The New Neighborhood Ch. 14


Ch. 14 The New Neighborhood Cums Together

After the Friday party with Sam and Dan concluded, I spent the night in bed with Molly, Trixie and Maria. I’m not going to recount the whole night except to say that I changed partners in a methodical rotation throughout the night, starting with Maria, then Trixie, and then Molly.

Each of them remembered where they left me, and resumed from that point. At the end of the night, and since then, my mind has a surreal recollection that I had made continuous love with each of them.

I have thought about the night, many times, and have tried to remember it in distinct, roughly thirty-minute segments, I simply can’t do it. I am now resigned to the fact that I made love to each of them continuously until each of them orgasmed and drifted off to sleep. Needless to say, it was a night that I will never forget.

Saturday was a day of rest and recovery, as the women of the neighborhood planned our first neighborhood party with everyone invited. I offered the use of my house and pool, but they all insisted that I had done more than my fair share of hosting.

The party started after the two Catholic families had returned home from Church. We all gathered at Howard and Hannah’s house. As we entered the house each of us was given a personalized bag.

Holly was the first to speak, “Welcome to our home. The day has finally arrived that the entire neighborhood can come together and celebrate in a way that none of us would have imagined a year ago.”

“What are the bags for?” asked Trixie.

“I’m glad you asked,” smiled Holly. “Perhaps the best way to explain is to ask for a couple of volunteers.”

“OK, Tom and Heather, please join me,” laughed Holly, as it was obvious that we hadn’t volunteered.

While Heather and I made our way over to stand near Holly, she announced. “From now on, clothing will be optional at all five houses in the cul-de-sac.”

The room erupted in hoots, hollers and applause.

“So why is everyone still wearing clothes?” laughed Holly as she kicked off her shoes and asked me to help remove the rest.

After I was naked, Holly dropped to her knees in front of me and shouted, “Mom, can you explain, it wouldn’t be polite for me to talk with my mouth full!

Holly turned, grabbed my cock and started licking and sucking it.

“So today is going to be celebrated as a Roman Orgy and a Moveable Feast,” began Hannah. The bags contain a personalized toga to wear as we move from one house to another. You can put your clothes in them for retrieval at the end of the day.”

“Please feel free to use the house as your own,” added Howard. “There is plenty to eat and drink by the pool, but there will be more at the other houses.”

As people dispersed into various small groupings like at a French Salon, Howard approached me. “Can I get you a beer, or something else, while my daughter sucks your cock?”

“Sure,” I replied, “this is quite a sight, twenty-two naked people.”

“You did this, you know. You did this, Tom,” said Howard when he returned with a beer for each of us. “You’re an amazing man,” he added as he looked down and watched his daughter grabbing my ass and deep throating my entire cock.

“Dad, you can talk and fuck at the same time,” laughed Holly after pulling off of my cock briefly and then taking me deep again.

Howard stroked his own cock a few times, while I dropped down to kneel in front of her. Soon Howard knelt behind Holly, rubbed the head of his cock between her swollen pink lips and then fully sheathed his saber in her warm, wet, and welcoming pussy. Howard held her hips and moved slowly in and out. “I just love fucking my little girl,” he declared with a smile.

“Do you and Hannah have any vacations planned over the winter holidays?” I asked while Holly moved slowly back and forth between us. She alternated sucking my cock into her throat, and taking her dad’s cock deep into her core.

“We’ve been talking about taking a ski trip to Colorado, but haven’t finalized our plans,” he replied.

Holly popped her mouth off of my cock. “Thank you both for getting me warmed up. Now, it’s time to mingle,” she quipped as we all looked out over the nineteen naked people in various states of conversation and copulation.

Howard pulled his glistening cock out of his daughter and we all walked out into the pool area to get something to drink and to witness several groups that had formed.

Krissy and Suzie were laying on adjacent lounge chairs, chatting about their sons, Dan and Sam, as the boys practiced their recently acquired taste for cunnilingus.

“Sam is soooo good at this,” moaned Suzie. “I think that I’m close to cumming!”

“Oh my God! Me too,” gasped Krissy, as she reflexively crossed herself and caressed Dan’s head as he continued to practice kissing, licking, nibbling and sucking on his mother’s delectable pussy.

Paul and Keith, both full of pride, stood by and watched their wives and sons, as their own daughters, Trixie and Kate sucked and licked their fathers’ cocks and balls.

“What do kapalı gaziantep escort you think? This is an amazing group of friends,” smiled Keith as he caressed Kate’s head, his arousal grew and he slowly started fucking her face.

Paul was similarly enjoying Trixie as he continued his conversation with Keith. “It is amazing. Did you ever imaging that you’d live in a neighborhood with eleven beautiful bisexual women?” began Paul. “I can’t wait to see Krissy being fucked by Dan.”

I moved onto another group that included Rick, Pop, Mike, Heather and Molly. “Is everyone here enjoying the party?” I smiled.

“I want to thank you again for understanding my family and for keeping me involved,” replied Pop.

“Are you kidding?” I joked. “First of all, Rick is not just your grandson, he is your son. So, you have two reasons to be here,” I smiled

Molly dropped to her knees in front of Pop and started stroking his massive ten-inch cock. “Not to mention that there are eleven women in this room who can’t wait to have their pussies filled with this cock and a load of your cum!” she quipped.

“Oh my,” said Pop. “I’ll be lucky to get it up more than four times today. I’m not as young as I used to be,” he chuckled.

“Wait,” began Heather, “you can cum four times in one day?”

“Yeah, when I was younger, and Marion was still with us, she used to have the ladies over for bridge parties. That was really a euphemism for giving the girls some ‘premium cock’, they called it.”

“So, you fucked and filled four women in just a couple of hours?” asked Heather.

“Yeah, that was the main group. Then one day Marion invited seven friends over, she had set up two card tables. I don’t rightly think that anyone played cards, but there was a room full of female flesh and the women seemed to enjoy eating pussy, as much as I do.”

“So, you mean you just watched?” asked Molly as she licked the pre-cum that was oozing from Pop’s pecker,

“Oh gosh, no,” said Pop seriously, “I had to fuck and fill them all. Don’t get me wrong, when I was younger having a stable of eight fillies, for fucking, was my idea of heaven.”

Mike turned to Heather, “Have some fun with Rick, Pop and your dad, Hugh and Claire are waving me to join them,” he smiled unconvincingly.

“Hey Mike, do me a favor and spend some time with Heather and Molly. I’ll go see what Hugh and Claire want,” I proposed.

Mike’s face beamed with joy as he gave me a bro hug and whispered, “I owe you, thanks.”

It wasn’t long after meeting Mike that I realized that his heart belonged to his mother and Heather. For him to enjoy fucking other women, one of them would need to be involved.

I approached Hugh and Claire. “This is quite a gathering, are you two enjoying it?”

“We are, but it’s a bit overwhelming,” admitted Hugh.

Claire nodded and I asked, “Would you be happier going up to a bedroom, or into your dad’s office?

Claire perked up at the mention of Howard’s office. “Yes! Will you two fuck me on his desk?” she asked with glee.

“Oh, I’m not sure,” began Hugh nervously, “he said that everyone should feel free to use the whole house, but I don’t think that he meant his office.”

Claire bolted across the room, to where Howard was having his cock sucked by Krissy while carrying on a conversation with Paul.

She asked him a question and he nodded, smiled and said something in reply.

“What did he say?” asked Hugh.

“He said yes, to clear off the desk, and that he’d be coming in to fuck me too,” she giggled.

The three of us moved toward the office and we moved what little was on the desk to a side table.

Claire moved around to where the desk chair was pushed in, pulled it back and hopped up on the desk with her legs dangling over the edge. “OK, Hugh, come sit,” she instructed.

She scooched back a little and lifted her wide spread feet to the side of the desk, “Oops!” laughed Claire and she noticed the shimmering wet trail that highly aroused pussy had left on the desk.

Hugh sat in front of her, slid the chair in and caressed Claire’s inner thighs. He leaned down a licked, with the tip of his tongue, from her anal rosebud, between her wet shimmering lips to her hard sensitive clit. “You know that you are being naughty and also irresistibly sexy!” he quipped.

Claire was propped up on her elbows and watching Hugh continue to lick, nibble and suck. “Ohhhhhhh, ahhhhhh, yesssssss!” she moaned.

Hugh pushed the chair back and stood, looking down at Claire, his cock twitched and oozed pre-cum that dripped down onto her pussy. He tapped that head on her clit and smiled when her body twitched, she bit her lip and groaned.

Hugh slid his cock half-way into Claire and began making slow movements, in and out, while penetrating a little deeper on each stroke.

Claire lay back flat on the desk and her head dangled off of the edge. She reached out for me, I stepped closer, she grabbed my ass and pulled me close, so she could lick and suck the head of gaziantep kapalı escort my cock.

I looked into her eyes and she nodded, so I stepped closer and pressed my cock about half-way into her throat. I kept fucking her cute little face, with her blonde hair hanging toward the floor. I came out enough on each stroke so she could continue breathing easily.

Soon, Howard came into his office. “My, my, she does look inviting,” he smirked.

“Come on Dad, take my place,” suggested Hugh as he pulled out of Claire’s tight little teenage pussy. “Maybe you should spank her for making such a mess of your desk,” he joked.

I enjoyed Claire’s warm mouth and talented tongue, while I fondled her tender breasts and pinched and tugged on her erect, raspberry-colored nipples.

Howard stepped up and thrust his sizable cock into his son’s girlfriend. “We’re lucky that you found Claire and convinced her to stay in the neighborhood,” he smiled. “I enjoy fucking her almost as much as I crave Holly’s creamy cunt.”

“Have you ever fucked Holly on this desk?” I asked.

“No, but I have spanked her for coming in here without permission and making a mess of it,” he began, “little did I know that she almost had an orgasm from that spanking.”

At Howard’s last comment, Claire pulled off of my cock and lifted back up onto her elbows. She looked him in the eyes and asked, “Will you, will you spank me?”

Howard blushed, and clearly didn’t think that she was serious. Claire pulled her knees in, and rolled to her right. She remained impaled on his cock. “Spank me, spank me and make me cum all over your cock.”

Howard caressed her left buttock and slapped it gently at first, and then a little harder for subsequent spanks. Her ass was pink at first and became redder each time his hand struck her.

“Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm,” moaned Claire as her body reacted to Howard’s continued fucking and to the heat and pain building in her hips. She started to shake with pre-orgasmic tremors and then erupted in a screaming orgasm that triggered Howard’s as he filled her spasming pussy with several blasts of creamy cum.

Hugh and I left the office and we heard Claire giggling, “Thank you Howard, that was really special!”

Hannah was just making an announcement that the party is about to move to the house next door. “Don’t let this announcement interfere with anything you may be enjoying. Once you are ready to move, you should wear your togas to get to Melissa and Tim’s house.

Almost everyone was slipping on their garb while Tory continued to enjoy being spit roasted by her brother and grandfather, Rick and Pop.

“That’s a lot of cock,” giggled Heather as she grabbed my arm and we left with the group.

The group traveled from house to house over a period of six hours. Everyone seemed to find the activities that met their needs.

At Paul and Krissy’s house, Krissy led me down the hallway to the master bedroom, only to find that Molly had corralled the four teenage boys and had them rotating through triple penetrations of mouth, pussy, ass and rest.

We moved across the hall to Trixie’s room, only to find Holly and Kate entertaining Rick and Pop, as they enjoyed their ten-inch cocks. We watched each of the women climax twice and then decided to take a walk, barely covered by the short togas.

We walked to my house, chatting about the day and all that had happened in a few short months. “Do you think that anyone felt left out or ignored at this party?” I asked.

“Well, there were different levels of participation. Most of that was due to people having different expectations,” replied Krissy

“I agree. For example, Paul likes to watch, but I did see him fucking Trixie though. I think he misses her now that she lives here. Did you see him with anyone else?”

“Well, I fucked him, and I saw him with Kate. I think he likes her bigger tits and her enthusiasm.”

When we arrived, I poured us each a glass of wine and listened as Krissy pondered, “What do you think it will be like when everyone has gone off to school in a couple of weeks?”

“It will definitely quieter. I can’t wait to hear how the boys adapt to being in college.”

“Yes, I’ll be curious to know how Claire adapts as well,”

“Are you and Molly going to miss having Trixie in your bed?”

“I know we will, but I imagine that the weekends will be filled with impromptu visits from her and most of the other kids, although they really aren’t kids any more,” I chuckled.

“So, talk to Molly, I would enjoy spending a night with the two of you,” smiled Krissy.

Just then I got a text from Molly, “Spending the night with Sam and Dan. Have fun with Krissy. Trixie is spending the night with Paul.”

I read the text and repeated it out loud for Krissy’s benefit

“Oh goody,” squealed Krissy.

I leaned closer and kissed her softly on the lips. “Let’s have some fun!”

We both stripped off our togas and headed toward the pool.

“You really are spectacularly sexy,” gaziantep kapalı escort bayan I quipped as I admired her naturally red hair, her hourglass figure and the sway of her C-cup breasts highlighted with erect, raspberry-colored nipples.

“Flattery will get you anything you want,” she smiled.

We swam a few laps and thenI stopped and stood in the shallow end and waited for Krissy to swim up to me. “Let’s go shower and then I’ll show you the playroom,” I smiled.

“Playroom?”, she asked. “Are you going to lock me up in your basement and keep me as your sex slave,” she joked.

“No, no, nothing like that,” I assured her.

Her face fell as she pursed her lips, “So, I’m not sexy enough to be your sex slave,” she teased.

“Oh, you are sexy enough, but I’ll never lock you in the basement,” I winked.

We showered and I took my time, washing and rinsing her hair, then soaping her from head to toe. I enjoyed every minute of caressing her fabulous body as I thought about what we would be doing next.

We both dried off and remained naked as I led Krissy to the locked basement door. I keyed in the six-digit code and held her hand as we walked down the carpeted stairs together. Her eyes grew large as she saw all the equipment and the smaller tools and toys hanging on the walls.

“What’s that?” she asked while pointing at a wooden handle attached to a dozen foot-long strips of leather.

“That’s a flogger,” I replied.

“You mean to punish someone?” she asked with concern.

“Well, I don’t punish people. For some people it provides pleasure,” I assured her with a smile.

“Show me,” she requested, her face showing intense curiosity.

I took it down and lightly swished it across her ass.

“Oooooh! That tickled,” she smiled

Then I repeatedly struck both cheeks of her ass and the back of her upper thighs.

“Now, that stings a little but it also makes me feel hot and horny,” she giggled.

I moved close to her and caressed her reddened ass with my right hand and her wet swollen pussy with my left. “Apparently that did excite you some,” I observed.

“I can see how that could quickly cross the threshold between pleasure and pain.”

“Maybe, you’d like this,” I suggested as I unhooked a cable from the wall and attached a comfortable seat that supported her legs and back, but left her pussy and ass exposed.

“OK, this looks like some kind of amusement park ride.” she laughed.

“Well, to some extent you are right,” I agreed as I pressed a remote-control button that lifted her off the floor.

“Whoa!” she yelped as I moved a comfortable matt under her, laid down and lowered her till she was fully impaled on my throbbing cock.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned as I enjoyed the feeling of her hot wet pussy enveloping me.

Another button started the cable and Krissy’s chair rotating above me.

I raised my hips to fuck her a little deeper and then dropped back to the floor.

“”How do you like this ride?” I quipped.

“What happens if my pussy squeezes your cock?”

“Give it a try,” I suggested knowing that her free-flowing juices would be lubrication enough to prevent any damage.

She clenched her muscles and gasped, “Oh, ohh, fuck!” as her body shook with pre-orgasmic tremors.

I pressed the button to lift her off of me, unstrapped her and held her in my arms.

“You know what…” we both began and started laughing.

I waited and let Krissy continue, “This room would be a lot of fun if I wasn’t so exhausted after a six-hour party filled with food, fucking and fun.”

We took a few minutes to put things back where they belonged and headed upstairs to snuggle in bed. “This was an amazing day,” began Krissy. “It was a wonderful day for both Sam and Dan, and it seems to have bonded our neighborhood into one large family.”

“I hope that we can keep this feeling alive and have it continue to evolve,” I smiled, while thinking about some of the other toys in the basement.

Then I reached for Krissy and our bodies merged. I fucked her through two more orgasms then filled her with cum before we both drifted off to sleep.

On Monday morning we awoke, cuddled some and then headed into the shower.

I know that I don’t have to say this, Tom, but thank you,” began Kirissy as we dried ourselves and moved back into the bedroom.

“I really haven’t done anything,” I began to reply.

Then Krissy cut me off, “Shhhhhhh, just shush, and listen,” she giggled. “You have basically turned my life upside down, and,” she continued.

“What did I do?” I interrupted.

Krissy stared at me sternly, then I pulled my clasped forefinger and thumb across my mouth to zip it closed.

“Good,” she began again, “you really need to listen because I feel like I’m going to explode with all the emotions inside. It’s more than just love,” she sniffled. “It’s not just now, and not just for you, but every day, and for everyone in our neighborhood,” she explained as her eyes filled with tears.

I reached out and pulled her into my arms, then sat on the bed and lifted her onto my lap. I knew better than to say anything.

“In case you are wondering, these are tears of joy. What you are seeing is a window into the hearts and souls of everyone who knows you. I know that you have brought joy and happiness to everyone in our neighborhood, because we all talk about it. You have transformed, Paul, Trixie, me and now Sam,” she concluded.

Ch. 14 The New Neighborhood Cums Together After the Friday party with Sam and Dan concluded, I spent the night in bed with Molly, Trixie and Maria. I’m not going to recount the whole night except to say that I changed partners in a methodical rotation throughout the night, starting with Maria, then Trixie, and…

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