The Robinson Models Pt. 01

Big Boobs

Mother was an artist and needed nude models for her own paintings and for her art classes with her friends. Her mission was to get her twenty-year-old twin daughters and her eighteen year old son to do the posing.

{CFNM, CFNF, OON (only one naked), incest, and some gay}

As with most of my stories, this one is a fantasy story meaning I wish it could happen but realistically, probably never would.

The Robinsons were a quiet and normal family. Dad and mom, Claire and Mike, were in their late forties, and the three children, Ali and Alice (twins) were twenty and their little brother, Xander had just turned eighteen. The twin girls were entering their junior year at the state university and Xander was entering the same university as a freshman in the fall. Dad was making good money as an investor banker, and mom was, well, just bored.

She had been a stay-at-home mother (she did sometimes substitute for the art classes at the public schools since she was an artist) and had been very involved with the bringing up the children. But with her son the last one to go to college, her job as mommy was pretty much over. And a good job she had done. All three kids were loving children and got along with each other. There were always lots of hugs and kisses through the years and practically no disputes to disrupt the loving aura of the familial atmosphere. The three kids were always popular because of the patience, kindness and love exhibited to everyone from extended family to friends and to teachers. And to top it all off, each child was beautiful.

The twins were not really identical. Alice had black hair, brown eyes, perfect female body, and was exceptionally cute. Ali’s hair was more toward a light brown, glistening brown eyes, and her body was gracefully formed, if a bit more fuller than her sister’s. Alice was more beautiful than cute, sort of like a stately movie star (think Garbo or Taylor while her sister was more Monroe and Sally Fields). The boy was cute and handsome with off-white hair, penetrating blue eyes, cute snub nose, and full lips. He had the perfect male form, neither too skinny or too stout.

Despite the outstanding beauty of the three children, Claire and Mike were always surprised about how shy the three were. Conservative isn’t quite a strong enough adjective to describe their personalities. They always were completely dressed around the house. No one wore bikinis while swimming in their pool. Xander never tried to catch his sisters nude. None of the three were party goers and no one had a drinking or drug problem. They were perfect but – well, how should we put this? – somewhat dull.

The dullness might have been a reflection on their parents as they also were dull. Happy? Yes. Exciting and vivacious? No. The parents were reasonably sure that their daughters were virgins, but not completely sure. The girls were living on campus but the school was in the same city in Florida as their house and so they were home quite a lot and on almost all weekends. Claire and Mike were more sure of Xander’s virginity; he had just finished high school, and they had seen no indications of sexual adventure from him. He was interested in girls and had dated quite a lot, but never had the opportunity to get more intimate. Now, the parents were wrong about the girls being virgins, but there were no steady boyfriends, only good friends who were boys. But they were right about their boy.

Anyway, mom decided to fulfill her artistic side by resuming her artwork – mainly landscape paintings and portraits of people (where she could do commissioned work, not that the family needed the money). When her four best friends heard about her ‘new career’, they asked her to teach them how to paint so that they would have something to do together. That sounded exciting to Claire, so she had the empty finished room above the garage (accessible from the house as well as from where the cars were kept) made into an art studio. The actual class consisted of only her four friends. She knew all these women for years as they were teaching colleagues from the schools the children attended or neighbors of long standing. They all were in the forties and all had children in their late teens or early twenties, just like Claire had. And they were all bored and dull.

Mrs Melanie Kellogg was the principal of the high school; before that, she had taught the twins and Xander in English classes. Mrs. Elaine Hotchkins was an English teacher who had taught the kids in high school and middle school.

Mrs. Petr Anderson was a next door neighbor on one side, and Mrs. Marian Applecote was the neighbor on the other side. They, like the teachers, were close to Claire and the three children and often babysat them in earlier years.

Which is why, when Claire and the ladies felt they needed live models for their training of the human form, they all thought of either Ali or Alice. Because of their positions in society, it did not feel wise to simply advertise and get some girl to pose nude.

“What do you think?” asked gaziantep escort bayan ilanları Melanie, “You know, Claire, we all just love your daughters and let’s face it, seeing them naked, or at least one of them, would be very special.”

“I ought to be ashamed to say this,” Claire replied,” but I would like that too.”

“You mean you haven’t seen Ali or Alice naked before – at least recently?” asked Elaine.

“Well, no,” Claire said, “I haven’t. We seem to be a very shy family. At one point I thought we might get – you know, adventurous- but once Xander began to mature, the girls were very careful how they dressed around the house – as did he.”

“Has any of us seen our children naked recently?” asked Petr. All four of the women shook their heads ‘no’. Claire noticed they all seemed sad. Were all their lives this dull? She decided to take the chance.

“Well, I suppose I could ask Ali – Alice wouldn’t do it, I am pretty sure, or at least not until her sister did it first. After all, my two daughters are twenty years old – they can make their own decision. I will have to talk to Mike first, however.” So, it was settled and the ladies laughed and giggled at the thought of seeing such a beautiful girl naked to their eyes. They all knew it was unlikely, but they could smile at the possibility that next week’s class could be very special.

Claire was somewhat surprised that her husband said that it was okay with him. Not that it mattered if he approved or not. She loved her husband deeply but she made her own decisions. But Mike also felt that he and Claire were getting into a middle age rut and they needed to liven things up. He also wanted his family to stay close to each other (which was why he wanted them to attend college close to home).

“Let’s talk to Ali together, without Alice,” Mike said. “And how is this an idea? Have her first pose for just you for a session? And, this will surprise you – I want a portrait of each of my children with just me. And each will be naked and I will be dressed.”

“What?” exclaimed Claire. “That won’t make it any easier.”

“I think it will. By posing in the nude with me will certainly make it easier for her to pose naked for your class. And once she does that for your class, then Alice will pose with me, if not the class. And finally, Xander will pose with me. In fact, I will want a portrait of all three of my children posing together nude.”

Claire was dubious Ali would go along with all this but surprisingly, she did. “I kinda have always wanted a naked lifestyle as such but when I was younger, I was not really sure. Daddy, I really don’t mind. I love you and would not be totally uncomfortable being naked when posing with you. It would be showing the world how much I love and trust you. I think Alice eventually will have the same feelings, but I am doubtful about Xander. Still, you never know.”

“I do think that you should also photograph us in the same poses – in fact for all the poses. In the end, you end up with one oil painting of each of us, and one with dad and then a few smaller photographs of us in different poses. I do know that Xander is a mother’s boy and if we can get him to go along, he would want one of you, mom, with him.”

Well, this discussion continued on for an hour. In the end, Ali and her parents had decided on what would happen in the private family painting sessions. First, mom would paint one large oil of each child in her/his nakedness. Then, there would be one of each child posing with his/her clothed father, a bit smaller in size. There would be one big oil of all three grown children together. Mom would then paint one oil of her with her naked son while she remained clothed. Then there also would be several photographs of all the poses that were needed to decide on the final poses. Then dad said that they would then convert the second den on the second floor for their little private art museum. Only they and trusted family and friends would ever see these oil paintings and photographs. And there would be plenty of wall space for future additions.

So, the next day, Ali pretended to be ill and once Xander and Alice left for school, mom, dad and daughter were alone. Mom and dad went to the studio to set up, heart jumping with erotic anticipation of seeing their cute daughter all naked, while Ali showered and wearing only a robe, came to the studio.

“Now Ali,” Claire said to her daughter, “daddy will sit over there and watch and make suggestions. I will ask you to hold different poses while I do a photo of each. Then we will decide which pose for the actual painting, which will be in oil. Now, are you okay with this?”

Ali started giggling and said “I guess. I can’t believe my daddy will see me all naked.”

“Well,” dad said, “if it makes you feel better, I am really looking forward to seeing such a beautiful woman, my own daughter, in her natural state.”

So, the moment mom and dad were hoping for escort bayan gaziantep ilanları had arrived. Ali stood before her parents and slowly dropped her robe. Suddenly, mom and dad saw their cute daughter all naked. Ali was a little nervous as she saw her parents look her over, first up and down, and then intently staring at her sex. Ali’s breasts were just perfect for her body. They weren’t so big that they sagged, but just thrust out of her body as a smooth continuation of her form. Her nipples, pert with the nervousness, were just precise and concise as they could be. Their daughter’s vagina was gently covered by delicate, brown pubic hair that was shaved thin enough so that her parents could see her vagina, with two smooth labia covering the entrance to her love canal. It was a picture that left both breathless.

“Oh, my god,” Claire said, “you are absolutely beautiful, Ali.”

“Ali,” said her father, “you are stunning – pretty and absolutely alluring beauty.”

Ali blushed but did not mind at all when her parents came to her for a group hug. What a picture. Two parents hugging their naked twenty year old daughter. Mom began using her very expensive and professional camera to take pictures of her daughter in several different poses. Knowing how enraptured her husband was with the sight of their naked daughter, Mom positioned the young lady in a few poses that required her to spread her legs slightly so that daddy could see all the secrets of Ali’s young body.

Thus began the family’s journey to opening up their lives and becoming a nudist family. They knew that getting Xander to participate was probably not going to happen, but at least Alice could be persuaded. For now, daddy and mommy were getting all they could handle. At the end, mom had Ali and her dad pose together and one wonderful thing happened that absolutely made their day. Ali and Mike were standing together with a pose that had him put his right arm around her shoulder. Joking, he put his left hand in front of her vagina pretending to protect her virtue. Slyly, Ali reached out and pushed her father’s hand onto her vagina. He nearly died with rapture as he felt her silky pubic hairs with his fingers and felt her cute labia. Then he placed his right hand on her right bosom, playfully pinching her pert nipple. This pose wasn’t long, but everyone laughed and later, it became Ali’s favorite photo – recording a time when father and daughter were showing their great love. Intimacy and love.

Soon the day came when Ali would be showing every inch of her body to the art class, in front of four ladies who had known her since she was born. She was more nervous about this session than the one with her parents. But she was going through it because she was secure that these ladies, her mother’s best friends, loved her almost as much as they loved their own children.. They had all been there when Ali was going through the tribulations of growing up. They had been there for all three of them and she had guessed that all four, plus mom, were heterosexuals, who wanted Xander posing in all his nakedness. But she knew they also sometimes leaned toward bi-sexualism and wanted to see her naked as much as she wanted them to see her naked. Yes, Ali was beginning to realize, at the age of twenty, that she liked being naked and liked being seen naked.

When she dropped her robe in front of the ladies she heard all sorts of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ and comments like ‘so beautiful’ or ‘pretty tits’ or ‘sweet cunt’ and so on. Then Ali began different poses so that the group could decide which one they wanted. She would pose and the ladies would walk around her. Something very sweet happened in the last pose when Ali was sitting on the floor facing the would-be painters with her knees together with her forearms on top of her knees.

“Come on, sweetie,” said Melanie, her former high school teacher and principal. “spread things a little so we can all see your secrets.” Ali laughed and slowly began to spread her legs. Mommy nearly died from erotic anticipation of seeing her daughter’s most intimate body opening. Ali then spread her cunt lips so all could peak at her hole. Everyone looked and marveled at the sight and everyone laughed and cheered, especially when the bubble top of her clitoris showed up. When she stood back up, the ladies surrounded her for a group hug – five dressed ladies and one naked girl in the middle – well, it doesn’t get better than that.

After the class, Marion said “I can’t wait to paint Alice.”

“Neither can I,” said Petr.

“Well,” Ali said as she was putting on her robe, “I am pretty sure I will be able to convince her to pose next week.” She was sure because once she and mom showed some of the photographs from the first session, she would be as eager as Ali was.

“What about Xander?” asked Melanie.

“That may be a bridge too far,” said mom. “He would be the only boy here and I don’t think he is going to do that.”

“Well, Claire,” gaziantep bayan escort ilanları said Elaine, “there isn’t any rush. You could try. I know from teaching him how shy he is, but I also know, let an idea germinate in his mind, he eventually comes around. He is a real looker, you know.”

“Oh, crips,’ said Marion. “He is fucking beautiful, as good looking as his sisters. Ever since he reached puberty, I have wanted to see what was hangin from his groin.”

The other three ladies shouted agreement. Claire had to admit to herself that she also wanted to see her son’s precious sex organ, not to mention his cute little ass. “It is funny,” Claire said to her daughter after everyone left and they were cleaning the studio, ‘but when you see a cute face like Xander has, you just want to see him naked. You just figure if he is that handsome when you see him in clothes, he will be even more pretty without them.”

Ali laughed when she realized that mom was absolutely correct. “I hadn’t realized it before, mom, but yes, I have a perverted wish to see my younger brother all naked in his glory. We may have to use the photos of Alice and me to convince him. By the way, can I be there when Alice poses for you and dad?”

“Of course.” mom said. “I would want photos of you two together and one with you two with your dad – he dresses and you two as naked as you can be.” They both laughed and talked about how to get Xander to come around.

As anticipated, once Alice saw the photos of her sister all naked, she wanted the same experience. The private session with the family (minus Xander who was at his summer job) was one of the special moments in both girls’ lives. Mom and dad clearly were enjoying themselves, and Alice and Ali were excited that their parents loved seeing them in their magnificent nudity. And daddy got a bit more touchy, which the girls encouraged. At various times, he rubbed their pert butts, massaged their breasts, and ran his fingers through their pubic hairs. Indeed, although none of them fully appreciated it, the family dynamics had made a profound change. This family together was throwing out dullness and predictability. Life had become so much more exciting. They began talking about nudist colonies and being nude in the house or having CFNM and CMNF days or having birthday celebrations when the only one naked would be the birthday person. The girls had not seen their parents naked yet but they all secretly knew that would probably come. There was only one problem and that was Xander. How to get their shy brother to open up and join them in their nudity?

This mission would take careful thought. Mike and Claire decided they would handle the initial conversation, which went as well as expected. Mom asked Xander if he would be willing to model for her, and then for her class. Nudity was never mentioned. Xander wasn’t sure he could or would want to maintain poses for long periods of time. So Mom said that for her purposes, she would take photos of his poses, and that regular poses would last only ten minutes with a five minute break between each pose. Once she hugged her son explaining how much she, and her class, needed him to do this, he melted right there and said, yes.

Step 2 was for this to actually happen but with Xander fully clothed. This worked out so well that mom actually did complete a large oil painting of her son in a tux.

The pose for the ladies in Claire’s class had Xander casually dressed in long, white slacks with a muscle shirt. The ladies knew what was going on, of course, so no one mentioned future poses (without a lot, or any, clothing). It turned out that although Xander did not know all these sessions were leading to something else, the sessions did produce some beautiful paintings of him.

Step 3 began when it was clear that Xander was comfortable with modeling. When he modeled for Claire, he enjoyed the one-on-one time with his mom, with all the bantering and hugs and kisses. When he modeled for the class, he enjoyed the same with the four ladies as he really did love and care for his two neighbors, his former principal, and former teacher. After all, he thought, they loved him and each person had played a big part in his life since he was a baby. And these women truly loved him, enough so that they would never push him into doing something that he really did not feel comfortable doing. After the second session with Xander modeling, the four had a meeting with Claire and they all agreed that they were happy with the sessions continuing as they were, with Xander fully dressed. These sessions were fun. But then they giggled and laughed because the ladies were very honest with each other and each admitted they really, really hoped that the boy would finally pose nude because they really, really wanted to see him naked, and, in particular, look at and admire his, they were sure, perfect sex organ and ass. Claire thought to herself that this was her son that they were talking about, but that thought vanished in a hurry since she wanted the exact same thing.

Step 4 began in September once classes began at college. Now closer to his nineteen birthday than his eighteenth, Xander had matured a bit more (not his body which was growing into its youthful glow) emotionally. A summer posing and working at his two summer jobs had greatly increased his confidence. So, dad and mom sat the young man down one day (the girls were not in the room but they were at the house in case they were needed).

Mother was an artist and needed nude models for her own paintings and for her art classes with her friends. Her mission was to get her twenty-year-old twin daughters and her eighteen year old son to do the posing. {CFNM, CFNF, OON (only one naked), incest, and some gay} As with most of my stories,…

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