The Girls Next Door


Author’s Note:

A bit of a long story, and admittedly there are some similar themes to other stories of mine. I’ll try to get some more variety out there soon.

As always, all persons involved in sexual situations are over 18 years of age.


New neighbors are full of possibilities. New friends, new enemies, new people to rat you out to the HOA or whoever; no one knows what may come of newcomers. Are they friendly, standoffish, gossipy, compassionate? My neighborhood stayed its same boring self my entire childhood until the new next-door neighbors moved in.

I lived at near the dead end of a suburban road with my mother. My father had been long gone and my mother was normally either working, drinking, or gone, me seeming to be the least of her priorities. For the most part, I looked after myself, even learning how to cook and clean. Since I was virtually taking care of the whole house by myself, it didn’t leave a lot of time for friends, sports, or anything else.

By default, I became a loner; comics and video games filling the void of social interactions. From an early age, I’d also developed a fondness for computers, learning coding and programming from an early age. My mother gave me an old laptop that she’d gotten from work, and I poured myself into it. It was probably the most amount of interest she ever showed in me.

When I was 10, I woke up one morning to see someone was moving in next door. Over the past few months, I’d seen construction crews working on the house, situated at the end of the road, facing the woods. No one had lived there in a long time, so I was surprised to see the house when it was done, looking brand new.

I was outside mowing the yard, cause if I didn’t, we’d have a jungle out front, when I saw a luxury SUV pull up in front of the renovated house. Out of the driver’s side door, stepped out a beautiful blonde woman in her early 30’s. She had tight curves in her bust and backside clearly visible through her tight lycra clothes.

The rear doors than opened and two blonde haired girls popped out of the car. It took a second for me to realize that they were twin, identical girls, looking like about my age. They seemed fairly skinny, just only beginning to show hints of their future development into women. They all stood in the front yard, looking up at their new house.

That was the first time I’d met the Sears family. They immediately waved me over and greeted me. The mom, Carrie, was exceptionally nice, complementing me for helping out around the house. The girls were nice to me too. I was normally shocked when anyone my age was nice to me, let alone girls. Mindy and Mandy were quick to ask me questions about school, the neighborhood, and the town.

I told Mom about the new neighbors when she came home that night, but it was clear within 30 seconds, that she couldn’t have cared less. She went to her room with a highball, and I didn’t see her again for the rest of the night.

The next day, Mandy and Mindy knocked on my door, smiling and inviting me over to see their house. Having never been invited over to another kids house before, I was stunned. I went over with them, the girls laughing and giggling with excitement.

There were boxes all over the house, Carrie working hard to unpack as much as possible. Still, she greeted me warmly and was happy to have me there. Considering no one had ever been happy to have me anywhere, I was kinda astonished.

The girls took me upstairs and showed me their room, two full sized beds arrayed in a large bedroom. I remember asking why they shared a room and both told me they didn’t like being apart. I understood that, always feeling lonely at home.

They took me out to the backyard and showed me their pool. It looked so clean and nice, practically sparkling in the sun. Mindy asked if I wanted to go for a swim and I told her I didn’t bring a suit. Mandy practically dragged me back to my house while I got my suit. I got back and found Mindy already in a tiny bikini splashing around.

Mrs. Sears smiled when she saw me and Mandy.

“Oh good!” she replied, “you went and got Eddie’s trunks. You kids have fun!”

While Mandy went to change, I remember thanking Mrs. Sears for letting me come over and use the pool. She said I was more than welcome and even invited me to lunch with them. We played and splashed and had a great time all day.

When we first all went to school, I naturally thought that the girls would shun me like everyone else. They were pretty and outgoing and I naturally assumed they would gravitate to the popular kids. While they wound up friends with some of them, I noticed that they stuck to me even more. I even started getting a tiny bit of respect just from being friends with them.

This continued all throughout our childhood. I was always welcome at the Sears’ house, encouraged even. Mandy and Mindy became my unequivocal best friends, we did everything together. Mrs. Sears always seemed sarışın gaziantep escort to like having me around, unlike my mother. She and Mrs. Sears clearly didn’t like each other, and I’d overheard Mrs. Sears say more than once that she had no idea how I turned out so good with her as a mother.

I always did little jobs around their house to show my appreciation. The lawn, the pool, taking the trash out, anything I could do to help. We did sleepovers all the time, Mrs. Sears never objecting to a boy sleeping over with her daughters. Mom never cared; she must’ve figured I would less a burden to her over there.

Even when we went to high school and the girls became cheerleaders and the envy of the school, we always stuck to together. I remember once in tenth grade, one of the other cheerleaders made a bad joke toward me, I think regarding my ratty sneakers. Mandy and Mindy flew into action, almost decking the girl and warning her never to say anything like that to me ever again. They told their mother when we got back from school, and she immediately got all of us in the car and I had three new pairs of high-quality shoes.

Mrs. Sears made a good living working at the local bank and the family never had any financial trouble. I remember when I turned 15 and my old laptop broke, she got me a brand new one. I refused it at first, but Mrs. Sears being her typical self, insisted saying I was part of the family. Unlike my mom, she’d always encouraged my skills.

Getting encouragement from all three of them made it easier at school, my grades always being at the top or near it. The girls and I always did our homework together and I’d even tutored Mindy when she was in danger of flunking chemistry. By the time I was done, she was getting A’s.

By my senior year, I was a shoe in for valedictorian and already had several offers from universities all over. But true to the spirit of our friendship, I resolved not to go anywhere they weren’t accepted. We were awaiting our college acceptance letters when all this started.

The friendly next-door neighbors having a heated pool had its advantages. Since Mrs. Sears and the girls let me come over whenever I wanted, even giving me my own key, I woke up one morning on Saturday and decided on a swim. Mom wasn’t even home, God only knowing where she wound up. I threw on a T-shirt and a pair of trunks. I than looked at myself in the mirror.

Having just turned 18 a few days prior, I gave myself a frank appraisal. I wasn’t the world’s best-looking guy, but I judged myself fair. I was 6’1″ with a fairly lean frame and light muscles, never really being a jock. Seeing other dicks in locker room, I judged myself as average compared to everyone else. Not enough to brag about, but nothing to be embarrassed by either.

I left the house and went over to the Sears’ house, using the side gate as always. I figured everyone would still be asleep, so I tried to be quiet, but then I heard all three women of the house giggling as I made my way back.

Mindy and Mandy had turned 18 a few months before me. Unlike me, who was decidedly average, there was nothing average about the two of them. 5’8″ on the dot, their blonde always seeming to be gleaning. The skinny girls had filled out, easily having either high C’s or D cups. There wasn’t a guy at the school, and more than a few girls, who didn’t drool over the duo. As guilty as it made me feel, I’d even whacked off to them on an errant night or two.

Yet with all of that attention, the two never dated. While I tried with other girls and usually got shot down, they got asked out all the time, but they never took anyone up on it. I’d ask both of them and they said they didn’t feel ready to date yet. Whenever there was a dance or a prom, we just all went together, me dancing with them or them dancing with each other.

I was rounding the corner, still clearly hearing them and decided to announce my presence.

“Hey, there. Everyone’s up ear…” was all I was able to get out before I turned the corner and was stopped in my tracks.

All three of the Sears’ women were completely naked on lounge chairs! Mindy was face down, Mandy was faced up, and Mrs. Sears was leaning back and saw me immediately. My immediate instinct was to turn and walk away, but Mrs. Sears stopped me in my tracks.

“Hey, Eddie,” she said as I turned my head. Her voice was friendly and had no hint of shame.

“Hi, Eddie,” I heard from both twins simultaneously, knowing they had a tendency to do that. Their voices, like their mother’s, had no hint of shame.

“Sorry,” I managed to get out as I blindly made my way back toward the gate.

“Where are you going?” Mandy shouted out.

“What’s wrong?” came from Mindy.

“I…I…” I got out while stopping temporarily, completely unsure of what to do.

“Eddie, it’s ok,” Mrs. Sears said in her maternal voice, getting me to stop once and for all. “There’s nothing gaziantep sarısın escort to be embarrassed about.”

“I…guess I should’ve called,” I mumbled out, still looking away.

“Of course not!” Mrs. Sears said, “you’re always welcome here, you know that!”

“Uh…uh…” was I could get out as I could hear Mrs. Sears getting up and moving closer toward me.

“Eddie, its ok,” she said, now clearly standing next to me, “you can open your eyes.”

I did so slowly and focused squarely on her face, her being a few inches shorter than me. She was smiling and shaking her head.

“It’s really ok, Eddie,” Mrs. Sears said, “the girls and I are just sunbathing. Nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“Yeah, come join us!” Mandy bellowed out.

“It feels really good, Eddie,” Mindy said, saying it in what seemed an almost sultry tone.

“Come on, Eddie,” Mrs. Sears said taking me by the hand, “it’ll be good for you. Get a bit of a tan.”

I never disregarded Mrs. Sears advice, ever; so I let her. I kept my eyes straight on the ground as we walked. We got over to where Mindy and Mandy were and they couldn’t stop giggling at me.

“Are you gonna look at the ground all day?” Mindy asked me. She was always the smartass of the group. I looked up slowly when I saw the twins laying on chairs in front of me. They were now both laying on their stomachs and wearing nothing but smiles, their large, firm, tight asses clearly visible. I’d seen their asses plenty of times in jeans, shorts, and bikinis, but this was way different. “Oh, I think he likes it,” Mindy teased.

“Of course he does,” Mrs. Sears said warmly. “I have such lovely daughters.”

“Thanks, Mom,” Mandy said, shifting a bit to allow a bit of her boob flesh to peak out. “Do you wanna lay out with us?” she asked me.

“You should,” Mrs. Sears insisted. “You could use a good tan.”

I just stood there dumbfounded having no idea where to look. I mumbled again, but nothing that sounded like an answer.

“Come on, Eddie,” Mindy said encouragingly, “it’s nice.”

“Uh, ok,” I mumbled out. Some part of my brain was still working, and I knew I’d have to be an idiot to leave right now. Plus, I could wreck my closest/only friendships.

“Oh, good,” Mrs. Sears said warmly. “Let me get another lounger,” said grabbing another and sliding it to where the other four were. Mindy moved over and left one open in-between the twins. As she did, I got a quick glance at her chest before she laid back on her stomach. Her breasts, like her sisters, were D cups at least if not larger I saw a quarter-sized nipple that looked erect to me. Mindy saw that I’d seen, and she just winked.

“Well, come on,” Mindy said quickly, clearly indicating I was overly dressed. I pulled my shirt off quickly and placed it over to the side. All three of them had seen me without a shirt more times than I could ever count, so there was nothing new. Yet…

I slowly untied the front of my swimsuit, unsure if I should really go through with it. All three women looked approvingly at me, even Mrs. Sears who was on her tummy again on the far lounger. Her ass could’ve rivaled her daughters’. Maybe not quite as firm, but stunning and full all the same.

The sight of all this exposed flesh was having the affect it would have on any heterosexual male. My shorts were baggy enough to hide the growth, but I knew that wasn’t gonna last. I decided to just rip off the Band-Aid and shucked my shorts to the ground, placing it over near my T-shirt and got on the offered lounger.

“Ooh,” Mindy said teasing as I scrambled back to the lounger on my back. “I think he was chubbing up a bit, girls.”

“Mindy,” Mrs. Sears said in a mildly scolding tone. “You know it’s perfectly natural.” Mindy just shrugged as I tried to just look straight down at the ground through the lounger.

“Eddie, you should get some lotion on you,” Mandy suggested. She was always the worrier.

“Yes, you should,” Mrs. Sears chimed up from her lounger. “There’s lotion on the table there,” indicating a table to the side of Mindy.

“Ya mind?” I asked Mindy, who smiled and grabbed the bottle. While laying, I slathered as much on me as I could, trying to stay as flat to the lounger as possible. I placed it on the ground when I was done.

“I think you missed some spots,” Mindy said with the sarcasm dropping.

“Here, let me,” Mandy said as she got up and grabbed the bottle. She than put a fair amount on my back and on my legs.

“Don’t forget his ass, sis,” Mindy teased. Before I knew it, I felt lotion on my ass and Mandy’s hands rubbing it in. I’d never had anyone, certainly not a woman, ever touch my bare ass before. I could feel my dick hardening against the lounger as she finished and returned to her lounger.

“All better,” Mandy said, self-satisfied.

“Well,” Mrs. Sears said, being able to hear her getting up, but keeping my eyes down, gaziantep sarışın escort bayan “as much as I’d like to stay out with you guys and sun all day, I need to go into work for a while and catch up on some stuff. There’s stuff for sandwiches in the fridge if you get hungry. Have fun, guys!”

“Bye, Mom,” came from both girls and I said goodbye too, getting a quick peak of her pert ass as she left. Now it was just me and the girls all alone. I’d been alone with the girls in their house thousands of times, but not without any clothes on. Hell, we never even played doctor! I honestly was just gonna keep my eyes down and wait for them to get hot and go inside.

“We should play some music,” Mandy suggested. “What do you wanna hear, Eddie? Usual?” I was a big fan of the White Stripes, and the girls knew it well.

“Sure,” I said.

“I’ll do it,” Mindy said, hearing her get up. I wasn’t looking, but I heard her working the speakers and eventually heard ‘Seven Nation Army’ come through. I smiled a bit and relaxed. I heard Mindy walk back to the loungers but didn’t sit back down. “Eddie?”

“Hmm?” I asked still laying there, eyes closed.

“Are you gonna keep your eyes closed the whole day?” she asked giggling.

“Min, give him a break,” Mandy told her, chiding her sister a bit. “It’s new to him.”

“He’s at a pool with two hot, naked babes like us, and he’s not even gonna look at us?” Mindy asked in her sarcastic tone. “I’m almost insulted.”

“I’m being respectful,” I mumbled out trying to tune them out.

“Respectful?” Mindy said in an incredulous tone. “Come on, like you’ve never imagined us naked before.”

“I’m trying to be polite,” I said in response to her teasing.

“Ed,” Mandy said in her more sympathetic tone, as per usual and placing an hand on my back, “if we weren’t ok with you seeing us, we would’ve gotten dressed by now.”

“Yeah, come on, Eddie,” Mindy said in her now sweet tone she used to get Mandy and I to do what she wanted. “Open up!”

I opened my eyes, the sun brightness taking a few seconds to adjust to, and I saw Mindy standing right in front of me, totally naked. I was in awe. Her breasts were perfection, large and proud on her chest. It was clear, this woman needed no bra to keep those things looking perky. As I knew, her stomach was toned and flat and then I saw her most intimate place. Her pussy was bare, not shaved, bare. Like she waxed or lasered it. No hanging lips or anything, just a simple slit.

“You like?” Mindy asked, now spinning around to show me her flawless, full ass again.

“You’re gorgeous, Min,” I told her honestly.

“Yay…” she said cutely before looking at her sister. “Guess that means he likes your bod too.” Mandy and I both laughed at the truth of the statement as I started to relax, and Mindy laid back down. Even though the tension was broken, my dick was still stiff as a board strained between the lounger and my stomach. I kept trying to ease my mind, hoping it would go down.

“Time to flip,” Mandy announced.


I could hear both girls turning over and now resting on their backs.

“Come on, Ed,” Mindy said, “you don’t wanna burn.” I turned as saw Mandy’s feet out, now seeing the also turned 180 the other way too. I scrambled around, knowing I had to bow to the inevitable and laid on my back, looking straight up to the sky. Something else was doing the same.

“Whoa…” I heard from Mandy to my left.

“Damn, dude!” Mindy said from my right. “I knew you’d get hard seeing us, but that’s…” not even finishing her sentence.

“Sorry about that,” I said, trying to mildly cover up. Mindy knocked my hand away.

“Don’t,” she said simply. I looked at her and Mindy’s eyes were transfixed on my penis. I felt pretty self-conscious, so I looked over at Mandy, her breasts as high and perky as her twin sisters. Also like Mindy, her eyes were squarely on me and my lower appendage. Mindy cleared her throat to get my attention back on her.

“Are you sure you used enough lotion for that thing?” she asked slyly.

“I’m sure it’s fine,” I said, trying to think of a topic to change to that didn’t involve our naked bodies. “It’s a nice day today.”

“Yeah,” Mandy said joyfully, “it’s so warm, bright, and hard.”

I swallowed hard and Mindy burst out laughing. I moved to cover up again and Mandy took my hand stopping me.

“I’m sorry, Eddie,” Mandy said, looking a bit ashamed. “It just slipped out.” Mindy was now almost wetting herself at the dirty thoughts that were clearly going through her head and I was blushing so hard that I couldn’t fathom how I still had an erection.

“This is the funniest shit I’ve ever seen!” Mindy said.

“Mindy, stop,” Mandy said, trying to get stop her laughing. “Isn’t Eddie embarrassed enough?”

“Why?” Mindy replied sitting up on her lounger. She than pointed straight at my prick. “That’s nothing to be embarrassed about! It looks so good!” My face got redder when Mandy saved me.

“Let’s go in the pool,” she declared as she got up and jiggled into the pool with a splash. Mindy followed suit, while modeling a bit for me before she jumped in. Deciding that the pool might calm certain things down, I got in quickly, sinking into the water and hoping the temperature difference would help.

“Doesn’t the water feel nice?” Mindy asked, gliding around the pool.

Author’s Note: A bit of a long story, and admittedly there are some similar themes to other stories of mine. I’ll try to get some more variety out there soon. As always, all persons involved in sexual situations are over 18 years of age. Enjoy! New neighbors are full of possibilities. New friends, new enemies,…

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