The Neighborhood Tease

The Neighborhood Tease


My name is Dick and I just moved into our new home in Minnesota with my wife Jenny and three boys. We outgrew our first house, which was a two bedroom bungalow and had one too many DIY projects for us to complete. I’m on my second wife and two of the three kids are with my new spouse Jenny.

At the age of 37 I’ve had the same accounting job for 15 years. I work remotely from home on the days I’m not traveling or on the road. I’ve gained about 20 pounds being on an unhealthy diet of fast food and drinking craft beer since traveling doesn’t allow for decent prepared meals all the time. I definitely needed some extra motivation to start working out again.

Per usual, I was at my computer on a Friday afternoon just zoning out to my unread emails when I saw my neighbor step out of her house. I remembered her from the initial open house we were at before making an offer. She was on the older side in her early 50’s I would guess. Her straight hair came down to the top of her ample bosom and had light brown and blonde highlights to cover up her gray hairs, which were still visible.

It looked like she was about to go for a walk. Her thick rimmed eyeglasses hid her blue-gray colored eyes. She had on skintight black leggings where her panty line was visible through the transparent material. Her pink t-shirt clung to her bra lines and accentuated her back fat.

Her body was very voluptuous from her large pendulous breasts, down to her wide hips, thick thighs, and protruding rear. Everything on her body jiggled when she walked. She was on the plump side standing at 5’3″ and about 185 pounds.

I decided to come out to introduce myself. I wanted a chance to meet at least one of my neighbors.

“Hey there! I’m Dick your new neighbor.”

“Wow it’s really big, Dick!” She exclaimed in a Minnesota accent.

I was taken aback from her response. “I’m sorry, did you say it’s big dick?”

She reiterated, “Your house. It’s huge!”

“Oh yes!”, I chuckled. “It is indeed.”

She started walking backwards, “Sorry to cut this short, but I’m going for my morning walk. I have a lot of fat to burn off!”

“Would you like some company?” I said a little too eagerly.

She turned around, “I’d love some!”

We took a stroll through the neighborhood and I found out her name was Mindy and was married with two older boys ages 16 and 18. Her husband Julio was a hairstylist like herself. They met in Puerto Rico and he eventually moved up to Minnesota where Mindy resided.

We had lost track of time and walked about three miles before getting back to our homes. She bent over to tie her shoe and I almost blew my load right there in my gym shorts. Her asscrack was all sweaty and her panty outline was getting sucked in between those enormous buns.

“Oh my! I’m so parched and drenched in sweat! Do you want to come in for some water?”

“Absolutely I do!”

Mindy gave me a tour of her house as I finished my glass of water. I asked if I could use her bathroom, which she pointed me in the direction of their master bedroom.

As I stood there urinating I looked around at the decor and then something caught my attention in my peripheral view. One of her massive bras was hanging on the towel rod. I didn’t hesitate and grabbed it immediately. I needed to know how big her tits were. The Lane Bryant tag read 38G.

I brought the bra cups up to my nose and took a big whiff. The strong aroma was a combination of perfume my aunt wore and boob sweat. Then I placed the bra cups around my cock. Those silky G cups felt so good engulfing my cock. I began pumping my hardening erection between them while imagining I was tit-fucking Mindy. My cock was about to erupt. I pointed the head of my erection down to the inside of the bra cups and stroked my shaft faster until I shot a few sticky streams of jizz into them.

She was definitely going to notice a puddle of cum pouring out of her bra. I quickly grabbed some toilet paper and rubbed my jizz into the material so it would absorb faster. I hung her bra back on the towel rod and met her in the living room before saying goodbye. I left her house knowing she was going to find out eventually.

The next night I couldn’t get to sleep. I walked into the bathroom to take a piss when I noticed her changing out of some work clothes. Most of her bras seemed to be all nude colored with thick straps to handle the weight of her melons. Her ass had dimples from the cellulite, which got me even harder. My jerk off material was only Mindy at this point. I couldn’t stop thinking about fucking her tits and that fat ass of hers. I stroked my 8 inch man meat while watching Mindy undress until I came into my toilet.

After our first encounter, I hadn’t spoken to Mindy for a few days because I was on a business trip for almost a week. That Friday I drove back home from the airport and saw Mindy in her front yard working on her garden. After walking through Airport’s all day I wanted to rest, but decided to walk across the street for a quick exchange of pleasantries adana escort with Mindy.

The first thing Mindy said to me was, “looks like you could use a trim, Dick.”

She had a way with phrasing things, but after a second I realized she was referring to my hair.

“Yeah it’s been about a month, so I’ll have to get my clippers out soon.”

“Nonsense! Don’t cha know you gotta sexy hair stylist standing right here?” She put her hands on hips.

“Oh where is she? I don’t see her.”

“Haha very funny mister. Now come inside so I can take care of ya.”

I sat down on her barber chair and she swung a black apron around me. She wet my hair and ran her french tip fingernails through them. It gave me goosebumps and felt calming at the same time. Mindy stood in front of me, making sure my side burns were even. She took a step closer so her juggs were an inch away from my face. I could see her bra struggling to hold her stretch-marked tits in place as they sagged down slightly above her naval. There was about five inches of cleavage she was displaying.

After she finished cutting my hair, she tilted my head back and did a shampoo and rinse. Her bust was in my face again, but this time I could see her bra straps. I think she might have been wearing the same bra I spunked in a week ago.

She pushed my forehead back so I was looking at the ceiling. The top of my head was nestled into her heavy bosom. I made small talk during my haircut.

“So how’s the salon business going?”

“It’s not bad. Most of the neighborhood guys come over to my place when they need a cut.”

“No women?” I asked out of curiosity.

“No. Isn’t that weird?!” She replied innocently.

“Yeah. It is weird.” I responded back in a sarcastic tone, which she didn’t pick up on.

“I’m great at styling women’s hair too, but the boys love me for some reason!”

“Oh I’m sure they do.”

I shifted the conversation.

“I’d imagine paying taxes in this area isn’t too bad.”

“Taxes? What do you mean?”

“Umm…well if you own a business and are taking in a salary, you have to file taxes every year.”

“Dick, you’re messing with me. Right?”

“No. Taxes need to be paid by basically everyone that works in the U.S.” I stated.

Her bimbo response was, “I just thought they took it out somehow.”

I didn’t want to freak her out anymore, so I offered to take a look at her books and see what she had owed so far.

The next night I came over to her house. She brought her two boys over my place to play with my kids since my wife was at her Mothers. Julio was out with his some of his friends and wouldn’t be back until late.

It took me approximately four hours to sift through most of her paperwork, but I needed a break. I walked downstairs and Mindy was on the couch with her pantyhose covered legs crossed. Her big ass sunk into the cushions. The hem of her skirt was hiked up exposing her thick thighs as she dangled her black heel off her small foot.

“Hey hun. Take a break and come sit on the couch with me.”

I sat close to her on the couch so I could feel her pantyhose material rub up against my leg.

“So I’m almost done with finding how much you owe in back taxes.”

She smiled at me. “Now what would I do without my Dick?”

I laughed at her horrible phrasing again.

“So how much do I owe you?” Her glasses slid down to the bridge of her nose.

“My going rate is 50 dollars an hour and I was up there for 4 hours so…”

“So…how much is that?”

“It’s one thousand dollars.” I responded jokingly, but she didn’t pick up on the sarcasm.

“Well gosh I don’t have that type of money! Can we work something else out?”

“I’m sure I can think of something.”

“Great! Just don’t tell Julio. He can’t find out I haven’t been paying taxes this whole time.”

I agreed not to tell Julio. I continued to review her taxes she owed and then provided next steps to take with paying the back taxes. She kissed me on the cheek and gave me a tight hug before I left. Her heaving breasts were pressed against my chest and I could feel my pants tighten around my hardening erection. I quickly broke our embrace before leaving.

We continued to go on walks and chat here and there. My wife Jenny starting getting suspicious about Mindy and I going on walks together. I told her it was just someone to hangout with while I worked from home. Jenny told me that she wanted to meet Mindy and her kids soon. I think my wife was a little jealous I was spending all this time with another woman. I agreed to invite their family over to our housewarming party we were throwing in a few days.

The next day, Mindy and I decided to go for a jog instead of a walk. I told her about the party and she accepted the invite. She was excited to finally meet Jenny.

Her outfit was revealing that day and skintight per usual. Her thighs were so thick that they rubbed together when she walked and eskişehir escort ripped the material by her creamy white inner thighs on most of her leggings.

She ended up cramping up in her calf midway of our jog, so I helped her stretch out the muscle. Her ass was bent perfectly over my crotch area. My cock sprang straight up and starting poking her asscrack as she leaned over to touch her toes. That got a reaction out of her as she stood up immediately.

“Diiiiiick. Why are you so aroused?” She slowly and suspiciously asked.

“I can’t stand it anymore Mindy. You prancing around me with your fat ass and huge juggs.”

I couldn’t believe I just told her about my crush!

“Oh hun you poor guy. I had no idea I had this effect on you.”

“Come here and give me a hug.”

She put her arms around my neck and I put mine on her lower back. I rubbed her back up and down and felt the thickness of her bra clasp. Then I moved my hand down to her enormous ass. I sunk four fingers into that sweaty asscrack of hers and wouldn’t let go. She tried pushing me away.

“Dick! Stop that right now!”

I backed off and yanked my hand out of her asscrack. She looked angry and shocked.

“I’m sorry Mindy I just couldn’t help…” She stormed off into her house before I could finish my apology.

It had been a couple weeks since Mindy and I had spoken and it was the day of our housewarming party. We had cocktails before dinner was served and Mindy hadn’t shown up yet. I was somewhat relieved she hadn’t arrived to the party.

Jenny had assigned seats for everyone and placed Mindy across from me and her husband Julio to the right of me. Then the doorbell rang. It was Mindy and her family. They walked in and my wife had escorted them to their seating places at the table. Mindy and Jenny hugged and were both smiling as they finally met each other.

I shook Julio’s hand and made small talk. Meanwhile, Mindy would occasionally glance in my direction and give me the evil eye. Then she’d continue speaking to my wife and others at the table.

All of the sudden I felt a foot tapping mine. I snuck a peak under the table and it was Mindy. She grazed her heels on my shoes with gentle taps. Then her pantyhose covered feet found their way up my pant leg. I gave her a confused look and she returned a similar facial expression back.

After dinner, we had all broken off into smaller groups talking and drinking in different rooms of the house. Julio was boasting about some great dish he made for dinner the other night. I was doing some nodding with the occasional fake laugh. Then Mindy walked over to Julio putting her arm around him.

“Sweetheart, let me grab Dick for a sec.”

Julio looked confused. “Ok sure. Nice talking to you, Dick.”

“Yeah good talk.” I said back to Julio as Mindy pulled me from the kitchen into the living room.

“Sorry about playing footsies with ya under the table there. I thought you were Julio!”

“No worries. So are we good?”

“Of course we are. Now let’s have some drinks!” She exclaimed as she did this sexy strut back into the kitchen to refill her wine glass. Her wide hips swiveled side to side making it hard not to stare.

Later on in the night Mindy was sitting on the couch with her legs crossed. The runs in her nylons ran from her thighs down to her knees. Her gray skirt was riding up rather high and her cleavage was incredibly deep. It was kind of funny since the majority of men at the dinner party decided to sit directly across from her or stand behind her for the free view of her thighs and tits.

Mindy was oblivious to the drooling men and continued to unknowingly tease us. She was complaining about how she goes through bras because they always break or get torn. We were all at the edge of our seats. She was eating popcorn while entertaining us with her bra story. Some kernels found their way down her cleavage during her ramblings. There were a few women lingering around the conversation making sure their husbands behaved.

I asked her if men hit on her a lot. She said guys can be big perverts sometimes, staring directly at me and grinning. It was normal for her to get men that sneak a peak at her chest or try grinding with her at the clubs. She said a lot Black and Latino men were into her curvy type.

She’s been groped on trains, had her ass slapped, her bra snapped, etc. She’s caught boys taking pics of her through the window, up her skirt at the park, at the beach in a bikini.

Then she leaned in so all the men in the room got a nice view of her dangling cleavage. “I do get what I want with these curves. I don’t have many women friends since they get jealous easily. They don’t want their husbands sniffin’ around me.” She snorted before she broke out into a flirty laugh looking directly at some of the wives.

As the night progressed, I kept getting her more shots and wine. She sat next to me while we played some drinking games. Her warm thigh kept rubbing sakarya escort up against my leg.

Mindy sat on my hand by accident, while we were on the sofa. She jumped up and her glasses fell out of her cleavage where they clung to most of the night. She bent over to pick them up as she heard a loud ripping noise.

She looked at me with her mouth open in shock. “Oh gees, I tore my skirt a little. Can you tell?”

She kept turning her head back to see how bad the tear was.

“Tell me the truth now Dick. Can you see my big butt or what?”

“Looks really good to me!” I devilishly replied.

“Shut up, Dick. Don’t be a perv.”

She stumbled passed me on her way to the bathroom, but couldn’t find it. I got up from the couch to help her find the way. There was a couple of ladies in front of us so we waited.

“I didn’t realize so many men out there liked plus size ladies like me. Did you?”

I nodded my head. “Well I’m one of them so…yes I did.”

“That’s cause you’re an asshole. Your wife is perfect. She’s so thin and model like. I’d kill for that body.”

“Yeah, but I’ve had so many fantasies lately about older, mature, bbw women”

“You mean…like me? But I’m so fat and gross.”

“Well I did grab your ass and I wouldn’t have done it, if you weren’t such a tease!”

“Excuse me? How am I a tease?” She was getting defensive.

“Um let’s see, the way you dress for starters.”

Mindy’s face turned red. “I can’t help it if I don’t fit into my clothes.”

“Well you could buy clothes your size, but you like the way men make you feel wearing tight clothes. Plus you flirt with me all the time.” At this point I was just egging her on.

“So because I’m nice, you shove your hand up my ass?”

I quickly changed the subject as the women in line glanced over at us and started whispering.

“I met your husband and he seemed very flamboyant. His handshake was kind of weak too.”

“Well he’s more of a man than you’ll ever be.”

A few minutes passed and the last guest finally exited the bathroom. Mindy pushed me aside to get in. I followed behind Mindy to continue our heated discussion.

She sat on the toilet to pee. Her pantyhose were pulled down to her ankles.

“Do you remember when I prevented you from going to jail for tax evasion?”

“Yes and I’ll get you your damn money. Don’t you worry.”

“Mindy, you already said you don’t have the money and honestly that’s not why I brought it up.”

“So how else can I repay you then?” She looked up at me from the toilet?

Then I looked down at her exposed cleavage and then glanced at my crotch that was pitching a tent in my khakis. Then I looked at her face and grinned.

“Dick, I won’t cheat on Julio. Especially not with you!”

“Well then why does the bra you’re wearing have my cum stains all over them?”

“Dick, what are you talking about?

“I have a confession to make. I jerked off into your bra when I used your bathroom.”

“Dick! Why?!”

“It was just hanging their while I pissed at your house. I couldn’t resist!”

“You’re a sexual deviant and you need help.”

I got my crotch closer to her tits while she was still on the toilet.

“Dick, I said no.” She whispered and in an annoyed tone.

I stood there quietly smirking with my cock ready to burst out of my slacks.

“I’m getting up now.” She announced as she went to stand up.

I pushed her back down on to the toilet seat and tore open her blouse as the buttons flew off in different directions.

“What the heck, Dick?!”

Her 38G beige colored bra and tits were now hanging there in plain view. Her pale breasts were oozing out of the tops of her bra cups. It was a magnificent view. She was shocked just sitting there with her blouse torn open, falling off her shoulders.

I took a step closer, grabbed her hand, and placed it on the crotch of my pants.

She looked defeated at this point. “Dick, do ya promise not to tell anyone about this?”

As she unzipped my fly and shoved her hand in my pants to fish out my veiny cock. Her grasp was tight around my shaft.

“If I do this, you owe me a favor ok?”

“Sure…whatever…just keep jerking that cock.”

She continued with a handjob jerking my dick fast. Then I positioned myself to plunge my cock into her cleavage. She held my cock in between her tits as I thrusted in and out. Mindy held the sides of her bra to hold my erection in between her breasts.

“You can’t tell Julio about this or the tax thing ok?!”

“Ok I promise. Holy shit your huge tits feel so good around my cock!”

“I’m serious! No one can find out” She blurted out while panting.

“You like that cock don’t ya?” I barked at her aggressively.

“It smells like ball sweat you jerk!”

My cock disappeared as I plunged into her fat juggs. I slipped in and out of those huge tits and her nipples were now poking out over her bra now.

“You know, I’d get off quicker if you gave me some dirty talk here.”

“You mean like, oh Dick! Fuck my juggs baby!” She was starting to enjoy her submissive situation.

“Fuck yeah just like that!”

I removed my cock from her tit meat and forced it into her mouth. I grabbed a fist full of her hair and guided her head up and down on my hard-on.

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