The New House Ch. 02

The New House Ch. 02

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Arms Behind

I was kinda happy that my tormentors, if you could call them that, had left. Also, I was kinda unhappy in a way because through their abuse of my ass, I had found something out about myself that I hadn’t known before. The spanking and the fucking of my previously virgin ass, had awakened emotions and sexual feelings that I never knew existed. Ashamed to admit it to myself, I had really enjoyed the stuffed and full sensations they had given my ass.

Being forced to submit to two men had really been a turn on to me. Being spanked and used had made me orgasm without even touching my cock. The only time I had ever ejaculated without touching myself before that was in some wet dreams I had years ago. I missed the domination and the empty feeling my ass had when they fucked me. Even though I was kinda sore from the spankings and from the fucking of my asshole, I was now alone and in a way, kinda wished they had done me twice. Such a shameful felling, I was so embarrassed.

My back was aching like never before in my life. I guess I had been stuck in the window now for at least an hour. The muscles in my legs were trembling, and my calves and knees ached because there was no way to support myself comfortably. My butt cheeks felt sore and itchy from the spankings. They tingled so bad that I just wanted to rub them for relief. While the inside of my ass burned a little, I really missed that stuffed full feeling and the heat from a hard cock. More than anything, I missed the thickness of those hot tools in my ass and whatever they had rubbed on that made me orgasm.

The window seemed lodged even tighter than before, making my escape impossible. As I arched my back and tried to push it up, my neighbor now crossed the street in my direction. When he entered my yard and approached me, I noticed how big and well built he was.

“Hey, how you doing neighbor? Welcome to the block, my name is John,” he said as he stood directly in front of me.

He stood about six feet four inches tall and was wearing a pair of cutoff jeans, nothing else. Tanned and well defined muscularly, at that moment I thought to myself that he was kinda handsome. I don’t think I had ever made a mental note before in my life on whether a man was handsome or not, but his chest, stomach and arms were chiseled and he had the body of a man that obviously took care of himself. Handsome or jealous, I don’t know, I could hardly think right now. His face had a clean shaven manly look and I guessed he was about 28 or 32 years old.

Finally composing myself, I grunted out a semi incoherent, “Hi, my name is Mark.”

Speaking again, he said, “I saw a couple of weeks ago the “for sale” sign went down. You are going to love this neighborhood. Very quiet and very conservative, no nonsense and good people live here. It’s a family block, lots of kids, but don’t worry, they don’t make much noise. I live across the street at the house I was mowing and have a wife plus two kids myself.”

As he rambled on I really didn’t hear everything he said. His conversation just drifted in one ear and out the other as I concentrated on my predicament. While he kept chatting on and on, I tried to remain composed and pretended to listen.

Staring at the window pressed to my back and looking at my face for answers, he finally said, “Are you okay?”

I didn’t know how to answer, so I just stared at him and tried to smile unconvincingly hoping the conversation would change or was over. He must have thought I was either very rude or just goofy as he waited for my answer. I was afraid to tell him the truth but was also afraid if he left, I could be stuck there all night long.

Still staring at me, he asked, “Hey man, you okay, or do you need a doctor or something?”

Finally, I just started crying and sobbing, “Please help me, I’m stuck. Please help me, please. Just try to push the window up.”

Sympathizing, he said, “Hey, I just saw two guys leave a few minutes ago. You have been hanging out this window for over an hour. You mean they knew you were jammed in here and wouldn’t let you out?”

I couldn’t muster an answer, it would have given me away.

Frantically he reached up as far as he could and pushed on the window sill, but it wouldn’t budge an inch. The window was too high and it seemed he couldn’t get enough leverage.

“Hang on man, I mardin escort gotta come inside and then I think I can pry it open for you, just hang on man,” he said as he ran to the corner of my house and disappeared on his way to my front door.

Hoping the workers had locked the front door, but not knowing for sure, in a last ditch effort I pushed as hard as I could with my back to free myself before he entered my house. It just wasn’t my day though, as I strained to get out before he came in, I heard the front door open and shut. Quickly, I put my feet together, closing my wide open ass, and stood straight up on my legs. If he had to see me like this, I didn’t want my asshole completely exposed to him.

I heard his footsteps enter the room and then stop. Then there was complete silence, no movement, and apparently no help from him as of yet. As I stood with my ass cheeks exposed to him all I could do was imagine him staring and what he was thinking. I knew he saw the red welts on my ass. I was sure he could figure out what the workers had done to me. This was truly the most embarrassing moment of my life.

It seemed like several minutes went by as my shame swelled and still he hadn’t spoken again or made any effort to help free me. Without his saying a word, finally I felt him take a position behind me, and as his arms reached towards the window sill they brushed against my hips. He pulled up on the sill while he leaned into my ass with his stomach for leverage.

Standing as still as I could while he tried to muscle the sill open, I felt him try over and over to open the window, pressing his warm stomach against my ass. He had to lean harder into my ass, which was so high in the air with his stomach to get leverage, but it just wouldn’t budge.

“I can’t reach it enough, you need to lower your ass so I can get closer to the window. Just lower your ass little dude, I can’t get any leverage with you so high,” he instructed me.

Shamefully, I spread my legs as wide as they could go so he would be able to get closer to the window as he had instructed me. In this position, my asshole was now completely exposed and open to him. He then stepped back then and stopped, so I knew he was getting a good look at everything I was showing. I bet he made me stand like this for two minutes before he started to help again. This was so degrading.

Once he started again, at this level, now I felt his cutoffs now press into my lowered ass. As he tugged on the window, I could swear I felt something hard inside his shorts pressing in between the cheeks of my ass. His efforts to open the window seemed to slow and he seemed to grind his groin into my ass more as he pulled on the window. Maybe it was my imagination, but the rhythm and grinding of his groin on my ass seemed like no coincidence.

“Could this possibly happening again,” was all I could think.

I couldn’t help it, but my body started responding again. My little cock started swelling, and I’m not sure, but I may have purposely or accidently pushed my ass back to him a couple of times. Within minutes, my cock had expanded and I now had a full blown hard on. While he tugged on the window, I’m sure I felt him grind his hips into me, but finally it gave way and pulled opened. Yanking my upper torso inside before it closed on me, I fell to the floor exhausted and saw the indentations the window sill had made just below my belly button.

As I laid naked from the waist down, finally freed, the first thing I noticed as he stood over me was that his massive swollen cock had snaked down and was peaking out the bottom of his cutoffs. Swollen and cramped in the cutoffs, this big plum head had poked it’s head out the bottom along with two or three inches of hard cock. His shorts were not long enough for his erection.

Then he spoke, “Well, I think a thank you is in order, don’t you?”

My jogging shorts lay on the other side of the room while I sat on the floor with my own hard on. I was speechless but finally spoke.

“Thank you very much,” was all I could muster, staring at his cock.

“Not good enough little buddy. I had something else in mind,” he responded.

I got up on my knees and crawled in front of him. He just put his hands on his hips and stood there defiantly. I cocked my head to van escort the side and opened my mouth onto the 3 or 4 inches of meat that hung out the bottom.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about. Show me some gratitude, little dude. A good blow job should make us even. I think I deserve a reward,” he grunted as I sucked on my first cock ever.

I didn’t mind, in fact I wanted to. I was horny myself and was really grateful to finally be free. I tried to push his cutoffs up higher to expose more cock, but I could only get to about half of it out. As it pressed up tight up against his leg, confined by his shorts, I wedged my mouth over the tip and slobbered down about 6 inches. So stiff and hard, the tip was swollen and engorged, the shaft was like steel but so soft to my lips. I liked this cock in my mouth, it felt good, safe, secure. I wanted to do a good job.

“Yea, that a way. Get down on it boy, take it deeper. My wife gives lousy head, she only licks on the tip til it’s hard and then she jumps on it. Show me some appreciation, I need a good blow job,” he directed me.

Spurned on by his encouragements, I pushed down on all that was exposed. I gobbled up every inch of that hung out of his pant leg and tried to get more. His cock was so big that I had 6 inches to nurse on while at least half was still in his shorts. I was really getting into to this now and wanted more. I wondered if he would let me take his pants off so I could do a better job, but I was afraid to instigate this and have him loose the moment and stop.

He must have read my mind when he said, “Hang on little buddy, let me get more comfortable.”

While unbuttoning his shorts, I clung to what was exposed, never releasing my lip lock on the shaft. As he pulled down his zipper and yanked his shorts down pushing my mouth away, out sprang the biggest cock I had ever seen in any porno movie. I wanted to throw my mouth down on that monster immediately but I had to get a good look first. As I just stared at it, he grinned and put his hands back on his hips.

Posing in front of me, he just boasted, “You like that buddy?”

I couldn’t even answer, I just opened my eyes wide and stared. His cock was 12 inches long and stood straight out from his body. Not a droop in the tumescence at all, it just poked perfectly straight out and throbbed.

The shaft had just the most beautiful pink skin and looked so clean and unblemished. The tip was so smooth and way fatter than the shaft. He had red and blue veins that appeared on the sides and under the shaft like some kind of intricate highway system. One big thick blue vein was centered down the top of his shaft, starting at the base of his penis and disappearing under the head. This system of veins is what pumped the life blood that made it grow and made it throb.

This was surely the most perfectly sculpted penis in the world, I thought at that moment. Any man would be jealous of it, any woman would desire it, many men would want it too. I was totally mesmerized by it.

His balls were massive, the size of small eggs and they were completely clean shaven. They were low hanging and so full, probably very sensitive to the touch.

He had a nice trim job on the small patch of hair above his cock, kinda like a “V” shape. Totally and completely all man and absolutely perfect like a flawless diamond. I felt honored to see it, honored to be able to worship this gorgeous specimen of male virility.

“That’s better, gotta let this big cock breathe. Come on back over here and show me what you can do with this bad boy now,” he growled.

As he leaned against the wall, I placed my hands on his hips for support and eased down on it. Like velvet or satin, I couldn’t believe how something so hard could feel so smooth. I loved sucking this man’s cock. It just felt so right, so perfect in my mouth. Sliding up and down, I got lost in the texture, the size, the power and the heat his cock emitted. Time seemed to stop as I polished the tip with my tongue and wrapped my lips farther down the shaft.

As it touched the back of my throat, I knew then that I craved to please this cock like nobody had ever done before. I wanted to be the best, I needed to be the best. This man needed to know that anytime he wanted it sucked the best it could be sucked, that ankara escort he would want me. As he groaned and rocked his hips forward, I was the most content I had ever been in my life.

Moaning softly, he said, “Work it down boy, give me my reward. Do a good job and I’ll give you a reward too. I bet you would like that too huh?”

I wondered, “Did he mean his semen or did he mean he might fuck my ass.”

It didn’t matter, I wanted both, so I decided to suckle his balls and see if how he liked that. Putting one in my mouth, I gingerly enveloped it and rolled it around with my tongue. I nursed on it softly and gently for a few minutes, being so careful not to hurt him. As he groaned, I went to his other nut and repeated the same action, ever so slowly and gently.

I released both his balls and took just a little of the skin of his ball sac between my teeth and kinda nipped down on it. Not hard really, just enough so he could feel it and he loved that. When I nibbled on his ball skin he made loud grunting sounds and thrust his cock in the air like he was fucking something.

“A bona fide cock worshiper. That’s what you are. You love sucking this cock and these balls as much as I like you doing it to me,” he groaned.

I nibbled on his sac for at least five minutes while all the time he groaned and punched his big cock forward in thin air. Sensing his anxiety and urgency, I let go of his balls and placed my mouth back over his straining steel hard cock. His balls were now drawn tight up into his sac and this made his cock look even bigger.

Immediately he started shoving deeper into my mouth and grabbed the back of my head.

I felt his cock start to invade my throat and gagged as he entered deeply.

“Pinch my nut sac skin. Use your fingernails, pinch it like you did with your teeth,” he screamed.

Using both hands, I took my thumbs and index fingers and pinched all over his ball sac skin. He loved this and started to jab in and out of my throat, going deeper and deeper while I struggled on his length and thickness.

The first groan came from deep within him. I took one deep breathe and he held the back of my head and just jammed it through. I sputtered and gagged as his cock went deep into my gullet. In just a few strokes, he was buried to the hilt and nothing was left. I just pinched and pinched while he held my head down til the “V” shaped patch of hair was pressed into my nose deeply.

I felt the tremors in his legs first, there were uncontrollable spasms as he started to orgasm. His legs just twitched and shook while he held the back of my head roughly, keeping his cock buried in my throat.

Next, his hips bucked forward, even though he was all the way in my throat, he violently jabbed his hips forward, getting every single millimeter in. The bones in his pelvis smashed against my nose. His grip on the back of my head had now changed to holding my hair with both hands as tight as he could.

Lastly, the spurting started while his cock twitched and sprayed down my throat. Squirt after squirt went down my throat as he jabbed my lips roughly back and forth on his pelvic bone. He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, all the time grunting and using my face as his depository for his load.

“Eat that load boy. Swallow that juice down. Milk that mother fucker. Get it all you cock sucking faggot,” he screamed.

I just gulped and gulped as his seed went straight to my belly. I felt at least ten contractions of juice come out and was amazed, knowing I couldn’t shoot a load like this man.

He pulled his still hard cock out of my throat and stepped back from me. With my mouth still wide open he began to poke his cock back into it. He jabbed his cock against the inside of my cheeks. He did it at an angle that distended my cheeks, taking turns and going from one cheek to another. He sometimes pressed my cheeks out so far with his blunt cock, using such force and going so far, that I could see them extend by looking down on them.

Pulling out again, and grabbing the base of his cock, he spanked my face with that thick piece of meat. He would slap one cheek and then the other, still steely hard, sometimes whacking me on the forehead as a change of pace.

All he said was, “Can you take a cock in your ass as good as you can in your throat?”

Meekly, I simply said, “Yes.”

While I knelt on the carpet, my own cock still standing at attention, I just waited for further instructions.

“Clean that ass up, I’ll be back in fifteen minutes,” he said as he struggled to get that hard on back in his cutoffs and left me.

To be continued….

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