The Omnipotent Woman

The Omnipotent Woman

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Chapter 1 — The Click of Heels

I figured it had been about an hour since I last saw anything other than the stamped concrete around the pool. My knees ached and my neck was starting to throb. If it hadn’t been for the fact that I could hear my wife, Kristina and her best friend Stephanie talking a few feet away I would have sworn she had forgotten about me. With my ass in the air, nose to the floor and elbows tucked between my legs I knelt silently a few feet away waiting for Kristina to snap her fingers and release me to carry on with my chores but clearly, she had no intention of doing so.

I wasn’t even a topic of their conversation, but then I never would have expected to be anyway. Stephanie knew my place in Kristina’s house and revelled to watch her reign over me. They just went on talking about the usual things like shopping, work, home renovations, and of course their plans for the night. I was simply ignored. I knew my place though, and understood that I had crossed a line that he put me here.

My ass and back were now covered in welts, my face swollen from being smacked repeatedly and I was covered in little tiny bruises from her heels. She had beaten me to a pulp and I deserved every bit of it. I never wear clothes as a rule. I’m almost always left naked unless she’s taking me somewhere so, I don’t know what made me think this weekend would be any different. I was sure Stephanie had told me to get dressed but I was obviously wrong based on her reaction to my excuse. I stripped everything off as fast as I could and knelt quietly while she scolded me. It was then that I made my biggest mistake by speaking up and suggested that Stephanie had told me to get dressed. Stephanie cut me off in mid sentence and told Kristina I was lying. I should have known. Any woman’s word carries more weight than mine and it was shear defiance for me to even try. I had been taught better than to contradict a woman anywhere. I should have just apologized for my error. By not doing that, I made everything much worse. Kristina’s hand swung across my face with such force I flew across the floor. Now I was in real trouble. In the only mind that mattered, Kristina’s, I had told a lie and I would pay dearly. Her punishment was so severe that by the time she finished I was sure I had actually told a lie.

When I finally heard one of them get up, I checked myself to ensure I remained motionless as Kristina’s heels clicked towards me. From years of serving her I could recognize the sound of her walk from a mile away. She didn’t say a word until the thin hard platform of her yellow mule landed on my hand, “And you little boy will stay right here until I come back,” she declared as she slowly twisted her shoe back and forth over my hand that crackled and popped as the pressure intensified, “Unless of course you want this all over again,” she teased while driving her shoe harder into my hand as she gently laughed.

I remained silent as I fought to remain still through the pain. I thought she was going to break every bone in my hand and I wanted to scream. So, I held my breath and tried to endure it.

“I’m sorry little man, maybe you don’t remember any of my rules. When I speak to you, you answer! Do you need another lesson in obedience today?” Kristina threatened as she continued to stand on my hand.

“No Mistress,” I whispered as I tried to contain the agony of the pain, “I’m sorry Ma’am. I can’t take any more today. Please no more Mistress Kristina. Please no more Ma’am.”

Kristina paused for a moment before squatting down in front of me with her shoe still crushing my hand, grabbed my hair and ripped my head back until my face was in her crotch. I focussed on her matching yellow string bikini bottoms, “And yet, if I decided to beat you all over again, you’d be helpless to stop me wouldn’t you wimp boy?”

I knew the answer, “Yes Mistress Kristina.”

“And why?”

“Because I’m just a wimpy little pee on that belongs to you Mistress Kristina.”

“That’s right Henry,” she said as she shoved my face back onto the deck, stood up and pivoted all of her weight on my hand before walking away, “so you better not move a muscle until I come back or you’ll get everything all over again!” she exclaimed as I listened to her click across the deck and into the house with Stephanie.

I was alone. Completely abandoned by everything except my thoughts and the blazing sun. I had no idea how long she would make me stay here but I knew I had no say on the matter. I had no say on anything really. I was absolutely powerless beneath her and lived in a constant state of arousal mixed with fear. I loved being submissive to Kristina but never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that being her slave would make me so utterly vulnerable and helpless. Kristina ruled my life with what I had finally accepted was omnipotent power. From my position in her world, she was nothing less than a Goddess; all powerful.

As sweat ran off my face onto the deck I thought back to the events that led to this stage in my life. My memories wandered deep into the past as I contemplated whether I would have made the same choices all over urfa escort again. The endless chores, grovelling, public humiliations, and denial of sexual freedom in combination with the constant fear of being punished sexually, physically or otherwise left me debating if I had made the right decision.

I met Krissy, as she was known back then, on New Years Eve 2009 while out at a bar with some of my friends from Harvard. It was my third year and I was just scraping by as I lacked the focus or discipline to work. I can tell you this is no longer a problem for me as I have scrubbed entire floors using a toothbrush without so much as a break but back then I would have rather drank than studied.

It was a place called the W Lounge and it was a hotel bar that supposedly hosted an awesome New Years party. Tickets were expensive but at the time, money wasn’t an issue for me. High ceilings, elegant surroundings, great music, and of course, women everywhere. I had been there before to hang out and watch the scenery hoping to finally score. Up until that night, it hadn’t happened though. Not ever.

I wasn’t much of a catch to be honest. I topped out at just five feet tall and the best I could pull off with risers was five-one. I wasn’t buffed by any means, in fact Krissy often jokes that it was my toothpick arms that attracted her to me. At age 21, I was the proverbial 90-pound weakling. You can imagine how easy it would be to meet women looking like that.

I had been sitting with my friends for just a few minutes after seven. People were pouring in all over the place and I could tell it was going to be a packed house when I saw the most beautiful woman I could have ever imagined walking towards me. She had long silky auburn hair with pronounced eyebrows and full luscious deep red lips. It took me a second to realize it, but she also stood at least a head taller than the next tallest guy in the bar. At first, I thought she was on a stool but as she glided across the room, I realized she was immensely tall with an absolutely knock out figure that included a set of the most perfect breasts that must have been double D’s.

As she worked through the crowd my friends all paused to watch her. A couple of them joked that her legs could pop their heads like a nutcracker but mostly they just admired her in silence. She was wearing a very tight champagne, shallow cut cocktail dress with matching pumps that had to have at least a six-inch heel to them. Every step she took was a swagger that garnered every guy’s amorous gaze. As she got closer to me I started realizing just how big she was and figured she had to be almost 7 feet tall with her heels. She ultimately sat down at the table beside ours with her own seat immediately behind mine. I cursed under my breath because it would be difficult to gaze at her if we were back to back, a past time I did with many women knowing they wouldn’t be interested in me.

I was intoxicated by her and couldn’t stop finding reasons to move around to admire her exquisite features. Without a doubt, she was also the queen in her group. Not only was she the most attractive woman at the table, and they were all attractive, but the others seemed to defer to her without question. As I eavesdropped on their conversation I learned her name was Krissy and overheard enough to surmise they also went to Harvard. I found myself getting a little more drunk than I had planned as I kept getting up to buy another drink just to study her from afar. She was gorgeous. Her muscles rippled as she walked and she had an hour glass figure that I didn’t even think was possible with breasts that stood tall as they dominated her physique. She was adorned with diamond jewellery that made her the picture of elegance and I found myself getting hard as I thought about her deep red lips sucking my cock.

She had already caught my ogling eye early on though and was making a game out of catching my stare. The harder I tried to sneak a peak at her, the more often I found her looking back at me with a smirk. Of course, there was no way I’d ever actually approach her as she was way out of my league. A woman like that would laugh in my face if I even tried to say hi. What the hell would I say to a woman like her anyway?

Finally, after about 9pm, as I was returning to my seat with yet another drink, she stretched out her arm and blocked my return, “You know, you’ll never meet a girl if you just keep staring at her.”

My face went beat red and I stammered for a moment, “I — I wasn’t staring, staring at — t you.”

She pulled her arm back and ran her hand across my already raging cock, “Cut the crap and sit,” she told me pointing to the empty chair beside her. “You know you want to.”

It was the first time I ever did what she told me to do and I was nervous as hell. I had no idea what to say. It didn’t matter though as Krissy knew just what she wanted to say.

Gently she rested her hand on my shoulder as her thumb stroked the side of my face, “What’s your name little man?” Even seated, she towered over me and I felt like a more like a kid beside her big sister.

I balıkesir escort paused for a second, not knowing what to say until I realized I had waited too long and that uneasy awkward feeling set in, “Henry. Yours?”

“I’m Krissy. Are you in school?”

“Yes Harvard. Classical arts, 2011.”

“MBA for me, I’m done this year,” she advised before I ever asked. “I noticed you just after I arrived. You keep getting up to creep me out.” “I’m sorry,” I replied as I bowed my head. She laughed gently as she lifted my chin up, “I will tell you two things about that move. First, you will never meet a woman if you just hover around her. Second, they call it creeping for a reason, because women will think that’s what you are.” I could almost feel myself shrinking out of embarrassment right there in my seat, “You actually have to say hello and if you do, you might just meet someone special,” she said as she placed her hand on my crotch, “oh, I think you’ve lost a little pride.” Krissy laughed out loud, “Why don’t you get me a long island iced tea and get yourself back under control,” and gave my cock a little squeeze.

I nodded my head like a little school boy looking for ice cream and headed back to the bar. When I returned just a few minutes later, she had disappeared. I looked around wondering where she had gone, thinking I had just scared her off somehow or she had yanked my chain to make me look like a fool. Either, I figured, was possible. I wandered aimlessly around the bar for a few minutes before I finally figured out where she had gone.

Krissy had found a single wing back chair to sit in. After holding her hand out for her drink she pointed to the coffee table in front of her and told me to sit. I never realized it at the time but she was testing me. She was watching to see how I would respond if she was in a power position and I was not.

As I sat there motionless, she kept teasing my cock by rubbing her shoe against my inner thigh, grabbing my tie to pull me closer, or whispering little orders for me to follow to keep me occupied on her. Little did I realize that Krissy was gently training me to focus on pleasing her by conditioning me to follow her directions. She later told me that she watched with amusement as my body language demonstrated to her how I was becoming more and more submissive. She watched as my shoulders hunched lower while I tucked my arms between my legs, sitting almost perfectly still across from her. She said that it was the quintessential body language of a servant and she revelled in how helpless I looked as she sat in her big wingback, dangling a shoe by her toes just beside my shoulder while her arms filled the space around her. I remember thinking to myself how erotic it was for me to be with a woman who was such a picture of confidence, power, and control.

When she finished her drink, she held it out in front of her and shook the ice. To her amusement, I got up and headed to the bar with the empty glass in hand to grab another.

As I got back she was talking to another guy. He was enormous, probably 6’7″ and built like Arnold. She looked at me, smiled and stared back up at him as they talked while I stood quietly beside her with another long island for her and a beer for me. After a moment or two she looked back at me and pointed for me to sit at the coffee table again. She then took the beer from my hand and asked if I had taken a drink from it yet. When I shook my head no, she told me I had enough for tonight and offered the beer to the big guy standing over her. She then took her own drink from me and continued talking with the guy as if I wasn’t even there. The guy laughed at me as she took a sip of her drink. It was humiliating.

As I watched them talk, she reminded me of a queen on a throne in control anyone in her sight including me. I knew I was expected to sit quietly by her as she talked to the guy who turned out to be a varsity basketball player. Somehow, she knew I would do exactly as she had told me and wait for her until she was done. I later learned that she was just naturally took charge of people. Whether it was her size or something in her personality, people always did what she wanted them to do. Krissy led people very naturally.

After about a half hour the big guy gave his number to her and moved on. She turned back to me and told me to get her another drink. I dutifully got up again, and fetched her another.

I sat down again after handing her the next drink and watched as she took another sip.

“I really like you Henry. You’re such a nice little man,” she announced as she lifted her foot onto my lap and pressed her shoe into my crotch.

“I like you too Krissy,” I said as I focussed on the pressure created by her heel as it probed my groin.

“I think we should go somewhere tonight when everything is done. Where could we go Henry?”

“I don’t know,” I was hesitant to say it out loud and needed some courage, “you could come to my place. That is if you feel comfortable doing that.”

Krissy laughed out loud before reaching forward to grab my trabzon escort already engorged cock, “I don’t think I’m the one who should be scared of that,” she joked and squeezed it until I jumped, “but let’s do it.” For the first time in my life, I was about to take a woman home with me.

Krissy sat back with her Long Island and kicked both of her feet up on my lap. I remember thinking to myself, that her shoes were so large, she’d be disappointed once she saw how small I was in every department. As we continued to talk, she needled my cock and smiled as I flinched when she hit it the wrong way.

About an hour before midnight she got up and led me out to the dance floor. It was a tight fit out there and I quickly found myself enveloped by people including her. She was so incredibly tall and I discovered that I actually stood well below her breasts. More than that, I could tell she just had a bigger, stronger frame than me. Beside me, she was a giant.

Krissy was an amazing dancer though and she teased me incessantly with bewitchingly seductive moves that beat to the rhythm of the music as she ground herself into me. It was almost unbearable for me but I loved it. With about 10 minutes to go before midnight she told me to get us champagne. I rushed over to the bar and fought through the people to get our drinks before the ball dropped.

I got back just in time for the count down and handed her a tall flute of bubbly. We counted down the end of 2009 in unison then screamed, “Happy New Year!” She then wrapped her arm around my lower back and pulled me to my toes while kissing me with her tongue deep in my mouth. My head craned back as she held me off balance. That was the first time I truly realized she was physically far superior to me. We then threw back our champagne after which she yelled in my ear, “I want to fuck your brains out right now. Let’s go.” I nodded my head and watched as she smiled, “I just have to tell my friends, take my coat check tag and get my coat for me.”

I was so charged with excitement I just about ran through the crowd to the entrance, picked up her ¾ length leather coat along with a pair of six- inch leather heeled boots then waited quietly by myself against the wall watching people come and go. She had apparently found another friend and stopped to talk while I waited for her. I tried to go back in to find her but the bouncers wouldn’t let me in so all I could do was stand and wait hoping I would still get to fuck her. When she finally came out almost an hour later she turned her back to me and told me to help her with her coat. I held it open over my head as she slid into it then turned around and smiled, “Put my boots on little man.” I lowered myself to my knees and took each shoe off one at time as I slipped her boots on and zipped them up. That was the first time I ever realized I had a total fetish for high heels as it was the most erotic feeling ever to kneel there changing Krissy’s footwear as she smiled down at me. As I stood up she told me to carry her shoes then led me out the door where a stretch limo was just waiting for hire.

I handed the driver $200 and asked him to take us to my place in Cambridgeport. Krissy climbed in and took the centre position at the back of the limo. She pointed to the bench seat that ran along the side of the limo and told me to sit on it then propped her boots up on my lap and told me to clean them. I grabbed some Kleenex nearby and started polishing them as we chatted in peace and quiet for the first time that night. It was nice and she helped me feel a little more relaxed as we careened through the streets back to my flat. She was a strong, confident, reassuring woman whose ability to control the moment was the sexiest turn on for me at that time. The trip seemed to take no time at all and before I knew it we were at my apartment.

“Wow! You live here? Huh. I guess I can pick’em,” she joked as she stepped out of the limo and checked out the area.

As we walked through the front door, I smiled when the doorman winked to me as we headed for the elevator. I could hear the click of her heels as she walked along beside me and looked up to see her majestic stature above. I felt so lucky to be there at that moment. I can still remember the sound of her heels on that hard surface. It was uniquely feminine and so incredibly arousing to me. I always loved women in high heels but it wasn’t until that evening that I realized how much of an impact they had on me.

I invited Krissy into my apartment which was the penthouse unit that fed right off the elevator onto a balcony foyer that overlooked my flat. I stood quietly and watched as she walked ahead of me to get a look at the view overlooking the Charles River and my place. She had the sexiest walk as she strutted across the floor like she owned it. My place was nice and I could tell she was impressed. It was about 4000 square feet with a cathedral ceiling in the main living room that looked up to the foyer with a set of double winder stairs coming from both sides of the entrance and a view of the river in the distance. The living space had the coolest 1960’s facade with a sunken living room and large sectional couch around the perimeter that was my favourite feature of the room. I stepped out of the elevator and invited Krissy down stairs. She held her hand out, “Your place is gorgeous. It’s incredible!” she said as she enveloped my own hand and led me down my own stairs one sexy click at a time.

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