The Girl Next Door

The Girl Next Door


It was a beautiful sunny Friday afternoon when Rick was detailing his bike in the driveway. He had planned on going for a little scoot.

Rick’s attention was diverted when he looked up to see the neighbor girl getting the mail. Alicia had just graduated high school and planned on going to college in the fall. Rick waved to her casually and returned to the job at hand. He was surprised when he saw her walking up the driveway towards him.

Other than her graduation party, he had only talked to her a couple times in the last five years. She was the youngest of three girls, now eighteen.

Alicia was a tall blond, about 5’9″, and only weighed a 120 pounds. She was wearing a t-shirt and a short light blue skirt that flowed with every step she made.

Alicia smiled at Rick, “Are you cleaning up the Harley to take me for a ride?”

Rick just smiled, “I would love to have some company on such a beautiful day.”

Rick had a hard time not to stare at Alicia’s long, tan legs as she helped him roll up the hose. They both grabbed their sunglasses and Rick got on the bike to stabilize it while Alicia got on. Alicia’s skirt raised all the way up as she lifted her leg over the back of the seat. She scooted up tight behind Rick and wrapped her arms around his waist.

“Hold on tight,” Rick said as he could feel her little breasts against his back. Rick reached back with his left hand and touched her bare thigh, “Ready?”

Alicia giggled, “Be gentle, it’s my first time.”

Rick just laughed, and rolled the power on. They were about ten miles away when Alicia started fidgeting. Her knees were going in and out and she just couldn’t sit still. Rick knew what she was doing, he had seen this before.

Alicia let go of his waist with her right hand, reached between her legs and proceeded to touch herself. Rick’s cock was hard with thought of this gorgeous blond masturbating on the back of his bike.

He reached back with his left hand and touched the inside of her left thigh. Alicia clamped her legs against Rick hard and didn’t move for the rest of the ride.

When they returned to Rick’s place, Alicia got off the bike slowly. Her face was flushed and she looked guilty and yet had this innocent little smile.

“Enjoy the ride?” Rick asked.

Alicia replied, “Oh, yes!”

“You sure look good on the back of my Harley. You should be a model. I’d love to photograph you sometime.”

Alicia bahis siteleri giggled, “Sounds like fun. Where’s the camera?”

Rick just laughed, “Don’t move.”

Alicia sat on Rick’s bike and waited for Rick to return with his camera. He took several pictures of Alicia just sitting on the scoot.

“Damn,” Rick said. “You sure have beautiful skin. I want to see more. Have you ever taken any erotic photographs?”

“I took some in my bedroom by myself, but they didn’t turn out very good.”

“I have had several photo shoots here and all of them have been tasteful, except for a couple that were intended for certain websites. You could be totally naked and not show anything, That’s sexy. It’s what you don’t see that makes you want to see more.”


“Sure, just be yourself, have fun. We’re both adults. There is nothing I haven’t seen.”

“I don’t know what to do,” Alicia said.

“That’s okay, don’t worry. You are so hot that it doesn’t matter,” Rick said laughing. “I’ll pose you. Take off your skirt.”

Alicia was scared and excited at the same time. Just the thought of undressing in front of Rick was making her wet, and what if her parents came home. They were just across the road!

“I can’t”

“Don’t be afraid. Would it make you less nervous if I get undressed?


Rick unbuttoned his cutoffs and slipped then to the ground around his ankles.

Alicia stared at Rick’s cock that protruded in his boxer briefs. “Better?”

Without saying a word, and still staring, Alicia dropped her skirt to the ground exposing her little white panties. She stood mute with her hands clasp together in front of her.

“Now, that’s sexy.” Rick said grabbing the camera and began shooting.

Alicia began to pose for Rick like a little cock tease.

“How about that t-shirt?”

Alicia smiled, then flashed Rick quickly. “Like this?”

“Take it off.”

Alicia kind of bit her bottom lip and hung her head. “They aren’t very big.”

“Cmon, let me see.”

Alicia pulled her t-shirt over her head and exposed her breasts for a second before covering them with her arms.

Rick walked over to her and touched her arm. “Let me see.” She lowered her arms to expose her 32b’s. “See.”

“They’re perfect!” Rick exclaimed. “Just look at these pretty puffy nipples,” Rick said as he squeezed her left nipple.

Alicia gasped online casinolar as he played with her left breast.

Rick pinched her nipple hard, “I want you to pose naked on my bike.”


“Come here,” Rick said as he led her by the hand to the Harley. “I want you to put your right hand on the handle bar and your left hand on the seat.:

She bent over slightly and did what Rick told her to do. Alicia felt his hands on her waist at the top of her panties, then felt him roll them down slowly. She wanted him to stop but couldn’t say anything.

“Very nice,” Rick said as he complimented her firm ass as he slapped he playfully.

Alicia’s knees got weak as Rick slid her panties down further until they dropped around her ankles.

“They are wet. Is this pussy wet too?” Rick asked as his hand found it’s way between her firm cheeks.

“Nooo, don’t, oh, ooooh.” Alicia said as she turned around quickly. “I can’t.”

“It’s okay, what’s the matter?”

She held her head down, “I never…”

“You mean… never, as in a virgin?”

“Yes,” she said quietly.

Rick just laughed, “There is nothing wrong with that. I bet you still masturbate, don’t you?”

Alicia just held her head and blushed.

“Come here,” Rick said grabbing her by the hand. Rick led her to the blanket that he laid out in the sun earlier that day. “Lay down and show me. I want you to masturbate for me. Lay down.”

Confused, Alicia didn’t know what to do. She was turned on more than she had ever been, yet scared. She was naked in front of a stranger, across the road from her parents. “Rick?”

“I want you to just relax, lay down and show me that beautiful body.”

Alicia laid down on the soft blanket with her legs together and her hands covering her body.

“What are you ashamed of,” Rick said as he knelt next to her. “You have such a beautiful body,” He said as he touched her leg. “Show me.”

She spread her legs slowly, but covered her pussy wither her right hand.

Rick grabbed her hand, “Let me see.”

Alicia slowly pulled her hand away exposing her virgin little pussy. She felt as if she had no control. He was old, compared to her., but, there was something about this whole situation that excited her.

Rick could see the wetness glistening off her little lips. He pushed her legs apart firmly and lunged forward plunging his face onto gerçek para casinoları her wetness licking furiously.

“Noooo, ooooo, ahh, Rick. Ahhhhh.”

Alicia convulsed as Rick continued to lick her virgin lips. She had never felt such pleasure in her life. She wanted him to stop but couldn’t say the words. It felt so good. She squirmed as Rick ate her pussy like an animal. She felt his tongue flicking in and out of her faster and faster, then he encircled his tongue around her swollen clit. She felt herself starting to cum as he sucked on her clit, then thrust his tongue deep inside her.

“Yes, yes, yes’ she screamed as Rick continued to devour her.

As Alicia came she clamped her legs around Rick’s head. The harder she tried to push him away, the more Rick licked. Alicia felt pleasure that she had never felt before.

“Stop, stop, ooooh, please, ooh, pleeeeeas stop!”

He tried to lap up every drop as Alicia gushed all over Rick’s face.

Rick came up for air, “Baby, I could eat your sweet pussy all day.”

Still trying to catch her breath, Alicia grabbed Rick, “Fuck me, fuck me now.”

Rick pulled down his underwear exposing his rock hard cock. He began to part her lips , then stopped.

“Noooo, don’t stop, fuck me!”

“Fuck!” Rick yelled as he pulled away. “You saved yourself this long, for someone special. It’s not that I don’t want you. You are so fucking hot, I’m ready to cum now! Think, Is this really what you want?”

“Oh God yes, Fuck me, I need you inside me. Oh please, fuck me.”

Rick didn’t need to hear any more. He parted her little lips and forced his cock into her.

“Ow, oooooh …”

Alicia’s pussy was so tight, Rick could only hold her tight as he forced his way deep inside of her. Alicia moaned as she wrapped her legs around him pulling him only deeper inside. Rick almost came immediately but stayed hard.

Alicia met Rick’s thrusts continuously until she heard her dad’s pick up pull in to their driveway.

“Rick, Rick, stop, stop, stop, oh, ahhhhh.”

Alicia felt herself coming again. She tried to fight it, but the more she tried to push Rick away, the harder he forced himself into her.

“Rick, Ohhh, stop, stop, ohhhhh…”

Rick pulled out shooting his cum all over Alicia’s stomach. She lay there exhausted, legs still spread with the evidence of her lost innocence.

“My dad’s home, I have to go.” Alicia said as got up and gathered her clothes. She quickly got dressed, “I was suppose to make supper.”

Alicia kissed and held Rick tightly. “Thank you so much.,” she giggled, “I can’t wait to tell my friend Jen. “I finally gave up my virginity! She thought I’d be the last.” She said giggling.

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