The Not So Private, Private Cavern 02

The Not So Private, Private Cavern 02


Tim looked at his sister, Sally, standing there with her skirt hiked up around her waist. He was certain there must have been a look of wide-eyed surprise, as well as a slack jaw, on his face. The last time he had seen her in the nude was when they used to bathe as younger children, and this was definitely a completely different set of circumstances.

“Sally,” Tim said in shock. “What the fuck are you doing out here?”

“I guess the same question could be asked of you,” Sally replied with a smirk. “But the answer to that is already obvious.”

“You gonna answer my question, or not?” Tim continued, now flush with anger.

“Oh!? Is this a private party, Timmy?” Sally asked, sarcasm practically dripping from each word. “To answer your fucking question, I got bored at the house and went out for a walk. If you didn’t want to be caught with your dick out, literally, you shouldn’t have been so damned loud!”

“Guys,” Andrea said from her seat. “Hello… I am still here… and last time I checked this was MY private place.”

“So, it’s that way, is it?” Sally asked, fuming as she straightened her skirt. “This is your place, and you get to choose who can be in here, huh?”

“Sally…” Tim said slowly, trying to diffuse a rapidly escalating situation. The last thing he needed was his sister running back and spilling the beans to the rest of the family.

“That’s not what I meant,” Andrea interrupted. “Look, you just caught us by surprise, and tensions are obviously high. Please stay…”

Tim watched the emotions that flittered across Sally’s face. She had always worn her feelings on her face, and after years of antagonizing each other, he was pretty confident he could read her mood. Finally, she settled into a feeling of accepting the offer and stepped further into the cavern.

“So,” Sally began. “How long have you two been…”

“Never,” said Andrea, quickly. “It…it…”

“I happened onto her just like you did us,” Tim said, finishing Andrea’s thoughts.

“So, what I saw…” Sally continued. “… it just sort of, happened?”

“Something like that,” Andrea said with a sigh. “If I remember correctly it started with Timmy calling me a ‘grade-A bitch’. Or, something like that.”

“Sorry, guess we didn’t teach him well enough about first impressions with the ladies,” Sally said with laughter.

“Ha ha,” Tim replied sarcastically. He then flushed a deep red when he placed his hands on his hips and it dawned on him that he was still standing there naked as a jaybird.

“No, no, he was right,” Andrea said good-naturedly. “I am a grade-A bitch.”

“Well, if I am going to be staying…” Sally began, as she pushed her skirt down to the floor and began removing the rest of her clothes.

Tim watched as his sister shed her clothes, revealing herself to both of them without any sense of modesty. All of his life, he had seen Sally as nothing more than a nuisance and someone he was forced to share his existence with. It never occurred to him just how sexy she had turned out, at least not until he saw her standing before him in all of her glory.

“There!” she exclaimed, turning to face them after piling her clothes on top of Tim’s. “Much better, don’t you think?”

“When in Rome, huh?” Andrea said laughingly.

“Yep,” Sally laughed in return, placing her hands on both ample hips.

Tim ran his eyes over Sally’s naked body, truly seeing a new side of his older sibling. While she was definitely plumper than Andrea was, there was a certain sensuality and confidence in how she held herself. She was a larger girl, she knew it and she was comfortable with it.

To begin with her breasts were even larger than he had ever thought. He had seen her bras in the laundry before, and knew she was a 36DDD, but this was the first time ever seeing them in the flesh. He knew he didn’t have much to compare her with, but her breasts looked almost perfect to him. Try as he might, he couldn’t tear his eyes away from them.

The way they flared out to the side, almost forming a natural “V” as they hung side-by-side, was sexy as hell. Her skin looked almost perfect, like she had been airbrushed by God himself. It was a perfect shade of white, almost pale, and her breasts were topped with the largest pink areolas he had ever seen. They looked to be easily 4 inches in diameter and in the center of each were the nipples the size of large pencil erasers.

His eyes continued down her body, taking in her thick waist and wide hips. She just stood there, her legs slightly spread as he openly gazed at her silky smooth pussy. Even from where he was standing, he could see her puffy pussy lips extending beneath her, so pink and so inviting.

“Damn,” Sally said, interrupting his thoughts. “Perhaps I should start calling you ‘big brother’?”

Tim was suddenly painfully aware of his erection, as his cock revived itself and pointed directly at his sister. He turned bright red and shook his head as he tried to wash away the thoughts he was having of his gaziantep bayan escort own sister. No matter how sexy Sally was, it just felt…wrong. Instead he turned and looked at Andrea, who was at least not related to him by blood.

Andrea was just sitting there, staring like he had been at the now naked Sally. He couldn’t help but notice that she had taken to massaging her breasts, and tweaking her nipples softly. There was a look of pure lust in her eyes as she glanced back and forth between the two siblings.

While Andrea pulled on her nipples, Tim was shocked to find himself comparing her to his sister. Now that he had someone to compare her to, he didn’t know which he preferred more. Where Sally was thicker and had 36DDD breasts, Andrea was thinner and looked like she had 24B breasts. Regardless, they were both sexy as hell, and truthfully, at that point he would be satisfied if he could just have sex with either of them.

“What did you say?” Sally asked.

“Nothing,” Tim replied with a confused look on his face, wondering if he had said the last part aloud.

“No…” Sally said, stepping up and grabbing him by the shoulder. “You said something…”

“It doesn’t matter, Sally,” Tim began. “Just drop it, ok?”

“Ok,” she said, turning him towards her at the same time.

The movement caused his arm to brush against her breast and he felt her stiff nipple scrape against his arm. She sucked in her breath, moaning slightly at the physical contact. The two of them locked eyes with one another for a moment, as if searching for something.

“Ahem…” the spell was broken by the sound of Andrea’s voice. “Hello! Still here, ya know!”

Sally laughed softly, flushed with embarrassment for the first time since she arrived, and then slid down to the cavern floor. As she joined Andrea on her makeshift bed, she leaned over and whispered something in Andrea’s ear. The two of them giggled like excited schoolgirls as they began whispering secretively to one another and glancing in Tim’s direction.

“Tim,” Sally said with a smile after their round of whispering had passed. “We have decided that it would be fun to play a little game.”

“Oh?” Tim asked, intrigued. “What game is that?”

“Well, I know you’ve heard of show and tell. But since we are all already showing… we only need to tell,” she said with a mischievous look in her eye.

“How do we play that?” Tim asked.

“Well…” Sally began. “In this game, we will each get a chance to do something and then tell what we think, or feel, about it.”

“I don’t get it,” Tim said, shaking his head in confusion.

“It’s simple,” Andrea piped in. “I will start…”

Tim watched as Andrea sat up and leaned over to Sally. She pressed her face close to the other girl’s, her lips parting as she pressed forward to kiss her. Surprisingly, Sally also parted her lips accepting the other girl’s tongue into her mouth as the two of them began to kiss passionately. Just when he thought the kiss would never end, Andrea pulled back from Sally and looked at him with a grin.

“So,” Andrea said. “For me, that was a first and it was a very soft kiss. It was much different than kissing a boy, not as rough and very exciting. I always wanted to do that!”

“For me…” Sally began. “It was not my first. Don’t look so shocked, Tim! But, I can say that I have never tasted a man’s cum on a woman’s mouth before like I did right then. It made the kiss taste even better.”

“Your turn!” Andrea said, pointing at Tim. “What are you going to do?”

Tim looked back and forth at both girls, as he thought for a moment on what he should do. His eyes locked on both of their chests, and the decision was made. Dropping down and placing himself between them, he reached out with his right hand towards Andrea and his left towards Sally.

He gently cupped both of their breasts, hefting them in his palm and exploring them with his fingers. A part of him couldn’t believe he was there naked with two girls at the same time, let alone groping both at the same time. What was even more mind blowing was that one of the two girls was his own sister.

Splaying his fingers around both of their breasts, he pulled his fingers back along their soft flesh until just the tips of his fingers were clasping their stiff nipples. Both girls had a look in their eyes that he couldn’t begin to describe. Whatever the look was, it was a look that he thoroughly enjoyed, as his cock twitched and grew impossibly harder.

Instead of waiting until he was done to “tell” them about it, he described how each of them felt while he touched them. Just as the girls were as different as day and night, so were their breasts. Sally’s was definitely plumper, softer, and her nipple was thicker than Andrea’s. Andrea’s breast was firmer, he could fit more into his hand and she had a skinny nipple that stood out straight and hard. The one thing that wasn’t different was how they both moaned gaziantep escort bayan when he pulled on their nipples and twisted them softly.

“My turn,” Sally moaned softly.

Tim reluctantly released the two girl’s nipples and sat back on his haunches. He looked at his sister wondering what she was going to do. A shock went through his entire body when her hand shot out and grabbed his throbbing shaft. There was a look of mischief in her eyes as she wrapped her fingers around his steel hard shaft and ran her thumb over his cockhead.

He couldn’t help but moan as she began stroking him with her firm grip. Closing his eyes, he just enjoyed the moment as she explored his entire manhood with her soft hand. It was even more pleasurable than when Andrea had held him in her hand. He couldn’t help but think it was probably due to the overall “naughtiness” of the situation, being that she was his older sister and all.

Andrea shifted in her seat and Tim felt her get up on her knees. He rose up until he was kneeling with his body as stiff as a board, while she pressed herself against him from behind. Her soft, firm breasts and hard nipples pressed into his back as her hand snaked around his waist. Sally released her grip on his shaft and her hands were replaced by Andrea’s.

Tim opened his eyes and looked down at his sister. She had lay back on the makeshift bed and scooted down until her body was directly in front of his. Her legs were splayed open before him, exposing her pink pussy lips and completely bald pussy. As he watched, she pulled her knees back and up, exposing even more of herself to him as she slid her right hand down and between her legs.

Andrea continued stroking him softly from behind, caressing his balls and hard shaft while he watched Sally slowly begin working her fingers into her own pussy. He moaned at the combination of sexiness before him and the feeling of the hands caressing him. It was almost too much for him and his senses were becoming overwhelmed with desire from deep down.

“Oh my,” Andrea whispered in his ear. “You are growing even thicker in my hand. Is it me, or Sally, that has you this turned on?”

“Both…” Tim managed to croak out between moans.

“Do you want her?”


“Yes, Sally… do you want her?”

“Yes…” he moaned almost inaudibly.

“Mmmm… how fucking naughty can you get!?” she giggled softly.

Her hands continued to stroke him slowly, but she was now pushing him closer and closer to his sister. Sally looked up at her brother, her eyes transfixed on his large cock and Andrea’s roaming hands. She removed her fingers from her pussy, pressed them against her mouth and sucked her juices off her fingers. There was an unmistakable twinkle in her eye as she motioned for him to come closer.

Andrea released his cock and balls from her soft grip, shoving him down and forcing him to catch himself with his hands. He caught himself just before he landed on Sally. His head was now directly in line with her large breasts and his rigid cock was less than a foot from her exposed pussy.

“Come up here,” Sally whispered softly. “I want a kiss…”

“But, Sally…” Tim started to say as doubts began flashing in his mind.

“Do it!” she practically hissed at him.

Tim crawled further up her body, until his head was directly over hers. He felt Sally’s legs wrap around his lower back, pulling him down against her until the underside of his cock was pressed against her moist pussy lips. Her hand came up and pulled his face down to hers, parting her lips in expectation of the kiss to come.

He pressed his lips to his sister’s mouth, feeling her soft lips press against his and her tongue slip into his mouth. Her pussy was hot against the underside of his cock and he could feel her juices covering his shaft where her pussy lips wrapped around his flesh. It was an unbelievable feeling, kissing her softly while slowly thrusting back and forth, sliding his shaft along her pussy folds and clit without actually penetrating her.

Sally moaned into his mouth and began kissing him even more passionately. As she panted softly into his mouth while trying to kiss him, her hands clawed at his back and her legs tightened around his waist. He couldn’t help but notice that she gave a sharp intake of breath he felt his cockhead slide back far enough to tickle only her sensitive clit.

“Oh, fuck,” Sally moaned as she pulled her mouth from his. “Fuck…fuck…fuck…”

Tim felt a set of hands on his backside, as Andrea positioned herself between his legs behind him. Her soft hands rubbed down his asscheeks and between his thighs softly. As he shifted his body slightly to adjust himself, she grabbed his hard cock in her right hand and pulled it down until his cockhead was pressed against Sally’s pussy lips. Both he and Sally moaned openly as Andrea began tracing Sally’s moist lips with the tip of his cock.

“Ohhh….” Sally moaned escort gaziantep bayan as the tip of his cock slightly penetrated her moist canal. Her legs shifted down his back, pulling him even harder against her, causing his cockhead to slide further into her hot pussy.

“That’s it…” she moaned. “A little more… please?”

Tim was stricken with conflicting emotions, when he heard the unmistakable pleading in her voice. She continued to beg for him to push deeper into her pussy. There was no mistaking his teenage desire to fuck a member of the opposite sex; he just never thought he would lose his virginity to his older sister. But here he was, with his cockhead firmly between her pussy lips and poised to do the unthinkable.

The decision was made for him when he felt Andrea place her hand on his backside and push him hard into his sister. His cock shoved halfway in, stopping only because Andrea still gripped his shaft with her other hand. Her fingers were tracing his shaft and Sally’s pussy lips, feeling where the two of them were joined.

Sally moaned loudly as his thick cock stretched her pussy lips wide and she accepted him into her canal. Her eyes were closed and her head thrashed slightly from side-to-side, as he shifted slightly slipping a little further into her moist canal. She was so tight and wet, wrapped around his shaft, her pussy walls gripped him hard in the most pleasure filled embrace he had ever imagined possible.

“How does he feel?” Andrea asked from behind him.

“Great,” Sally moaned. “He is thicker than anyone I have ever had before and my god… I feel so full and he isn’t even all the way in… yet.”

“Yet…?” Tim said questioningly, surprised she wanted to take it even further.

“Do it…” she whispered as her lust filled eyes locked with his. “Fill me up, ‘big’ brother, fuck me. Fuck your sister with that big cock of yours.”

Andrea’s hand released his shaft and instead cupped his balls, giving him free reign to drive even further into Sally’s hot pussy. Tim moaned loudly and pushed further into his sister’s willing pussy. Her mouth opened wide with an inaudible moan as he slowly inched his cock deeper into her. He just slowly pushed into her, savoring the feel of her pussy clenching his shaft as he drove deep into her until he felt his balls pressed against her asscheeks.

“Oh my…” she moaned. “Andrea… he is soooo big. I feel stretched in all the right ways and his cockhead… ohhh… it is pressed against the back of my pussy. Tell me he is all the way in…”

“He is.”

“Thank god, I don’t know if I could take much more of him. Timmy, how do I feel? Tell me… I want to hear it.”

Tim moaned softly, trying to find the words to express how she felt. He pulled himself out slowly and then pushed back inside of his sister’s pussy just as slowly. The feeling was really indescribable, but he knew she wanted him to “tell” what he was feeling, and at that point he would do anything she wanted him to do.

“You are hot…” he panted. “So hot, so wet… so tight… you feel… so fucking good…”

“Mmmm….” She moaned, as he continued slowly thrusting in and out of her. “Keep that up. Fuck me with your big cock.”

He did just as she insisted, slowly pumping his cock in and out of her pussy, listening to her moans of delight. A slight breath could be felt against his balls as Andrea shifted her head down for a closer look. The feeling was exquisite against his skin when she placed her finger on the underside of his cock feeling him where he slid in and out of Sally.

“Wow,” Andrea exclaimed. “This is so sexy to watch. I never knew…”

Tim bucked hard, driving his shaft deep into his sister when he felt Andrea’s lips wrap around his balls. He looked down to see Sally’s eyes go wide when his cockhead bottomed out in her pussy, driving hard against her cervix. She tightened her legs around him and held him there, pressing hard against her cervix as a loud guttural moan escaped her lips.

“Do THAT again!” she moaned out loud.

He didn’t need any further encouragement, as he pulled his shaft back until just the tip was inside of her pussy and then thrust hard into her again. Andrea pulled her mouth off of his balls, but kept her finger pressed against the slick underside of his cock, feeling him as he began thrusting hard and fast in his sister’s tight pussy.

Tim couldn’t believe he was actually having sex, let alone having sex with his older sister. It was so intense that he was pummeling her tight pussy with as much force as he could possibly muster. He kept his eyes locked on Sally as she moaned like a banshee, her head thrashing from side-to-side and her large breasts bouncing from each forceful thrust.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…” began a chant like mantra from Sally, as both of them neared the brink of no return.

“I’m gonna cum!” Tim shouted loudly.

“Not in me!” Sally moaned, as she released the vise-like grip her legs had on his waist and pushed him back forcefully.

Tim yelled loudly, as his cock exploded just as it was pulled from her depths. His cum shot out of him in long, thick ropes of milky fluid. It covered her stomach, splattered onto her large breasts and even splashed on his chin. The force of his ejaculation was so intense that he began to see spots, and if he wasn’t already on his knees, he would likely have fallen over.

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