The Special Project

Intro; in this chapter John and Sabrina do some improvements to Tammy’s deck. After completion they even perform a test with the her and do further modifications that she suggests after seeing the room.


I got up earlier than usual and called Sabrina, her Aunt Sarah answered the phone and said she was sleeping. I told her she needed to get up soon because we were starting a new work week.

John I wanted to thank you for last night, I have not felt like that in years and I am so satisfied this morning. I slept very well last night, that’s something I have been having trouble with.

I told her I totally enjoyed the pleasures that she had given me, and she should not hesitate to fill her needs. Now please go wake up Sabrina, I will be over there very soon. We have a big job ahead of us and I need her to be ready.

I hung up and got in my van, the drive over was about 10 minutes and I did well going through traffic. I pulled into Sarah’s driveway and honked the horn.

Sarah came out still in a silk robe. Her breasts pressed against it showing fully, with her hard nipples poking against the silk. She came over to me and gave me a very wet kiss, her tongue seeking out mine then sucking it with her lips.

Good morning John, I have some breakfast ready for you and Sabrina if you would like to join us. She led me inside and poured me a nice mug of coffee and put a plate of sausage and eggs in front of me. She called for Sabrina to come to breakfast, she came down the hall half dressed trying to pull her t shirt over her head.

As we ate breakfast Sarah ate her sausage slowly, sucking it into her mouth like she was sucking a little cock. Her eyes met mine and she smiled as she played with the little sausage.

I finished my breakfast quickly wanting to get started, if I let her get me all excited we’ll never get going I thought. I thanked her for breakfast and told Sabrina I wanted to get going. She quickly finished and got herself together, we hugged Sarah and told her we would be back later that day.

Sabrina grabbed my arm and led me outside, goodness you’re here a little early. I told her I wanted to get over there and do some measurements and then sit down and think out what would be the best to put in there. We’ll go back to the shop and start making what we needed to get started.

So why are you so sleepy this morning sugar, usually you are ready to go and full of energy every day. Didn’t you get enough sleep last night? I reached into the cooler and handed her an energy drink that I usually kept with me. She opened it and quickly drank it down, and told me of her night.

After you left last night Aunt Sarah and I sat down and drank some wine and talked. We were sitting on the couch at each end and she was telling me how good you and I made her feel. Her hands caressed her breasts as she looked at me; I got very turned on watching her. I started to copy her and played with mine and lowered my hands inside the sweatpants I had on. I was so wet and my clit was so hard.

Aunt Sarah moved closer to me and pulled my sweatpants off. She kissed up my legs and found the treasure she was looking for. After she made me cumm twice in a row; she brought me to her room and brought out a little box of toys. Well one thing led to another and we did not get to sleep till two am. I say it was quite a stimulating evening.

We got to Tammy’s and put a large sheet of wood over the tub and laid out some tarps to protect the rest of the floor. She helped me set up my ladders and we had an elevated walkway to do our ceiling work. We finished laying the form out for the drop ceiling, and decided to break for lunch and go back to my shop to do some finish work. We raided Tammy’s refrigerator and found some delicious snacks, then headed to my shop for the rest of the day.

I had Sabrina cut up some ceiling tiles and mark them as we mapped them out. I cut the ankara escort mirror and attached a stronger backing to it for strength. We were both a mess and quickly undressed and hopped in the shower. We stayed inside the shower and played until the water got too cold. We came out and dried ourselves off slowly. We were so worn out from so much work I let her use my small pick up to get herself home.

For the rest of the week she met me at my place and we worked hard on our job. Friday had finally come and we just had to put up the ceiling squares and clean up. The walls were partially mirrored; mood lights were aimed to highlight certain areas. We finally got up the last piece and put away our tools.

We called Tammy on her cell phone to see if she was coming back home today, she said she would be there in about an hour. I wanted to surprise her so I told her we would meet her in front. We sat on her porch drinking a few beers and planning our surprise.

Tammy pulled up in her convertible sports car and came over to sit with us. Oh I had such a long week and at times it was so slow, I am so glad to be home now. Now I would like to see what you two have been working on all week.

As we went inside I told her I wanted it to be a surprise, she could not look till we were there and to make sure of that she would be blindfolded. She agreed and we found something to cover her eyes and led her to the deck.

As we walked, Sabrina and I removed our clothes till we were totally naked. When we got Tammy there we started to slowly undress her. Hey are we getting a little kinky here, she asked? If so I like it she said grinning. Mmmm your hands feel so nice. Oh goodness, doing this with the blindfolded make it very interesting as you can feel everything.

We led her into the tub; Sabrina knelt down and kissed her smooth lips and teased her clit as I moved behind her and spread her legs. Sabrina took my cock in her hand and pressed it against her pussy slowly pushing it inside her wetness.

Tammy moaned softly as she felt my cock fill her pussy, ohhhh gawd yes she screamed. She held Sabrina’s head in place as she felt her tongue teasing her hard clit. Ohhh yessssss right there Sabrina, lick my hard clit lick it faster yesss. I started fucking her harder and took her blindfold off slowly. As Tammy looked around she saw reflections of us on the walls and ceiling. I could feel a flood of juices warming my hard cock as she was getting very turned on from the views. Sabrina could sense she was ready to cumm and licked my cock as it slid in and out.

Oh gawd here I cumm screamed Tammy, oh yes this is so good. I slid my cock out slowly and Sabrina’s tongue took over, she pressed it deep inside while I took my cock and pressed it against Tammy’s tight ass. Oh yes fuck my ass and make me cumm again John, Sabrina fuck my pussy with your hot tongue. We had her hips moving back and forth as she pressed against each one of us. I watched her look at each mirror as shook back and forth faster. Oh gawd I’m cumming again yes oh yes.

Sabrina lapped up her sweet cumm as it squirted from her pussy; she slid her fingers inside and got them all wet. She came back up and offered her fingers to Tammy, they each licked them clean and then kissed deeply. We held Tammy close and sat her down in the tub, Sabrina moved so that I would sit between them. They each leaned to kiss me while I felt their hands rubbing my cock.

This is so nice; you two did an outrageous job turning this into what I have now. I can sit here by myself at night and it will look like I am surrounded. As she looked around more she looked at the corner wall, you know if we put a big flat screen TV in that corner and put in two cameras; that would make it so hot.

I agreed and told her as soon as she got one I would hook it up for her. She suggested that we go out to the store and buy one right now. When we ankara escort bayan return I’ll make some dinner while you put it up, we can make a night of it. Does that sound like a good idea?

We got out of the tub and quickly dried and dressed; we took my van and went to the store. Tammy picked out what she wanted and we found the small cameras and bought all the wires needed. We headed to her house and brought everything to the deck.

I got my tools and attached the TV to the wall. I placed one camera above the tub and the other to the side. I attached the wires and ran them along the wall so they would not be seen as easily. I tested it out and found I could split the picture into two separate ones or one large one switching from each camera. I was satisfied and turned it off and headed to the kitchen to see how they were doing.

Tammy was inside preparing a nice dinner and asked me to get some ice for our drinks. As I opened the freezer and grabbed a few cubes my hand felt something in the tray. I reached for it and saw it was a metal dildo which had a removable top. You could fill the inside with ice to keep it very cold; oh my, what is this I asked as I showed it to her. She smiled and said it was one of her favorite toys. Maybe I’ll try that on Sabrina later, but don’t tell her.

Sabrina was inside the den checking out Tammy’s portfolio; it was the same one she had shown me. She looks so hot in these, she said as she thumbed through the pictures. I flipped to the lingerie pictures and showed her those; her eyes grew wide as she looked at the sexy outfits. I wonder if she has any of these here she asked. I would love to play dress up later.

Well ask her after dinner and maybe you and she can do that on the deck, I said. Tammy called out and said dinner was about ready, we sat down and ate a nice salad and some juicy ribs coated with barbeque sauce.

We had some nice wine with dinner and we finished off the bottle; feeling nice and relaxed we went into the den. Sabrina picked up the portfolio and went to the pictures we were just looking at. Tammy, do you have any of these here? I would love to play dress up with you; we could give John a little show on the deck.

Tammy nodded with a smile and took her by the hand; John why don’t you go put the stereo out on the deck and hook it up. She handed me some CD’s and told me to load them in the changer. We will be back out in a little while she said with a smile.

I found a nice place for the stereo and hooked it up; I put in some nice jazz to start and turned the volume up. They came back about thirty minutes later and looked very sexy. Tammy had on a pink silk teddie with lots of lace; Sabrina had on a hot red baby doll which was very sheer and almost see through.

They danced slowly together to the jazz, at times rubbing against each other and kissing. I sat back and watched them and also turned on the TV; I split the picture with both cameras, they got hotter as we all watched from all angles.

My cock was so hard and needed some attention; I stripped off my clothes and sat back down on the lounge chair. I stroked my cock as I watched them being so sexy, I could see them watching my cock as I stroked it.

They whispered to each other and came over to me smiling; does John need a little help they asked together? They knelt down beside me and held my hard cock in their hands and shared kisses on the head.

I was in heaven as they each sucked me deep then switched; as one would suck my cock the other would slowly remove others outfit, and kiss up and down their soft skin.

Tammy was the first to climb up on my lap, she lowered her wet pussy all the way down; oh gawd it felt so good. She leaned back and squeezed hard on my cock as her torso moved back and forth.

Sabrina’s tongue teased her nipples and she kissed down her belly while her hand caressed my balls. I felt escort ankara her tongue lick up my cock as Tammy fucked it slowly; she spread her pussy wider and licked her clit till it hardened. Sabrina placed her lips on her clit and sucked it hard as Tammy mashed her pussy against us.

Oh gawd I’m gonna cumm, yes tease my clit and fuck me harder. Oh yes here I cumm she screamed loudly.

She rolled off my lap and licked my cock clean with Sabrina, sharing her sweet juices. She let Sabrina suck my cock deep while she watched, then went into the kitchen and returned with an ice bucket with her cold metal dildo hidden inside of it.

She told Sabrina to lie on her back while she sucked my cock, and found the blindfold she had on before and tied it around her eyes.

She took an ice cube and teased her nipples and watched them harden, licking them with her tongue to warm them back up. Trailing the ice cube down her flat tummy and then around her smooth lips; she spread them exposing her clit and teased it with her warm tongue and the ice cube.

Sabrina was very turned on by the way she was being teased and sucked my cock deeper while her hands caressed my balls. Tammy slid the cold dildo out of the bucket and rubbed it up and down Sabrina’s wet lips, she watched her closely as she pushed it deep inside.

Ohhh gawd that is so cold, moaned Sabrina yes fuck me hard with that Tammy, oh please lick my clit too.

I watched Tammy fuck her slowly with the cold dildo, while she teased her hard clit with her warm tongue. I knew she was going to cumm soon by the way her torso was moving. I reached down and pinched her hard nipples softly with my fingers, pulling them up and letting them go.

I laid down on top of Sabrina into a 69, and then rolled to my back so she could get on top. My hot tongue slid inside her cold lips and she moaned softly as my tongue fucked her deep. I could feel her tongue licking up and down my cock as she teased it, she did not want to make me cumm yet but kept it fully hard.

Tammy had sat down and took the cold dildo and teased her pussy with it, we watched her as she pushed it inside and fuck herself deep.

She got the dildo all wet and pulled it out of her pussy; she rubbed it against Sabrina’s tight ass slowly then pressed it against her tight hole.

Yes fuck my ass with that cold dildo Tammy; I want to feel it deep. She moaned on my cock as she sucked it deep inside her mouth, oh John your tongue feels so good in my pussy I am gonna cumm all over your hot tongue.

I was very close to orgasm myself as Sabrina’s mouth sucked me faster, and my tongue teased her hard clit faster.

I took it in my lips and sucked it biting it softly, her hips moved faster against my mouth and the dildo inside her ass.

We both came hard together, I moaned deeply as I came in her mouth and felt her swallow all my hot cum. As she came hard all over my tongue Tammy had pulled the dildo out of her ass quickly, her cumm squirted hard inside my mouth as I sucked it all down and licked her lips all clean.

We lay there in a daze for a few minutes, Tammy had a big smile on her face as we came back to reality. She pulled the blindfold from Sabrina and kissed her deep tasting my cumm. We climbed into the tub to relax, snuggling up together sharing kisses. The music had finished and we sat together in silence, the warmth of the tub made us feel very satisfied.

This new room is so hot, I just love the work you two have put into it, said Tammy. Maybe I’ll have a little party here for all my model friends, of course John and Sabrina you will be invited.

Thinking for a moment, knowing I would be way outnumbered, I declined the invite but insisted on Sabrina to be there, and she bring her Aunt Sarah. You could record it with those cameras through your VCR Tammy, and then I can watch it with you I said grinning.

It was late and we kissed Tammy good night, she told Sabrina she would call her and let her know when things were going to happen. Oh and John, I told some of my co workers about you and gave them your business phone number. So check your machine, you might get very busy she said with a smile.

Intro; in this chapter John and Sabrina do some improvements to Tammy’s deck. After completion they even perform a test with the her and do further modifications that she suggests after seeing the room. * I got up earlier than usual and called Sabrina, her Aunt Sarah answered the phone and said she was sleeping.…

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