The Go Down Girl

The Go Down Girl

Big Dicks

“You know I’m going to hook up tonite, right?”

The words stung coming from my wife’s mouth. She was in the bathroom leaning in to the mirror doing her eye make up. She was naked except for a white thong that strangled her perfect hips.

“Babe…” I started.

“Don’t ‘Babe’ me,” she cut me off as she spun around on her bare feet like a stripper and stepped in close. She grabbed my dick through my pants hard. I doubled over in pain and grabbed at her wrists. “I want you to cum in your pants before I go.” I managed to push her hand off and she laughed and spun back to the mirror. As I stood back up straight she began to hum a club beat and dance lewdly in front of the mirror. When I locked eyes with her reflection she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out a little, she squinted her eyes and brought her middle finger up and began to slather it all over her tongue. It was very nasty.

“So are you gonna kiss me later?” she looked away and busied herself with her beauty stuff that was spread out on the bathroom counter.

“Babe.” again I pleaded.

She turned again and stood close, this time she gently began rubbing the front of my pants. Sweetly, she began, “Hon, we talked about this a lot and tonight’s the night, I’m doing it.” She began to stroke my hard dick through my pants, “Me and Missy are getting all dressed up like ho’s and going out,” she teased. “I know you’re gonna kiss me when you pick us up, if you do…” she trailed off and breathed in my ear, her hand was trembling now as she stroked my dick, she whispered “If you kiss me later in front of my sister and if she’s cool with it…I’ll let you smell her feet.” I came hard in pants.

This all started a few months back, my wife and I got all dressed up and went out for a fancy dinner in the city, after dinner we didn’t feel like going home and I had a couple joints with me so we sent out a few text messages to see if any of our friends were hanging out. Her sister, Missy, got back to us pretty quickly, she was with a girl friend at a night club in the waterfront area. My wife and I usually avoid places like night clubs at all costs but tonight we decided to try it out, we’d have a few drinks with her sister, maybe smoke some pot in the parking lot and head home.

When we got to the club all of our assumptions were quickly proven to be correct; the music was ear bleeding loud and the place was jam packed with sweaty twenty-somethings, every guy had his sleeves rolled up and collar popped, every girl was wearing slinky skin tight dresses and slutty stripper high heels. The club stunk like cheap perfume and sweat and the strobe lights buzzed all around, grinding bodies surrounded us. Three wasted girls who didn’t even look old enough to buy cigarettes pushed by us dancing, the first shouted, “Heeey,” as she reached out poked my chest, her friends shrieked with delight and they danced on into the crowd. My wife gave me a look of disbelief and I just shrugged at her.

After some more texts with her sister we met up at a side bar far away from the main dance floor but still hectic and crowded, her sister and friend were all fired up like everybody else, they shrieked and did an exaggerated little dance when we walked up. I guess that was normal in a place like this. My wife’s sister Missy was totally hot, she was a blonde bombshell like my wife but, much the opposite of my wife, she was a loud, outgoing party girl. Like all the other girls present there that night she was barely dressed and falling out all over the place within five minutes of meeting up she flashed us her ass cheeks twice and a nipple once. I decided to lighten up and try to enjoy myself so I shouldered my way to the bar and ordered us some beers and shots, and then more shots, and again more shots. I hung by the bar while they got my wife dancing for a little while, the girls were laughing and grinding on each other and having a blast.

After a while of dancing my now sweaty buzzed wife danced over to me with her wasted sister and friend, they pressed up against me grinding and laughing and yelled something about a back door and smoking, I nodded and her sister led the way through the crowd, my wife grabbed my hand and dragged me along. Little did I know that the events of the next couple hours would completely change my marriage and my life.

We pushed through the crowd and zig zagged through some lounge areas, stopped for another round of beers and shots at another side bar until we finally headed down a long hallway that smelled like piss. The music wasn’t as loud back here but was still pulsing through the walls, we passed a sleeping guy on the floor, a crying girl, a barefoot girl screaming into her cell phone and two puddles of puke before the hall opened up onto a small smoking area out back and as soon as we walked out we all froze in shock and surprise and the girls all traded hushed laughing whispers.

Sitting in the corner on a bench was a gyrating couple totally getting Escort bayan it on. It was a black guy sitting with a white girl spread on his lap, she was facing forward and grinding her ass back into his crotch. It was quite a sight and I shot a look at my wife who apparently was mesmerized. The girls legs were spread wide and draped over his, her toes pointing towards the floor, both her tits were pushed out of her dress and her panties pushed to the side, with one hand the guy was mauling her tits pulling hard and squeezing roughly, with the other hand he was full force finger banging this girl. She moaned loudly and bucked her hips to the knock of the bass coming from inside, with her head forced back they lashed tongues back and forth. It was fucking hot.

Missy’s friend grabbed us and shoved us into the opposite corner, we were all still wide eyed and bursting with laughter, the couple didnt even notice. We all fired up cigarettes and I lit a joint, there were a couple other people standing around watching as well, two girls in one spot and a guy who was openly filming with his cell phone, there was light foot traffic up and down some stairs that led to the back parking lot. I passed the joint to my wife she looked at me for a second, her eyes were glazed over and her mouth was just hanging open, I could tell she was drunk and the pot would put her quickly to bed, but I didn’t care I passed her the joint and looked back at the couple.

Missy opened up by the time the joint got to her she was yelling encouragement and humping the air with her hips, ” Get it girl, get it girl!” she kept repeating, the other people watching thought it was hilarious.

The joint had gone around our little circle three times when the couple shifted. It started with the girl reaching behind her ass and grabbing at the guys crotch. My wife’s sister quieted down and everyone watched as she slid off his lap, did a dramatic spin and dropped to her knees, our hushed laughter was totally silenced as we all knew what was coming. In a flash her head was bobbing.

My girls all traded wide eyed open mouthed looks and said nothing as this girl started sucking his dick right in front of us. Missy looked back and forth from my wife to the blowjob a couple times dramatically fanning her self with her hand like she might swoon. My wife had been leaning on me for drunk support but now she stepped closer to her sister, they all stared. From my angle all I could see was this girls head bobbing, I remember how dirty and nasty her bare feet were as she knelt there sucking his black dick, I thought it was so sexy.

I stepped closer to my wife and reached and took the joint from her, she was catatonic staring at the couple. I looked up and with the different angle was shocked, my man’s dick was fucking humongous. The girl worked it like a nasty little porn star, one hand stroking the huge base as she worked no more than the head in and out of her tiny mouth. Her lips were stretched to the max, I had seen this type of shit online before but in real life I was blown away. It really seemed like her mouth was going to rip open and the vulgar wet squelching sounds coming in between the club bass beats got my cock rock hard.

She licked her way up and down the shaft then grabbed it with both hands, she was no more than ten feet away and I could see his fat cock glistening as she swirled her pink tongue all around his huge black dick head. We all watched in stunned silence for at least ten minutes.

My wife realized I was right behind her and she leaned back into me, she half turned and looked up at me for a second I could tell how stoned and drunk she was, her mouth was till hanging open and as our eyes met she seemed to realize this and closed it and gave me an “oops” kind of look then she smiled sloppily and turned back to watch some more. I was realizing my normally conservative and, not shy, but reserved wife was shamelessly watching this club ho devour a huge black dick and it seemed like she was very much more than just enjoying the show.

It was right then that a security guard came out and broke everything up. His booming voice made everyone turn, there must’ve been fifteen people gathered, several guys were filming, the girl kept right on sucking. The guard pushed through and grabbed her by the back of the arm and pulled her to her feet, my man was putting his huge dick away and arguing with the guard at the same time. People started to boo and jeer, it was funny.

The girl didn’t make eye contact with anybody she seemed in a daze, a few of the guys got a little closer to film her face and she turned toward the railing. My wife’s sister and her friend were laughing and making huge dick jokes, my wife leaned into my arm and seemed to go to sleep standing up. I re-lit the joint and figured we’d get going, I watched the blowjob girl for another minute while her guy was still arguing with the security guard now inside the door. She bent Bayan escort over and picked up a knocked over beer bottle from next to her high heels, she used her bare foot to stand one of the shoes up and attempted to put it back on, she tossed her head back and finished off what little was left from the spilled bottle. She bent over to mess with her shoes some more and I could plainly see her asshole and pussy, she was a mess and it was so fucking hot.

I guess I was in a bit of a trance watching her and barely heard Missy say something about the joint “You gonna pass that?” I just stared at the girl as she gave up with her shoes and leaned her weight against the railing. That’s when Missy noticed my hard-on. “Heeeyyyy.” she grabbed at my crotch and got a couple good strokes in before my wife came to and swatted her hand away, they were laughing, Missy reached back a got another squeeze in, we were all wasted and feeling no pain, my wife started to play fight with her sister while me and the friend finished the joint.

The black guy came back out and a few people applauded, Missy said, “Daaaaang.” and he turned and waved and smiled playing like a celebrity and with out missing a beat he walked right back to the girl and pushed her back to her knees. “No way.” My wife mumbled and just like that they were back at it. This time they were closer and it was so much more vulgar. No one expected a reprise.

The guy stood there and lit a cigarette as this poor girl knelt in a dirty puddle of beer and went to town on his huge dick. She closed her eyes and performed a nasty slow suck job. Her hand slid down and went into her panties. He reached down and pulled her head back and she rubbed his huge black cock all over her open mouth and chin and cheeks. It was like watching a live porno, she was worshiping his dick.

We had migrated a little closer during the break and now they were no more than five feet from us. The whole crowd was a little closer. The black guy pulled out his phone and brought up his camera and my stomach did a roll when he motioned to hand it to my wife so she could take some pictures for him.

She hesitated for a second and Missy jumped in front and grabbed his phone squealing and went crazy taking pics. My wife retreated back to my side as her sister played pornographer. The drunk girl on her knees with the huge black dick in her mouth didn’t care at all she even stopped sucking and posed for a few still shots with his huge dick lobbed out on her extended tongue.

At one point Missy got down on her knees for an angle shot and the drunk girl mashed the shaft of his huge black dick along her cheek. Seeing Missy down on her knees and so close I thought I would come in my pants. She literally could have leaned in and helped out. This was all too much to take in. Then Missy popped up and danced over to me and my wife, she hit the selfie button and leaned in cheek to cheek with my wife. They laughed and began taking shot after shot of sexy selfies on this guys phone, for the last couple they opened their mouths wide and squinted their eyes and mimicked a blow job. Their tongues were almost touching. My wife brought her middle finger up and she pressed it against her sisters tongue. “What the fuck.” I said half serious and half joking. They erupted into laughter. My wife took my arm and squeezed tightly, she buried her head against my chest before she turned to watch again. Missy handed the guy his phone back and returned the five feet to us, she made crazy eyes again at my wife who also yet again had her mouth wide open.

The ending as you might have guessed was more graphic than anything I’ve ever seen. The girl held on to his open belt line with both hands and went into furious dynamo suck mode, this had gone on for too long and gotten way out of hand, there was at least twenty people crowded around now and half of them were filming and cheering.

Finally my man pulled the back of her head again, she leaned back like a porno with closed eyes and open mouth. The whole crowd watched in dead silence as this guy blew a gallon of cum across her face. My wife tensed up on my side as she watched. It gobbed into the girls mouth and across her cheek. A huge wad fell and spattered on her bare knee. A rope flung up into her hair, another across her forehead, across her cheek. Finally she licked and sucked at his huge dick head as he shot the last few rips directly into her mouth. I heard my wife let out the lowest whisper of a moan.

The drunk girl still kneeling hunched back and sat her ass down onto the heels of her bare feet as he wiped his dick one last time across her mouth and cheek and without a word he was gone. A couple guys in the crowd shouted and cheered after him, a couple more again leaned in to take her picture. She looked so pathetic now, her face was absolutely covered in cum, her eyes were glued shut, she was deflated, draped on the floor next to the bench kneeling in her own spilled Escort out beer. She just knelt there for a second breathing.

A girl in the crowd began to shew away the guys taking her picture and another girl crouched down beside her. The show was over. Missy looked over at me in disbelief, my wife was clutching my arm, the friend began texting with somebody. Wow, what a fucking show. People began to disperse, the girl who came to help was looking over the railing apparently a shoe was missing. I was shocked and dazed and drunk and stoned but there was one more piece of this event that was maybe the worst or the best, I don’t know.

We fought our way back through the crowds, did another shot at the bar, and stood out front waiting for Missy’s friend’s ride to show up. I lit the other joint I had and the girls were giggling and still uttering small “Damn’s” and “What the fuck’s” under their breath. My wife leaned her weight fully against me with her eyes barely open as she hit the joint.

“Here we go.” Missy sang out as a group of three black guys was walking by. Missy and her friend were giggling and making comments to each other when out of nowhere my wife chimed in, “Mmm Hmm, one for each of us!”

The three guys were now a little ways past us. I looked down at her as Missy and her friend again broke out in laughter, Missy looked at me wide eyed and said “Daaaammn” my wife hugged me tighter and looked up at me and gave me an innocent look. I laughed it off. Then again she teased, “I liked the one in the red sweater,” and she put her hand in front of her mouth and did a blow job motion. This sent Missy and her friend into yet another uproar. It was all in good innocent fun I thought.

And now here’s the final piece: as we’re standing there smoking pot and laughing and carrying on Missy’s friend freezes up and motions behind us, we all turn and look and here comes the blow job girl, semi-cleaned up, barefoot, high heels and purse in hand. She walks right in front of us and gets in a car that I hadn’t even noticed had pulled up, the driver was a young white guy and as she’s getting in she’s giving him a pleasant “Hiii Honey” and leans over and kisses him on the mouth. I didn’t think I could be rendered any more speechless that night but she did it again. You can only imagine the uproar from my girls when they pulled away.

So it was decided after the friend got picked up that Missy was going to crash at our house and on the way home she was teasing from the back seat, looking up pictures of naked black guys with huge dicks on her phone and showing my wife who was semi passed out in the front seat but would give a little “mmmm” at every pic, eventually Missy passed out too on the long ride home.

I had to carry both of them in, my wife tumbled up the steps and down the hall towards our bedroom. I dragged Missy to the couch and dumped her. “Take my boots off.” she cooed. I pulled one boot off and was hit by the smell of leather and sweat, my cock throbbed. I looked down at her and she was barely awake, one nipple was fighting to get out of her dress, her legs were spread and I could see the outline of her drenched puffy pussy lips through her panties. She giggled a bit as I pulled the other boot off, she was wasted. “Fuck it.” I thought and pulled her little sock off and pressed my face against the bottom of her soft damp foot and inhaled deeply. She giggled and kicked at me playfully. I held on and buried my nose under her pink toes then dragged them slowly across my lips. She moaned a little. I threw a blanket over her and went up to the bedroom.

My wife was face down on top of the bed fully dressed. I roughly pulled her shoes off and buried my face against her feet too one by one, she didn’t stir. I rolled her over and yanked at her fancy jeans, she would’ve screamed at me for that if she was awake. I spread her legs and kissed her pussy, she was soaking wet and smelled stronger than I’ve ever smelled her.

As I dug my tongue into her pussy hole she let out a gasp and spread her legs wider, I licked at her roughly all over her pussy, she moaned very low. I pulled myself up and forced my dick into her, she pulled me down and kissed me hard on the ear as I fucked her. We kissed deeply and breathed into each others mouths.

“Did you like the show tonight?” I asked her as the bed began banging against the wall.

“Uh-huh.” She breathed.

“What did you like?” I asked. She pulled her knees up dragging her soft bare feet up the backs of my legs. After a few furious thrusts she moaned into my ear, “His big dick.”

I tried to fuck her as deep as I could.

“You liked his big dick?” I asked.

“It was so big,” she breathed. “So big,” she repeated.

I fucked her as hard and deep as I ever had, she clawed at my back and we kissed deeply, she broke off and licked over to my ear, “His black dick was so sexy.” She french kissed the words directly into my ear. I was drilling her trying to go deeper and she looked me right in the eye and said “I wish you were that big.”

The words stung but turned me on and I furiously tried to get deeper in her pussy. “I wished it was me sucking his black dick.” She said, taunting me.

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