The Locker Room


It was a wet and windy evening and Rebecca was putting in the extra hours on the field, coming back from an ankle injury she had picked up a few months ago while running. On the next pitch, the men’s rugby team were training hard and Rebecca felt jealous that she wasn’t with her track team.

“That’s enough tonight!” yelled her coach, “Get showered, then home to rest.”

Rebecca jogged off the pitch dirty and soggy, but satisfied with her efforts. Once in the changing room, she peeled off her fitted sports bra and made her way to the showers.

The hot water hit her body and she began soaping her curves, letting her hands wander over her breasts and down to her shaved pussy as shampoo ran down her hair and onto her ass. She let the water crash over her for a while longer, enjoying the hot waterfall on her body.

That’s when Rebecca heard voices coming into the changing room, at least a dozen.

What changing room was she in?

In her tired state, Rebecca had walked into the men’s changing room for a shower and was now soapy and very much naked.

Fear hit her as she realised her clothes and towel were outside, with at least 15 sweaty, dirty rugby players about to make her acquaintance.

John, the captain was first. A huge 28 year old. 6 foot 6 and as Rebecca now saw hung like a horse.

“Well, what have we here?”, he bellowed

“Seems we have a visitor lads.”

And with that 14 other, completely naked players joined them in the large shower room.

“I’m so sorry”, started Rebecca

“I walked into the wrong room”, she said, embarrassed and slightly excited as she felt 15 pairs of eyes leering at evi olan gaziantep escort her wet, naked curves.

She had an arm across her breasts and a hand over her pussy. She decided to try and walk through the sweaty scrum but found that not one of them moved.

“I haven’t had much fun since my divorce, started on but you look like you’re up for a bit”, he smiled.

Rebecca knew that her only way out was to give him what he wanted, and by the size of his balls, what he needed.

“Come on then big boy”, she giggled “let’s see what you can do with that.”

With that, John’s cock became erect in an instant. He put a hand on Rebecca’s shoulder and lowered her to her knees. He thrusted forward and forced his cock into her mouth, not that Rebecca offered much resistance, she had been lusting for his huge cock since he walked in.

She wrapped her tongue around it expertly, working hard not to gag as he rocked his hips, pushing his cock towards her throat.

She cupped his swollen balls and dug her nails into the flesh of his muscular ass. Rebecca was growing hornier by the second and her pussy was now aching to be abused.

Her eyes scanned the shower room and the rest of the team were circling her and John, all wanking their cocks while eyeing Rebecca’s wet curves, her breasts swaying to and fro, as she sucked Johns cock harder.

She felt hands touching her, fingers exploring her and a rush of electricity pulsed through her body.

John was tensing and Rebecca knew he was about knew he was about to blow.

Seconds later his cum filled her gaziantep evi olan escort expectant mouth and she had no choice but to spit it out, such was the amount of spunk, more than she could handle.

No sooner had John stepped back, two younger team members stood in front of her. She was pushed lightly from behind onto all fours and the two lads knelt down.

Her mouth was tired, John had been a lot to take, but she wasn’t about to back down, licking each cock and sucking them one by one.

A large pair of hands grabbed her waist and pulled Rebecca back, onto a waiting cock that filled her moist pussy.

She glanced behind and saw a prop, not the most attractive member of the team, fucking her hard. Rebecca didn’t care though, she had a cock inside her and that’s what she wanted. She liked it rough and the prop was giving it to her, making her forget about the two cocks she was servicing with her tongue.

The prop was sweaty and his face was turning red, fucking Rebecca was the most exercise he had done in a year. She decided to help him, rolling her hips back and forth and clenching her pussy tight around his cock.

To his relief, his orgasm was ready and he came inside her quickly, pulling out and leaving Rebecca on all fours.

The two lads at Rebecca’s head were pulled away and she looked up to see John again.

“Steve warmed you up slut”, John boomed.

“My turn now.”

Rebecca was excited and scared. Her mouth still ached from his massive cock but she wanted to feel it in her pussy.

“Stand up”, he ordered. Rebecca did so, gaziantep evi olan escort bayan his voice made her feel naughty, more so than all the naked men still playing with their dicks.

John picked her up at the waist and Rebecca threw her legs around him. Her purple painted toes, pointing and poised.

He pulled her down onto his big cock and she let out a scream, it hurt a little but she loved it. John thrust deep inside her, burying his face into her beautiful tits as he did so.

For Rebecca it was the perfect mix of pleasure and pain. She had never had a cock so big inside her and being fucked standing up pushed it so deep inside her, it filled her pussy and forced on her G spot.

She screamed again, the mix of pain and ecstasy overcoming her.

“You fucking love it”, said John

Rebecca looked around, most of the team had left, spunked on the floor or gotten bored but seven, she counted, had stayed.

They continued playing with themselves, waiting for their moment. The look on Rebecca’s face said not long. She bit her lip and her toes curled.

John saw this and picked up the pace, his balls slapping Rebecca’s ass as he fucked her hard, bending his knees to keep balance.

Their orgasm hit at the same time.

“Oh my fucking God!”, Rebecca screamed

She bit hard on her lip

“Fuck yeah”, celebrated John, his cum already dripping from Rebecca’s pussy.

He put her on the floor and she lay on her back, her pussy aching.

“I’ve wrecked that, lads”, John boasted.

“But if you want my leftovers…” he said as he left.

The remaining players nodded at each other and circled Rebecca, standing over her and began wanking, hard. Within a minute they all came, one by one, over her face, her, tits, stomach and feet.

“Later slut”, they chorused, as they too left.

Rebecca lay still for a few minutes and then stood up and began showering again.

‘Looks like I need to find a new team’, she thought

‘Better make sure I walk into the right shower though… maybe’

It was a wet and windy evening and Rebecca was putting in the extra hours on the field, coming back from an ankle injury she had picked up a few months ago while running. On the next pitch, the men’s rugby team were training hard and Rebecca felt jealous that she wasn’t with her track…

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