The SS O’Doyle Ch. 04

Annihilator Monster

Here we are, back on the O’Doyle. It’s been a hectic couple months as the crew repairs and refit their old ship. They are out to sea for a week long shakedown cruise, usually the last step before heading out on their mission.



“Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire reported in Generator 3! Away the fire team to DC locker 3. This is a Drill.”

HM2 Dave Krieg grabs his aid kit and flash hood and runs out the door of the medical office and heads down the ladder to the DC locker.

HM3 Jenna Jansen is ready to check in for her night’s work. She walks into Medical shortly after Dave runs out. HM2 Chris Daniels is sitting at the desk working on the computer. “Hey Chris, how are you? How was the day? I saw Dave run out the door, but where is Chief?”

“Good evening Jenna. The chief is helping evaluate the fire drill, so she will probably just head to chow and bed after it’s over. I’m fine, the day was mostly uneventful. Krieg and I did a water safety check today.” Chris says “We came across a couple couplings, well, WE didn’t cum across anything.” He smiles knowingly. They both laugh at that.

“So what did you two end up seeing?” Jenna asks, with a slight quiver in her voice and a tingling in her pants.

“Well, the XO and his new man. He was getting plowed by the new Ensign in the officer’s head. I think he knows when I do the water checks. I think I catch him every time.”

“That is a possibility. You are his type.” She said. “Not just his type though.” She says, eying Chris. “Who else did you catch?”

“We were in the women’s area early and we both got a real good eye full of a hot redhead sixty-nining a good looking black girl. Gotta say that was hard to walk away from. Kinda wanted to join in. But you know me, all kinds of professional.” Chris says, with a wry smile, and a growing bulge in his pants.

“Really? I’m guessing that you would have been happily accepted into that little party, you being a gorgeous guy yourself. So you liked watching two girls getting it on?” She moves to the edge of the desk and perches on the edge.

“It was pretty sexy, but that redhead was smokin hot. I would really like to see more of her, if only I knew who she was.” He chuckles and stands up in front of her. He leans in and gives her a kiss on the lips.

“Mmm” she moans on his lips. “More. I need more.” Her arms go around his neck and pull him close. She presses her lips to his and they kiss deeply. His tongue darts into her mouth and his hands go to her waist and pulls her tight against his body. They kiss for a few minutes, their hands exploring over their bodies.

“Go lock the doors.” He says in her ear as he nibbles the lobe. She moans in pleasure and shivers while taking the two steps to lock the doors. She pulls her top off as she walks back into Chris’ arms. He had already taken his t-shirt off. She runs her hands over Chris’ bare chest and leans in to kiss him. His hands go around her and unhooks her bra. She steps back and lets her bra slide down her arms releasing her breasts. “Damn! Those are gorgeous!” Chris says as he leans in to suck the extended nipple into his mouth, tugging the attached nipple ring with his teeth.

“OOOHHH!!” She moans. Her hand goes to the back of his head to hold him against her sensitive nipple. Her other hand slips down to unbutton her pants and then to his, first rubbing over the giant bulge in his pants. She squeezes him gently, then works to free her new toy from it’s wrappings.

Chris has moved to her other nipple, tugging on this ring as well, tongue and lips engulfing as much as they can. He shifts his hips when he feels his pants loosen, letting them fall to his knees. He feels Jenna’s hands tugging at his boxers freeing his swollen member.

Once she has his cock free, Jenna drops to her knees and takes him into her mouth. She quickly starts to slurp and stroke in a frenzy. She feels his hands in her hair, holding her head as he starts to move back and forth, fucking her mouth. She holds still and allows him to set the tempo while working her tongue around his pulsing shaft. She reaches down and loosens her pants so she can slip her hand in and start working her clit. Jenna can feel Chris’ balls start to tighten as he pulls out of her mouth. She stands up and bends over the desk pulling her pants down as she does this. “Fuck me, Chris!” She moans “Fill me up!”

He places the head of his cock against her opening and easily slips into her soaking wet twat. He starts to pump in and out of her willing pussy. Her insides grip and massage his cock along its length. He grabs her waist with one hand and the other grabs her hair. “I’m close.” He says.

“Cum inside me. I want you to fill me up!” Jenna moans.

A few more strokes and Chris pulls Jenna fully onto him and buries his cock deep inside of her, his load of cum splashing all the way inside of her. “Fuck!! That’s goooood!” He groans as he finishes squirting in her hot pussy. He pumps a couple Ümraniye Escort more times and Jenna reaches back to rub on his balls and her clit.

“That felt amazing. I’m going to cum too.” Jenna says as she feels his sticky cum drip out of her onto her fingers. She is rubbing her clit faster, using his cum and feeling his balls bounce against them brings her to her own climax. “GOD!! Fuck yessssss!!”

Chris buries himself again, feeling her clench down on his cock. They ride out her climax like that. When she relaxes, Chris pulls out and he can see the mess they made. Jenna stands up, turns and kisses him. “Thanks Chris. You better get out of here if you want to beat the rush to dinner. I’ll clean up and see you in the morning.” She kisses him again and pulls her pants up.

Chris dresses and heads out the door. “Good night Jenna. See you in the morning. Or maybe I’ll sleep walk up here one of these nights.”


Sliding down the ladder and then racing down the P-way, ducking and stepping over the watertight doors is exhilarating. Krieg barely notices the two sailors who press themselves against the bulkhead as he blows past them. He arrives at the DC locker and drops his bag beside the door. He pulls his flash hood over his head and then helps DC3 Johnson get the SCBA up and on his back. Fernandez and Johnson move to Generator 3 to start the simulated investigation.

The drill runs its course over the next hour. Krieg is simulating treatment on a simulated burn on DC3 Stephen Grace’s arm. Krieg has two simulated casualties. The other is DCFN Josh Andrews (Damage Control Fireman an E3 just under the petty officers. The navy has a fucked up enlisted ranking system) Andrews has a simulated fractured arm. Krieg has already applied a splint to the arm and simulated sending him on to Medical with the litter bearers. In actuality, Andrews and the two crewman tasked with carrying the stretcher are sitting in the passageway awaiting the end of the drill.

DCC O’Shea and the rest of the fire team arrive at the locker. “Okay, that wasn’t perfect, but it also wasn’t fucked up. We will have a couple more drills over the next few days, then a fire party debrief on the last day of the shakedown. Let’s get this stuff stowed and cleaned up and you can break for dinner and your regular duties.” With that DCC hands his SCBA to Fernandez and he turns and walks away.

Stowing the gear doesn’t take long and Krieg returns to medical to drop his aid bag. “Hey Jenna, how’s it going?” He asks her.

“Having a pretty good shift so far. How was the drill?”

He replies “Pretty boring. Two simulated injuries to be simulated treated. The usual.” They laugh at the ridiculous necessities of life and death training. “I’m headed to chow and get some sleep. See you in the morning.” He says to her.

“Good night and see you later.” She replies and she returns to updating the medical record in front of her.


Dave walks the p-way past the women’s quarters towards the galley for dinner. “Doc, hey Doc! Wait up.” ST2 Melissa Hodges says from the door. Dave turns and smiles as Melissa walks up to him. “Headed to chow? Mind if I come with?” She asks.

“I am and I’d be happy if you did.” He replies. They finish the short walk to the line. Fortunately, they just missed the rush and are able to walk through the line and choose their dinner quickly. They retrieve their drinks and walk in to the seating area. They find an empty table and take a seat. “Why are you eating so late? You get stuck running a sonar drill or something?” He asks, while taking a bite of the pretty tasty pot roast.

“No, I knew you were at the fire party drill and figured you might want some company for dinner. So I waited til the drill was over.” She says, chewing her salad.

“Wow, that is really nice of you Melissa. Thank you, I’m touched.” He says looking her in the eye.

She smiles widely at his thanks and says “I was happy to wait. You are fun to talk to. Except when you say foolish things like the Stars are better than the Wild.”

“I only speak facts, Melissa. Only facts.” He replies smugly, because he is right.

“Whatever, Dave. We will see at season’s end who is better. So have you talked to Annie since she left?”

Dave replies “Yeah, we email fairly regularly. She is liking the new job. Her parents live in the suburbs of Chicago, so being stationed at Great Lakes is great. She gets to go home every night, duty pending of course.” (Naval Station Great Lakes is the Navy’s largest training base. Boot Camp and many of the primary or ‘A’ schools are there. When I was in HM school, it was there. It is in San Antonio now.)

“Lucky girl. If I decided to stay in and become an instructor, I’d have to go to San Diego. While beautiful, far away from St. Paul.” She says, “If I stay in.”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t be an instructor though. Answering the same damn questions every cycle! Shoot me now!” He laughs. İstanbul Escort “I am not going to re-up (re-enlist) though. This is my last 2 years. Time to move on to better things.” He picks his and her tray up and takes them to the dish area. She gets up and refills both of their drinks. They return to the table and she asks “So are you and Annie going to do the long distance thing?”

“Nah, we both know that doesn’t work so well. Maybe when we get out something might happen.” He shrugs “She is awesome, but there is a lot of time between now and then. Who knows what will happen. What about you? You got a wimpy Wild fan waiting for you in St. Paul. Or a guy here on board? Or a girl, I saw a couple going at it earlier today.”

“No, no awesome Wild fan at home.”

“I said wimpy.”

“Shuddup! Anyway, no guys anywhere, and no girls. You are right, those girls get at it in there.” She says with a shiver.

“Really? No guy? You are a catch.” He says, surprised. “Wait, I know… You are psycho!” They laugh as she slaps his arm.

“There is a guy, but he was taken.” She says “I did just find out he is single though.”

“Lucky guy, whoever he is.” He says, warily

“Dammit, you are going to make me say it, aren’t you. I like you Dave. You are funny and smart and fucking hot.” She blurts out. Melissa throws her hands to her mouth and her face turns scarlet with her embarrassed blush.

Dave caught by surprise by her statement and her reaction. He chuckles at her antics. He reaches across the table and takes her hand, she wraps her fingers in his.

“I wasn’t kidding, despite not being a Stars fan and more than likely a psycho, you are a catch.” She smiles hopefully. “How about when we get back we get some dinner and see if I can live with your brand of crazy.” He smiles as he kisses her hand.

Melissa says “Yes. I’d love to go out with you. I’m gonna guess that you are the complete package and that you can cook.”

“I can cook, not chef level, but I can knock together some pasta and chicken, or grill steaks or something easy. Why do you ask?”

“Heather Dawson and I share an apartment off base (there is no on base housing for an unmarried enlisted sailor attached to a ship. You live on the ship unless you can find an off base apartment for way too much money.) So if you will cook dinner, I’ll supply the kitchen, the hockey game, and the company.”

“Deal! Who is Heather Dawson? I don’t think I met her.” He says

“She is one of the FCs. She is not on our duty section, so unless you hang out with the missileers, or in the women’s berthing, you’ve probably missed her.” She says moving into the seat next to him, resting her head on his shoulder.

“Ahh, maybe I should hang out in there. Get to know more of the crew.” He says with a laugh. He laughs harder when she punches his arm and calls him a slut. “Too bad they frown on PDA (Public Displays of Affection.” (Very frowned upon in uniform and aboard ship. As is fucking your Chief {see ch.1}) “I’d really like to kiss you, a lot.” He says.

“Me too.” She says holding his hand in both of hers in her lap. “Hmm, I wonder.. Have you heard if they are running any drills tonight?”

“I haven’t heard, and HMC usually lets us know if they plan any.” He says, seeing no one paying attention to them he kisses the top of her head. “Why do you ask?”

“Follow me. I might have a temporary solution.” She says and stands. He follows, looks around the dimly lit dining area for any khaki in sight and sees none. (Khaki uniforms are worn by chiefs and officers as daily work uniforms generally. Lower enlisted wear blue coveralls or the goofy blue camo, which is what our hero and his girl are wearing.) He pulls her close and kisses her deeply. His hand slips up to the back of her head and his other cups her firm ass. She wraps both arms around his neck and presses her body against him.

“Get a room you two!” Someone catcalls from the other side of the small dining area, where a movie is playing on the TV.

Melissa breaks the kiss, blushing enough he can see in the darkened room. “Let’s go.” She whispers. She leads him out into the p-way headed aft. They take the stairs down two levels and walk to a closed door marked ‘Aft Sonar’ “This shouldn’t be locked, and it isn’t.” She says as she opens the door. “Hurry inside.” They walk into the dark room and she closes and locks the door. She hits the switch for the overhead lights. “Have you been here yet?” Melissa asks Dave.

“This is the towed array?” He asks and she nods. “Haven’t been here but Chris told me it’s one of the things I have to visit and learn for the ESWS. (Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist, a qualification badge for shipboard sailors. You must learn and pass a test on ALL of your ships systems.)

“Well, when you get to that, I’ll teach you all you need to know. However that is not the time. The time is for you to notice that there is no one here to notice any PDA. And Anadolu Yakası Escort I am hoping for all kinds of PDA tonight.” She says to him with a smile and a blush.

Dave looks at Melissa. Her long brown hair up in a messy bun. Her blue eyes flashing in the harsh overhead lights. Her cheeks flushed and her full lips in that sexy smile. He unbuttons his blue camouflaged blouse. He pulls it open and off, revealing his dark blue under armor skin tight compression shirt.

“Damn!” Melissa gasps. She drops her blouse and repeats “Damn! Dave, that chest! Fuck!”

Dave opens his arms and says, “Come here, Melissa.” She practically leaps into his arms. He wraps his arms around her. She rests her head against his broad chest. Her hand rubbing lightly over his shoulders, chest, and abs. Dave uses one hand to tip her chin upward and he leans in and presses his lips against her full ones. Her lips part to accept his tongue and he probes her hot mouth. His other hand drops and cups her firm ass again pulling her closer.

Melissa moves her hand to Dave’s neck, keeping him pressed to her lips. Her other hand is still brushing over his chest, slipping lower to his firm, muscled stomach. She moans when his large hand cups her rear and squeezes her cheek. She feels his hand slide from her butt up her back and side. His lips and tongue meshing with hers perfectly. She slides her hand from his wonderful stomach moving ever lower. Curious if the rumors are true, yet knowing they are. There is no way this man won’t be huge.

Dave slides his hand up Melissa’s back. Her t-shirt not skin tight like his, but wonderfully tight enough to highlight her charms. He makes it to her middle back, not feeling a bra strap. He brings his hand around the side and cups her high and full breast. He smiles into her kiss as he realizes she is braless. “Is this for my benefit, or do you go commando at work?” He runs his thumb over the shirt covered rock hard nipple.

Melissa shivers when his hand moves over her firm C cup. His hand supports the entire breast. She blushes again when she replies, “I may have decided to get more comfortable before dinner.” Not quite answering his question directly. Her hand gets to her target, the rumors do appear to be true. “Is this for my benefit?” She sends his question back to him.

“I think it just might be, if you want.” He replies with a quick kiss. He lowers both hands to her waist, tugging the hem of her t-shirt from her waistband. Dave lifts her shirt up. Melissa reluctantly releases her prize to raise her arms. As soon as her shirt is tossed to the side, Dave pauses to take in the magnificent sight of her full breasts and says “Damn! Those are MAGNIFICENT!” Melissa uses his slight distraction to use both hands to open his belt and the waist of his pants. Her hands at his waist brings him back to the present. He wastes no more time and grabs a handful of each breast and latches his mouth onto her right nipple.

“Yessssss.” Melissa moans while his mouth works magic on her sensitive nipple. She kisses his shoulder and pushes his pants down off of his hips. When he moves to her other breast she slips her hand into his boxer briefs and grips his hardness. “You can play with them later, but I need to get at this now.” She says, pulling his head away from her breasts. She drops to her knees and pulls his boxer briefs down. When the waistband clears the head of his cock it pops up and slaps her in the chin. Her fingers wrap around him and she strokes the length a couple times. The precum builds at the head. Her tongue darts out and licks the drops. “Oh fuck…” She moans and her mouth opens wide to take the head inside. Her lips surround the head as her tongue licks the fluid. Her hand stroking faster.

Dave moans at the feeling of her hot mouth. He reaches down to grab her hair. He releases her bun as she starts moving back and forth taking more of him in on each bob. Her hair falls around her face and shoulders. He grabs a handful of her hair and holds her still and he starts to pump his hips and pushing more of his cock into her mouth with each stroke.

“Mmmhmmmm!!” Melissa moans as his cock pushes into her throat. Her hands grip his ass pulling him to her on each in stroke. Drool is dripping out of her mouth as he strokes deeper. The head of his cock moves into her throat and she swallows to help it move deeper. He strokes once more, pushing fully into her mouth, her nose in his pubic hair and his full balls resting on her chin. “Mmmmm mmmmmm…mmmmmm!” She grips his ass, holding him in her throat. She swallows and her esophagus grips and massages the head.

“Ffffuckkk!! I’m about to cum, baby!!” He says while loosening his grip on her hair, to give her a chance to pull off.

“Mmmmhmmm!” Her nails dig into his cheeks, forcing him to push deeper into her mouth.

“Got it, baby!” He grabs her hair tightly and pulls her back and pounds her mouth two more times and says “Cummmminnnggg!!” He releases his pent up load deep in her throat, almost directly into her stomach. Her nails still digging in his cheeks holding him in place. He releases her hair as the last of his seed squirts into her throat. She pulls back slowly, applying suction to ensure no semen escapes her mouth.

Here we are, back on the O’Doyle. It’s been a hectic couple months as the crew repairs and refit their old ship. They are out to sea for a week long shakedown cruise, usually the last step before heading out on their mission. Enjoy! ********** “Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire reported in Generator 3! Away the…

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