The Smell of Her Hair

The Smell of Her Hair


I was a happy dad because my daughter Cynthia decided to spend time at home this spring break rather than go off to the beach like she did last year. I know it will only be a week, but still, a dinner here, movie there, just feeling her presence in the home again makes it feel like a home again.

We had enjoyed some tasty Chinese take out on Monday, and pizza on Tuesday, but for Wednesday she wanted to make a home-made meal for me and decided to invite one of her friends over, Stephanie. I had not seen Stephanie in quite awhile. She and Cynthia were practically joined at the hip during high school but ended up attending different colleges, so this dinner was important for them to spend some time together as well.

Stephanie arrived promptly at 7 PM. After the doorbell rang, I began to make my way to the front door when I heard Cynthia yell from the kitchen, “Come In Stephie! The door’s open.” I saw the knob turn and our mahogany door creaked open, with Stephanie on the other side. She was quite a sight. No longer the cute friend of my daughter, rather, a vision. She was dressed in something I can only describe as college-girl casual – a tank top and some type of hybrid sweat-pants/pajamas and sandals. Her hair was wavy, shoulder-length brown hair, with full red lips that curved into a magnificent smile, light brown eyes, soulful eyes… those eyes…

“Hey girl!” Cynthia said loudly, making her way from the kitchen. It startled me, I was transfixed on Stephanie. “Steph, Its been too long!” They embraced, the kind of embrace where you know people mean it, not the cheap little fake hug I see so often these days. “Both of you come and sit down, dinner’s ready!” Cynthia said with a bright, proud smile.

We had some pleasant small talk during dinner, “How was school?”, “What are you studying?”, “Ever keep in touch with so and so?”. The dinner was delicious. I could swear I noticed Stephanie looking at me differently though. Nothing obvious. A glance every now and then. An extra chuckle after one of my silly dad jokes. I could see her fidgeting with her napkin. A little nervous I xslot guessed. Surely I was imagining…

Cynthia said she picked up some pie earlier and was going to warm it up and cut up some pieces for us. As she got up from the table and turned toward the kitchen, Stephanie got up and said she would help out. Instead of taking the direct line toward the kitchen, Stephanie walked around the table to my side. As she got closer to me I turned and smiled at her, she got surprising close to me, close enough that her hair brushed past my face… that smell… the smell! That incredible smell. Something so simple as her shampoo and a light mist of scented spray. That smell! It was as if a ton of bricks fell on me. By the time she turned around she was at the door to the kitchen. She took the napkin she had been fidgeting with earlier and brought it up to her eyes, forming a mask. A simple mardi gras style mask. She said something, almost a whisper, “I wont be far away.” The smell of her hair… those soulful eyes behind a mask… It was her! Oh my gosh – its her! She vanished into the kitchen leaving me with my thoughts.

About a month earlier, I had been so incredibly lonely. I decided to try an escort service I saw advertised in one of those weekly event newspapers. To a hotel I went, pretending to be some guy visiting on business. I called the escort service and fumbled my way through – what type of person was I looking for, age, description, etc. They made sure I understood, that this was just for companionship, no sex for money. 45 minutes later there was a knock on my door. Looking through the peephole I could make out a woman with glasses saying she was from the service. As I opened the door, before we saw each other face to face, the first thing she said was that to ensure discretion she would wear a mask. I was so nervous and lonely I would have agreed to anything. So she wore this simple white mardi gras mask. As she looked up at me I saw her eyes widen under the mask, those eyes… then I saw smile come to her face, a genuine smile. I suddenly felt very much at ease.

She xslot Giriş dressed so “normal”, not like I imagined at all. Cute, tight top. Low rise jeans. Sandals.

She said, “So Mr. ‘Smith’ is it?”

“Yes,” I said.

“I want to be sure you understand that this is not sex for money.”

I assured her I did, “Just for companionship.” I handed her the agreed upon amount for her companionship.

“Now, that’s out of the way,” She said, “What if I told you that you remind me of someone I know. Someone whom I have fantasized about being with.”

I think the room next door could hear my gulp it was so loud.

She began undoing my belt, pulling it from around my waist smoothly, looking straight into my eyes with… those soulful eyes. She leaned into me like she wanted to whisper something and whisper she did “you can do anything you want to me… anything!” Then she lowered herself to kneel before me. She looped my belt around her neck and looked up at me and said, “I trust you. You can do anything to me.”

She handed me the free end of my belt, grabbed my hand holding the belt and stretched my arm away from her pulling the belt tight and I heard her breathing deepen. She kept eye contact with me as she unzipped my zipper and unbuttoned my pants and began sliding my pants down. My cock was already hard. Her pulling down my boxers only made it spring to attention even more. She didn’t start sucking immediately. It was as if she was wanting to experience me. Smell me. Feel me against her face. And ultimately taste me. Her mouth was so incredible warm, those lips so full and beautiful.

She pulled her mouth away for a moment, making sure I was looking at her again, her lips so close to my cock I could feel her breath when she spoke, “Anything!” As she took my hand holding the belt end and pushed it away from her, forcing her face forward and onto my cock. She opened her mouth wider and I could feel her tongue forming around my cock while it was in her mouth. I could feel her force herself forward causing her to gag slightly. I looked at her xslot Güncel Giriş as if to say, “I didn’t mean to do that,” but she simply pulled off my cock, with her eyes watering slightly, she said “Anything!” and she leaned forward again swallowing my cock.

It was something I had not experienced before. I had always been worried about not offending or doing something that made a woman not so comfortable. But here this natural beauty was, encouraging me. Encouraging me to do anything I wanted. Suddenly I found my free hand go to the back of her head, I could hear her mumble a positive “mmm hmm” and feel her strive to open her mouth further. She surprised me by taking her mouth off my cock with drool coming off her chin and said, “Fuck my mouth”. Hearing her say that was too much for me to handle. As I began thrusting against her face I could hear her gag a little, but she remained wide mouthed, tongue massaging my cock. I was causing her head to rock back and forth and I could smell her hair – that freshly washed hair, so amazing.

I told her I was close to cumming and she looked right at me and began working her mouth and throat muscles. It was as if she was swallowing while my cock was deep in her mouth and I could feel that muscles milking me. My balls began to tighten and she gently cupped them as I began shooting into her mouth. Her lips tight around me. Milking me. Keeping eye contact with me.

My legs began to weaken as I eased back onto the bed. She loosened the belt from around her neck. She looked at me again, made sure I was watching, and then swallowed deeply. Not a drop wasted. She looked at me and said, “I knew I could trust you.” Then she reached into her purse and took out the money I gave her and placed it on the bed.

“I don’t understand”, I said.

“Like I said, you ‘remind’ me of someone I’ve wanted for a long time. I would not want money for this.”

She gathered herself and opened the door, looked back and said “I wont be far away.”

“Time for pie!” My daughter’s words spring me back to reality. Cynthia asked if dinner was all right, that I looked a little funny. I glanced at Stephanie who blushed slightly. I said that I was all right and just a little thirsty. I offered to get something to drink. Cynthia said, “A glass of milk please.” Stephanie looked at me and said, “Anything.”

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