The Misadventures of the Green Family


Carol Green has two children, Kelly and Hunter. Kelly was on her way home after completing her second year in college. During Kelly’s last call to her mom, Kelly said she didn’t know exactly when she would arrive as she had to submit her last paper in her chemistry class before she could start for home. Kelly planned to spend eight weeks at home before returning to school to continue her studies in Secondary Education.

When the doorbell rang Carol was excited, but when she opened the door there was a young lady that she didn’t recognize. After an awkward moment her daughter said, “Mom, it’s me.” Carol was startled to hear her daughter’s voice come from this very attractive young lady. When Kelly had left for the semester she was a chubby teen that dressed poorly with little care for makeup or grooming. The person standing at the door was slim, attractive and well dressed with an attractive hair stile and appropriate makeup. After a brief moment of confusion and embarrassment Carol hugged her daughter and pulled her inside.

Carol looked over her daughter. What a change! Carol still could not believe her eyes, but yes, the daughter that left our house three months ago has come home a new person. The two talked endlessly, chatting about mom and daughter talk. Carol wanted the details of what happened to make such a change. Kelly wanted to chat about what was happening with the family she had missed so much. They both caught up on the details and Kelly got situated in her old room.

It was summer and hot in South Carolina , so Kelly changed to shorts and an old tee shirt. The shorts were brief and showed off her legs and the tee shirt was old and somewhat thin. She considered a bra but decided against it as she had become use to going without them in the dorm and classes. Her breasts were well formed and her nipples did not stand out like some of the girls, so she could go braless without looking like she was trying to get attention. She chose an old pair of tennis shoes from the closet and went back to continue the visit with her mother knowing that she may get a lecture about the shorts and tee shirt being too thin.

Carol was arranging a snack for the two of them in the kitchen when Kelley entered. When Carol turned around and saw Kelly she was still amazed that this was really her daughter. What a change from the old Kelly. Carol did mention that the shorts were brief, but they looked good on a young pretty girl. She didn’t mention the tee shirt because she didn’t know what to say.

Carol asked Kelly what she wanted to do while she was home. The first thing mentioned was to get out on the lake. The family had a pontoon boat at the marina and Kelly loved cruising the lake and swimming. Sometime she even fished with her dad. She had arrived home on a Friday, so they planned a trip to the lake for the next day. It would have to be worked out with Forest, Kelly’s father and Carol’s husband, but they knew that he liked getting out on the lake; and tomorrow being Saturday, they decided to make plans for the day and called Forest at the office to let him know.

When Forest arrived home, Kelly opened the door and for once he was stumped, surprised, even astounded, at the appearance of his daughter. Normally quick witted and cleaver, this time he just stood and looked over the lovely young girl that stood in front of him. When the hugs and kisses were over they settled into the comfortable routine of home life. Carol in command of the house, Kelly on the phone with friends, and Forest completely out of his element. He was most comfortable at work, working in the lawns, or out on the lake. He could never find his role at home.

They spent the night catching up on the last three months, having dinner, and watching TV. They planned the outing for the next day and then prepared for bed. First, Forest took his shower and then came back wearing boxer style PJ’s and a short cotton robe. Then Kelly took her shower and came back to sit with her dad. She was wearing a short nighty, somewhat see through, and panties. Not appropriate for the front room, but neither Forest nor Carol said anything, not wanting to start bitching at their daughter on her first night home. Next, Carol finished her nightly cleanup and then went off to the shower.

While her mother was away, Kelly snuggled up to her dad enjoying the comfort of having dad to herself for a while. She sat on the sofa and curled her legs under herslef. She knew that her dad could see through her top and was surprised that neither he nor her mom had said anything. She also knew that if she leaned over just right her dad could see down her top. For some reason she was feeling naughty and enjoyed the thought. Forest continued to pretend that all was right and Kelly let her hand rest on her dad’s thigh. Nothing unusual, just a good snuggle. With the smell of Kelly fresh from the shower, the panties peeking out from beneath the nighty top, the view of her breasts almost to the nipple, and now the hand resting on his escort hikayeleri leg it was too much. To his concern he started to get a hard on. It wasn’t a problem because the robe was hiding it, but still he was concerned. Kelly showed no sign of being aware of his condition. Kelly snuggled closer enjoying being with her dad on her first night home. Soon the night ended everyone went to bed anxious for tomorrow’s trip to the lake.

The next day they got up early and packed the van for a day on the lake. Sun screen, food, water, and a bottle of wine. It wasn’t far to the lake and it didn’t take long to load the supplies and back the pontoon out of the marina slip. In a few minutes they were cruising across the lake, enjoying being out and heading to their favorite area. Forest in his old, very old, shorts and golf shirt, Carol in shorts and summer top, and Kelly in another pair of short shorts and a tee shirt. They all had swim suits on under their clothes.

Not long after reaching the area where they were heading, Carol’s phone rang. Her first thought was why did I bring it, but she never felt comfortable being out of touch anymore. In truth, all three had brought their cell phones. After a brief conversation, Carol said she would have to return to town as there was a problem at the women’s center where she was the acting director. Forest and Kelly both said no problem and that they could enjoy the lake another day. However, Carol insisted that after they drop her off at the Maria, for Forest and Kelly to go back out and enjoy the lake. Carol said she’d take the van and call them when she returned; assuring them that she shouldn’t be too long. With that agreed, Carol went back to town and Kelly and Forest went back out on the lake.

When Forest and Kelly reached their favorite spot, Forest let the anchor down and let the boat drift until it was secure. They decided to go for a swim and stripped down to their suites. Forest wore his old baggie swim suite and Kelly wore a new bikini she had just bought. She knew it was small when she tried it on at the shop, but now in public it looked even smaller. This didn’t go unnoticed by her dad. “Kind of skimpy.” he said and commented that he wasn’t sure her mother would approve. In actuality, it was very skimpy. Two small triangles held together with strings that could not cover her breasts. The bottom could hardly do its job and her butt cheeks could not be contained. The smaller piece that covered her pussy was adequate, but just barely.

To her dad’s relief, Kelly dove into the water and started to swim. “Not too far from the boat.” called Forest and jumped after her. They swam, floated, splashed, and played like father and child. Kelly climbed back onto the pontoon using the ladder that Forest had put down and got ready to dive back in. The wet material virtually gave up on trying to do it’s duty. Kelly’s ass cheeks were all but exposed and her nipples showed prominently through the material. It was a view not lost on Forest . She straightened the top and tugged at the bottom, but the wet material seemed to have a purpose of it’s own and would not corporate in Kelly’s attempt, even half hearted as they were, to keep covered.

As they swam, dove from the boat, and enjoyed the water, the attempts grew fewer to keep the bikini in place and Kelly even enjoyed being able to show off her new shape after loosing the weight and toning up at the gym at school. Getting tired, they returned to the boat for snacks and a drink. Toweling off and bending down to dry her legs Kelly’s breasts swung free and all but escaped from the top. By now Kelly had become comfortable with showing so much of her body and appreciated the looks from her dad. After all he is a handsome man and getting looks from handsome men even if it is your dad is good for the ego. As she dried her thighs and butt, the suit crept more and more into her ass crack and was starting to show a lot of cheek.

Forest commented that the suit just was too small and to be careful around mom when she gets back. At that Kelly said she thought it was a good suite and pulled the suite further between her checks. “Don’t you like it dad?” she said as she turned around to make a show for him. “Any guy would like it.” said her dad, “But just be careful.” With that Kelly started fixing the snacks, making a point of bending at the right time and turning to make sure her dad had a good view of her ass. She didn’t know why, but she enjoyed showing off and getting the attention from him. The food was good and a glass of wine for both of them kept their spirits high. It was a great day for a father/daughter outing at the lake. After a second glass of wine they were feeling even better.

But Forest was getting uncomfortable. He was getting an erection and it was getting harder to keep it from showing. Setting down on one of the upholstered side benches, he took a towel and covered himself, but Kelly immediately took the towel gaziantep escort hikayeleri on the pretext of wiping some water from her back and hair. Kelly was talking all the while and then asked her dad if he thought it would be okay if she bought a string or thong bikini. “Kind of like this” she said as she turned and pulled the swim suit bottom even further into her crack. Poor Forest was done for. Seeing his daughter before him, the swimsuit pulled tightly into her crack had caused the front to fit tight across her pussy lips and he could see the outline through the material. This can’t be good thought Forest . “I think you already have a thong swimsuit young lady. This one is brief enough.”

Kelly’s suite was now drying and no longer sticking to her body. Anytime she turned or bent, her breasts swung freely and were almost always visible to her father. After fixing the snacks she sat with her dad and, as she did last evening, she tucked her legs under her, leaned against Forest , and supported herself by putting her hand high on his thigh. Talking away about the things of the day, her hand finding it way up and down his leg. Reaching the bottom of his swim suite leg she let her fingers find their way under the cloth and slowly inch their way toward his already hard cock. There was no hiding his hard-on now, but Forest was no longer trying. He was enjoying his daughters play and the thrill of seeing her almost naked body.

Forest unconsciously shifted positions slightly. Kelly took the opportunity to slide her hand further up until she reached the swim suite liner. She had not counted on this and the protective barrier prevented her from going any further. Not to be stopped she continued and held her fathers cock through the material. At this Forest protested and said he had enjoyed her playfulness but this is going too far and stood up. Kelly pouted and said she was just playing and having fun and didn’t mean anything by it.

Forest suggested they cool off and go for another swim and immediately dove in. Kelly followed and after a few minutes of swimming she returned to the pontoon to dive back in. Forest watched her as she climbed the ladder, enjoying the view of her ass as the swim suite was now practically useless and her butt was glistening as the water dripped off. Kelly turned to dive in, held the position for a while letting her breasts hang completely free of her top. Forrest had to admit that she had turned into a very special young lady and was highly desirable even if he was her father.

As they returned to the boat Forest ‘s phone rang. Carol was returning to the lake. Forest and Kelly put their shorts and shirts back on and went back to the dock to pick up Carol. However, once back at the marina, they decided it was getting late, so they put the pontoon boat back in the slip, loaded their gear back into the van and started home.

As the day came to a finish Forest could not get his daughter out of his mind. He found her bright, witty, and incredibly sexy. He liked being around her, but he worried things might be getting out of hand. He knew he shouldn’t be thinking of Kelly like he was and she shouldn’t be acting the way she was around him.

All was well through the evening until bedtime. Again Forest was first as usual. Then Kelly took her turn and after showering and putting on her nightclothes she returned to the sofa her dad was on. Carol was out of the room at the time, so she did not see that Kelly was wearing a very short and flimsy nightshirt and brief panties. When Carol finished getting ready for bed, she returned to the living room and saw that Forest and Kelly were on the couch. Again Kelly had her legs curled under her and was snuggled to her father.

At first it appeared to Carol that Kelly was only wearing bikini panties and then on closer look she was sure. This can’t be appropriate behavior, she thought and told Kelly she needed to put something else on and cover up a little more. Kelly stood as if to leave the room, but instead she turned to her mother and asked “What’s wrong with this? It’s not any smaller than the bikini I wore today at the lake and dad said he liked it”. At that she pulled the panties up into her ass crack much like she did earlier with the swim suite and turned for her mom and dad to see. “Anyway it’s just us.” Kelly said, “No one else will see.” Carol knew arguing would lead to a spat and she was so much enjoying the time with her daughter.

With the light behind Kelly, her body was fully silhouetted through the thing nightshirt. As she turned to the side her breasts and nipples were clearly visible, as well as her ass, all except the small amount of material up her crack. She obviously enjoyed showing off and was proud of her new figure. Carol wondered who else she had been showing it to. The family again settled into an evening routine of watching TV until the eleven o’clock news came on. During this time, Kelly continued to find escort gaziantep hikayeleri ways to allow Forest to get good looks at her breasts and, at times, she allowed her breasts to become fully exposed as she turned or repositioned herself.

Carol was sitting in her normal position on the other end of the sofa. Kelly stretched her feet and worked them into her mothers lap. Bending a leg at the knee, stretching, turning, and repositioning, she allowed her legs to spread, allowing her mother a close look at her panty covered crotch. Carol rubbed Kelly’s foot and stroked Kelly’s leg in a motherly fashion. Kelly enjoyed the feeling and tried to work her foot onto her mothers pajama covered pussy. She pulled her panties up even higher, pulling the material tighter allowing her pussy lips to become outlined in the material as she did earlier on the boat. Carol knew it was inappropriate, but she enjoyed the view of Kelly’s panty covered crotch and the outline of Kelly’s pussy lips.

The evening news ended too soon for them all and it was time to go to bed. Being a family of routine, bedtime was bedtime. As Carol and Forest got up from the sofa, Kelly followed in protest. The goodnight kisses were a bit more lingering for both mom and dad, but no one complained.

The next morning was warm and sunny, as one by one, they gathered in the kitchen at the breakfast bar, everyone wearing the same nightclothes but looking a bit more rumpled. Kelly hugged her dad and pressed her breasts to him and held him tight. Not the kind of hug a daughter gives her father. Carol received the same greeting as she came in and could feel her daughter’s breasts pushing into her own. A feeling Carol remembered from a short flirtation with a girlfriend a few years ago.

Carol volunteered to go out to get the Sunday paper, as she was the one best dressed for the task. Kelly took advantage of the opportunity to once more show off for her dad. “Why don’t you like my nighty dad?” she asked, as she turned, pulling the panties full into her butt crack once more. She then pulled the top tightly to her breasts and the thin material became transparent and Forest could see her breasts and nipples plainly. Before he could speak, Kelly ran her hands up Forest ‘s boxes PJ’s, under his briefs, and took his cock in both hands. Kelley’s hands were cool and the feeling of her dad’s cock felt good. From Forest ‘s point, her cool hands felt good. Kelly started making small strokes. She was slightly bent, facing him and his view of her tits was clear and unimpeded. Making no attempt to stop her, he leaned back on the breakfast bar, enjoying the forbidden pleasure of having his daughter stroking his hard cock.

Kelly was surprised to find her dad’s cock growing so large. Although she couldn’t see it, she thought it must be about six or seven inches long. Having become sexually active at school, Kelly was no stranger to cocks, or pussies for that matter as she had an ongoing relationship with her roommate Kristen.

When Carol came in with the paper, she saw Kelly between her dad’s legs but they were just talking. Kelly had pulled her hands out of her father’s PJ’s just before Carol’s arrival, but Carol sensed that something had been going on and thought she knew what it was.

The day was moving on and regretfully Forest excused himself, got dressed, and started off on his regular Sunday choirs. Today, that would include the lawn work that wasn’t done yesterday because of the boating.

Carol and Kelly finished up in the kitchen, both having toast and cereal for breakfast. They enjoyed a second cup of coffee and then Carol started to do the morning dishes. Throughout the morning Carol admired Kelly and was continually amazed at the change in her daughter, now a beautiful and very sexy young lady. Carol enjoyed looking at her daughter even in ways that a mother shouldn’t

As Carol worked at the sink, Kelly brought her the dishes and cups. Taking advantage of the moment, Kelly hugged her mom from behind and told her she loved her. Carol had her hands in the water and responded that she loved her too. At this, Kelly reached around and slid her hands into her mother’s robe and let her fingers press against Carol’s nipples through the material of her PJ’s. Carol told Kelly to stop and tugged away, but Kelly was persistent. Kelly found the buttons to her mother’s pajamas and slid her hands inside. Kelly again felt her way to her mother’s nipples, then began rolling Carol’s nipples between her fingers like she did her own, and pressing her pubic mound tightly against her mothers ass.

Carol’s resistance subsided as Kelly kissed her on the neck and told her how much she missed being home with her. She continued to work the buttons on Carol’s PJ’s until they were all open and she ran her hands up and down her mother’s breasts and stomach. Kelly continued to kiss her mother’s neck and then her cheek, and then her lips touched the corner of her mother’s lip. Carol turned and Kelly kissed her full on the mouth, their tongues finding new places and new tastes.

Kelly had now moved her hands down inside her mother’s PJ’s and inside her panties. Here she found that her mother’s pubic hair was freshly shaved except for a small patch of pubic hair at the top of her slit. She smiled because she knew that she did the same and her pussy had the same small patch.

Carol Green has two children, Kelly and Hunter. Kelly was on her way home after completing her second year in college. During Kelly’s last call to her mom, Kelly said she didn’t know exactly when she would arrive as she had to submit her last paper in her chemistry class before she could start for…

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