The Policewoman – Part 5


Forty-three-year-old divorcee Sharon Potts and her eighteen-year-old son Trent were now lovers.Although they had each fancied the other for some time, and had in recent times masturbated thinking of the other, it was only Trent’s recently started fucking of fifty-year-old police sergeant Helen Ladbrooke that had led to Sharon and Trent sharing a bed.Sharon and Helen had been lesbian lovers for a while, unbeknown to Trent, and it was Sharon’s request to Helen to talk to Trent in her capacity as a policewoman that had brought Helen and Trent into sexual contact.The talk between the policewoman and her friend’s son was because Trent had been caught spraying graffiti. Helen pointed out that in some countries he might have got a caning on his bare bottom for that, Trent’s response to Helen’s remark and his apparent wanting to be caned led to Helen giving him nine strokes on his bare arse.Policewoman and youth fucked after the caning, and had fucked a few times in the days that immediately followed.Trent had also caned Helen, she liked giving and receiving canings, and then Sharon called on Helen one morning in the hope of having lesbian sex.Sharon was shocked to find her son at Helen’s house, and she ultimately gave Helen six strokes of the cane, but only after she had said that Trent could fuck Helen again after the caning and then return home for a discussion with his mother.The mother and son discussion led to their mutual attraction boiling over, and them fucking.It was decided that Sharon and Trent would purchase a cane, and one was chosen and ordered on the Internet.Trent and Sharon had a phone conversation with Helen, during which it became obvious that there had been incestuous sex. It was agreed that Trent and Sharon would both continue to have sex with Helen, and a threesome was very likely.Since their first fuck, Sharon and Trent had had two further nights of sexy fun together, after the second of those two Trent was very tired when he arrived for work at six in the morning at the fast-food outlet at which he worked part-time.Whilst Trent was at work, two things happened. Firstly, the cane was delivered and secondly, gaziantep manken escort Helen Ladbrooke called around to see Sharon.Helen was actually on duty and in uniform, but she was longing to see Sharon or Trent, or both.”Well hello to you, you sexy policewoman,” said Sharon, greeting Helen at the door.”Hello you horny slut, Mrs Potts, how are you?” replied Helen.Sharon’s answer was not verbal, she answered by putting her lips on Helen’s, now that she was inside the house.The two women kissed passionately, and each had their hands on the other’s big arse in trousers.”Trent is at work if you came here expecting a quick fuck with him,” smiled Sharon.”I would think that the poor boy is drained trying to keep you satisfied,” said Helen.”Ha, well we were fucking at three this morning, and he had to get up at five,” answered Sharon.”I hope that I can still get some time with him, and soon,” said Helen.”Yes, I will send him your way soon, but the three of us together would be fun,” replied Sharon.”Yes, that would be amazing,” agreed Helen.”Anyway, what are you here for sergeant Ladbrooke?” asked Sharon.”I had supposed to be working, but I am so horny so I came to see what was on offer,” said Helen.”Only me, but how long do you have?” said Sharon.”Time enough for a quick sixty-nine,” replied Helen.”To bed, sergeant Ladbrooke,” said Sharon, leading the way upstairs.”I love your arse in tight trousers,” said Helen, following up the stairs.”So does Trent, he likes it out of them too,” laughed Sharon.”So do I,” said Helen.The women would have liked to slowly remove the other’s clothes, but as time was short, they each hurriedly got naked.They got into a sixty-nine on the bed, with Helen on top, and their tongues very soon had the other woman cumming.They licked each other to three climaxes each, but then Helen had to get back to what she had supposed to be doing. She had a quick wash and put her police uniform back on again.Sharon was laying face down on the bed, and Helen kissed and caressed her buttocks and wished that she could get naked again and have gaziantep masaj yapan escort more sex.”Oh, the cane that Trent and I ordered arrived earlier,” announced Sharon.”Will it be put to use tonight?” asked Helen.”Very likely, not sure which one of us will feel it first though,” replied Sharon.”I wish that I could be here too,” said Helen.”Why can’t you? If you had supposed to be working now, you must be off later,” said Sharon.”Normally I could, but I am out with some people from work tonight,” said Helen.”Okay, just me and Trent then, see you soon sexy sergeant,” chuckled Sharon.”Yeah, give my love to your son,” said Helen, leaving the bedroom to let herself out and go back to work.Trent arrived home from work in the mid-afternoon, tired after a hard shift and not much sleep the night before.”Hello my hunky son,” said Sharon, giving Trent a long kiss.”Hey mum, how has your day been?” replied Trent.”Well, our mutual lover visited me,” smiled Sharon.”What, for sex?” asked Trent.”Yeah, she had supposed to have been working but it was good to taste her again and have her licking me,” replied Sharon.”One day I want to watch you two do that,” said Trent.”And then join in, I hope,” said Sharon.”Yeah, definitely,” replied Trent.”Oh, and our cane arrived too,” said Sharon.”I am shattered mum, can we leave that until tomorrow?” said Trent.”Yes, baby, of course, but won’t you be able to give me a fucking tonight?” said Sharon.”Oh yeah, I will be able to do that, but not at three in the morning again,” laughed Trent.”No, I understand; what time are you at work tomorrow?” asked Sharon.”At nine in the morning, but I could do with a good sleep,” said Trent.”That is fine, we will go to bed nice and early, and we can fuck, and then get some sleep,” said Sharon.They went to bed before nine, to give them enough time for a reasonable amount of sex plus enough time to get a good sleep.Trent had showered first and was lying naked on the bed, his impressive cock almost fully hard, when Sharon came out of the shower naked.”I have not ridden you yet,” said gaziantep masöz escort Sharon, seeing her son on his back. Their fucks so far had been with Trent on top, or from behind with Sharon’s big arse in the air.”Okay, you do the work,” smiled Trent, as Sharon sat on the bed and got Trent fully erect with three strokes of her hand.Sharon turned her arse to her son and lowered herself onto his erection in reverse cowgirl. She took all of his sizeable cock inside her before starting to move up and down slowly, before increasing her pace.Trent was mesmerised watching his mother’s backside rise and fall and seeing his stiff cock appear and disappear.”Oh yes, oh yes,” panted Sharon, as her orgasm approached.”Yes, yes, yes,” she announced the arrival of her first cum of the night.Sharon rode Trent’s prick with her arse towards him until she came again, and then rapidly changed position and re-inserted his cock into her to ride him facing him. Trent fondled Sharon’s tits as she bounced.Sharon came again, and then Trent took charge.”On your back, I am going to give you a fucking,” said Trent.Sharon dismounted and lay on her back, Trent pushed his mother’s knees towards her breasts and slid his rigid cock into her sticky cunt.Trent thrust hard and fast, giving his mother a good seeing-to.”Shit, fuck, fucking hell, oh Trent, fuck, fuck,” shouted Sharon, as she had a shuddering orgasm.Trent was close to ejaculation, and he continued fucking at top speed until his cock spurted streams of cum into his mother’s cunt.It took them a while to come down, but after Trent withdrew and Sharon put her legs down, they had a kiss and a cuddle. They then got some sleep, maybe the cane would be used the next day.Helen, who was at home but working soon, phoned Sharon the next morning.”Well, whose arse felt the cane first?” asked Helen.”Neither of us, Trent was shattered and asked to leave it until today,” replied Sharon.”Oh so was he too shattered to give you a fucking?” asked Helen.”Oh no, he gave me a great fuck, I rode him first and then he fucked me hard and fast,” answered Sharon.”I am missing having Trent’s cock between my legs,” said Helen.”Well, if we use the cane today I think he and I will be busy afterwards, maybe he can come to you tomorrow night?” said Sharon.”Yeah, I would like that, if he still wants to fuck me,” said Helen.”I am sure that he does, I will get him to text you when he gets home from work,” said Sharon.”I will be at work then, but it would be nice to hear from him; have fun with the cane,” replied Helen.

Forty-three-year-old divorcee Sharon Potts and her eighteen-year-old son Trent were now lovers.Although they had each fancied the other for some time, and had in recent times masturbated thinking of the other, it was only Trent’s recently started fucking of fifty-year-old police sergeant Helen Ladbrooke that had led to Sharon and Trent sharing a bed.Sharon and…

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