The Steed


She walked into the club, her tall lithe frame gliding smoothly across the space between the door and the bustling bar. Several dozen pairs of eyes watched her. Her raven black hair hung seductively over her shoulders, the loose curls framed her face, and softened her stern looking features. Her emerald green eyes pierced the smoky air like a hunter’s gaze when stalking it’s prey.

She reached the bar, and waited for a few short moments before being served. As she leaned with her back against the bar sipping from her cherry red wine she scanned the room seeking out an object for her desires. The sweet liquid flowed over her full scarlet painted lips, and she savoured it’s lingering flavour. Her blood was up, and her pussy craved attention. She yearned for strong hands to take her, to caress her, to restrain her.

She had intentionally dressed to kill, to ensure she would draw plenty of attention, attention from which she would find a suitable plaything . She’d put on her favourite corset. The smooth black leather emphasized her already desirable figure, and she knew that men went weak at the knees when they saw the full heaving globes of her ample breasts. She complimented it with a short pleated skirt that’s deep crimson colouring enticed the mind. To complete the ensemble she had chosen her knee high boots, knowing that no man could resist the black patent leather. Finally she had selected a simple pair of silver and black onyx earrings along with their matching short pendant necklace and tightly fitting bracelet.

After scanning the room taking in the bland stereotypical night clubbers facades, she finally settled on the striking figure of a man standing in conversation with two others. She took in his tall broad frame. The triangular shape of his upper body emphasised his muscular shoulders. As he stood confident, but relaxed chatting with his friends.

After studying him for a few minutes she ordered another drink to replace her now empty glass, before moving nearer in a bid to observe him more closely. She calmly walked past the trio, the scent of her perfume drew his senses distracting him from his conversation, and he noticed her sit at a vacant table several metres away.

He watched as she took a seat, and was enticed by the slender shape of her thighs, as she crossed one over the other. She placed her tall glass on the table to her right, her long fingers looked elegant, and her manicured nails were like talons as the black polish was highlighted by the lights.

His gaze took in the splendour of her form as it travelled up to her face. As she reached for her glass to take another sip her eyes flicked up to meet his. For long seconds he was unable to draw his gaze from her intense probing eyes, and she noticed the flicker of desire dance across his. The already violent blue seemed to darken further as the desire began to flood his being. She offered him a small smile, and was instantly rewarded with a returning smile and a look of burning desire.

She watched as the man hastily wrapped up his conversation with his friends, and absently shook their hands. He was clearly in a hurry to join the beauty that sat alluringly only a few metres away. She turned back to her drink as he approached, Pendik Escort intentionally shifting her legs a little to reveal a couple more inches of her smooth toned thighs.

Moments later a deep toned voice asked, “good evening, may I join you?”

She said yes, and invited him to sit with her. The two made small talk, but they both knew what they wanted. They chatted for twenty minutes or so, all the while checking out the other. They flirted expertly, and enjoyed the responses they got. She, the increasing bulge in his jeans. He, the heaving of her generous bosom, and the flushing of her cheeks.

She told him she was about to leave the club as she was sick of the crowds and the music and asked him if he knew of anywhere quieter where they might get to know one another a little better. With a grin he replied “why don’t you come and have a look at my bike, I’d love to take you for a ride”.

She pretended to think about his proposal for several seconds before replying with a seductive smile, “what are we waiting for, show me what you’ve got”. She stood, and moments later he was beside her taking her arm. The pair made their way to the clubs exit.

He led her out into the shadowy car park, and headed towards one of the corners that to her seemed to be deserted of any people or vehicles. She could just make out the chunky outline of a motor cycle.

As they drew closer she could identify the distinctive emblem of Harley Davidson on the gleaming fuel tank. When they reached the bike they began to kiss passionately, her tongue sought his with the urgency of lust.

His explored her mouth, and duelled expertly with hers until all their surroundings had melted away into the background. All that existed was the two of them, enwrapped and enthralled. He began to kiss, and nibble at her neck, she groaned as he descended towards her heaving breasts as she pulled his head in close with one hand, and squeezed his firm round buttocks with the other.

He lifted her and put her down on the bike resting her well toned backside on the cool leather upholstery of the seat. The cold surface of the chrome work sent chills through her, as her thighs brushed lightly against the hard machinery. She slid her hand up to the back of his head, and pushed it down into her deep cleavage, and enjoyed the attentions of his tongue.

Sliding one arm around her slim waist, he used the other to ease her breasts from the confines of the corset. He used his hands and mouth to alternately kneed, and kiss or suck at her stiff nipples.

Her juices were in full flow now. She felt damp between her thigh’s, and her nipples were like organ stops, pink and rigid. His large coarse hands felt strong, and hot on her pale quivering breasts. She pulled him close and wrapped her legs around his waist allowing his rock hard erection to press against her aching sex.

Taking this as his cue, the man slid down her body, pushing her flimsy skirt up over her hips, and spreading her smooth legs he drove his tongue deep into her wet slit. She moaned aloud, and put her hands on top of his head to push him forcefully into her cunt. She wanted him to invade her, to devour her.

As her passion mounted she thrust her Kurtköy Escort hips up against his eager tongue delighting in the warm slick movements within her.

After long minutes she felt the unmistakable tingle in her clit, she knew there would be no stopping her climax now. He sensed her passion, and so increased the lapping rhythmic flicks of his tongue, and centred his attentions on the swollen reddened bulb of her clit.

The closer the climax came the more frantically she thrust against his skilled mouth. He felt her becoming still more tense as she suddenly wrapped her sleek legs around his back, and began to shudder.

It was upon her, and what started as a tiny ball of heat deep in her gut spread through her whole being, and engulfed her in a rhapsody of heat, and waves of convulsive pleasure as every fibre of her pulsated in a torrent of ecstasy.

Copious amounts of sweet nectar flooded from her soaking his rugged face. The pair were locked together for only a few moments before she pushed him away, and quickly and passionately kissed, and sucked at his drenched mouth and chin. She could taste herself, the warm silky liquid was sweet on her lips, she savoured its delicious flavour.

He wanted her. Wanted to thrust his iron hard rod into her.

As they kissed he lifted her bodily, and lay her on the machines saddle letting her erotically charged form lay the length of the cold unyielding beast. He noticed her shiver as her bare shoulders made contact with the bikes fuel tank, and drank in the vision of her already stiff nipples becoming still more engorged as her arousal was heightened by the unexpected shock of cold.

She began to circle her clitoris with one finger, and moaned as she saw him unbutton his jeans to reveal his rock hard cock. He climbed atop the bike, and eased himself down on the luscious writhing beauty beneath.

As he slid the swollen tip of his rigid meat up and down the soft moist lips of her pussy she reached her arms above her head, and grasped the bikes chrome handle bars causing the firm pale globes of her breasts to lift, and heave as she breathed long deep lustful gasps.

He nudged the engorged head into the warm folds of her sex enjoying her groan as he eased more of his meat into her. She felt tight, and hot around him as he began a slow but firm pumping rhythm that soon had her taking short sharp gasps as she neared another orgasm. She wriggled underneath him, and franticly gripped at the handle bars as he suddenly changed his rhythm to a deep long stroked plunge that tipped her over the edge, but he did not slow, but instead sped up his unrelenting pounding.

She ached for his cock as he placed her on her back. She moaned as she felt her own wetness as she began to circle her pulsating clit. The moaning increased as she watched him unbuckle his belt, and unbutton his jeans.

A twang of delightful anticipation rushed through her as she saw his meat revealed in the half light. Its thick shaft was ridged with veins, its head looked as if it would explode at any moment. It jutted out a good nine inches from its base. Pre cum already glistened at its tip, and she began to writhe with the expectation of what this mighty specimen Maltepe Escort would feel like deep inside her.

He lowered himself onto her, and she could feel his weight pressing down on her as he rubbed the swollen tip up and down her aching cunt lips. A long groan escaped her as she felt the lips of her pussy peel back as he slid his thick shaft a few inches into her.

She felt stretched around his girth, her breathing quickened, and she moaned as he settled into a purposeful rhythm. Within moments she felt the inevitable throbbing heat deep in her gut that triggered an explosive climax. She began to tremble, and wriggle as the feelings rushed through her, she moaned and almost cried out for release.

Just at that point he slammed his thick straining cock all the way in up to the balls, and began to pound into her with long deliberate strokes that left her gasping, and breathless with every delicious thrust. With a final rush she threw her arms around him pulling him closer, deeper.

She buried her face into his heaving chest, and screamed a long ecstasy fuelled scream as her pussy gushed sweet juices over his god like cock, and balls that dripped onto the leather padded seat and soaked her crumpled skirt. He continued to pound her dripping pussy as she wailed.

After long moments the feelings that had engulfed her ebbed away to a dull tingling that she knew would build to another mind blowing orgasm.

She laid back, and looked up into his face and saw that it was contorted in a mask of mounting pleasure. She waited until she felt his muscular body begin to tense, just as she felt he was about to cum pushed him away, and pulled her legs back until she was straddling the wet saddle.

Leaning forward she took the straining cock into her mouth, its broad girth stretching her lips open as it filled her. She worked her tongue around the shiny tip, and sucked hard as she took in more and more until it hit the back of her throat.

She knew he was on the very edge, and so putting a hand on each of his buttocks she pulled him in as she plunged her tight mouth down its length. She took the entirety of it, and could feel its thick tip sliding down her throat. He shuddered, and with a final thrust he came.

The already massive cock swelled in her throat, she felt it pulsate, and grow until suddenly great spurts of creamy seed flooded the confines of her sweet mouth. He continued to fill her for several seconds until his body relaxed. But she wouldn’t release him, She kept a hold of his buttocks, and with his velvety cum dribbling from her glistening lips continued to suck.

She milked every last drop from his flagging member, and then using her tongue, she cleaned first his cock, then his balls. Finally she used her slender fingers to wipe her chin and breasts of the warm liquid, and slowly and deliberately she sucked them dry.

The pair collapsed back onto the bike, she on the fuel tank, he leaning back on the pillion seat. For long moments they lay in the cool night air their lust spent.

After a few minutes the raven haired woman dismounted from the machine, and tided her clothes. Returning her perspiration dampened breasts to the snug corset, and brushing down the wet crumpled skirt with the palms of her hands. Checking in one of the bikes wing mirrors, she scrutinized her face.

Satisfied that she was presentable the woman turned on her heals, and disappeared into the dark of the night leaving her chosen to compose himself.

She walked into the club, her tall lithe frame gliding smoothly across the space between the door and the bustling bar. Several dozen pairs of eyes watched her. Her raven black hair hung seductively over her shoulders, the loose curls framed her face, and softened her stern looking features. Her emerald green eyes pierced the…

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