The Perfect Christmas Tree

The Perfect Christmas Tree


In earlier stories I told how Mark’s wife, Eileen, would jokingly accuse him of having a rubber boot fetish, which he now confesses that he does. After some time it was revealed that she also had such a fetish and enjoyed wearing her wellies as well. It’s now that time of year when the holidays are upon us and one of the chores many of us must do is go shopping for a Christmas tree. Many are artificial, but Eileen and Mark have always been purists insisting on a fresh tree, but more than that being able to go cut one. Here’s what happened this year when they were making the plans for their daughter, Tara, a pediatrics resident at a regional hospital and their son, Andrew, who planned to bring his wife-to-be home for the holidays.

It was a Saturday morning in late November when Mark and Eileen had just sat down to breakfast. The conversation had turned to what they yet had to do to prepare for the holidays.

“It’s another year and I’m looking forward to Andrew bringing his fiancé home with him. Tara only has a few days off because she is covering some shifts at the hospital. Still, I want the house to look its best.”

“What do you want to do about a tree this year?” asked Mark.

“The same thing we have always done. Go to Wanda’s Farm and cut one. Christmas just wouldn’t be the same if we did otherwise.”

“So, when do you want to go?”

“I want to do the grocery shopping on Monday so if we could decorate the house tomorrow that would be great.”

“It sounds like we’re cutting a tree today.”

“I think that is what it comes down to. Actually, going to Wanda’s Farm today might be a fun outing. While we got a little snow yesterday the temperature has warmed and with the drizzle everything seems to be melting even this early in the day. All of that slush will make things really sloppy.”

“Fun?! At least it isn’t frigid cold like it normally is when we go hunting for a tree. However, what you mean is that it’s probably a day for wearing your wellies,” noted Mark.

“I knew that my husband with the rubber boot fetish would eventually mention that,” giggled Eileen. “I had already figured on wearing mine today.”

“That is because you, too, have a rubber boot fetish.”

“You’re not complaining about that are you? You seem to get excited seeing me wearing rubber boots. At least I think you do.”

“You’re right, but Anadolu Yakası escort I think today calls for more than just rubber boots. Do you remember that nice blue raingear that you got when we went on that Alaska cruise a few years ago?”

“How could I forget. I think I wore it five days out of that entire week. I know I haven’t worn it since then.”

“Today is the day then,” said Mark finishing his coffee and getting up from the breakfast table. “I’ll go get it from the closet in the spare bedroom.”

About five minutes later Mark returned carrying the jacket and pants to Eileen’s raingear as well as her older black Hunter wellies. “This will keep my wife dry out there.”

“So what is my darling husband going to wear?”

“I have my rubber boots and the camo raingear that I used to wear when I would go deer hunting.”

“Oh, but you’ll sure be a fashion statement wearing that,” said Eileen pulling on the bib front rainpants over the old college sweatpants and fastening the suspenders, the clips for which came right over her boobs.

“You don’t look so bad yourself,” responded Mark as he finished donning his camo rainpants and pulling on his boots. “Actually, it makes you look darn cute. With that high front you probably wouldn’t have to wear anything under those pants.”

“You have to be kidding me. Maybe on a warmer day you might be right, but I don’t think so today.”

They grabbed their rain jackets and headed out the door of the garage to Mark’s truck and soon had headed off. While Wanda’s wasn’t that far, the drizzle turned to a steady rain by the time that they got to their destination. Being a farm, the way back to where the Christmas trees were was a muddy route littered with large puddles.

“Now aren’t you glad I told you to wear rubber boots?” asked Eileen.

“You didn’t have to tell me to wear boots. If memory serves me, I was the one that told you to wear your raingear. So, aren’t you grateful?”

“I guess, but look around. There aren’t a lot of others here and we’re the only ones dressed like this.”

“But we’re dry and we’ll go home with a decent tree because we’re beating the crowds.”

They slogged through numerous puddles some of which were deep, but nevertheless did find an exceptionally nice tree, which got cut and brought home. Eileen and Mark’s rubber boots Anadolu Yakası escort bayan and rainpants were a muddy mess, however. When they got home Eileen made certain that they got rinsed off and removed in the garage.

“That was fun,” said Mark. “You should wear that raingear more often. I makes you look awesome.”

“Maybe I will do just that,” joked Eileen. “Besides it really did do a good job of keeping me dry. Along with me trusty wellies, that is.”

“See! So you do have a rubber boot fetish.”

After dinner and some TV watching Eileen decided to head up to bed. Unbeknownst to Mark she had brought with her the raingear and wellies, which were now dry. A few minutes later Mark came up to the bedroom and before he knew what happened Eileen emerged from the bathroom wearing the bib rainpants and her wellies.

“What the . . .?” he began.

“You told me that I might want to try wearing the rainpants without anything underneath,” she explained doing a sexy modeling pose. “So how do you like it? The clips are perfectly located to hide my nipples.”

“But I like seeing your boobs, especially the nippies,” replied Mark.

“OK, then we can unclip them like so,” said Eileen letting the front of the rainpants fall exposing her boobs.

“You know I never tire of looking at your tits. By the way what are you wearing on the bottom?”

“That is for me to know and you to find out.”

Mark went over to his wife and peeled the rainpants down to her knees and like he had expected Eileen was wearing absolutely nothing underneath. “Oh, but this gives new meaning to the slutty look. But I love it,” he noted unfastening his jeans and letting them and his briefs drop to the floor.

“But since you think that I have a rubber boot fetish I don’t think I want to take my boots off.” Eileen certainly did look strange wearing her black wellies and the blue rainpants that were now down around her ankles. Moreover, Mark was now standing there naked from the waist down holding a huge erection in his hand.

“Now what are we going to do with that? There is a solution!” exclaimed Eileen as she turned around and bent over with her elbows now on the bed. “Normally I don’t like doggy style that much, but sometimes, like now, it might be the most appropriate position.”

Mark couldn’t help noticing that escort bayan his wife’s pussy glistened with moisture. “She’s getting excited about screwing while wearing rainpants and wellies!” he thought to himself. At least after 25 years of marriage he and Eileen still liked having sex, but he could count on one hand the number of times that they had done doggy style. Without any second invitation he entered her and noted how really deep his penetration was. No wonder so many couples find it a good position for conceiving. Not only that but Mark was afforded a perfect opportunity to grasp Eileen’s boobs as he thrust his member in and out.

“Oh, Mark, that feels great!”

“It’s all because you’re wearing your wellies,” he replied.

“It would have been even better if you were wearing yours, too.”

“You’re suggesting that I should pull out, go down to the garage, put my rubber boots on, come back to the bedroom, and re-enter you?”

“No, I don’t think so. That would be rainbootus interruptus and it would certainly kill the mood,” she giggled as Mark continued his thrusts.

Eileen’s breaths got deeper and her pussy became wetter as she got more excited. Mark couldn’t hold back any longer and deposited a load of his cum in Eileen’s vagina. He kept his manhood firmly in place for as long as he thought he could before withdrawing.

“You’re still a wild and crazy broad and I never tire of having sex with you, but I also never tire of seeing you in rubber boots either.”

“Or how about rainpants?”

“Only when they’re down around your ankles,” he quipped.

A few days later it was Christmas. The family was sitting around the dinner table when Tara, their 25 year old daughter, said, “The decorations are beautiful as always, but the Christmas tree is the prettiest that I ever can remember. That has to be the perfect tree! How did you find it?”

“At Wanda’s in the pouring down rain. Can you believe it?” said Eileen.

“Really? You guys went out in the pouring down rain to go buy a Christmas tree. That’s nuts! Dad, did you make Mom do that?”

“Not exactly. It was actually her idea.”

“Huh? Mom, was it? I can’t believe you did that.”

“It was. Your father and I just know how to dress for rainy days. But you really have to own a good pair of wellies!”

“I’m not sure that I’d do that,” said Tara turning her attention to dessert. “You guys are just too crazy. You’d really have to have a serious rubber boot fetish or something to do anything like that!”

At that Mark just about choked on his mincemeat pie while Eileen did all she could to hold back her giggle. “Oh, if the kids only knew!” she thought to herself.

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