The Neighbour – Part 3


I hadn’t seen much of Emily again for a few weeks, knowing she keeps fit and goes to the local park run, (I am not fit in any sense of the word, I can’t run more than a few hundred metres, so good on her!) I have been keeping a bit of an eye out for her. I have seen her leaving or returning from these runs, but she does also nip cross country, so see her boyfriend. So, that Saturday morning I saw her walking back up the road and called out, asking how her run was.“Why, what’s on your mind?” she asked.I offered her a cool drink, and she came in and gave me a kiss, not one of those ‘I suppose I ought to kiss you’ kisses, but a nice deep one. I found cool drinks for both of us and we sat down. She apologised we hadn’t bumped into each other since we had had sex. She told me she hadn’t been trying to avoid me, she had been busy. She had really enjoyed it, but last time it had all been about her. She was soon rubbing her hand on my thigh and cock, making me hard.“I can’t stay too long as I have agreed to meet up with some colleagues,” she said.With that, she made me stand up and pulled my tracksuit and my şişman gaziantep escort underwear down (just because I’m not fit doesn’t mean I can’t lounge in a tracksuit!) and grasped my cock in her hand. She started to wank me there and then in the living room.“I thought this thing was huge, but wow, you are so big!” she exclaimed.I tried to play with her breasts, but she stopped me“No, this is all about you,” she says, then lowered herself and started to lick my balls, then licked up my shaft and engulfed the head in her mouth. She spent the next few minutes licking, sucking my balls and sinking her head onto my cock.I was watching her all the time. She was keeping eye contact with me; she slid about half of my cock in her mouth, then pulled out.“You are bigger than my boyfriend,” she told me. “I want to try to take all of you.”“If that’s what you want, you don’t have to,” I replied.“I’ll give it a go. If you feel yourself hitting my throat, try to help, but if I tap you on the leg, let me go, as I don’t want to choke!”She went back gaziantep şişman escort to wanking and then sucking on my cock, first the head, then a bit more, then I felt the back of her throat and she stopped. Working on what she had told me, I took the back of her head in my hands and pulled her toward me. Feeling my cock push into her throat, she tapped me on the leg.“Wow, I never tried to deepthroat my boyfriend, but as he won’t go down on me, I won’t go down on him! You woke me up last time with your tongue, so I wanted to give back, but I can’t take it all and I’m not keen on trying to get it down my throat again,” and back she went sucking and wanking me as she sucked. “Don’t worry about it. You are giving back with what you are doing,” I assured her. “If you carry on like that, I’m going to cum!”“I want you to come in my mouth. I want to taste you,” she said.So back she went, and lo-and-behold, she started licking and lapping at me and I came. She grabbed a cloth off the airer, wiped her face, then my cock.“That was great, but gaziantep şişman escort bayan I need to get going,” she announcedAnd then she was out the open door!………Later that day she text me and asked what I was doing later that evening,“Nothing planned really. You want to come over?” I responded.She replied she would love to, so I asked her what takeout she wanted. We went with Chinese. I had thought about being naughty with a request, but thought we were too new in getting to know each other to risk her walking away if I asked what was on my mind. That will come later!It’s not like she lives miles away, only two doors down. She wandered over at six. We sat and chatted while waiting for the takeout to arrive. Although we had seen each other around and briefly spoken, we didn’t really know too much about each other. We chatted about each other, our families (she has a sister, I have a brother) and what we did for work, similar jobs but for different employers, it turned out.When the food arrived, I asked what she wanted to watch. We looked at the guide and then I showed her what I had recorded. She spotted a recording of Professor Marston and the Wonder Women and asked what it was. I told her it was biographical; he was the original author of Wonder Woman, was interested in discovering about bondage/submission (think back to early Wonder Woman, where she regularly tied up captors!), and spent much of his life living with 2 women as a threesome. She asked if we could watch it, so we did.

I hadn’t seen much of Emily again for a few weeks, knowing she keeps fit and goes to the local park run, (I am not fit in any sense of the word, I can’t run more than a few hundred metres, so good on her!) I have been keeping a bit of an eye out…

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