The Steamy Chase Ch. 05

The Steamy Chase Ch. 05

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Dean Broody vs. Kayla Cooper


“Fuck!” Dean swore and threw the bunched up drawing sheet angrily across the room.

“Wow, wow! Someone is in a bad mood.” Josh Broody, Dean’s eldest brother drawled from the doorway, looking at the number of bunched up drawing paper scattered across the room. “What crawled up your arse, little bro?”

“Nothing.” Dean muttered rising up from behind his huge desk to meet his brother in the middle of the room, with his hand stretched out to take the envelope his brother was holding.

“Nothing my arse.” Josh said taking in Dean’s dark expression. “You have a problem, you talk to me kiddo. Now let’s hear it?” Josh said, throwing the envelope onto the closest table and folding his arms across his broad chest.

Dean stared at his big brother and sighed. As the eldest brother, Josh took his duties to another level, always making sure he helped his siblings solve whatever problems they had. And Dean would be the first person to acknowledge that Josh always made sure problems go away. If it wasn’t for Josh and his penchant for solving problems, Dean didn’t know where he would be right now.

Dean signed and run his fingers through his hair in frustration. Then he looked up at Josh with so much worry and confusion in his eyes, his big brother just drew him into his arms, holding him tight. Dean sighed and relaxed into Josh’s embrace, allowing all the tension of the past weeks to drain out of him…even if it was for some few minutes.

After a while Dean stepped back from Josh muttering, “thanks, I needed that.”

“Welcome. Now are you going to tell me what the problem is?” Josh asked, looking at his brother.

“Where’s Jake’s drawin…”

“Jake’s drawing can wait. Come and sit down and talk to me Dean.” Josh said moving to sit in the plush couch at the seating area of Dean’s insanely huge office.

Dean actually needed the space for the type of work that he did. The office was so uniquely well-designed that anyone who walked into it appreciated the skill and planning that had been put into it. Besides the elegant seating area, there was another desk where he did his manual drawings and sketches whenever he felt like it. He however used his main desk more often as most of the time, he used his computer to design and create technical drawings. There was a well-stocked bar, and a 102-inch screen projected on the wall, that was currently showing a documentary on the National Geographic channel.

Dean fell into the couch beside his brother with a groan. “Josh really, it’s nothing you have to worry yourself over.”

“Let me be the judge of that kiddo. Besides, your face shows whatever it is, is really eating you up. Let’s hear it.”

“It’s about a girl.” Dean murmured.

“What?” Josh bellowed, making Dean wince. “You’re mooning over a girl?”

“It’s not like that. I’m jus…”

“Who are you? And what the fuck have you done to my brother?”

“Fuck off Josh.” Dean gave Josh an angry look.

“Sorry bro, but put yourself in my shoes. You? Having female trouble? No!” Josh finished, shaking his head.

“I’m crazy about her Josh.” Dean muttered.

Josh looked at his brother incredulously, wondering whether he had heard Dean right. “Listen kiddo, if you want her, just go for her. What is stopping you?” Dean had girls throwing themselves at him all the time so Josh couldn’t understand why…”Unless of course she…”

“She doesn’t what me Josh.” Dean finished dejectedly and promptly groaned when Josh burst into uproarious laughter. “Now you see why I didn’t wanna tell you?”

“I’m so…sorry bro.” Josh said trying to bring his laughter under control. “Sorry. Why doesn’t she want you? Are you losing your touch? And why must her not wanting you bother you anyway? You are Dean Broody. Just move on to another chic. What is this girl? Gold?”

“Just a thought of her and BAM…I want to have her. Problem is, I can’t stop thinking about her, Josh. See my problem?”

Josh grinned. “So…you’re in lust with her. All you…”

“It’s more than that.” Dean said heatedly, cutting Josh off. “I have all these feeling inside me…I don’t understand it Josh. I’m totally confused.”

“Do you know anyone the girl is close with? What’s her name by the way?”

“She’s Kayla. And she’s close with Cole.”

“Cole? Has he hit it already? Are you guys…”

“No nothing like that. She’s his personal assistant but they are really close. He sees her as his kid sister.”

“Oh now I get it. You don’t want Cole to know you have the hots for his PA, who he protects as though she were his sister. ‘Cause if I were Cole and I knew this, I’d kill you.”

“Thanks a lot bro. And for your information, Cole knows.”

“And what is he saying about it?”

“That’s just it Josh. He hasn’t said a word.”

“How did he find out?”

Dean remained quiet for a while, remembering Kayla’s words. “Kayla told him. More like, he drilled it out of her.”

“Like I’m doing now huh?”


“So she told you she’s told Cole about you two and you didn’t think Uzun porno it was necessary to talk to Cole?” Josh asked with raised brows. “Am I missing something here?”

“What am I supposed to say Josh? Hey I fucked your PA and I want her to be mine…”

“You fucked her?” Josh looked incredulous. “And what did you just say? You want her to be yours? Dude, she’s not a toy.”

“Don’t you think I know that?” Dean snapped.

“Great. I was going to suggest you get someone close to her to link you guys up, fuck her and get her out of your system. But it looks like…”

“Been there, done that.” Dean drawled.

“And that make this more serious and complicated. Talk to Cole, Dean. That’s your best bet. Trust me. As for this chic, I need to meet her.” Josh grinned.

“You really think I should talk to Cole?” Dean asked quietly.

“Yep. Maybe you should take Kyle along when you’re going to talk to him. He looks like the only sensible person amongst you lot.”

“Don’t you mean the most quiet?” Dean drawled. “Don’t let the idiot fool you. He’s only moody because of his brother’s illness.”

“Okay, Chris then. Just someone who’ll have the sense to hold Cole back when he starts throwing punches.”

“And you think Chris would stop him? Thanks but I’ll take my chances. I’ll talk to the idiot. And if he makes one violent move, I’ll beat him to a pulp.”

“Settle down Tyson. You want his ‘sister’. It will be better if you pretend you can’t make a fist to save your own life. Go have that talk and keep me posted. Jake’s stuff is on the table. Call him directly if there’s anything to discuss. I don’t have time for your bullshit.” Josh said, heading for the door. His son wanted his quarters done in a certain way which he had sketched for his Uncle Dean to work on.

Dean leaned his head on the back of the couch and closed his eyes, thinking back to that fateful evening a week ago, when Kayla had crushed his hopes.


She was mouth-wateringly exquisite. Her head rested on his chest as he stroked her back, loving the softness of her skin. Dean loved the feel of Kayla against him, her head on his chest, the way her nude body was snuggled tightly against him, the delectable curve of her body…he couldn’t stop pressing gentle kisses on her damp hair. He could get used to this, Dean thought. But instantly, panic flared through him, swelling in his chest. Could he do this? Could he get serious about Kayla and not hurt her? Could he…

“Dean?” Dean heard Kayla call his name softly.

“Yes Kay.” Dean took a deep breath, trying to bring his erratic heartbeat under control.

“We need to talk.” She stated simply.

Even as Dean wondered whether Kayla had felt his panic, he felt his heart sinking. “What?” He whispered, looking down into beautiful green eyes.

“I’ll be right back.” Kayla said, getting off the couch and heading towards her room, her succulent arse on display.

Dean gulped, willing his dick to stop taking notice. Kayla probably wanted to look decent for whatever she was going to talk about, which Dean had a feeling was not in his favour. Shit! He stood up and zipped up his pants, bringing a semblance of order to his disheveled state.

Kayla came back into the living room, looking cool in black leggings and a long body-hugging grey t-shirt. Dean stared. No matter what Kayla wore, she looked hot. Dean however wished he could take that hot outfit right off that body. He felt his cock jerk inside his pants and groaned low in his throat. If there was one thing he was sure of, it was that he wanted to worship that body till the end of time. Oh shit! He was in big trouble.

Kayla sat in the chair opposite the couch Dean was sitting on, and cleared her throat. “Dean, this must not happen again…”

“Kay…” Dean begun but stopped when Kayla raised her hand for silence.

“No Dean, hear me out. We both enjoy the sex but we have to be real here…”

“Fuck Kay, this is…”

“Dean please. Allow me to finish.” She looked at Dean till he leaned back in the couch with his arms folded across his chest. Then she calmly continued. “Thank you. Listen, one of us has to act sensibly to avoid future problems. It’s not like I don’t want you. You know I do. These past weeks have been hell Dean. I’ve craved your touch. All the time actually. You’re that good. But of course you already knew that. All those girls must have already told you how great you are.” Dean’s lips tightened but he didn’t say anything.

“But I’m not that kind of girl Dean. Contrary to what you might think due to how I threw myself at you on the Island…and how I allowed you to have your way with me tonight, I’m not into casual sex. Hell, I wouldn’t have been a ‘Mary’ at twenty-four if I were.” Kayla said, giving the word quotations. She smiled when Dean groaned.

“We’ve known each other for years Dean.” She continued. “So I think I know you well enough. You are not my kind of man, neither am I your kind of woman. We both want different things and have totally different perception on life. This, between us, is a waste of our time and it stops today. Öğrenci porno That’s all I wanted to say to you.”

Dean sat quietly for a while and stood up, watching as Kayla stood as well. “What was that you said about Cole?” He asked quietly, raising an eyebrow when he saw Kayla flush.

“It was nothing.” Kayla muttered.

“Hey, just tell me. I want to know please.”

“Well…he must have picked up on my mood and asked me…what was bothering me. I told him. I’m sorry.” Kayla whispered.

Dean shook his head. “Don’t be. It’s okay.”

“For what it’s worth, I told him I threw myself at you.” Kayla added in a small voice, making Dean smile. How he wanted to hug her, feel that body against his, feel those boobs rubbing…

“You shouldn’t have but thanks.” Dean’s voice had turned husky. “Listen…” Dean tugged his left hand into his back pocket and squeezed his eyes with the thumb and forefinger of his right hand. “…what will it take? What can I do to convince you that, this is different? This is not just about sex. Yes I want you. I wish I could have you in my bed twenty-four-seven.” Dean smiled when he saw Kayla’s blush. “Fuck you till you can’t walk.”

Dean heard Kayla moan softly in her throat and watched her eyes glaze over. At least the feeling was mutual, Dean thought. They both wanted to fuck the hell out of each other.

“Yes, I want that. But what I’m feeling is more than sex Kay. I want you to be mine. So tell me…what will it take to convince you that I’m serious?”

Dean watched as Kayla slowly shook her head. “Nothing.” She whispered. “I know you Dean. I’ve seen what you’ve done to other girls and I’m not going to allow you to do same to me no matter how much I want you. I just can’t.”

Dean was dying inside. “Nothing at all?” His voice was quiet.

“No.” Just one word, but it sounded so final.

Dean sighed and stepped towards Kayla.

“Dean…” Kayla whispered, taking a step back.

“I just want a hug. I’m not going to do anything more. Promise.” Dean said opening his arms to Kayla.

After a slight hesitation, Kayla walked into his arm and wound her arms around his waist. She was stiff initially but relaxed eventually and laid her head on Dean’s chest. Dean buried his face in Kayla’s hair and inhaled.

“I’m not going to give up Kay. If I have to move heaven and earth, to convince you that my intentions are honourable, I’m going to do it. I swear!” Dean’s voice sounded muffled but he knew Kayla heard every word.

With an effort, especially so when he saw the tears on Kayla’s face, Dean headed for the door.


Dean groaned, the feeling of loss that never failed to flash through him anytime he recalled his last conversation with Kayla, whirling through him. He looked up at the clock. It was almost seven p.m. He knew the boys were not going to meet today as Chris, Damon and Matt were out of town, Michael was on call at the hospital and Kyle had his hands full with his brother, Ken, who had refused to undergo any more chemotherapy. Dean reached for his phone, remembering Cole saying Briana was writing her end of semester exams. That would mean she was in school and Cole was home alone.

Cole picked up on the first ring. “Hey.” Cole’s voice sounded like he was doing something.

“Hey. Busy?” Dean asked.

“Just packing some boxes. Sup?”

“Can I come see you?” Dean asked quietly.

After a slight pause, Cole’s voice came back on. “Sure. Get some pizza on the way. Pepperoni and cheese for me.” Then he hanged up.

“Asshole.” Dean muttered. It was obvious Cole knew why he wanted to see him and the idiot was having fun.

Dean grabbed his keys and headed for the door. What’s the worst that could happen?


“You dick!” Was Cole’s first words when he opened the door. Then he took the pizza from Dean and headed for the den, which the called the ‘boyz ghetto’.

The ‘boyz ghetto’ was where the guys had fun whenever it was Cole’s turn to entertain on Saturdays. It was a big plush game room. It had Massaging recliners, home theatre, stereo, video games, dartboard, pool table, wet bar, and, through a set of French doors, an enormous rooftop balcony complete with hot tub and a BBQ setup.

Dean closed and locked the door and followed Cole into the den. He removed his shoes and took off his shirt, leaving his undershirt. Cole was already seated in front of the huge LED TV and opening one of the pizza boxes. Dean went to the fridge in the corner and got out some beers, throwing one to Cole, who promptly opened it and took a long swallow. Dean sat and opened his and took a much slower swallow, staring at the TV the whole time.

“Hey, eat.” Cole said, pushing the pizza towards Dean. “You need your strength for what I’m about to do to you.”


“Relax. She told me she ambushed you. Actually, that’s the only reason you’re not in the hospital right now dude. That was Kayla for goodness sake. What the hell were you thinking?”

“I wasn’t.” Dean muttered reaching for a slice of pizza.

“Oh you were thinking alright. With your dick. Jeez.” Cole muttered.

They ate in silence, the only sound the low voice of the newscaster on CNN.

“So what now?” Dean eventually broke the silence. “What do I do?”

“What do you want exactly Dean?” Cole asked turning to look at his friend. He looked so defeated, Cole felt sorry for him.

“I want her Cole.”

“Of course any hot-blooded male would want her. How do you want her Dean? And don’t tell me on her back with you buried deep inside her or I swear to God, I’ll punch you.” Cole said looking at Dean.

Dean shook his head slowly and turned to look at Cole. “I want her for real. To be mine. I want exclusive with her.”

“You see, that’s just it. She knows you. And she knows you’re not serious about any woman. You just use them and discard them. Kayla is too smart to allow herself to be treated like that. She doesn’t trust you dude. Hell, I don’t trust you when it comes to women. And I’m a guy.”

“Then I’m going to make her if it’s the last thing I do.” Dean said heatedly.

“Tell me, why do you want her?”

A look of pure desire appeared on Dean’s face. “She’s beautiful, funny and smart. And she has an arse that is so sexy that I struggle to even understand it.”

“You wanna crochet that into a pillow and send it to her grandmother?”

“Her grandmother is dead asshole.”

“And so will you be if you don’t stop talking about her arse. I’m sure Kay is lovely and all that but there are a million girls out there. You could take your pick. ‘Cause if you fuck Kayla up, you’re not going to lose just her. You’re going to lose me too.” Cole sounded dead serious.

“I want romance with her. I want…”

“Dude, when it comes to you and romance, something always happens. Much as I love you, something always happens.”

“I resent that you jerk. I’ve had some relationships that were successful.” Dean growled.

“Before they went absolutely nowhere.” Cole retorted and immediately regretted it at the hurt look on Dean’s face. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean that.”

“Yes you did. I know I’m an asshole but…”

“You don’t want to hear the word commitment. We all didn’t. But when the right person comes along, it’s like being hit by a tornado. You don’t even notice till you’re swept away.” Cole said staring off into space.

“I’ve never felt this way about anyone Cole. I don’t know what she did to me but all I do is think about her. She’s the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing I think about when I’m going to sleep. I want her in my arms all the frigging time…just to hold her. And when I see her…my heart beats so fast and hard I fear I’m going to have a heart attack. As for my dick, I don’t even want to talk about it. She’s like liquor running through my veins …”

“I’ll be damned!” Cole whispered but Dean didn’t even hear him. He was lost in his own world, talking about Kayla. Cole just knew his friend had fallen for Kayla but didn’t even know it. Well he wasn’t going to say anything about that. What he was going to do, was help Dean convince Kayla that he was serious about her. That Dean wasn’t just lusting after her body, but wanted a real relationship with her.

“Are you listening to me dude?” Dean asked Cole who seemed lost in thought.

“I heard you. And we’re going to convince Kayla, that neither are you after sex, nor do you want to add her to your conquest list. So help me God, if you go fucking this up by hitting that pussy again…”

“I swear I’m not gonna touch her if that’s what it’ll take to convince her. Wait…what if she asks me to?”

“Especially when she asks Dean. No matter how much she pleads, don’t fuck her.” That’s the only way you can convince her that you’re not doing all the chasing because of sex.”

“No matter how much she begs me to fuck her, I won’t.” But Dean knew even as he spoke, that there was no way he could resist an aroused Kayla. It was going to be a real challenge.

“Dude, we’re going to try to make a point so work with me here. No sex.”

“No sex.” Dean repeated.

“Good. The chase is on!”


“Kay, could you please come in here for a sec.” Kayla heard Cole say through the intercom.

“Certainly Cole.” Kayla snapped out of her thoughts and got up from behind her desk.

It was a Monday, two weeks after telling Dean it wasn’t going to work between them right after having the most amazing sexual encounter of her life. But then, every encounter with Dean made their previous encounters seem like a joke. When he ate her out on the Island, she thought nothing could be that good, till he had fucked her. Then she thought there was nothing as amazing as having Dean inside her. But their last encounter had been simply mind blowing. She had lost count of the number of orgasms she’d had. Kayla was getting wet just by recalling that explosive experience. She kept asking herself whether she had done the right thing by cutting Dean off. But she knew it was for the best. That didn’t however stop her from wishing and lusting after that hot specimen of a man. Dean was like an addiction to her. The more she told herself to stay away from him, the more she wanted him. Unfortunately, school was out so she didn’t have any other thing, besides her job, to keep her occupied. That meant all she did at her free time and at home was think about Dean. She needed help…and fast!

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