving anymore. She tried her best to hold on herself but still felt the fire burning inside her. She closed her eyes and started thinking about that night, how he whipped her butt, and had tough sex with her, made her cum as never before.

Then suddenly, the phone rang and woke her up from her daydreaming.

“Jade, come into the conference room. Bring the report from yesterday.” It was Mark calling her.

She hurried up to find the report and rushed into the conference room. The room was full of people, about 20 of them, all guys in their suit, and they seemed to just have had a heated discussion.

“Jade, tell us about the report you did last night.” Mark spoke.

Jade knew immediately what Mark was up to when she saw the little remote control he was playing in his hand casually. She begged hopelessly again with her watery eyes but knew there was no use.

She had nowhere to escape, she could only do what she was told and read the report. Her legs were shaky and her knees weak as she was standing there. Then she felt the vibration of the egg inside her again, more than ever. She couldn’t hold herself straight but had to lean on a table nearby. She tried her best to continue reading the report but she had no idea what she was reading. The fire inside her was burning harder and harder and the juice was coming out of her cunt and all over her thighs.

It also almost drove Mark crazy, watching her little slave girl obeying him like this.

Finally, the report was done. Jade sobbed breathlessly and collapsed into the chair.

Mark dismissed the meeting but called her to stay in the conference room to arrange some business for him.

As everyone walked out of the room, Mark pulled her close to him and kissed her vehemently.

“You turned me on so much with your little slutty performance in front of everyone.”

He whispered to her ears as his palm cupping her sex and feeling the wetness of her thighs, and butt. His finger was rolling her clit from side to side and shocks of pleasure were flashing along her nervous system and made her tremble like a leaf in the wind.

Finally, he put her on the conference table, pinned her hands over her head, lifted her skirt, and penetrated inside her from behind, without taking out the egg.

He turned the egg up to the full speed and enjoyed the heavy moaning from the body underneath him.

“Moan louder and let people hear you.” was the last thing she remembered him saying before she passed out from the climax.

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