The Hair Dresser

The Hair Dresser


For as long as I can remember, I have always been obsessed with hair. No, no, no, not body hair, but the hair that lies on top of your head. Not the carpet, but the curtains instead. Yes dear reader, head hair. Ever since I was a small child I have been fascinated with hair. I would always admire my sister’s hair, my mother’s hair, my brother’s hair, and my father’s hair. I have always marveled the beauty and texture of well-groomed hair (Which the rest of my family worked very hard to achieve). This deep admiration continued on to my school hood where I would take it upon myself to be seated behind the cute girl with the prettiest hair (or the cute guy with the prettiest hair) and feel upon and fondle upon their soft, silky hair.

So I grew up to become what any sensible hair admirer would grow up to become. A hairdresser.

Ah yes, my days as a hairdresser were (and still are, I am only 21 so I wont be retiring anytime soon) absolutely wonderful. I revered at the news of an upcoming client that I had to deal with. Blondes, brunettes, redheads, colour didn’t matter; straight hair, curly hair, long hair, short hair, it mattered not as long as I had hair to work and care for. Just standing in the workplace was intoxicating enough! The fumes from hair doused in water and different formulas were enough to trigger a natural “hair dressers high”. Everyday

was my vacation into the wonderful world of hair. Everyday was a great day at work.

Well, until she walked into the salon and into my life. Her name was Leila Gambrel and she had perhaps the most beautiful hair I have ever seen on anyone’s head. She was a deep, curly brunette with hair that went down a little past her shoulders. She seemed to be a woman of fashion, for she wore a rather expensive looking, black mink sweater; black knee-high leather boots and a vibrant red blouse. The clothes may seem to be described as a conflictive combination, but they way she wore that outfit coupled with her beautiful hair; it all seemed to match up perfectly.

“Are you Blake Corybant?” She asked, walking towards me. She had a bit of a swagger in her steps.

“Why, yes, this is him,” I smiled politely “may I help you?”

She smiled back and said, “Yes, you may help me, this is Leila Gambrel, I am hear for the 8:30” (pm, she was the last costumer for the day) she than cleared her throat, “I do believe you are my stylist, no?”

I felt my eyes begin to sparkle a bit; I can also feel a bit of a heat begin to develop on my face, “Ahhh, Leila!” I grabbed hold of her hand, gently, “right this way madam Gambrel!”

“My, aren’t you the polite one?” she commented, walking gracefully.

I just smiled and took her to her seat. I then handed her a styling book, (“To choose the desired hairstyle”) once again smiled politely, “You choose what kind of hairstyle you want and I will be right back with supplies.” I walked off while she flipped on through the book.

As I walked off and gathered supplies, I couldn’t stop thinking about Leila. Oh her hair was to die for! Those deep, warm, urfa escort brown coloured curls and the way they bounced so majestically when she walked or moved her head and how gorgeously they framed her pale (beautifully pale, not the “cottage cheese pale”) face! I absolutely adored her hair!

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them.

“You ready yet?” I ask as I walk back with all of the supplies, “Do you pick out a style yet?”

She looked up at me, smiled politely and replied, “Oh! Yes, I would like my hair to be completely and thoroughly cleaned and I would like a fuller look… oh and could you please perhaps colour it dark red?”

“Yes madam…” I smiled at her, thinking of how lovely she will look. Oh how I yearned to touch her hair, I was already starting to get hot beneath the collar. I blushed and began work at once.

* * * * *

Oh Yes… I couldn’t believe I was actually touching her hair… so soft, so smooth. Waves of pleasure ran through my fingers, hands, arms and mind as I ran my hands through her delicate hair. This was so damn erotic. Washing her hair, running my hands carefully through her hair, massaging her head, the scent of her hair filling my nostrils… I looked down at her beautiful face and saw that her eyes were closed. Her face looked as if it was in a state of sternness, happiness, pleasure and… ecstasy, her chest, moving up and down ever so slowly, as she breathed softly. I just wanted to lean down and kiss her on the lips; I wanted to smother my face in her beautiful hair… The sights, the smells and the feel… it was all so… so… Orgasmic.

I looked down upon her face and strangely enough, she seemed to be panting. I looked into her closed eyes, for some reason they seemed to signal some sort of tension. She seemed to be enjoying the attention I was giving her hair. She seemed to be enjoying my workmanship in such a way that almost seemed ecstatic, like she was starting to really getting in to this. She had a look of discontent and yearning, I couldn’t help but stare, I stared deeply into her closed eyes, so deeply that I was totally caught off guard when she opened them and stared straight back.

“You must really like my hair… no?” she asked, shrewdly.

I tried to speak, oh how I tried, I tried to tell her about how much I loved her hair, how my fingers seemed to go crazy with each turn and rub and feel and tug and circle my hands took. I tried to tell her how much I just wanted to take my face and bury it into the depths of her soft, delicate mane! But… all I could stammer (stupidly) was “I…I…I…uh…” (Yeah, I know, what a loser I am huh?).

She just looked at me with those lovely eyes of hers and smiled understandingly “I know what you mean… almost everyday I am complimented on my hair… I get so many comments on how warm the colour is and how it seems to flow and bounce with each step I take… I love the attention.”

I was in heaven! Utopia! Nirvana! Not only was I able to happily grab heaps of her balıkesir escort hair without a slap in the face, but she also had the heart to relate me to others (Drake was glad to hear that he wasn’t the only one who worshipped her hair) and enjoyed the attention her hair received on a daily basis. Which also most definitely meant that she was enjoying the royal treatment that I was zestfully giving to her flowing brunette locks.

I looked down at her face, and became a little bit uneasy at what I saw, her eyes were closed (again), chest bobbing up and down as she breathing, moaning silently. I smiled nervously, to myself; I didn’t know what to do… I didn’t know what to say.

Should I continue this? Was she enjoying this? Of course she was, she told me so!

This is all so weird to me! I just wanna-

I was taken very much by surprise at what happened next…

She grabbed me by the sides, pulled me closer and moaned into my ear “Do it Blake, do it!” she kissed my rough on the neck “You know you want to… I know about what you were thinking.” She nuzzled a bit into my neck

I purred in pleasure, slowly succumbing to her hugs and kisses.

“You just love my hair so badly, it hypnotizes you, it makes you want to envelope your face in my hair! You want to choke and suffocate in me! You want to breathe in my fumes! You want to wallow in my beautiful, curly locks! Huh Blake! Don’t you?!”

I moaned out loud and held onto her tight, kissing up and down her neck and face. I straddled onto her lap and let her flowing hair cover my head as we showered each other in kisses. I ran my fingers and hand on face through her thick, damp hair. I let in all of the smells and stenches! I let her hair into my mouth and tasted her exotic, wondrous, breath taking, spine tingling tasty taste! I couldn’t control my primal urges! I couldn’t control myself; I let myself become lost in her hair.

She was breathing hard, moaning into my ear, she held me close and wrapped her arms and legs around me. She ran her air through my soft dirty-blonde hair. Kissed me ever so deeply and moaned into my mouth, sliding her tongue all along my own, tasting me, letting me into her mouth.

“I love your hair, I love your body and I love you!” I screamed as I kissed her in the mouth.

She grinned a wide, devious grin and flipped me onto my back, straddling me. She began to kiss me up and down my neck, feeling upon my hair and grinding her hips against mine. She laid her hair down on my face, letting it flood onto my face and hair and into my mouth and nose. She was smothering me in her hair. She than sat up and looked me deep into my eyes as she began to unzip me and let my cock, glistening with precum, out into the open air. “You love my hair huh? Well… your gonna love this! Oh how your gonna love this!” She lowered her body and began to tickle my inner thighs with her hair.

“Oh my God!!!” I couldn’t stop moaning “Oh shit! Oh fuck damn, it feels so damn good, I have wanted this trabzon escort ever since the very second I laid my eyes on you!”

She soon enveloped my throbbing cock into her wide, beautiful mouth. She was sucking me off. Locks and locks of her hair fell into her mouth as she did this, throwing my already high levels of carnal pleasures into a new level! I have never felt so good in my life and soon her hair was covered in lots of my precum. I felt my orgasm start to build up slowly. She then raised her head and looked desperately into my equally desperate eyes and moaned out loud “Oh my God just fuck my hair, I don’t care at all” She grabbed my rock hard prick with an extremely hard handful of hair (almost all of it) and began pumping my shaft with it. With one hand in her own panties, fingering her wet pussy and prodding her hard clit, and the other full of hair, pumping my dick into oblivion, she was moaning and groaning and matching her screams with mine. She was fucking me with her hair and I loved every minute of it.

I was about to cum, I could feel it, my balls were rumbling and I was going to shoot one fuck of a load into her hair. It was a slow process and I needed sweet release, I yearned for it. I could tell by the look of things that she was about to cum as well so I decided to help out a little (I wanted to match my orgasm with hers). I grabbed her hand and pumped my cock with her, heightening the pleasure ten-fold.

“Cum with me Leila, oh shiii… oh shit… oh fuck…I’m gonna…-“

“Oh shit Blake! Blow your load into my hair! Cum with me! CUM! CUM! OH FUCK YESSSSS!!!” she was fingering herself, rapidly reaching the point of no return!



I shot my load. Gallons and gallons of my sperm launched and flooded into her hair… Globs of sticky wet goo drenched and covered her hair. I had the orgasm of a lifetime. I looked down upon her body (after what seemed like ages of going through my post orgasmic state) and saw that her hair was beautifully covered in my seed, I could tell that she had cum as well because I could see all of her juices leaking out of her sweet pussy, I could see her juice running down her leg and onto the floor. She looked up at me, smiled, and collapsed in a heap of sweat, cum, and hair, onto my lap, exhausted, she instantly fell into a deep slumber.

I scanned the room and to my surprise it was completely empty. The store must have closed hours ago… I must have been working on her hair for hours, working past closing time on her hair. It was just she, her hair and I. Thank God; I know for sure that I would have been fired for doing this if caught. Or perhaps worse, we could’ve gotten arrested, but who knows what would have happened? By fate me and Leila met here (I later found out about her fetish for hair, apparently me and her had a LOT in common) so… who knows? All I cared about what sleep (The doors were locked already) and what tomorrow new great things tomorrow will bring now that I’m with her.


Author’s note- this is my very first story and I sincerely hoped you enjoyed it! Comments? Questions? Constructive Criticism? Suggestions? Flames (I hope not)?

Express yourself!! Your word is GREATLY appreciated!

OH! And thanks for taking the time to read this story! I hope to read from you soon!

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