The Slave Ch. 08

The Slave Ch. 08


Holly tethers my limbs to the four corners of our bed and checks the tightness of the hold. The air is cool on my naked skin. She sits down gingerly so she doesn’t wrinkle her trousers.

“So, the guests should be arriving soon. Do you need anything?”

I flex my wrists and look up at my wife.

“I need you.”

“Too bad, toots.”

“Mmm. You’re getting me all hot and bothered.”

“Be a good girl and stay very quiet. Can’t have anyone knowing you’re home.”

“I’ll be the best girl. Go charm your new client.”


Holly gags and blindfolds me with silks. I’m totally at her mercy. She grazes her fingers up and down my body. My skin prickles. My hair stands on end. I want her so bad.

She kisses the side of my breast, my armpit, my neck. She brings her lips to my ear. I feel her breath on me like a steamy summer night. She whispers.

“I love you.”

I hear the click of the door locking behind her as she leaves. My muscles strain in a fantastic way. I can almost still feel her touch.

The dinner party should be ending around ten. I have no idea when she’s coming back. It could be a few minutes, or she could be gone for the night. The uncertainty turns me on. I give in to her power.

I can hear some of the festivities outside. Laughs, chatter, footsteps. I attune myself to every sense. Time passes slow as molasses. I fantasize about Holly until I’m dripping wet. She’s probably not even thinking about me. That gets me going even more.

Holly comes back some time after my legs fall asleep. I know it’s her even though she doesn’t speak. I smell her Betturkey perfume. I feel her presence. I yearn for her.

I struggle against the restraints and beg her to touch me, but my words are muffled. I lift up my pelvis. I squirm helplessly.

“Stop moving.”

I obey.

Holly holds her hand inches above my skin and hovers just out of reach. The air between us is electrically charged. I shiver. I can’t help myself. She slaps my pussy with a riding crop I didn’t know she had. I gasp with pleasure.

“I said don’t move.”

She whips me again. My skin stings. She caresses me with the tip. I think of her as the sensation tingles through my flesh. I think of her when the feeling goes away. I feel her absence.

Holly opens the closet. She’s getting changed. The party must be over. I wonder what comes next.

I hear her put on my favorite dress. Tight black canvas. Short sleeves. Buttons stretching from top to bottom. I try to guess what shoes she’s putting on. I hope it’s the Birman boots.

Holly reclines on her side, her head propped up by her elbow. The mattress dips under her weight. Her knee accidentally grazes my leg. It’s orgasmic. My rib cage rises and falls with every breath.

And then she’s gone, and I’m all alone. The house is silent. Even with the blindfold I know the lights are out. It could be a mind game. She likes to keep me on my toes, figuratively speaking.

I stay awake for as long as I can but I eventually drift off to sleep. I’m awakened by a bright light and the sound of two sets of high heels. I snap to attention, but I know Betturkey Giriş I’ll still be punished for nodding off. My pussy throbs just thinking about it.

“I’ll run the bath,” Holly says. “Make yourself comfortable.”

“You have such a beautiful home,” a strange voice says. “And I assume this is your wife? She’s gorgeous.”

“Thank you. And yes, that’s my lovely wife. Please don’t address her directly.”

“Sure, whatever you say.”

I hear the faucet running in the attached bathroom. Holly dribbles some essential oils in the water. The scent wafts out and fills my lungs. The woman slowly walks around the room. She’s probably checking out the art.

The water stops. Holly comes back into the bedroom, and I hear them kiss. They undress. Their clothes fall to the floor. Their hands swish all over each other’s bodies. They go into the bathroom and have loud, passionate sex in the tub.

I eagerly listen as my wife blows her mind. Holly is far and away the best lover I’ve ever had, and when she brings pleasure to others it reminds me of how lucky I am. She cries out Holly’s name over and over. Water splashes onto the tile. The woman climaxes.

They take their time toweling each other dry. Holly sits fully nude in the high-backed armchair, and the woman curls up in her lap. They sound of their lips touching drives me wild.

“Grace,” Holly says. “Would you do anything I told you to?”

The woman keeps kissing Holly’s skin. I wonder where her hands are.


“I want to watch you have sex with my wife.”

“Like that?”

“You Betturkey Güncel Giriş can take the gag out if you’d like. But don’t untie her.”

“Okay. Sure, yeah. Okay.”

“Don’t let her cum.”


They kiss again. They rub against each other. I tremble in anticipation.

The woman climbs on the bed with me. The room is still. She takes the silk rope out of my mouth. My jaw aches. She kisses my lips. I kiss her back. She puts her hand on the side of my neck.

“Touch her breasts,” Holly says.

The woman kisses my chest and traces her fingertips around my areolas until she reaches my rock-hard nipples. I hold my breath and tightly grasp the wrist restraints. She gets on top of me. Her trimmed pubic hair brushes against my skin. I whimper gently.

She grinds her pussy on my vulva, first slow, then hard and fast. She kisses me deeply. I writhe on the bed and thrust my crotch against her. She clings to me with all her might.

“Stop moving,” Holly says to me. “Let her fuck you.”

The woman uses my body for her pleasure like I’m not even human. I love every second. She pulls my hair and buries her face in my breasts. My skin is slick from her. I try to envision Holly’s expression as she watches us.

“Sit on her face,” Holly says.

The woman carefully kneels over me and lowers her pussy. I take in her heat, her scent. She drips into my waiting mouth.

“Sit on her. I mean, really sit on her.”

She releases her full weight on me. I move my face around and dig my tongue inside her. I lick and massage and probe her labia and vagina. My nose tickles her clitoris. She cums twice. At least. I lick my lips after she staggers up.

The two of them spend the rest of the night having loud, passionate sex all over the room, including the bed. My clitoris is swollen and pulsating. I see the morning sun through my blindfold. I eagerly await my turn.

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