The Jogger Ch. 03

The Jogger Ch. 03


The doorbell rang right at seven o’clock. Roger took once last glance in the hallway mirror before opening the door.

“Hi, Roger,” Lindsey said, smiling as she stood on the front porch.

Lindsey looked especially beautiful tonight. It was only the second time that Roger had really seen her fixed up, the other time being the Memorial Day party. Lindsey was a girl that didn’t require much makeup to look pretty. She allowed her cute face and tan complexion to stand on its own, with the assistance of a little eye makeup.

She wore her dark brown hair down and styled, as it lay just past her bust with a little curl. Lindsey wore a pink v-neck shirt, which collapsed down just low enough to expose the very top of her cleavage. Her shorts were very short, just long enough to cover everything, but nothing more. The fabric clung to her bubble butt and struggled to contain her strong athletic thighs.

“Hey, Lindsey! Come on in,” Roger offered.

Roger and Lindsey exchanged some pleasantries before Roger led her up to the home theater. Lindsey took a seat on one of the couches, which were arranged in two rows of stadium seating. Roger began to fiddle over at the snack bar, popping some popcorn and pouring some beverages.

“Have you thought about what you’d like to watch?” Roger asked.

“Well, I haven’t really decided. There are so many good movies that are out right now. I haven’t been able to see many of them because of school. I’m really excited about ‘Death Score’, which is supposed to come out in a few weeks. I love scary movies!”

“Let’s watch ‘Death Score’ then.”

“No, it doesn’t come out for another few weeks. We will have to watch something else.”

“We can watch it. Look,” Roger said as he used his phone to control the large projection screen, “the studio already has it on their server. We can stream it, if you want to watch it.”

“Wow! Are you serious? I guess I didn’t realize you could also play movies that weren’t out yet. Let’s watch it,” Lindsey said excitedly.

Roger walked over to the couch and handed Lindsey a big bag of popcorn and a drink, before taking a seat next to her on the couch.

“I have to warn you- I am a bit of a scaredy cat. I love scary movies, but I jump a lot. Try not to laugh,” Lindsey said with a nervous giggle.

The movie loaded and began to play. Roger had never been much for scary movies. The few that he had seen lacked much of a plot and just used people popping out to try to scare people. This movie fit into this stereotype, with poor acting and writing. Lindsey seemed to be enjoying it though, which was all that really mattered to Roger.

Lindsey jumped at every chainsaw wielding psychopath that popped out of a closet. She cheered on the main characters as they ran from said psychopath. Then she would chastise those characters when they did something stupid to get them killed.

“Why not just run out of the house? How can you be so stupid!?!” Lindsey would scream at the screen.

Roger was getting more entertainment out of watching Lindsey react, than he was out of the film itself. The film hadn’t been very gory, as most of the violence was implied. However, at the climax of the movie, the main character’s best friend got caught by the killer and the low budget film must have used half of its budget to depict this specific killing. The masked psychopath stood over the friend with a chainsaw and began to chop up the character in graphic detail.

“Oh my, I can’t watch this,” Lindsey said looking away and burying her face into Roger’s shoulder.

Roger was more in shock by the feeling of Lindsey on him, than he was about the brutal murder going on in the background. Her soft hair was brushing against his exposed bicep, as she pressed her face against his shoulder. He was close enough that he could smell the fruity shampoo she had used. It was years since Roger had felt the touch of a woman; and even without this being a sexual touch, he was aroused nonetheless.

The chainsaw noise finally stopped on screen and Lindsey sat back up, eager to see if the main character would Betturkey make it out alive. She was very invested in the outcome of the movie, which made Roger a little invested too. In the end, the main character was able to escape, which led to an excited clap from Lindsey.

The lights inside the home theater brightened as the ending credits began to roll. Lindsey was sitting on the edge of her seat, still hyped about the dramatic end to the film.

“Wow, that was great!” Lindsey exclaimed.

“Yeah it was thrilling,” Roger replied trying to fain some excitement of his own.

“I told you I was a scaredy cat,” Lindsey laughed.

“You were even more entertaining to watch then the movie,” Roger laughed.

Lindsey blushed, “I can’t help it. I just get so into movies. It is hard to not get emotionally invested, especially in a movie with so many twists and turns.”

“It was fun to watch you watch it. It definitely added entertainment value to the film.”

Lindsey and Roger continued resting on the couch, talking about a variety of different things. Soon the conversation moved from movies to more personal topics.

“Based on your grades and everything your dad has said, it sounds like you are acclimating well to college life,” Roger remarked.

“For the most part I have,” Lindsey responded, “I struggled a little bit at the beginning of school. Not as much with the school work, my good prep school had me well prepared for that part. I really struggled with dealing with relationships and making new friends. I dated the same guy from the start of my freshman year of high school until a few weeks before college.

“We were never really a super serious couple, but we were more like friends who enjoyed hanging out and were attracted to each other. When he ended it because he wanted to go into college single, I was really upset. It made me feel like I wasn’t wanted. It wasn’t that I saw myself marrying him, but he was someone I cared about. He was my first boyfriend, my first kiss and first everything. It was difficult to lose someone like that.

“When school started, I had a little difficulty opening up to people, especially guys; just because I didn’t want to get hurt again. I hadn’t really had friendships outside of being in my relationship, so it made it difficult to forge ones on my own. Like in high school, we had the same group of friends who all were dating each other. So most of the time, we would all get together on the weekend and just hang out. Not having that took some getting used to, but I think I am much better off now.”

“I understand that,” Roger said, “I went through something very similar with my divorce. Outside of my work, my world revolved around my wife and my family. To lose something that is so important and steadfast can be tough. It took time before I was really able to feel comfortable outside of that dynamic. However, as the days go on, I am beginning to feel like I might be better off too.”

They continued to discuss Lindsey’s college life, which brought back some flashbacks to Roger’s time in school. Lindsey then began to discuss what it was like to be away from school for the summer.

“It has been really tough, actually. Granted, I only go to college a few miles down the road and many of my friends and teammates don’t live far away, but it is weird to be away from the structure I had in school. I am so used to having to be in class or at soccer or hanging out with my friends, that having all this free time is weird.

“Luckily, my parents let me move out to the pool house when I came back from school. I used to stay in the actual house with them, but staying in the pool house gives me some privacy that I didn’t have before. It allows me to have friends over or just relax on my own, without having to worry about my parents being bothered, or bothering me. It has also given me a retreat to get away from all the attention they want to give me. My parent’s never come down to the pool, unless they are throwing a party. It is a nice secluded place for me.”

“Not throwing any wild parties down there, Betturkey Giriş are you?” Roger said jokingly.

“Parties? Me? Nah!” Lindsey laughed, “For real though, I’m not much of a party girl. My friends will hang out at the pool house sometimes, but we don’t get too wild. We can’t afford to be too wild, with us being on scholarship for soccer. All it takes is some pictures of us going wild at a party and they will pull our scholarships and kick us out of school. It actually happened once last year to one of my teammates, Amber.”

“Really? What’d she do?”

“Oh, I can show you,” Lindsey said, as she began to fiddle with her phone, “Let me tell you the story first. She was always a wild girl. She was from a really conservative home and so when she got to have all the freedom in school, she went crazy. Half the time she would come to practice drunk or hungover. Anyway, she went to one frat party after one of the big football games and got absolutely bombed. She ended up having a threesome with two of the frat guys and posted video of it to her Snapchat.”

Lindsey turned her phone to show a video of a cute, obviously drunk blonde getting tag teamed by two frat guys. Each clip lasted only a few seconds, but was very graphic.

“She is such a cute girl too,” Lindsey continued, “It is really a shame she turned into such a slut, because she could have had almost any guy at the school. Messed up her own life with one drunken decision.”

Roger had to agree, the girl was cute, but not nearly as cute as Lindsey. The video had been slightly arousing, but Roger knew he needed to show it the proper level of disgust.

“Shame that she messed things up like that. I know that when I was in school, people did the same sort of stuff and got into lots of trouble too. Some people just can’t help but waste good opportunities. Good to know that you aren’t one of those!”

“I take school very seriously. I have big dreams for what I want out of life. There are certain things that I want in life: a nice house, a family that I can provide for and the means to be able to enjoy my life. Like, I look at everything you have done with your life, and I can’t help but think that this is the type of life I’d like to have. I work hard every day so that I can someday be successful and have a nice life.”

Lindsey began to talk about her hopes and dreams in life, and Roger was incredibly impressed with what she had to say. Lindsey was a girl who at a young age had her priorities in order and had a plan of achieving the things she wanted in life.

The conversation went on and on, as Roger and Lindsey traded stories, bouncing from one subject to the next. Lindsey looked down at her phone as it lit up with a phone call from a friend.

“Holy cow, it is already two in the morning? I need to get back home and get some sleep before my morning workout.”

Lindsey and Roger headed downstairs continuing to talk. They stood at the front door and talked for another twenty minutes. Neither wanted to end their conversation, but both knew that they needed to.

“Thank you so much for having me over. This so much fun! If you don’t mind some kid hanging around, I’d love to do it again,” Lindsey said.

“How about this: I will just leave seven o’clock open and if you want to watch a movie or anything, you can do that? I loved having you over and I hope this isn’t the last time we do this.”

“Sounds great! Can I have your cell phone number? I’d like to be able to text you and let you know if I can’t make it for some reason. I don’t want you sitting around waiting on me.”

The two exchanged numbers. Lindsey finally forced herself to end the conversation and head back home.

“Ugh, I really need to go. This was great! I hopefully will see you again tomorrow night. Thank you again so much,” Lindsey said, giving Roger a big hug around the neck.

The hug only lasted a few seconds, but that was long enough to make Roger melt inside. Roger blankly stared as he watched Lindsey head out down the dimly lit sidewalk that led to her car. The warmth and softness Betturkey Güncel Giriş of her hug was something Roger wouldn’t be able to forget. A smile was plastered on his face as he shut the door and headed into his bedroom.

Roger hadn’t experienced a night like that in his entire life. When he and Emily were dating as teenagers, their relationship was very immature. As time went on, they had the important conversations that couples should have, but they never did much talking. They had been two kids in love and that was all that mattered.

Tonight was the first time that Roger had ever sat with a woman and just gotten lost in conversation. Lindsey was so easy to talk to and the conversation always kept flowing. She was an incredibly intelligent and motivated young woman. She was sexy in both her looks and her mind.

The hug to cap off the night was more than Roger could have asked for. It had been years since Roger felt the embrace of a woman. It was something that he had once taken for granted, but now couldn’t let go. The warmth and tenderness that came from Lindsey’s soft tan arms wrapped around his body was perfect. She was the absolute image of perfection in Roger’s mind. He was obsessed with Lindsey from her amazingly youthful sexiness to her mature brain.

However, something continued to loom in his mind. This was his best friend’s daughter. Nothing was going to happen between Lindsey and Roger. Why would an 18 year old woman that has everything going for her be interested in a 48 year old divorcee? Yet, it somehow felt that Roger’s lust was cheating on his best friend. Roger’s mind was torn between the guilt he felt for his best friend, and the unstoppable attraction he felt for his best friend’s daughter.

Golf for the next week did not go well for Roger. Every moment around Tim was filled with guilt, as Roger still struggled with the feelings that he had for Lindsey. Roger shots some of the worst rounds he had played in years, much to Tim’s surprise.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Tim asked as he chugged down another victory beer from the clubhouse bar.

“I don’t know,” Roger lied.

“Well, I’m not going to complain. More free beers for me!”

Roger’s golf struggles weren’t upsetting him, as he took relief in his nightly movie visits with Lindsey. Lindsey had shown up every night to watch a movie and talk with Roger late into the night. The conversation was almost good enough to distract him from how sexually attracted he was to her.

It was Friday night, and Roger was again sitting on the home theater couch engrossed in conversation with Lindsey. They both knew it was time to call it an evening, but neither one of them wanted to stop talking. Lindsey was wearing a red spaghetti strap top that revealed a lot of delicious cleavage from her pushed up medium sized breasts. Roger tried to steal a glance when he could, but tried to avoid staring.

“Well, I should probably get going,” Lindsey said, checking the clock on her phone, “We have a soccer workout tomorrow morning at the university, so I can’t afford to be tired.”

Roger walked Lindsey downstairs, staring at the large shelf Lindsey’s bubble butt made in the small black skirt she was wearing. Roger was getting far too turned on, and he knew it.

“I’m not going to be able to come over tomorrow night,” Lindsey said as she stood at the door, “The soccer girls are going to hang out tomorrow night since everyone will be in town for workouts.”

“Well that should be fun,” Roger said, disappointed that he wouldn’t get to see her for at least another day.

Lindsey smiled, “Thank you again for another great night!”

Lindsey moved forward and gave Roger a hug, as she usually did. When she backed away to move toward the door, Roger grabbed her hand.

“Wait!” Roger said.

Lindsey stared back at Roger, wondering why he had stopped her. Roger himself wasn’t entirely sure why he had stopped her, other than he didn’t want her to leave. His hormones were raging as he was so turned on by Lindsey’s sexiness. Roger didn’t know what to do.

“Do something,” Roger thought. He was frozen and Lindsey began to look worried. He needed to do something. The only thing he could think of with his hormones raging was to give her full young lips a kiss.

Roger pulled her arm towards his body and gently planted a kiss on her lips.

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