The Love of Leander Ch. 03

The Love of Leander Ch. 03

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Trevor yawned and stretched, realising he was nuzzled into Lion’s chest, Lion’s arms wrapped comfortingly around him.

“Morning.” Lion smiled.

“Uh, yeah. Morning.” Trevor felt himself blush. He propped himself up on his elbows and yawned again. Lion got out of the bed and stretched, he pulled on his jeans and shirt and excused himself so that Trevor could get dressed. When he got back Trevor was spraying his hair and farting about with it.

“I want a fag.” Lion stretched and lay on the bed.

“You shouldn’t smoke.” Trevor told him as he lined his eyes with eyeliner. Lion smiled and nodded. “How can you get away with being a hockey house captain and smoke?”

“I’m just that good baby.” Lion grinned. Trevor snorted and went back to his eyes; soon he was made up perfectly. Lion always wondered why he wore so much he certainly didn’t need it. “You’re not into sports huh?”

“Do I look like it?” Trevor raised a perfectly arched eyebrow.

“No.” Lion stifled a laugh and stepped towards him. “I bet you and your friends never fight do you?”

“What do you mean?” Trevor asked, cramming a handful of make up accessories into his bag.

“Like, wrestle?” Lion was right behind him now.

“No. We don’t.” Trevor turned and soon realised Lion’s intentions. “No! I do not want to wrestle!” But he had little say in the matter before he found himself involved in a brawl, he was shocked to find how gentle Lion was and soon found himself being dragged all over, he could hear Lion chuckle softly through most of it. “Gerroff!” Trevor shoved Lion and bolted for his door, Lion caught him and pushed him against the door. Trevor was stunned to find Lion’s lips ghosting over his neck. Softly, so softly, kissing a trail up to his ear. Trevor didn’t know what to do; dull panic rose inside him, but it was mixed with yearning for the blond. He felt Lion’s tongue ghost over his earlobe antalya escort then —

“Trevor! Phone!” His mother called up. Trevor heard Lion curse softly under his breath. He wriggled away and scampered to the phone. Lion sat on his bed and smiled to himself. Trevor was fun.

Trevor found the rest of the time in the house awkward around Lion and was thankful of the walk to school. Lion was his normal talkative self whereas Trevor spent most of the walk chewing his nails.

“I’m going to spend some time with Frank this lunch.” Lion told him. “But I’ll see you later.” Trevor nodded and watched him walk away; his stomach was turning in circles. What had Lion been thinking kissing his neck like that? And why did it feel so good? He grumbled aloud to himself and headed into the drama hall. Nick was already there with Nathan and Claudia. They looked at their flustered friend.

“Are you okay?” Claudia asked. Trevor nodded silently and put his bag down. She looked at him suspiciously but turned back to Nick.

“I mean,” Nick was ranting, “I am not interested in sports at all. There’s no way I’m playing in the house matches.”

“Oh, when are they?” Trevor asked.

“Dunno.” Nick shrugged. “Just got this sign up sheet for interested people off one of the jocks. He said I should give it a go.” Nick screwed it up and threw it in a nearby bin. “I bet Leander will be involved.”

“Isn’t he the house captain?” Nathan asked. Nick nodded. “Bah, he’s just like an all round perfect guy isn’t he? Looks to die for, popularity and fantastic at sports. No wonder the girls fall over themselves to get next to him.”

“Plus he’s nice to us.” Claudia smiled. “Especially Trevor.”

Trevor glanced up suspiciously and his hand went to his neck, where he’d been so softly kissed an hour or so before. Could they tell? “What do you antalya escort bayan mean by that?”

“Well, Frank’s and arse, but Lion looks after you.” She explained. Trevor nodded and went to fuss with something at the back counter.

“He’s odd today.” Nathan commented. The other two nodded then looked towards the door that was opening. Lion stepped in.

“Hey guys.” He smiled. They greeted him, used to seeing him around occasionally, but still slightly unsure. He walked over to Trevor who had his back to him and got something out of his bag, leaning round he put it on the counter — it was the book he’d accidentally taken. “Must’ve picked it up last night by mistake.” Lion told him.

“Last night?” Nick’s jaw dropped.

“Uh. Lion stayed at mine last night.” Trevor told him — not making eye contact, then, quickly as if they were thinking dirty things he added ” Mom invited him in and said he may as well stay as there’s no one at his.” He whirled round back to his fussing, face burning.

Lion turned to him and lowered his voice so that only Trevor could hear. “Bet you wont be telling them that you woke up in my arms huh?” He purred seductively.

“Haven’t you got hockey practice?” Trevor snapped.

” hat I have.” Lion grinned, said his goodbyes and left. The three others flocked round Trevor all sensing his embarrassment and wanting to provoke him a bit. Trevor just fussed about and said that nothing had gone on.

“Here he is” Frank jeered “taking a break from the ‘cultured’ kids to see his real friends.”

“Quit it Frank.” Lion laughed.

“It’s ‘coz he’s running out of girls.” Jim teased. “Trevor’s probably giving him head.” The gang laughed and Frank glanced at Spider who was fiddling with his shoes and not laughing. Lion was used to the gangs teasing after all it wasn’t normal escort antalya for someone as popular as Lion to hang about with the likes of Trevor and Nick.

Frank wasn’t stupid. He knew about Lion and Spider’s on/off relationship and he’d also noticed that Lion had changed how he acted around Spider a few days before his new ‘friendship’ with Trevor had begun.

Nile, however, had no idea what was going on. He was just there for when Spider needed him. He knew his best friend was distressed — but when he’d asked if everything was okay Spider had simply smiled softly and said he didn’t wish to talk about it just yet.

Spider was going with the flow. Lion and himself were having some time apart. That was fine. Lion was obviously enjoying spending time with Trevor for some reason. That was…fine. Everything was fine. Fine fine fine fine fine.

Soon enough they stopped teasing Lion and went back to talking amongst themselves. Lion went to sit with Spider and was disgruntled to find Frank sitting with him – he never sat with him. Lion sat by Nile and began to fidget with his jeans.

“So I think we should have a get together this weekend — just us guys. What do you think?” Frank asked. The group agreed — Lion didn’t say anything. “The cultured kids can’t come.” Frank laughed.

“They’re nice guys.” Lion said, not looking up. “You should give them a chance.”

“Oh should I?” Frank growled. Lion scowled back at him. Spider said his name softly and he stopped.

“Shit. Spi, we’re late for football practice.” Nile stood and they both left.

“You still take orders from him?” Frank raised an eyebrow.

“I don’t take orders from anyone.” Lion snapped.

“You listen to him though.” Frank rolled a cigarette and lit it.

“Of course I do, he’s my best friend.” Lion shrugged. “You listen to those you’re close too.”

“But you and him were…you know.” Frank waved a hand. Lion grunted and looked away. “So you’re not…with him anymore?”

“No. Not at the moment.” Lion was staring at his shoes.

“Upset?” Frank took a drag and passed it to Lion.

“Kinda.” Lion flicked ash.

“You with Trevor?” Frank dared to ask.

“No.” Lion shook his head. ” Honestly.”

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