The Perfect Penis Pt. 02


You really should read part 1 first. IT sets up the action to this part.

If it makes you hard, please rate it five stars!



Caitlyn woke up Sunday morning in her own bed. They were both nude and Tucker was spooning with her.

Strangely, she felt both satisfied and…off — as if something was missing. She remembered last night. Tucker had eaten her out multiple times and brought her to orgasm before fucking her. They’d done this at Steve’s place right in front of Steve! She’d sucked Tucker off and swallowed his sperm.

Steve’s cock, though. That fucker was right! It was gorgeous. It was thick and long. She’d begged him to let her touch it and he’d said no. He said “NO”. This was unbelievable. She’d actually begged him and he declined. And he let Tucker suck him off! He allowed Tucker to suck him. Tucker had eagerly complied. And he was good! Tucker deep-throated Steve and swallowed his cum.

Tucker, who had always been an alpha male, had eagerly put another man’s penis (perfect penis, she thought), into his mouth and serviced him…And it wasn’t his first time! Or his first cock! Apparently, he’d sucked the cocks of multiple men — and swallowed their cum. At first, this shocked her. But then, it kinda excited her.

The more she thought about it, the more it made sense. She pictured Steve’s dick in her mind. The thick, soft, uncircumcised penis hanging down over his big balls. The nine-inch veiny cock with the tip of the head poking out of the delicious foreskin. These images made her instantly wet. God! She really wanted to fuck that cock! She wanted to hold it. She wanted to taste it. She wanted his sperm in her mouth, on her face, on her tits, and…God! She wanted to feel it spurt inside her. She was so horny right now. She thought about running up the stairs right now, completely nude, and knocking on Steve’s door. “Steve! Fuck me NOW!”, she’d order.

But she somehow knew what he’d say. And this bothered her. Why did she need this? Why could she not control herself? She would try but she literally could not thinking about Steve’s perfect penis.

Caitlyn needed Steve’s cock now. She knew she’d have to settle for Tucker’s. She also knew that she couldn’t just fuck him. She’d have to suck him first. Not that this was an issue – Tucker would certainly not object. It’s just that she was so wet! The insides of her thighs were slick.

Caitlyn rolled over and slid under the sheet. She nuzzled her face into Tucker’s crotch and slipped his soft 3″ penis into her mouth. At the same time, she easily slid two fingers into her pussy. She’d rarely been so wet — so horny — first thing in the morning!

Tucker started hardening and awoke. He moaned and pulled the sheets off exposing their nudity.

“Mmmm…well, good morning to you too…” he purred.

Caitlyn kept her hands buried in her crotch as she enjoyed the wonderful sensation of the soft skin surrounding the stiff five-inches in her mouth. Imagining it was Steve’s big cock, she kept Tucker deep in her mouth and throat. Tucker put his hands on her head but she needed no guidance. She was going to give his the best blowjob in world history. She needed him to tell Steve how good she was. She needed access to his perfect penis!

Tucker’s hips began to thrust in tempo with her mouth. Both were moaning and enjoying the moment. Caitlyn wondered why she’d never enjoyed the feel of a penis in her mouth like she did right now. It was so… sexy in her mouth. And God! Would Steve’s cock taste and feel even better!

Caitlyn’s frantic fingers were doing the trick and she began to orgasm. And Tucker flooded her mouth with his sperm. She eagerly slurped and swallowed his cum as she came hard. Tucker’s hands held her head tight to his crotch but Caitlyn had no desire to pull away. She wanted more! She wanted more cum. She wanted more cock! She wanted Steve’s cock!

After her orgasm subsided, she slid up and deeply kissed Tucker. Tucker responded and the two shared his cum during their passionate embrace.

“That was amazing” Tucker said. “You were amazing!”

Caitlyn looked at his stubbly face, glistening with her saliva and his cum. “Can you fuck me now? I need you to fuck me!”

Even though Tucker had just cum, he was still semi-hard. He smiled as he pushed her down and rolled over. “Fuck yeah I can!”

Caitlyn reached down and helped guide his slick chub into her wetness. Tucker started thrusting immediately.

She was imagining Steve’s big cock filling her — stretching her — and fucking her so good! She was gritting her teeth and yelling, “Yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me with that big cock!”

But Tucker’s cock was not yet hard so it was a disappointing floppy 4 – 5″. And she was so wet he was barely getting traction! “Fuuuck!” She thought as she almost burst into tears. “I need that cock. I’ll do whatever that fucker wants! Please just fuck me with your fucking COCK!”

Instead she gaziantep jigolo closed her legs tightly and squeezed Tucker’s cock inside her. Tucker Exhaled appreciatively, “Ohhhhh…” and continued thrusting. The extra friction worked immediately and he quickly hardened.

Caitlyn felt him thrusting and it was barely enough — just barely. She closed her eyes and thought of Steve’s thick, long cock. She raked her fingernails across Tucker’s back and pleaded “Fuck me! Tucker, give me that cock! I want that big cock! Give me your fuckin cock, Steve! Fuck me with that big Cock!”

Tucker heard her yell Steve’s name and, instead of feeling jealous, he got even more excited. “You’d love to fuck his big cock, wouldn’t ya? Ooohhh God! He’d fuck you so deep! He’d fill your sweet pussy up…So deep.” Tucker thrusted with each pause. “So. Fucking. Deep. Oh God! Yes.”

Caitlyn answered through gritted teeth, “So big! Steve. Yes. I. Need. That Cock!

Tucker thrust faster, “You. Need. To. Fuck. That. Cock. His cum is… I. GOD! Love. His. Cum. Fuuuck. Big. Cooooock!” And Tucker came inside his wife.

Caitlyn felt the sperm shoot inside her and pulled Tucker’s ass to her to get him to reach that spot — but he just couldn’t. She wasn’t satisfied and pushed Tucker off her. She slid up and positioned her sopping pussy over his mouth as she frantically rubbed her clit.

“Lick up that cum like it was Steve’s!” she commanded.

Tucker, surprised at first, jabbed his tongue inside his wife and swirled it around. He was tasting his own sperm and loving it. He really just loved the taste of cum now. Caitlyn clamped her legs around his head and began panting quickly. Her orgasm finally came and she uttered an involuntary series of guttural strangled moans before collapsing on Tucker.

As they lay in bed, exhausted by their fucking, Tucker explained that he’d been sucking men’s cocks for months. Tucker, curious by Steve’s comments about his “perfect penis”, had made an offhand (but actually planned) reply like “Perfect? Seriously Steve? It may be large, but…” Steve had asked him if he really wanted to see it. Steve had told him about how he’d want to hold it. Want to suck it. But Tucker was curious at that point.

After seeing it, he was indeed hooked. Steve told him that, unfortunately, he wasn’t interested in Tucker. However, if Tucker wanted to pay Steve to “coach him”, Steve would let him suck his cock on occasion, but only after Tucker proved his abilities on others. Tucker agreed. Over the following months, Steve had had Tucker suck multiple men. Tucker had sucked the mayor, who had a thick cock) and even a famous athlete with a long dark cock. Once Steve saw that Tucker was good enough and had learned to enjoy cum, he’d let Tucker blow him.

Caitlyn was surprised that this story did not anger her. In reality, she found that she was jealous. Tucker had touched Steve’s perfect penis. He’d sucked it. He’d deep-throated it. He’d tasted and savored Steve’s cum. She wanted to do this. She needed it. I fact, she was horny again, just thinking about Tucker sucking Steve’s cock. She rolled over him and kissed him passionately, trying to discover a taste of Steve’s cock in his mouth while knowing this was impossible.

They had sex two more times that morning. Caitlyn, however, could not truly satisfy herself.

Early that afternoon, they called Steve. Caitlyn was craving Steve’s cock. All of the sex that morning had not satisfied her. Only Steve’s dick would do this. Caitlyn couldn’t believe herself, but she pleaded with Steve – Could he please fuck her with his perfect cock? She was embarrassed to beg but she did just that – she’d do whatever he wanted. She’d let her fuck her asshole, she said. Tucker had only rarely gotten that privilege. Please let me hold your penis, suck it, & fuck it.

Steve had replied that he knew what she was going through and, if she wanted, she could attend a small party he was arranging for her tonight. She immediately said yes! He reminded her that she’d have to do what he’d ask before getting to touch his penis. She groaned in frustration but yelled “Yes. Whatever you want.” into the phone. He gave her instructions and she paused only briefly before agreeing.

The wait was excruciating for Caitlyn. She realized that she wasn’t just horny at this point. She was horny for Steve’s cock. She was literally craving it. By five o’clock, she was showered, shaved, primped, and ready. She had wanted to masturbate all day. She had wanted to suck Tucker and fuck him. But Steve had told her not to do that and, strangely enough, this command made sense to her. Her body did not agree. Her nipples were super hard and sensitive and her vagina was slick with excitement.

She was nervous but her anticipation of seeing Steve’s cock was overwhelming and easily overpowered her concerns about public nudity. As requested (ordered?), she was wearing a black lacy half-bra that held up but did not cover jigolo gaziantep her breasts. She was only just able to not flick and pull on her exposed eraser tips. She had on matching garters but no panties. Her sexiest 5″ pumps completed the outfit. Tucker wore only a black thong and a matching bow tie.

Tucker was overjoyed with this outfit and the fact that she was going to “see Steve”. He was clearly excited and told her he truly hoped Steve would fuck her tonight. He was sure getting fucked by Steve would be amazing! An anal virgin himself, and never having had the desire to put anything in his ass before, Tucker had pleaded for Steve to fuck his ass! He was sure it would be special. Steve had declined. He said me might let some other men fuck Tucker. Maybe he’d let Tucker be the center of an all-male gangbang. Tucker told Steve he really didn’t want to get fucked by other men. Steve told him he was wrong and that Tucker would love it. Tucker realized Steve was right and was waiting for that to happen.

Tucker asked Caitlyn if he could take some pictures of her dressed like that and to his surprise, she’d agreed. She’d posed for him like a pornstar and, even though he’d cum multiple times today, he was rock hard and needing release. Like Caitlyn though, he was told to hold off on masturbating, so he waited.

Finally, six o’clock rolled around and they made their way upstairs. Even though the likelihood of another tenant seeing them was small, Caitlyn was both uncomfortable and excited walking up to Steve’s. After all, she was basically nude.

They knocked and a woman answered. Caitlyn recognized her as another resident of Five Lincoln. She’d spoken to her in passing a few times. She was a lawyer, she thought. Susan McCather, Caitlyn thought she remembered. She was as tall as Caitlyn, and certainly gorgeous, but nowhere near as voluptuous. This was obvious because the woman was nude except for her high heels. Her shoulder length, straight hair was grey and matched her trimmed landing strip above her prominent but shaved labia.

“Mmmm…” The woman said as she eyed Caitlyn. “Steve was right. You are indeed gorgeous.” Susan opened the door wide and swung her arm out. “Come in and be enjoyed”.

Caitlyn, smiled uncomfortably and glanced at Tucker. Tucker was taking in the nude MILF. His cock, previously soft due to nervousness, began to stir. Although at least sixty, Susan was in great shape. Her body was thin and toned. Her breasts were very small, and therefore had almost no sag. She might have been a model in her youth, Caitlyn thought – or even today. She was hot.

Caitlyn and Tucker entered and took in the scene. Steve was there, of course, as were four other men and one other woman. All were basically nude except for Steve, who had on a loose fitting pair of linen pants. His thin, tone upper body was bare. All were staring at the new arrivals.

Caitlyn swallowed nervously as she looked around. She was disappointed to see that Steve wasn’t nude — after all, it was his penis she way dying to see. She recognized the mayor, and the athlete that Tucker had mentioned – both had impressive semis — one thick, the other long. She didn’t know the other three men or the remaining woman.

One of the men stuck out in that he was not in particularly good shape. And his penis was small. The other two were handsome with similar cocks. The seated woman was petite and dressed like Caitlyn – but in red and she had on panties.

Steve got them drinks and briefly introduced everyone.

To Caitlyn’s horror, he announced “Hey there guys, Caitlyn here is dying to see my cock. Isn’t that right, hon?”

Everyone chuckled at this and comments were made like, “Who isn’t?” and “Me too!”

“Isn’t that right, Caitlyn?” Steve repeated.

Caitlyn licked her lips nervously and considered running for the door. Instead, she dropped her eyes and answered Steve quietly.

“Yes Steve.”

“But first, she’d like to show me how interested she really is. Isn’t that right Caitlyn?” Steve said as he sat on a comfy chair.

Again, Caitlyn wanted to turn and head for the door. Tucker had moved to sit on his knees by the couch — strangely not sitting on the couch — so she was standing there alone.

“Yes”. She found herself saying. “I…I will do…” She glanced at Susan and the others and saw that they were nodding with her. Tucker was nodding at her enthusiastically and tilting his head toward Steve.

“I will do whatever you ask. Please, Steve, can I first just see your penis?”

A flood of words suddenly spilled out of her. “I’ve been so damn horny. I will worship your cock! I’ll fuck you! I’ll fuck you so good! Please, Steve, Let me — “

Steve held up his hand and spoke quietly. “Shhh…Caitlyn. Shhhh. I know. I’m sorry but I know”.

Everyone smiled and nodded and murmured their agreement. The seated woman spoke quietly but in a surprisingly deep voice, “We all know…”, and there gaziantep escort was some light laughter.

“Here’s what I’d like to see”. Said Steve as he clapped his hands once. Everyone turned to him. “Susan dear, please let Caitlyn show you her interest…”

Surprised, Caitlyn looked over to the thin woman who winked at her and smiled kindly.

Steve continued. “Marty and James, you relax and let Tucker suck you off. Tim and Sean, do what you want — but don’t cum. Mandy, you come get me hard…Maybe I’ll fuck you later. No promises though…”

Everybody moved into position.

Tucker got on his knees in front of the chubby guy and the mayor. The woman in red with the deep voice, apparently Mandy, dropped to her knees in front of Steve.

Caitlyn strained to see Steve’s cock as Mandy freed it from his pants, but Susan was pulling her by the hand to another couch and she disappointingly saw nothing. Tucker had James’s cock in his hand and the mayor’s fat soft cock in his mouth.

Susan gently held her face in both hands and pulled her gaze toward her own. Susan’s eyes were stunningly blue, she noticed – she was quite the beautiful woman. Susan leaned in and kissed Caitlyn on the lips. This soft touch was followed by another and another until Caitlyn surprised herself by kissing back. Susan tasted clean and fresh and slightly of alcohol.

Susan’s arms slid down Caitlyn’s back and cupped her naked ass cheeks. From there, they slid back up and down again. This time, fingers probed between her legs from behind and gently stroked inside her slippery lips. Caitlyn sighed. She had never been with a woman before and her touch was very gentle.

“You are quite beautiful, Caitlyn”. Susan breathed. “So young. So fresh. So voluptuous. I’m jealous.”

At that, she moved her head down to Caitlyn’s hard nipples. Caitlyn inhaled and closed her eyes. Susan licked one nipple and then the other while cupping her large breasts with her hands. She flicked her tongue against one nipple while tugging at the other. Then she switched. Caitlyn felt wonderful.

As if on cue, Susan slid a hand down again and massaged her wetness. She then inserted a finger inside her while sucking nipple and breast into her mouth. Caitlyn exhaled throatily.

“May I kiss you…there” said Susan as she directed Caitlyn to the couch so that she reclined with her feet on the ground. As Caitlyn nodded her approval, Susan slid to her knees, pushed Caitlyn’s knees further apart and, keeping eye contact, began to lick and suck her.

Susan was slow and rhythmic. She wasn’t in a rush like Tucker. It felt so good — so soothing. And yet, it was extremely erotic. Susan’s blue eyes kept contact with hers. Caitlyn had never had anyone go down on her with such violent gentleness. Susan’s mouth circled. Her lips sucked. Her tongue probed. Caitlyn was in heaven.

She opened her eyes and put her hands on Susan’s head but Susan needed no guidance. Susan seemed to be truly enjoying herself and once again offered a blue eyed wink. Caitlyn caught motion out of the corner of her eye and saw that Mandy was moving from Steve toward her. Mandy was shorter than Caitlyn by a bit and had a petite but very firm body. Caitlyn had noticed her perfect ass while she bobbed her head over Steve’s cock (which Caitlyn still hadn’t seen today).

As she came up behind Susan, she peeled off her bra and let her perfect B-cups quiver freely. Her breasts were small but literally perfect. Staring at Caitlyn’s eyes, she peeled off her panties and let a surprisingly large cock pop out from some hidden place! Like magic, Mandy went from hot woman to sexy trans. Caitlyn had never had any interest in transsexuals before, but Mandy was extremely beautiful. And she had a nice six or seven inch cock.

When Caitlyn inhaled with surprise upon seeing Mandy’s cock, Susan thought she’d hit a key zone and redoubled her efforts. Caitlyn bit her lip and moaned loudly. Caitlyn’s eyes moved from Mandy’s cock to her eyes. She licked her lips. She moved her eyes back to her cock.

Mandy moved behind Susan, grabbed her cock, slid it up and down Susan’s wet slit once or twice, and slowly slid inside.

As soon as she felt a cock rubbing against her, Susan stopped licking Caitlyn and a look of happy surprise formed on her glistening face. Then she half closed her eyes, looked back up to Caitlyn, and moaned as she felt Mandy’s dick fill her.

Caitlyn watched in fascination as Mandy grabbed Susan’s hips and slowly slid inside her. Mandy wasted no time as was soon fucking her hard. With each thrust she pulled her cock almost all the way out before slamming back in. Susan enjoyed these initial thrusts as she kept delicious eye contact with Caitlyn. She was very vocal and yelled with each thrust. Then she slid her mouth back down to Caitlyn’s pussy. Mandy’s thrusts caused Susan’s face to rhythmically mash into Caitlyn’s pussy and muffled the older woman’s yells. For Caitlyn, it was as if she was getting eaten out and fucked at the same time. It was amazing.

Caitlyn focused her eyes on the couch opposite her. Tucker was still sucking Marty, the Mayor, while jacking off James, the chubby guy. Marty’s cock was a bit longer than Tucker’s — maybe six inches. But it was very thick — like a can of Red Bull. James’s cock was like Tucker’s — but shorter.

You really should read part 1 first. IT sets up the action to this part. If it makes you hard, please rate it five stars! -Nathan ——————————————————————- Caitlyn woke up Sunday morning in her own bed. They were both nude and Tucker was spooning with her. Strangely, she felt both satisfied and…off — as if…

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