The Process

The Process


A few of my loyal follower’s of Desiree’s Hot To Trot Transvestite Adventures have asked me how I summon the nerve to be a cock sucking slut with a complete stranger.

You see one of my earliest tricks in the annuals of Desiree was to dome light truckers heading down lonely highways. A glimpse of long shapely leg in a five or six inch heel generally was all she took back in the day. That was pre-aids day and also when I fit into a lovely size 9 dress. Silky pantyhose, a pair of stilettos, a silk dress slit up to there, and a long blonde wig in Farrah Fawcett style was all the effort it required. That and a pair of cock hungry lips painted hot pink or dragon fire red.

With no regrets, I am sure I have swallowed at least 50 trucker cocks during my young years between the ages of 17 to 27 on a lonely dark highway. The forcefulness of a stronger truckers hand as he pressed my head down onto his throbbing cum spewing dick was all the reward I asked. I did once get a fiver for a blowjob that put him out of commission for a week.

Nowadays, it’s a different story. 7 sizes larger, a bigger thicker everywhere calls for much more preparation than my younger days of strutting.

Usually a fem weekend begins with checking into a hotel (Yes, I’m married to a wife that finds no pleasure whatsoever in her cock loving sissy husband). Once checked in, I draw a nice warm bubble bath, soak and have a few drinks while I listen to some sexy songs. I might even paint a set of 2 inch dragon lady nails while lounging in the ever so sweet feminine fragrance of bubbles. Once completely relaxed, I carefully rid all the manly appearance of what is still a pair of gorgeous gams. Silky smooth is the way most men like them.

With that task complete, I step out, pat dry, and may xslot have to dispose of a nice hard on from time to time. Put on a silky dressing robe and sit down to a well lighted make up mirror. Base, rouge, very racy eye shadow, thick black eyeliner with a touch of cobalt blue inner and outer frame ever growing eyes of seduction. Luscious coats of very black mascara lash my feminine eyes to their fullest. Lip liner and peachy pink lip stick coat my soft lips just ready to swallow a bulging piece of man flesh.

Once painted to the whorish look I desire, it’s time to step into the hosiery. Weather that is a pair of silk stockings or completely nude to the waist pantyhose, the color of choice is always silky off-black, I simply love silk hosiery. It shows that nude look to the leg while remaining dark and mischievous. The feel of a very expensive pair of hose really sets me off as I struggle to tuck cock and balls between the cheeks of my hopeful pussy flesh. Next and most important now is a silk lined leather waist corset. Cinched so tight, breathe is nearly impossible but the curves of a sexy slut are so welcome. Strapping on a seamless bra with any which a way straps, my D-size silicone breasts are carefully placed with a hardened nipple protruding, just asking for the manly gazes of attention I crave.

They bounce so ever realistically as I strut, swishing hips from side to side exaggerated purposefully. A gold lame mini skirt is the ticket tonight, super tight, and barely long enough to cover my ever hardening but constrained butt plug. A gold appliqué blouse with glitters of gold and complimenting jewels, slightly see thru frame and fall sexily over the roundness of my proud tits.

Sprits of “Blonde” perfume under the knees, in any man’s land, xslot Giriş and on the neck readies me for the last four steps of complete feminization. Around my neck goes a gold chain collar with the gold letters spelling out slut. A few rings that say bling bling and some gold bangles hide the thickness of my hands. Left and right earrings with Cock and Sucker spelled out in dangling gold advertise my intentions.

Slippin’ on a pair of black six inch spikes with gold accents, I strut to the wig stand to fluff up the most amazing strawberry blonde wig. Donning the wig, daintily teetering on spiked heels, I brush it to its fullest framing my ever so smiling slut face. The silkiness of the hair feels absolutely wonderful. Almost complete one more step that will tell any man the desires of my trashy heart.

Sexily strutting back to the leather chair, I sit and affix the two inch dragon lady nails painted gold with a cock loving wet look.

Ah, a three hour feminization process complete. Several more drinks and the truckers will have to wait. Look far too good and tasty to hide within the confines of a car.

Calling a taxi, I step into the real world as Desiree, the Hot to Trot Transvestite. So eager to please yet so scared. My heart beats as I give the destination of a local gay bar. He smiles knowingly as I place a generous tip in his man hands. Into the cold night, I bounce the willing to be spread cheeks snugly tight beneath the gold lame skirt.

Once in the bar, I poise myself for maximum leg exposure on a tall bar stool and order a drink. Sipping it, I catch the stares of a few “Real Women”, with their smirks of approval. I am lost in my own world. Nervous, yet with a confident aurora, I flirt with a handsome black man standing xslot Güncel Giriş at the end of the bar with a starry gaze over his unwavering eyes.

He smiles, I smile with a quick coy lick of my upper lip painted in pink. A new drink is brought to me compliments of my newfound admirer. A wink of an eager lash brings him to my side as if on a leash. We talk, small talk, compliments on my look. I boldly place my hand on his thigh and say thank you. I sip my strong drink to calm the nerves until it is dry. He orders another and slyly pushes my hand closer to what I want.

It is hard. It is well defined; it is free from the bonds of underwear. I trace its head with my nail. I lick my lips more often. I whisper the naughtiest things in his ear. He smiles. More drinks come and go, we laugh, he hugs me. I say I’m ready.

Strutting like a proud peacock he escorts his date for the evening to his car. A nice large front seat accommodates all our needs. I tell him of my passion for turning on truckers. He obliges me by heading highway bound. Once the stream of truckers is steady, I unleash his throbbing hard on and feverously work it to a frenzy. The dome light is shining. My ass is in the air, my head bobbing up and down on a 9 inch black sword. Truckers honk, the pace picks up. I am a mad woman sucking and swallowing a cock all real girls would gawk over. Least 4 inches thick, it stretches my lips as wide as they can go. We have a road show. His hands caress my silk covered ass. His fingers trace the spikes of my sluttish heels. My cock desperately needs escape. I feel him thicken, I fell warmth increasing. The pace heightens.

The hot cum spews out like a volcano and I painfully try my sissy best to swallow it all. My cheeks are dripping cum. I can’t breathe. I rise up, exhausted. He is satisfied. I turn and wink at my trucker and get a fingertip full of cum off my nose and suck it clean. He honks in admiration.

Life is good between the crotch of a good hard man.

Love Desiree, the Hot To Trot Transvestite.

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