The Jamaican Fucked Me

The Jamaican Fucked Me


At last I have the courage to write about my sexual experiences. All the stories are true. Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty.


Two months later I was moved to another department within the railway works. I became settled there. 12 months later I became engaged to a girl from a small town some 12 miles away. Looking back I think I suppressed my bi-sexual tendencies in trying to be ‘normal’. From time to time I would get this urge to go with a man. I thought of both Gerry and Gordon and the need to be satisfied.

My mate Mick who is in an earlier story told me he’s now going straight and will be getting married next year. He asked me to be his best man.

I accepted right away saying I would love to. I pointed out I’m still not sure what I am!!,

I did reassure him that our sexual activities will always be our secret. And if he wanted to have sex contact with me from time to time, I would love it.

Sex with my girl friend was a bit dull. It was OK, but when I tried to get her to touch my arse, or worse still I touched her arse during our love making, she would back off pointing out how disgusting this was.

I’ve got into a rut with my life. Seeing the girl friend 4 times a week and playing snooker two nights with Thursday night in. At times I would see a nice man in the street. As I looked on this urge would re-emerge. To go with a man! To suck a man off! To lick his body! And best of all to play with his arse. I suppressed these thoughts and carried on with ‘normal’ life.

Some time later I was in town on a Saturday. I had gone with my girls dad (Jim) to the car repair garage. He wanted a leak in the radiator fixed.

The man said “We can do it now – it will take about half an hour”.

Jim said to me “I will wait here- will you go and get a map for our journey next week” .

“OK “I said – the shops only round the corner, I’ll be back in five.

As I got to the shop door way I bumped into Gordon the Jamaican I knew from work.

“Hello Gord – how are you” I said. “I’m OK Joe” was his reply.

It was nice to see him. Them dark brown eyes were like magnets, drawing me closer. Nice- I thought.

“Its been awhile since I’ve seen you, or should I say since you wanked me off” he said with a laugh.

We had some small talk, then he asked if I’ve been fucked yet. No- not yet was my reply. Do you fancy it then.!!!. I explained I’ve only got about 20 minutes to spare.

That’s OK, I only live there, he pointed across the road to this end terraced house. I know you need it he said. He assured me that It will take no more that 15 minutes .

My mind raced. Shall I or shall I not. Its now or never. He looked straight into my eyes with that faint smile. I might not get an opportunity again-I thought.

“I need to get a map first Gordon”. “OK- I’ll go over and you come in the back way, number 6” Gordon’s finger pointing over the road.

I sakarya escort stood in the shop looking for the map. I feared the girls dad had seen us talking together. I was frightened. No- I was fearful of being fucked for the first time. I decided I must do this-now. If I did it now then the urges I have might go away and leave me to get on with ‘normal’ life.

I bought the map and stood outside the shop looking across the road at Gordon’s house. Where in the house will he ‘take me’. How will he ‘take me’. From behind, or face to face! Will it hurt!

All these thoughts ran through my mind. The next instant I was at Gordon’s back gate. I had, without thought walked across the road. up the back entrée and stood at the gate marked number 6. I opened it and walked up the path to the back door. I stood there, not sure what to do now. I thought to myself -there’s no turning back now.

Gordon opened the door from the inside and beckoned me in. I stood in the kitchen. It was a traditional terraced house with a front parlour a kitchen and what was a back kitchen, but now had sink units fitted.

Gordon lock the door and turned towards me. He had changed his clothes. He wore dark well fitted trousers and a white tank top. The tank top was tight on his body showing off his good physical form. The top was so small I could see 3 inches of his waist above the trouser belt. Hmm, I thought- he’s got a nice body.

He Walked up and stood facing me not one foot away. My heart was racing with expectation. I’m about to get fucked. Will I enjoy it, or will it end up a disaster. Will it hurt?. He smiled and without a word reached out and started to un-buckle my trouser belt.

“I’ve been waiting to do this for a long time” he said.

I was in a kind of trance. He un-zipped my fly, and his hands pushed my trousers past my hips until they fell to the floor. He held my cock with his left hand through my underpants. Suddenly I woke from the trance.

I quickly un-zipped him. I slowly, with shaking hands undid his belt. I thought- this belt, how many men have done what I am about to do, what tales could this belt tell, I wished I was that belt, just think, being undone by all the men in Gordon’s life

Un-belted I slid his trousers and underpants to the floor. There he was naked, from the tank-top down. What a lovely site. His dark brown skin shining with lust and expectation

His body was hair less except for around his groin. The hair there was black, short and curly. He was very hard and his balls were on the small side and tight to his body. We both quickly kicked off our shoes and the rest of our clothes. I moved closer, put my hands onto his hips and looked down at his man hood. He held my hard dick horizontal with his left hand and with his right hand brought his dick nearer and then touched mine. Tip to tip they were. He pushed his foreskin over my cut knob sakarya escort bayan end and looked at me with that big smile of his.

Has he worked the foreskin back and too over my knob, I cupped his balls with my right hand.

” OO – yes this is lovely” I whispered.

Our dick ends were covered with each others pre-cum. I leaned forward, my mouth almost touching his cheek .

“I’m building up to cum” I said softly.

“No- I don’t want you coming yet” he said.

He let go of our dicks, squeeze his body up to mine putting his hands onto my arse. Our bodies in full contact, he began moving his body side to side. I could feel his warmth coming from that hard shaft. Then put his arms around the back of my neck, on top of my shoulders. With his faces close to mine he said

“I’m going to fuck you now”.

My heart was beating like mad with excitement. He stepped back, leaning over and picked up a tube of KY jelly off the table. Undid the top, held his dick at the base with his right hand, and squirted the jelly onto the knob end with the other. As he worked the jelly down the shaft I cupped his balls again.

He whispered “I will put a lot on being this is your first time” .

His knob was glistening with jell. He gave a big smile when I offered to help in working the jell on. As he squeezed more on, I worked it up and down the shaft from balls to tip.

Suddenly he said “that’s enough”.

We wiped our hands on a towel. As I put the towel onto the table, he quickly got behind me.

There I was standing in a strange kitchen naked with another man also naked behind me with his hands on my hips and a hard dick touching the top of my crack. We stood there motionless for a time. I thought ‘he’s waiting for me’. Without further thought I bend over straddling my legs a little and grabbing my ankles. He stepped back a little, but still holding my thighs with both hands.

He’s looking at me! He’s savouring the view! Only then did I realise that I’m taller than him, at least 4 inches taller. I spread my legs out more and bent my head down. I can see him through my legs, his legs are nice to look at and he stood with them together. I could see all the way up to his tight balls.

I waited for was seemed an eternity. He released his right hand from my thigh. A moment later, I felt his knob end on my anus then his right hand back onto my thigh. Yes- he was experienced, He didn’t need to feel his way to find my anus, straight onto the button he was. It was only at that moment I knew I was going to enjoy this first time fuck. I looked through between my legs and saw I had a massive hard on. The tip of my dick wet through with pre-cum.

He entered me, just the tip. He stopped and waited for me to relax. He didn’t have to wait long. He gripped my thighs with both hands and slowly pushed, no, slid his cock in. It slid in non-stop until escort sakarya his balls were touching mine. Ooo, the view I had between my legs, seeing his body slowly getting nearer to mine. Feeling the fullness inside me it was over whelming. He was right, I have wanted this for a long time, now I’m getting it.

I cupped his balls in my right hand as I held on to my left ankle with the other. Feeling the balls touching my body as he pushed in, and drew back until his tip was at my entrance, I felt so full and complete. This went on for only few minutes, in total silence, not a word uttered.

His legs started to shake a little. From my wanking experience with him behind the wagon on a earlier occasion I could tell he was about to come his load. I moved my hand and cupped both our balls as he did the final push in. “Ooo- to soon, much to soon” he cried.

“Christ- I’m coming. Yes- I’m going to give you a black baby now” he said.

He came with a gush, stayed motionless inside me holding me tight, his body shaking. A few moments passed then I stood up right. He put his arms around my body as his softening cock slowly slid out of me.

I turned to face him with my raging hard on. He looked down and then at me and smiled.

He said with a quite laugh “What do you want me to do- would you like to be sucked off”. I just nodded.

He knelt down in front of me, held my cock at its base with his right hand finger and thumb. He looked up at me and gave me that familiar smile. He started with licking my tip to remove all the pre-cum off. Then worked his tongue up and down the shaft, from tip to balls the tongue went. Then he pushed his mouth over the tip end and licked It. I was ecstatic. To see a mans mouth slowly making my dick disappear inside nearly blew my mind. He worked his mouth up and down a few times. I indicated I was near to coming. He stopped, looked up and said.

“Would you like me to give it back- or shall I swallow it” .

I could not say anything. My body was in extreme tension, my mind in a whirl. I just left it to him to decide. He worked his mouth up and down faster. I gently put my two hands onto his head, and moved them with his head as it moved in and out. He cupped my balls with his left hand, I wanted to tell him that I’m coming, but no words came out. I squirted out my cum into his mouth. My body shaking all over. Squirt after squirt, it seemed I was coming forever.

He stopped moving his mouth and drew it back till only the tip was in. He remained still and looked up at me. With my cock softened and slipping out of his mouth I still held his head with both of my hands. He then slowly swallowed my spunk. I could see his throat moving.

I was completely exhausted. Gordon got up looked at his watch.

“You have been away from the garage for 17 minutes” he said.

We got dressed and I left saying that was great. Until next time was the reply. I slipped out of the back door into the world. I new world for me now I’ve been screwed for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I walked quickly back to the garage and saw my girl friend’s dad who had been waiting for the car to be repaired

“Car OK – we are done here” he said.

As we drove away, I smiled to myself- if only he new how done I was.

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